5 Spanking Positions to Enjoy with Your Paddle | The Kinkery (2024)

  • November 13, 2020

5 Spanking Positions to Enjoy with Your Paddle

5 Spanking Positions to Enjoy with Your Paddle | The Kinkery (1)

John Brownstone

Using a paddle during a spanking or other impact play isn't complicated which is what makes it so great for multiple positions. These are our favorite positions!

Any position where you can get access to the willing bottom of your partner is the “right” position for a wooden paddle (or any paddle). But if you’re looking for a few ideas, here are five ways we like to play with spankings and paddles.

Over the Knee (OTK)

Its a classic for a reason! Our preferred way to play is with me sitting in the middle of the bed, at the headboard, with pillows supporting my back. Kayla lays over my lap for her spanking. It’s an intimate position because we’re so physically close. But it is a slightly limiting one as I can only use one hand, and any impact toys — like a wooden paddle — need to be on that side of the bed. If not, reaching for it can be awkward.

Other OTK spanking positions include sitting in a chair with your partner bent over your lap. Depending on their height, their feet or hands may rest on the floor. Some people use their couch, similar to the way we use our bed, which lets the spankee be in a more comfortable position.

Bent Over the Bed

We use the bed, but you can use any piece of furniture that offers a comfortable (or not-so-comfortable) bend for your partner. So go with a table, a chair, the couch, whatever. Since we play primarily in our room, we use our bed. Kayla bends over at the waist, resting her torso on the bed. I stand behind her and can reach her ass from either side, limited only by nearby furniture or the bed itself.

The good thing about this position is that as long as I have paddles or other impact play toys close by, I can reach them more easily than with an OTK spanking. I can also stand directly behind her and use both hands at the same time if I want – with or without a paddle.

Spanking Bench

A spanking bench functions similarly to a bed but offers greater access. Some people have these in their home dungeons but many of us (myself included) have to go to our local club or dungeon to use one. The main part in the center gives the spankee something to bend over and rest their torso on. Some benches have side platforms to rest their legs. Others don’t so the submissive or bottom keeps their feet on the floor.

Unlike a bed, spanking benches give you access to both your partner’s butt and multiple other parts of their body. You can walk around them to strike from other angles. If your spanking bench has leg rests on the side, it puts your partner in an all-fours position that can leave them open, exposed, and a bit vulnerable. For us, that’s half the fun. I like that it gives me room to swing a paddle from multiple positions.

Against the Wall

You can do this anywhere you have access to a wall. Standing your partner against the wall for their spanking might be part of punishment or funishment. You might also do it just to change the sensation of their spanking. When you swing a paddle on a bent-over butt it creates a different sensation than when they’re standing upright. This has a lot to do with the fat and muscle distribution of the butt in the two positions.

Paddling a butt against the wall limits the angles you have to come at your partner, but it’s also very easy because every room has a wall. And even if you’re outside, you can usually find an easy substitute — like a tree.

St. Andrew’s Cross

This isn’t that different from being against the wall, but because Kayla and I love it so much, I’m including it. The St. Andrew’s Cross, like a spanking bench, is typically found either at a BDSM club or in a home dungeon, if you’re lucky enough to have one. Yes, we can get a similar experience in our own home using the wall, but it’s not the same.

A St. Andrew’s Cross typically has O or D-rings where you can hook your submissive or partner by their wrist cuffs to keep their arms extended over their head or by their ankle cuffs to keep their legs spread. You can also put a blindfold over their eyes or not. We’ve used blindfolds, but we also like to play the game of, “Don’t look around, girl. Keep your eyes straight ahead.” It’s a bit of honor bondage thrown in with our impact play. Because a Cross is usually housed in a fairly large space there is room to reach your partner from either side with your paddle and other toys. Whether a quick snap of a slapstick or a hard smack of a big wooden paddle, what I like about the Cross is how she dances on her toes and pulls against her cuffs.

Using a paddle doesn’t have to be complicated but don’t let the simplicity of it fool you into thinking there’s not much you can do with it. Paddles are great for nearly any position you and your partner decide to try for your next spanking. The most important things to consider are the amount of space and range of motion available to you. That will be what limits your reach and intensity the most.

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  3. I paddle my wife with a smaller paddle. It works equally well with her over my knee, as bent over the bed, or kneeling on the bed and bent over. The larger kind of paddle seems more suited to use standing up than OTK. I keep the paddle for the harder punishments, and my wife knows she is in trouble if I have to use it.


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5 Spanking Positions to Enjoy with Your Paddle | The Kinkery (2024)


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