A very fun and memorable role play! | YesMrsSharpe (2024)

A very fun and memorable role play!

Just got back from an amazing trip to Denver and our session with Mrs. Sharpe was the highlight of the trip. We've never been to a professional disciplinarian or dominatrix or anything like that before but we've been into spanking and other kinky stuff for years so we figured why not. She was highly professional and can strike a serious tone when needed but she's also a true spanko at heart that has a fun, friendly lighter side as well. She started with a fun ice breaker conversation that put us at ease.

We worked some things out over email ahead of time, she was very responsive and did an excellent job taking my vague idea of a fantasy of being spanked by a sorority mother for stealing panties and beautifully bringing it to life. I can't say enough about how well Mrs. Sharpe got into character and how well she built the entire scene. I know she's a pro and she's done this before but it still blew me away how good it was. Her scolding was magnificent, she always knew what to say and how to put me on the spot in embarrassing ways, just like I wanted. She worked my gf into the scene and built up this theme of me not realizing how lucky I was to be with a strong, powerful successful woman and how my actions threatened her position in the sorority and she just found amazing ways to crank the emotional level up to 11 even before my butt cheeks got whacked. It was so realistic I totally got lost in the fantasy and truly felt like a naughty boy that deserved the sore red butt he was about to get.

Mrs. Sharpe spanked me so many different ways I don't even know which was my favorite. The otk spanking was definitely an exciting warm up. I'm pretty short but I'm not small so I wasn't sure how she was going to be able to do it but she actually had no trouble controlling me over her lap at all. The otk was fantastic, she can spank very hard just with her hands alone. Mrs. Sharpe and my gf had plenty of fun at my expense commenting on how pink my cheeks were getting and saying she was going to keep spanking until the color of my butt matched her deep red nails.

Then I had to be restrained to the bench because I was squirming and kicking my legs like a little girl. She knew ahead of time that I wanted this and came up with a sexy, creative way to work it into the scene. She paddled me over and over with some hairbrushes and smaller paddles and my cheeks went from pink to bright red in no time, my butt was on fire right from the start! Then she brought out a real vintage sorority paddle and held it right in front of my face when I was tied down helpless across the bench and I thought I was really in for it. She really drew out that moment, it felt like it was lasting forever, and the paddle was so thick I was getting nervous and had butterflies in my stomach, wondering if I'd really be able to take it or not because she was spanking me so hard with the smaller ones already. And then after building up all that tension she put it back down and didn't even spank me with it right away. She kept roasting my buns with the smaller paddles, really expertly focusing on my sit spots and upper thighs.

Then the big moment finally came; the hottest, most exciting moment of the session was when she finally pulled out the sorority paddle and made me assume the position over the spanking bench, unrestrained. That paddle really packs a wallop, it was so deliciously intense. My gf said Mrs. Sharpe would steal glances at her every now and then, usually whenever she made me wince and whimper with a hard stroke and she'd wink and silently ask my gf whether to keep going harder/longer etc. and make sure I was okay throughout the session. After making me embarrassingly count out a bunch of paddle strokes, she upped the intensity and emotion of the scene even more by making me get down on my knees and humiliatingly stick my butt up in the air and worship my gf's feet while she kept up a steady of tempo of hard whacks on my sore panty clad cheeks.

She made my entire fantasy come true and even took it further and made it better than I was imagining it would be. I brought some panties and sexy lingerie; that I "stole" from the other sorority girls and she used it to work some extra humiliation into the scene on top of the sizzling hot spanking. She was able to take my vague ideas and run with them and make them ten times better. The role play was really top notch, she played the sorority mother character perfectly and I can honestly say she truly brought my deepest fantasies to life.

She saved time after the role play for us to unwind and do some more casual spanking play. Just a few spankos having fun, whipping my cheeks fiery red with almost every toy she had. I got to finally experience all kinds of implements like canes and tawses and prison straps and a legit jokari paddle that I've dreamed of getting spanked with over the years. She was even nice enough to take extra time and give my gf advice on how to use the implements properly and spanked me with any item and in any position I asked for. Getting double hairbrush spanked to near tears by my gf and Mrs. Sharpe at the same time was a truly incredible sensation I'll never forget.

The entire experience was wonderful from beginning to end. It was more exciting and romantic than a couples massage and it brought my gf and I closer together in a whole new way. Mrs. Sharpe was really cool, we had so much fun in our time with her and we're already trying to figure out how soon we can get back to Denver. So if you have any spanking role plays or fantasies you've always wanted to live out or if you simply want your butt spanked by a professional bun roaster: say Yes, Mrs. Sharpe and get over her knee as fast as you can!

A very fun and memorable role play! | YesMrsSharpe (2024)


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