From subs to wings, here are the best Super Bowl foods of all time — and where to get them (2024)


Thanksgiving might be the biggest food day of the year, but, if you ask us? The Super Bowl is certainly the best one.

Instead of turkey, green beans and yams, you can have crispy potato chips, spicy chicken wings and juicy burger sliders with grilled onions and hot American cheese.

Sorry pilgrims, your fall squash just can't compete with that.

And, honestly, neither can football. Because, when it comes to the big game, most of us are lost in the incredible spread of deep-fried finger foods; savoring every moment of the one night of the year that we get to eat nothing but TGI Friday's appetizers for dinner.

As we look forward to Sunday Feb. 11, therefore, we're already dreaming about what we're going to put on our disposable plastic plates. Assuming you guys also prefer taquitos to touchdowns (or at least recognize you can't have one without the other), we share those ideas with you now.

These are our top ten favorite Super Bowl foods of all time — and where to get them.

10. Loaded Potato Skins

Kicking off our best football bites list are loaded potato skins: a salty, heavy sports bar classic. Topped with crumbled bacon and a thick layer of cheddar cheese, each piece is fatty and carb-y, and has a satisfyingly rich taste. The only problem with the starchy skins, however, is that they can often be dry — a phenomenon which keeps them from moving any higher on this list (though those spuds should be honored to make it at all, considering all the foods they beat out).

If you choose to serve them at a home viewing party, then, we suggest making sure you have sour cream on hand. When paired with that creamy topping, they're always delicious.

Where to get: Given the nature of potato skins, we suggest making these yourself. If you're time crunched (or dining out), however, Harrigan's Family Restaurant offers an excellent version: 144 Main Rd., Montville; 973-263-0111,

9. Jalapeño Poppers

There are plenty of versions of jalapeño poppers — from cream cheese-stuffed, to bacon-wrapped and more. The ones we're talking about here, though, are those iconic, cheddar cheese-filled ones that you get at diners and pubs galore.

Remarkably crispy and satisfyingly hot (in both senses of the word), the bite-sized killers are one of the most sensational appetizers known to man.

Where to get: Best from a diner or sports bar. We recommend the West Essex Diner: 516 Route 46, Fairfield; 973-737-9024,

8. Quesadillas

We haven't met a quesadilla we didn't like, so, of course, the cheesy Mexican dish had to make it on this list. Warm, gooey and sloppy (in all the right ways), we love them with anything from beef to bacon inside, and guacamole to chipotle aioli on top.

Whether you craft one yourself, grab a few from the Taco Bell drive-through or splurge on a high-end shrimp and chorizo version from your local cantina, you really can't go wrong with any version of this crowd-pleasing semi-circle from heaven.

Where to get: Our favorite quesadillas come from Chili Willies in Boonton, because the tortillas are thin, soft and perfectly greasy: 702 Main St., Boonton, 973-299-8775,

7. Six-Foot Subs

Like a regular sandwich, just bigger.

And the bread on these things? Always better (especially when the oil and vinegar gets a few hours to soak into it).

The Super Bowl is one of your few excuses a year to order 72-inches of ham, salami and provolone — so don't miss your chance.

Where to get: Two local favorites: Michael's Salumeria (536 Valley Brook Ave., Lyndhurst; 201-939-9654,, and Don's Sandwich Shop (606 Main St., Boonton; 973-263-3189,

6. Totino's Pizza Rolls

You guys know what these are.

And you know where to find them.

Where to get: Freezer section of literally anywhere that isn't Whole Foods.

5. Nachos

There are many things about nachos that are great: the melty cheese, the greasy beef, the cool guacamole...

But, the best thing about nachos? The ability to make them with Doritos.

Because, you just can't have a Super Bowl (in case the commercials don't remind you) without Doritos.

Where to get: Order exceptional nachos from Mi Rancho Mexican Grill (195 Spring St., Newton, 973-300-0605,, or DIY those aforementioned Doritos nachos by hitting up your local ShopRite.

4. Bone-In Wings

If you Google "best Super Bowl foods," there's no doubt wings will come up as the number one answer. Saucy, sloppy and spicy, the bone-in bangers have become almost synonymous with the big game.

Enjoy them with creamy ranch, warm buffalo sauce or naked with a smoky spice rub. However you like them, every is a good way to eat a savory chicken wing — or 12 — on the second Sunday of February.

Where to get: We recommend Blue 42 Restaurant and Bar, as it has over 50 sauce options: 158 Market St., Elmwood Park, 201-773-0970,

3. Pigs in a Blanket

With juicy little co*cktail weenies wrapped in buttery, melt-in-your-mouth puff pastry, pigs in a blanket may be one of the most mouthwatering delicacies on the planet. As a kid, we all went nuts when our moms made them, and — as adults? We'll order them any time we see them pop up as a special on a gastropub menu.

Dipped in mustard, sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning or drowning in beer cheese (trust us), we couldn't imagine a Super Bowl party without these bite-sized comfort food delights.

Where to get: Best homemade, or by the Hebrew National brand (find at a Walmart or Target near you). If you prefer someone else do the cooking? Order ahead of time from Zuzanna's Gourmet Catering in Randolph; 973-584-5858,

2. Boneless Wings

Crispier, crunchier and with more crevices for soaking up sauces, boneless wings are inarguably better than bone-in wings.

DM us @northjerseyeats with complaints.

Where to get: Allendale Bar & Grill won our social media poll on the best boneless wings in North Jersey, and we agree with that result; 67 W Allendale Ave., Allendale, 201-327-3197,

1. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Spicy yet cool, cheesy and creamy, salty and dreamy; from the drippy grease to the tender meat, buffalo chicken dip is absolutely divine.

Going beyond best tailgate food to possibly just food's best food, the messy appetizer is our favorite Super Bowl dish of all time — and one that absolutely needs to be on your game day table this year.

Where to get: Bloomfield Steak & Seafood House is the way to go: 409 Franklin St., Bloomfield, 973-680-4500,

Kara VanDooijeweert is a food writer for and The Record. If you can't find her in Jersey's best restaurants, she's probably off running a race course in the mountains. Catch her on Instagram:@karanicolev&@northjerseyeats, and sign up for herNorth Jersey Eats newsletter.

From subs to wings, here are the best Super Bowl foods of all time — and where to get them (2024)


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