Guide - A Finished Fishing Guide (includes ironman and stranded) (2024)

Stranded Water Fishing​

Fishing is extremely rewarding and is fundamental for stranded progression, from the start of your profile it has a huge impact on your gear: The first thing stranded players should do is get

1. Water bucket trade (Clownfish II), every weapon for sea creatures works fine, just set your spawn near them and kill them. Create a bigger pool and fish until you unlock the minion, going further isn't worth it for now. I would suggest waiting for the minion to unlock the

2. Prismarine Blade (Prismarine Shard II), This weapon does 200% more damage while in water, making tanky sea creatures more approachable until you can get a high-damage tactician sword. Before starting to fish seriously be sure to have at least

3. Mercenary Armor (170k) and a good weapon but most importantly a weather stick:

4. Weather Stick (Redstone V) gives you 5 SCC and a lot of fishing speed during rain and it s basically free, The rain doesn't work exactly like the park but still gives a lot of stats.

5. As your first rod after the basic one, you can get a Winter Rod for 5 enchanted emeralds from trade and use it

until you unlock the 6. Challenging Rod.

From now on always use baits and progress until 7. Rod of Legends, most likely fishing during events;

Salmon armor is the best armor before diver and since shark scale armor is very unrealistic without the builder NPC. You will be missing some sea creature chance but having free rain at all times is so overpowered that fishing is unironically easier than mining and combat.

There are still a lot of missing sea creature chance items like enrichments from recombed talismans, washed-up souvenirs, reforge stones, and beacon perks that I(ZeroZH) would not go over fishing 30-32 until a new update is released and those missing items are added.

Stranded Lava Fishing​

After the Crimson Isle update, Lava Fishing on Stranded is only possible by abusing a bug. To do so, you need to have water and lava next to each other in such a way that the water will push the bobber into the lava when something is caught. Once the setup has been built, cast the fishing rod into the flowing water. The water will try to push the bobber into the lava, but it will be rubber-banded back into the water. When the bobber gets pulled down, the water will push the bobber into the lava without it being teleported back. At this point, you can reel in the fishing rod at any point; it's not time-sensitive like regular fishing. This method is not particularly consistent, but it is the only way to increase the Netherrack and Magmafish collections.

Upon reaching Fishing 27 and Magmafish 4 (1000 Magmafish), you can craft a Magma Rod, which can be used in lava like normal without abusing bugs. Reaching the collection milestone is made easier by Silver Magmafish, which has a 0.2813% chance to be caught from Lava Fishing and increases the Magmafish collection by 80.

Also, it's interesting to note that if you remove the lava from this setup, reeling in the fishing rod outside of the water will cause only Raw Fish to be caught.

An example setup for Lava Fishing on Stranded.

Guide - A Finished Fishing Guide (includes ironman and stranded) (1)

Stranded Fishing Pets

Fishing Pets
Blue Whale Pet - Bought from Oringo the Traveling Zookeeper during Traveling Zoo
Dolphin Pet - Achieving Fishing Milestones
Flying Fish Pet - Rare drop from Sea Emperor
Squid - ???
Baby Yeti - Killing yetis

Stranded Fishing Tips

1. Deep ocean biome (Ink Sac IV) gives +5 sea creature chance
2. Voiding sea creatures doesn't give fishing XP or loot
3. Suffocating sea creatures only gives XP if you give a hit to it
4. Deep Sea Protectors, Water Hydras, and many sea creatures can't hit you if you're 2 blocks above them
5. For other creatures like Phantom Fisher, Yetis, Great White Sharks, and Grim Reapers, trap them in a 1x1 (use InfiniDirt™ Wand to stay away from them) and suffocate them with gravel/sand, remember to hit them or you won't receive fishing XP (you will still get drops)
6. Always use baits, they always pay off, during events (jerry/spooky/marina) but also while squid fishing, it's so easy to craft them and you can make more while fishing, this doesn't even slow your progression for items like bait ring.
7. You can craft about 12 stacks of carrot bait and spam use it with a shredder to max out the strength on it pretty quickly
8. I would always recommend fish bait outside of any event and you can just use the respective bait dependent on the event, shark for shark, spooky for spooky, ice for jerry fishing, but then comes whale bait, you’re bound to get a ton of it off treasure drops and I would suggest that whale bait only be used in certain events you want to prioritize
9. If you do suffocate mobs, definitely make sure you at least hit it once cause those drops are dumb and can easily clip through blocks and probably void themselves
10. Frosty(mob) and Frozen Steves have a small chance to drop green as well as rarely red Gifts
11. Night Saver makes grinding for Bait Ring much easier because of the night squids.

Guide - A Finished Fishing Guide (includes ironman and stranded) (2024)


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