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Hello, my name is Mrs. Sharpe. I am a mature Disciplinarian living in the Denver area, but I do travel to meet those needing more immediate attention. I am over 5’10 in heels and I have a strong arm and a hand ready for a firm hand spanking warm up. I enjoy running so you can be assured of my stamina and endurance while giving you a good long spanking. I like a good physical workout. Nothing like you being in a firm leg lock and a hairbrush, in hand, to get things going.

I spent time in the military so I understand discipline, and I have high standards, for you to follow my rules. If I tell you to be still, while you get a strapping, you will only make it worse if you don’t. I like to enjoy myself; a few tears and your pleas only encourage me. Boys need to grow up and become men and I won’t be happy till you do. A good workout with the bath brush will get you back in line. Girls, you’re not excused either; I believe in equality, so I won’t accept excuses. Oh and those naughty boys that can't act their age will find themselves in front of me in some panties, I will make it very memorable for you. You will grow up, or you will accept your new position in life.

I specialize in professional and career counseling. Are you a captain of industry, but still need direction? Do you have issues with procrastination, daydreaming, and surfing the internet when you should be doing your work? A good workout with the strap should get your head straight. Let's get you on the schedule for regular maintenance strapping.

If you are continuing your education, I am glad to provide some “encouragement” to get good grades. Nothing like walking out the door with a burning bottom and your mind is already clicking off the time till the next maintenance session. Oh, and some time dedicated to confessing any outstanding behavioral issues is good therapy. Most find that it is better to admit those transgressions rather than hide them from me. Much better to confess and get to the consequences as quickly as you can. Nothing like getting a spanking and hoping it ends, when you have yet to answer her question; knowing more will follow.

Do you find that life is full of stress? Studies have shown that a strong dose of physical discipline can release some endorphins to help you cope. You decide how much you need and maybe peruse the implements and let me know what you need. Don’t worry I will exceed your expectations. Do you question your ability to accept what you need? Just let me know and we can utilize some restraints; you will be proud of how red you are! Oh, and those worries and stress have just melted away; the heat has a way of doing that.

Many have asked how they should address me? I'm sure you don't need to be told when you see me in an apron and rubber gloves, as I've led you to the bathroom by the ear. As I unwrap that bar of soap and drop it into that sink of steamy water. You don’t need to be told how to address me; but I imagine I’ll hear Mommy, please don’t; or Mommy, I promise I’ll never do it again. You know the directions; Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Now don't think I am mean, why just the other day a boy did very well and I promised him a treat at the grocery store. Unfortunately, he gave me an argument once we got there, and instead, we turned around and went to the pharmacy instead for a new hairbrush and a few other things to teach him a lesson. Still, he thought he could argue his way out of it. Unfortunately for him, I raise my voice loud enough so that everyone could hear what I was going to do with that hairbrush. I should have had him apologize to everyone in the store for his antics, but I just had him apologize to the lady at the checkout counter and have him tell her what Mommy is going to happen with the hairbrush. Don't worry, I'll be glad to take you on a field trip as well!

Do you need a reminder of proper manners and etiquette? Maybe we can meet and provide you with a reminder that you will be on your best behavior for the afternoon. Maybe we start with a nice lunch together. Did you pull my chair out as we approached the table? Did you become argumentative when I suggested a healthier selection? Did you stand as I stood to go to the restroom? Did you stand and again assist with my chair when I returned? Did you talk with food in your mouth? Some just forget those things we were supposed to learn when young; like sitting up straight or elbows off the table. Just think how impressed your date or even that new female VP will be when you have lunch together? I know a lot to remember but a verbal and physical remainder afterward will do the trick. Should we meet for lunch regularly?

Did you know I appreciate falling back into my military past? A nice crisp Ma’am, yes Ma’am always works. Does your voice begin to quiver a bit, as I hear THIRTY, YES Ma’am, may I please have another? Does your mind go off someplace and maybe imagine that Aunt or neighbor, that maybe looked like Joan Crawford or Bettie Page taking control of you? Let me know, you can share your darkest secrets and if necessary we can role play and bridge that gap between fantasy and reality.

Did your eyes wander to that opened button on my blouse? I’m sure you wondered how I knew you were looking at my bottom as you turned and bent over to do something. I’ve been told I had the ability of a nun to see behind my head. No, I’m not a prude and rather enjoy the dealing out consequences of your actions. But at the end of the day, when you close your eyes, you will hear yourself saying “YES, MRS SHARPE”.

I have a growing collection of implements for your discipline. My recent attendance at DomCon and some time studying with Miss Chris at Ironwood Terrace, one on one, and collecting some of her implements have me eager to use them on you. I’m sure many of you realize the right technique and the right implement can be a powerful combination. I just love a strap that has that well-worn look, and the sound it makes as the color rises after each whack. I love the look you give that paddle and hairbrush, that has the varnish beginning to wear off. Your imagination questions how much effort that took. So email, or call, and let’s set up a visit. Imagine sitting on the couch next to me, a hairbrush on the coffee table as you begin to share your thoughts. Do you know that as I watch your eyes I can tell if you are hiding anything? Of course, your eyes subconsciously looking back and forth at that hairbrush is all I need to see.

So be it some real issues, stress relief, or just curiosity, give me a call and don't keep me waiting.

Home | Yes, Mrs. Sharpe (2024)


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