How to do Over-The-Knee Spankings the right way… what you didn’t know (2024)

If you have ever wondered why over the knee (OTK) is frequently used to describe the most common position in which to administer a spanking – when bent over lap (BOL) or across the thighs (ATT) would provide a more accurate description for the popular image – the following may provide some insight. The short answer is that the use of OTK may have originated when mothers lectured children at their knee and then laid them prone atop one thigh – rather than bending them across both thighs – to receive traditional disciplining.

It should also be remembered that, until fairly recently in human history, the most common implement used in discipline was some version the lowly switch. Even in the hands of the most inexperienced disciplinarian, it is very safe.

The switch vs OTK

The original OTK is one of the few positions that allow a switch – or similar implement benefiting from leverage – to be freely used while maintaining control of the situation. As explained below, the buttocks of the penitent are prominently presented and may be almost totally immobilized until the necessary application is completed.

A version of the original OTK is actually depicted in a nineteenth century Collier & Ives political cartoon. It shows failed presidential candidate “Little Giant” Stephen Douglas being birched fully-clothed *over the knee* of a maternal Columbia – the traditional goddess-like symbol of the United States until the early twentieth century – in the presence of a fatherly-looking Uncle Sam.

The rediscovery

The following OTK position for disciplining wives is adapted from a method used and recommended by a registered nurse to paddle high school and college aged daughters. It is suggested in this forum because, as experienced husbands and fathers are aware, there is not much difference in paddling a rebellious teenager or her difficult mother. The preliminaries, procedures and product can be quite similar.

A common problem is finding a suitable alternative to lap positioning with taller females. When compared to over the lap – which older women often despise because, unless the woman is petite, it can be anything from awkward to precarious – the original OTK is safe and comfortable.

Over the lap positioning, with the husband seated on a couch or bed, attempts to duplicate the original OTK for the wife’s torso, but fails to resolve the difficulty of what to do with about the legs. For reasons explained below – i.e., wedged positioning and leg pinning if necessary – the original OTK does away with distracting concerns over *making* the wife stay in *position*.

It also all but eliminates the chances of anything other than the necessary hindquarter to be stuck. At the same time, it does facilitate smarting the upper backs of the wife’s thighs should she otherwise be reluctant to cry or if her behavior has been such that she requires punishment.

When used for *domestic discipline*, the original OTK allows the wife to feel that she is being closely held. Even in disciplining, this is the ultimate therapy for a woman.

Using the original OTK position resolves the question of what to do about panties since, for reasons of practicality, removal of all clothing from waist down makes the arrangement more manageable. Disrobing from the waist down is also the preference of most women before being taken in hand by their husband for disciplinary purposes.

Rather obviously, given the way humans are constructed, longitudinal (parallel) positioning on the top of the thigh requires going *over the knee* first before the torso of one person is able to lie on the thigh of another.

An added benefit – most probably because spread thighs and bent hips made it more difficult to tighten their profoundly exposed buttocks – comes in not have to paddle as arduously to achieve the desired results. A rapidly applied lightweight *stinging* paddle or similar implement is quit effective under the circ*mstances. In this regard, the original OTK is ideally suited for paddling a single buttocks cheek.

Why OTK has fallen out of favour

The original OTK may have fallen out of favor because, given the pressure exerted on the pubic region – since situating on the thigh of maturing individuals is best achieved by spreading of the legs – the position seems exclusively suited for use with females after the spanking of males loses its desired effect and placement of exposed external genitalia becomes particularly problematic for mothers with older sons.

Also, because the original OTK can resemble some sexually explicit positions, Victorian politics may caused it to be replaced by lap positioning – which allows the upper legs to be pressed together. However, anyone familiar with disciplining a female knows that, unless she is the exception, the legs naturally separate as the legs curl. This is one reason why, once they became fashionable, female underwear was often intentionally positioned at knees or ankles – to keep the legs from flailing apart!

Likewise, the ubiquitous across the thighs position may have become the recommended *safest* position precisely because of the practical limitations of physical size which it accommodates. After a certain size, leveraged rocking, squirming, and *ironing boarding* (defiant rigidity) over the lap bring additional difficulties. This often occurs about the time teenage girls think they are too old to spank and, to the detriment of society, far too many women carry this adolescent attitude into their first, second, and even third marriages!

In the future, as currently less controversial solutions are found to be less suited for straightening out domestic difficulties with problematic wives, the use of the original OTK may once again become common.

How to find the right positioning for spanking!

Positioning using the original OTK begins with the husband on the edge of the bed or similar flat surface with knees and thighs spread enough to allow one thigh of a wife to slip between them.

The wife is then guided – or, if reluctant, pulled over – so that she straddles the knee of the husband on the side opposite the hand that will be used to administer the punishment. Positioning the wife on his left thigh would by typical for a right-handed husband.

The comparatively smooth transitioning from lecture to punishment positioning eliminates the need to move the wife to the side before bending them over. A towel on the husband’s thigh can both alleviate hygienic concerns as well as minimize the effect of unforeseen stress incontinence.

Nevertheless, unless the constraints of time are a paramount consideration, as might happen when privacy is scarce and something must be done immediately to correct the state of affairs, it is a good idea to insist a wife to use the restroom before presenting herself for disciplining.

Due to the wedging effect of the disciplinarian’s knee, the knees of the wife will either naturally part or will eventually separate as her hips and thighs settle into a semi-seated position that approximates the bend in the husband’s knee as her upper body lies parallel to the husband’s thigh.

Although the back of the far thigh is not always visible, with a little twisting of the husband’s upper body should make the buttocks visible. The positioning also allows monitoring as paddled skin progresses through predictable shades of pink, red, and white (which minimizes the potential for bruising when a good paddling is necessary), or to ensure that the bright red lines produced by a rapidly flicked switch leave no part of the buttocks untouched.

The wife has her shoulders and head behind her husband so that she is facing rearwards.

Although her outside arm is free, the wife’s arms will most likely fold under her breasts like a crouching lioness. Providing a pillow will allow the wife to further support her torso, or to bury her head when desirable muffle her crying.

Because females generally lack upper body strength, any attempts to rebel by raising the upper body are minimal. Nevertheless, if the wife attempts to use her free hand to protect herself or otherwise interfere, it can be pinned to her back or side with the hand that would otherwise wrap around her waist. If more control is required, it may be achieved by the husband leaning more of his torso weight on her back.

Otherwise, the arm not used to paddle the buttocks is then wrapped around her waist.

Difficulties in OTK spanking

For uncooperative wives, the calf of the lower leg on the same side as the spanking hand can then be used to pin the back of the calf of the wife. Usually pinning one leg is adequate to prevent the other from swinging wildly.

Pinning a rebellious wife’s inside leg also prevents assuming a mulish *ironing board* position – with the legs extended – since it is almost impossible to do with one leg. As the spanking withers any rebellion, the woman’s legs will naturally relax as her resistance fades and she accepts her fate.

Despite the opposite facing positioning, there should be no difficulty with verbal communication within the confines of a typical bedroom or similar private space.

Although best employed with the wife stripped from the waist down, pants and panties at the knee or ankle do not necessarily preclude using the above position since it holds the wife’s knees against the husband’s leg.

If a wife absolutely refuses to cooperate in allowing the necessary area to be exposed, the sting of a firmly applied doubled man’s belt or solid wood paddle (resembling the width and thickness of a man’s hand and about twice as long) will sufficiently penetrate jeans, slacks, or skirt to get deliver the desired message if given sufficient time to sink in. An old-fashioned oval-shaped solid wood hairbrush might also prove adequate for the purpose.

Sometimes it might be necessary to apply a few firm smacks while a wife is still standing before she agrees to assume a more traditional position and more cooperatively accept the rest of her punishment. Most women would rather take a paddling while reclining rather than while than standing up. The above version of OTK may prove to be among the more useful positions when the unpleasant become necessary.

How to do Over-The-Knee Spankings the right way… what you didn’t know (2024)


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