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1 A R K A N S A S G A Z E T T E I N D E X An Arkansas l ndex Shannon J. Henderson Copyrlght 1983 by Arkansas Tech Vn T ve rs t ty L 1 bra ry Russellv~lla, Arkansas

2 CONTENTS Preface... 1ii How to Use the Index...~... iv Abbrevtations...,.c......I...m... vi Annual Index... 1 Correct ions for ~revious VOI umes...,

3 PREFACE The Arkansas Gazette has long been cons idered the prime source for information on the social, cu ltural, and pol itical affairs of the people of the state of Arkansas. I have prepared this fndax with the hope that it will be valuable for students, historians, and other researchers who wish to follow the progress of Arkansas and her people as chronicled by the Arkansas Gazette. Members of the Library faculty end staff of Tom1 inson Library have been most helpful to me In the indexing project throughout the year. Mr William A. Vaughn, IIbrarlan, has generously provided all needed materials and has always been encouraging. Mrs Virginia Grant has been responslhle for typing the daily entries and for the finished manuscript. All of the staff have my thanks for sporting errors in the card file and brlnglng them to my attention; they are responsible for none of the errors which may be in the finished index.

4 HOW TO USE THE ARKANSAS GAZETTE INDEX The Arkansas Gazette Index consists of brief summarizing statements of the news of Arkansas as it was pub1 ished In the final edition of the Arkansas Gazette. On1 y those art icles dealing with Arkansas people, places and events are considered for inclusion. Material not consf dered useful for future reference is omitted. Routine articles report 1ng on sports, social events and business activittes are omitted. HEADINGS: SubJect headings (entries) are the main type of entry and are used whenever possible. Names of prominent persons and of organizations are used as entries, but most names a re cross-referenced to subjects. Arrangement of Entries: A1 l main subf eft headfngs (entries) are arranged alphabettcally, word-by-word. (01 d Washington comes before 01 dham In th t s arrangement). Inverted headings are arranged alphabetically without regard to the! r inversion. Punctuation is disregarded In arranging entries. Abbreviated entries are alphabetized as if they were words, and are not filed at the begfnntng of the letter. (PCBS is filed after Payne and before Pea Ridge). Names of organ! zat ions are inverted so entry is under key ward in name if It is indicative of the subject of the organization. (Arkansas Medical Society is entered Medical Society, Arkansas). Names of firms and institutions are not inverted. SUBDIVISIONS: Entries are subdivided when to do so would simplify their locatlon or when the number of entries under a heading would be unusual ly long. Main subheadings are arranged in a1 phabetical order and are under! ined. Secondary subheadings may be used when entries under the main subheading are unduly long, or when clesely related ma* terlal s can be grouped, Secondary subheadings are indicated by use of dashes (--I before the entry. Material too general for subdivision is placed before the subdivlslons. ENTRIES: Most articles are assigned only one subject heading, with cross references used to lead from related subjects Included. (A stntement by the governor on the subject of educaelon would be entered under Education, and a cross-reference made from the name of the governor. Sumw rtes or descr i pt i ve phrases are kept as short as possible, and are not intended to indicate that the only material in the article is that described In the summary, Length of the surmary should not be taken as an indication of the length of the artlcle. All entries under headings and subheadings appear in chronalogical order except far those where alphabettcat arrangement would aid in tocat ion. LOCATION SYMBOLS: Each summary Is followed by the date, section, page and column number where the arttcie appeared in the final edition of the Arkansas Gazette. (S20,X :3 indicates that the article was published on September 20, page 2, of section C. In cotumn 3). CROSS-REFERENCES: A1 1 crossreferences are arranged in alphabetical order. Cross-references from the main subjeet entry follow the general summaries (if there are no genera? summaries, cross-references are

5 1 isted directly under the main entry). Cross references may be 1 lsted under subheadings and always follow the summaries. Cross references may be made to an entry without using the full subject entry. (For example: a reference may be made from Teachers, Public School to Education without spelling aut Education and Schools. 1 l kewf se, the cross-reference may lead to a subheading wlthout so specifying if the subhead would be obvious, Under Education and Schools is found the subhead, Teachers). When it is impractical to 1 fst names of persons or organizations in the summaries, cross-references may be made from the name to the subject entry. In such references, the date of the article is included as part of the cross-reference. When references are made to subjects found in the general summaries preceedlng subheadings, the word (gen) may be used to indicate that the artlcle Cs not under a subhead, e.g. (Children see also Hediclnc (gen). A cross reference from a person's name to a subject does not indrcate if the named person is directly involved or Is merely comment lng an the toplc. In a1 l cases, the article should be read for clarification of this point.

6 ABBREVIATIONS Note: This is a 1 ist of standard abbreviations used in the current indexes of the Arkansas Gazette Index. A listing here does not necessarily indicate that it has been used in this volum. AA AAPE AAUP ABC abst acad acctg acct s ACtU ACORN AC R ad ADA adm adrnr AEA AFDC AFL-C I0 AFSCME AFT Ag agr AH C AHTD AIC AL C amdt AMP 1 Alcohol ics Anonymous Arkansas Assn of Profess ional Educators American Association of University Professors Alcohol lc Beverage Control 0dlD f v abstract academ t c academy accounting accounts American Civll Lf berties Un ion Arkansas Communlty Organizations for Reform Now Arkansas Consumer Research advertisem*nt advert islng Americans for Democratic Act ion administer administration administrator Arkansas Educat f on Association Aid to Faml 1 ies with Dependent Children American Federation of Labor-Congress of lndus Organ izat ions American Federat ion of State, County and MunTcipal Employees American Federat ion of Teachers August agricultural agriculture Arkansas Highway Commission Arkansas Highway and T ransportat ion Dept Ark lntercol leglate Conf Arkansas Legislative Council amendment Associated Mi 1 k Producers, I nc amt anniv AOGC AP AP&L APA APEA appt apptd apptg appmt appmts appts Ark La Ark-Mo assoc ASU AT&T ATU atty a 'a AW I SA Bapt bd b i og bl dg bur C of C CAHSA CAT Cath CDBG CETA ch champ chem chmn amount anniversary Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Carp Apr i 1 Arkansas Power and tight Co Arkansas Press Assn Ark Pub1 ic Employees Assn appoint appo f n ted appointing appointment appointments appoints Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co Arkansas-HTssouri Power Co assoc rate Arkansas State University American Telephone and Telegraph Arkansas Tech Un f vers 1 t y attorney attorneys average Arkansas Women's Intercollegiate Sports Assn Bapt 1 st board biographical biography building bureau Chamber of Commerce Central Ark Health Systems Agency Central Arkansas Transit Cathol ic Community Development Block G rant Program Comprehensive Employment and Training Act church champion championship chemical chemistry cha i rman cha 1 rmen

7 ABBREVIATIONS CIA CJ/HSIC co col 1 com camm comr cond con f con f s Cong con so 1 cans t conv co rp c t CT A D DEA Bern dew l op DH E di r dlv E econ ed E DA educ el ec EMS EOA EPA Central fnteltigence Agency Criminal Just ice and Highway Information Center cornpan y county col 1 ege cornnittee carnnii ss ion commissioner cond i t ion candittons con fercnce con ferenees Congress Congress Iona I consol idate con so I 1 da ted consol idat lng cansalidation constitution constitutional constitutionality convent l a carparat ion court Classroom Teachers Assn Oecembe r Drug Enforcement Adm Democrat Dsmc ra t i c development Department of Higher Educ d i rectar d 1 rectorsh 1 p division East econom i c econam i cs economy cd i t ed i tad edit ion ed f tor editorial Econami c Devei opmen t Adm educated educat ion educational electric Emergency Medical Servlces Econmi c Opportun i ty Agency Envf ronmencal Protect ion Agency EP l SC ERA ERDA ESD ESP estab exam F FABCO FB I FDA f dn FEC fed FO 1 FLAG FPC FRB FTC FrE G& FC gen geo l G DP gov govt grad H 0 HEW hon hos p H R hs HSU HU D hwy Ep i scopa 1 Equal Rights Amnhent Energy Research and De ve 1 opmen t Adm Employment Security Div Ext rasensary Percept Ion establ ished estab? ishmnt examination Februa ry Fi rst Arkansas Bankstock Corporat Ion Federal Bureau of Invest i- gat ion US Food and Drug Adm foundat ton Federal Election Comm f ede ra l federated fedcrat ion Freedom of Informat ion Family, Life, America, God (own) Federal Power Commfssian Federa l Rese rvc Board Federal Trade Commission Full-tfme-equivalent Game and Fish Comtssian general geol og i ca 1 gee 1 WY Republ ican Party governor government governmen ta 1 graduate graduat ion House 0111 Health, Education, and We1 fare Dept honb r hsnora bl e honorary honored honoring honors hospital House of Representatives high school Henderson State Un lv US Hous tng and Urban Development Dept highway

8 IAF t BM LGWU nd ndus ns nst nsts n t I ntl i nv l REC I RS l SEC Ja J BU Je JP JR JY t EAA L JAC L JBC I r LR LRAFB Lut h math International Assn of Fi ref i ghrers lnternat ional Bus t ness Machines International Ladies Garment Workers Un ion independent lndust rial Industry insurance inst l tute Institutional institutes institutions interview interviewed international invitatlan lrrdustrlal Research and Extension Center l ntt rna l Revenue Sarv ice lnforrnet ion Systems Executive Committee Insurance Services Office lnternatlonal Wood Workers of America January John Brown University June Justice of the Peace Joint Resolution July Law En forcemen t Ass i stance Adm legislative lag1 slat ion 1 eg I sl ature Legislative Joint Audit Comml ttee Legislative Joint Budget Corn letter Little Rock Lrttle Rock Air Force Base Lutheran mathemat ica1 mathematics mcrchand i se mechan Fcal med i ca 1 medicine metropal f tan Method 1st rnfg mfr mf rd m9t mi 1 m l n mtsc rnkt mktd mkt Fng mkts MoPac mt mts mun lc Mt MR-DDS MY N NAACP NA la nar 1 NBC NCA NCAA M EA NLR NORME. NOW NPS 0 OAS 0 BU orch orgn OSHA PACE mnufacrur Ing manu facture vanufactured management mil itary minister min lstry minute ~incallaneous market ma rkc ted marketing markets Missouri PacIflc munta in mountains munfcipal March Mental Retardat fon- Oeveloptnent Oisabll f t fes Dlv Ma Y North November National Assactatlon far the Advancement of Colored PeopI e National Association of lntercol legiate Athletics nat iona 1 National Broadcasting Co North Central Associatian of Col teges and Secondary School s National Collegiate Athletic Assn National Education Assn North Little Rock Mat Tonal Organlzat ion for Reform of Marl juana Laws Mat lonal Organizat ion af Women National Park Servf ce October Organ izat Ion of American States Ouachl ta Bapt Unlv orchestra organ izat Ion US Occupational Safety and Heal th Adm Political Action Commfatee for Education

9 ABBREVIATIONS PACT PC A PCBs pol pres Presb prof pros P5 pt 1 PUD qr w-l Y r d recd reg i s rehab rcpr rept reptd reptdl y rwt9 repts Repub rev rsvd re vg RR S S&L SAU $0 S BA slls SCAN Puiaski Assn of Classroom Teachers Production Credit Assn Polychlorinated biphenyls pol it ical pal ltics pres 1 dent presidential pres idency Presbyterlan profess ianat prosecuting prosecutor pub1 lc school patrol man pa t ro l men Planned Un l t Development, quarter quartarl y road rece i ved register reg i stered reg1 strat ton rehabf l ltat ion representat i ve report reported reported1 y reporting reports Republ lc Republ ican review rev i ewed reviewing Ra 11 road September South Savings and Loan Assn Southern Arkansas Univ Senate Bill Small Business Adm State Building Services Suspected Chi1 d Abuse and Neg 1 ect sec secy sem sen ser sac SREB SRS SUP SWEPCO TASC fb tach temp rheol tourn t reas U A UAF UALR UAN UAMS UAP B UAW U CA un iv un i vs USDA V A Vo-tech VP YWCA Y r sect ion secretary seminary senate senator sermon social soc l ety Southern Regional Education Boa rd Social and Rehabilitative Services supreme Southwestern Electric Power Co Treatment A1 ternat lves to Street Crime Tuberculosis techntcal tech ical ly techno1 ogy temperature theological tournament treasurer treasury Un i vers l t y of Arkansas Univ of Ark at Fayettwit le Univ of Ark at Little Rock,. Univ of Ark at Monticello Un lv of Ark far Medical Sc 1 ences Untv of Ark at Pine Bluff Unlted Auto Workers Univ of Central Ark unlversiry universities United States Dept of Agtlcul ture Veterans AdmIn lstrat ion Vocational-technical vice president Young Women's Christian Assn yea r

10 - A ADVERT l S l NG ABBA HOUSE Little Rock home for pregnant woman to be visited by Mother Teresa Jel,lB:4 ABORT l ON See Birth Control ABSCAM OPERATION See Congress (US) ACC l DENTS AND SAFETY A i rp 1 anes See Ai rpl anes-acci dents Dmwnings. Boy drownsin icy pond at Cal ion Jal5,SB:l Body of youth found in pond at Pine ~ i ~ ~a21,78:5 f f Boater's body found in Greers Ferry Lake Mr24,78:4 Boy drowns in pond My6.118:6. - Explosions Gas (Fuel) Industrlal - and Occupational International Paper Co Recreation Veh i cl es See Recreation Vehicles Traffic -- and Roads. Accident near Waldron kills 3 persons, injures seven Mr18,lB:2 Bill Clinton suggests special DWI license plates might reduce accidents Mr27,2B:5 Highway accidents have claimed 187 ltves in Ark this year, an increase of 29 My20,3B:2 Statistics on alcohol-related accidents in Ark My31,17A:6 Eight killed in Phil1 ips County as car struck by traln JylO, 18:2 Governor Frank White names task force to study DWI curbs; Judy Petty heads panel Jy15,16:2 Noise in car may have led to crash in Phillips County Jy15,30:4 Remark by Frank White on accident that killed pol iceman at Conway is criticized by attorney Jy16,28:3 North Little Rock Trafffc Judge Dean R. Morley takes unusual approach to DW I cases Jy25, 4B:t Efforts to get drunken drivers off roads (ed) Ag1,kH: 3 Seven persons die in accident near Mountainburg Ag2,7A: 1 Evelyn Ethri dge found gui 1 ty of manslaughter in death of Conway Pol iceman Barry Kent McDaniel S4,7A:1 Task Force on Drunk Driving hears confl i cting advice S25,gA:l Three-bus crash injures 29 students near Paragould N3,3A:6 Families file $21 millton suit against Mlssouri Pacific Lines in death of 8 persons near Lakeview (Phi 11 ips Co) N16,2A:3 Claims Comm awards $345,163 to family of man kit led when his truck crashed into AHD truck on road M24,2A:4 Judges in Pulaski County discuss standard penalty for DWI, but fai 1 to agree N27,3A:3 Frank White comments on study comm rept on WI D11,lA:lr Two ways to stop drunk drivers suggested D16,23A:1 Arkansas had 25,345 DUI cases last year; other statistics Dl4 23A:l Drunken drivers suspected in crashes that injured woman, killed her son D19,23A:1 Little Rock intersections become less dangerous D30, 1B:2 ACCOUNTiNG AND ACCOUNTANTS CPA exam passed by 102 F7,4F:5 CPA exam passed by 102 candidates Ag3,7A:S Barbara Yates sees her role as flscal shrink 017,18:2 ACT 590 OF 1981 (ARK) See Educatlon (gen)--curricula ACTORS AND ACTRESSES Lisa Blount pursues her career despite early fai lures Je20,lG:Z Larry Stewart pursues career in acting N7, 1C:2 Mary Steenburgen real izes dream N19,8B:2 ADAMS, ARNOLD Former judge dies N8,7A:1 ADAMS, DOUGLAS McARTHUR SR Fi rs t Securl ty Bank of North Ark ADKISSON, RICHARD B. Crlme ADOPT1 ON5 Darrel? Mil 1s family adopts 10 "hard-to-place" children F9,1C:2 TV personality Carolyn Long plays important role in placement of ch t ldren wl th special needs Jy27,1B:2 ADVERTISING Arkansas Advert i s i ng Fede rat ton awards made Ap3,98:5 Agency could be liable for harm caused by products It

11 ADVERT l S l NG 1982 AGRl CULTURE advertises, Sandy S. McMath says Apll,lF:2 Judge rules newspapers responsible for labeling political ads Ag6,4B: 1 Use of neon st gns increases Ag8,1B:2 Court rules FayettevT 1 le can regulate size of outdoor signs without violating freedom of speech N5,3A:1 Self-regulation started by Ad Federation and BBB D7,6C:5 Peck Outdoor Agency signs cause stir In LR D23,1B:6 Lega 1 Profess ion Mediclne Religion and Churches ADVERTlStNG FEDERATION, ARKANSAS Joins self-regulation plan 07,6C:5 AERONAUTICS AND SPACE INDUSTRIES Aviation training program draws criticism for placing few grads My8, 48:s Pulaskf Vo-Tech may take over aviation training program ~g6,9~:6 AFROAMERICANS See Blacks (In Ark) AGAPE CHURCH Little Rock church has rapid growth 09,lB:Z AGED Silver-Hatred Legfslative Session sponsored by state Office on Aging hears Gov Frank Whl te S23,4A:6 Pulaski County Council on Aging opens center for nutrition and activities 023,2A:3 Nattonal Counci 1 of Senior Citlzens and National Alliance of Senior C1 tizens trade charges 023, 4A:6 Ark-Aging, Ark-hg i ng, Off 1 ce On Ark-Elect ions--governor Boardlng Homes Labor-01 de r Workers Nursing Homes Governor's Advisory Com AG lmg See Aged AGING, PULASKI COUNCIL ON Aged AGRl CULTURE AND AGRl CULTURAL PRODUCTS Nicky Hargrove says 1981 wi 11 prove valuable to agr Jal3,11A:5 Senator Davfd Pryor wants acreage reduction, more credit for farmers and an open worldwide market Ja26,80: 1 Fatherson team of Jack and Jacky Reaper of Albion, farm a diverse operation Ja30,lA:Z Development of export markets can rescue farmers, Gov Frank White tells American Agriculture Movement Ja31,bB:l Senator David Pryor predicts agr depression unless huge crop surpluses are el imfnated Ja31,6B:4 Many farmers fear fa! lure as econ worsens Ap4,1A:2 Spring planting begins on Jack Reaper farm My12,10:2 Jack Reaper family stays busy Je27,33:1 Poor crop market results in sales of wheat, rice and honey to govt Jy18,1B:2 Crop yields plentiful, but dropping pri ces alarm farmers S5,lA:Z Test shows pesticide use not needed In some cases S14,1B:2 Corn crop at Jack Reaper farm not as good as expected 03,1B:3 Despite poor season, prices, Jack Reaper family is thankful N25,1A:2 Weeds White River... Finance. Agticul tural loan bonds have not been pursued after approval of Legls S27,1A:3 Agriculture Dept expects to loan $272 mf llion to Ark farmers this winter N30,lA:Z Jackson County farmers lose bid for injunction to bar FmHA foreclosure D16,18A:2 - Labor. Migrant farm workers sign pact with Bradley County tomato grower Je16,1B:3 Tomato growers express mixed reaction to labor organitlng Je23,68:2 Sandra Kurjiaka condemns conditions of migrants in South Ark Jy3,lB:l FBI to probe allegations migrants sold Jy4,ZB:l Migrants to file civil rights suit Jy7,10:2 Farmer labels a1 legations as hogwash Jy8,10:3 Karen Klncaid, an advocate for migrant workers, says Brad 1 ey County toma to farmer threatened her life Jy9,16:3 Four Mexican workers file $625,000 sui t against Bradley County pol ice and

12 AGRl CULT URE 1982 ALAMO, SUSAN farmers JylO, lb:5 Actlvfsts seeking adequate housing, fair wages for migrants Jy11,18:2 Farmer charged Karen Kincaid, a paralegal, with trespassing Jy21,IB:Z Karen Kincald found gut 1 ty of trespass Jy22,l B :3 Carry Engel files complaint agalnst 4 tomato farmers Jy23,6B:6 At request of Beryl Anthony, Legal Services Corp will check role of Karen Kincaf d ~y28,1~:6 Ed Griffin and Karen Klncald brlng out issue of migrant rights in South Ark Agl,lB:2 Editorial on slavery charges in tomato harvest In Bradley County Ag15, 12C:4 Migrant Center at Hope funded S30,8C:2 John H. Herrod acquitted on charges brought by social worker N4,5A:k Char1 es Ray Harrod acqui tted of assault charge brought by social worker M5,22A : 1 AIR POLLUTION Reynolds Metals Co official talks state Pollution Control Comm out of easing fluorides standards for firm Ja23,4B:1 Georgia Pacific plant at Crossett 1 isted as polluter by National Clean A1 r Coal 1 tfon MrlO, 9A:4 Tanker leaks toxic fumes near 8ryant Jyl0,lB:l Proposal to allow Energy Sys tems Co to burn PCBs at faster rate wi 11 be resisted Ag8, 11B:l Chase Bag Co files pollution charge against Georgia Pacific plant at Crossett D24,gD:l Pulaski Co has not met standards, EPA says; state offfclals disagree D28,8A:1 Inventions Al RL l NES Central Flying Service excels In 3 areas, Ja17,131:5 Jamalre, Inc to end service to Pine Bluff F27,4B:3 Continental Airlines to serve LR Ag24,5C:2 A l RPLANES Accidents. Two men die in crash of small plane in North tittle Rock Ja5, 1B:4 C-130 transport from Little Rock Al r Force Base crashes near Judsonia My13,1A:3 Plane burst into flames while flying formation My13, 3A:4 Seven alrmen kllled in C-130 crash at Judsonia; Senator David Pryor calls for report Myt4,1A:6 Fi rst explosion of C-130 described My14,1B:3 Air Force comments on crashed plane Myl6,lB:l Dr Jessie McKinley Young kf 1 led in crash at Little Rock Jy22,28:4 Crashed C-130 broke apart In afr, probe finds Jy25, 88: 1 Plane crashes on Mount Magazine ~12,17~:b Two die when plane crashed into dde of Mount Magazine ~13,4A:5 Al RPORTS Fayettevtlle. Greenland drops suit after Fayetteville agrees to build noise barrier at rake Field S11,6A:l ALAMO CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION Court hears testimony in trial of charges that employees not pal d overtime Ap29,lB:5 Labor Dept says $19 million owed by Alamo In back wages, but several members testlfy they would find pay offensive Ap30,l B:4 Judge says benefits given members are factors in pay dispute Myl,4B:5 Tony Alamo says US Labor Dept reps search homes of members My29,I B: 1 Federal audit is harassment, Tony Alam says Je23,35:3 Alam welcomes scrutlny Jy4,lB:h Unwed mothers urged to give unwanted chi 1 dren to the Alamo Fdn ; state 1 icense may be requlred ~8,7~:3 Birthright, Inc says it has no con- nection with Alamo S10,3A:1 Judge Overton sees 1 I ttle reason to order Alam to pay back wages to members S10,3A:1 Workers register to vote 01,4A:5 Illinois probes Alarm group offer to take unwanted bab tes 010, 23A:2 Judy Shapiro leaves group, seeks her children 019,4A:6 Fayette Peevy, who attends A1 am church, elected Mayor of Dyer ~4,2A:4 Tony Alamo refuses to allow state to inspect compound N11,16A:S Baslc pay, overtime held to be required for all workers Dl 4,3A: 1 Labor case rul ing to be appealed ~22,4A:3 Court order allows state to inspect facility D29, 6A:l Group likely runs child care facii ity, state officials say 030, 10A: 1 ALAMO, SUSAN Evangel 1st dies Ap10,5A:2

13 ALCOHOL AS FUEL 1982 AMERl CAN FEDERATION... ALCOHOL AS FUEL Gasohol plant at Caraway never got past ground-breaking stage F22,14A:1 Top corporations seek data from UA blomass research center My9,3F:1 State tax exempt ion on gasohol Is invalid, Steve Clark rules S10,TA:l ALCOHOLISM Study shows drinking by parents contributes to abuse of teenagers Je30,20:4 Ark-Alcohol and Drug Abuse Office ALDERSGATE CAMP Hand i capped ALEXANDER Storms ALEXANDER, 0 l LL High housing cost prompts Alexander to accept boarders Ag13,1B:2 Ark-Elections--US House District 1 Birth Control Congress (US) Congress (US)-Reapport lonment Engineers, Army Corps of Scholarships US- Armamen t US-Finances and Budgets AL I, MUHAMMAD A1 t addresses group at Helena Mr8, 9A: 1 AL l ENS See Foreigners In Ark ALL-TERRA I N VEH 1 CLES See Recreation Vehicles ALLEN, A. HALL Retired ad agency officlal dies Je26,lB:l ALLEN ENGl NEERING CORP Pa ragoul d f i rm develops new product for use in concrete projects Ja17, 16t :4 ALLEN (GARLAND) FAMl LY Ark-Boundartes ALLEN, JAMES Colleges-Libraries ALLE RGY Common foods can be cul pri t in allergies Mr7,1G:2 Foods can be source of allergies Ap25,1G:3 ALLIANCE RUBBER CO Hot Springs f inn ordered by NLRB to rehire 15 employees Ap6,123:5 ALLIED CHEMICAL CO Closing of Helena plant rumored, but fl nn denies rept Ja7,5B: 1 Plant may be closed unless a buyer Is found 3a12,80:5 Helena plant to close; 185 to lase jobs Ja26,50:2 ALLIED TELEPHONE CO See Te 1 ephones ALMA Storms ALUMINUM COMPANY OF AMERICA Company studies future of Ark plants as profits decline Ja31,1B:2 Four hundred mgmt employees in Benton to1 d salaries are f ro'zen My31,17A:5 Bauxite plant reduces salaried personnel S30,8C : 1 AMBULANCES AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVl CES Lltt.le Rock may create a ctty ambulance service Je10,18:6 Gov Frad White appts Dr Ronald Smith and J. T. Cantrel I to Governor's Advisory Council on Emergency Medfcat Servtces Ag6,36:1 Gov Frank White names Jesse Cheek and Ron Lusby to Emergency Services Bd Ag21,8A:4 Greers Ferry res i dents run serv i ce as necess 1 ty D15,lB:2 Med Vac Ambulance Service, fnc AMENDMENT 60 (PROPOSED) OF 1982, ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION See Credit AMENDMENT 61 (PROPOSED) OF 1982, ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION See Ark-Courts AMENDMENT 62 (PROPOSED) OF 1982, ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION See Roads and Traffic AMENDMENT 63 (PROPOSED) OF 1982, ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION See Public UtTlttles AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE ASSURANCE CO Lecie Sturgeon files $6 miilfon sut t against firm In sate of cancer insurance Ag18,12A:3 AMERl CAN FEDERATION OF LABOR-CONGRESS OF tndustrlal ORGANIZATIONS Endorsem*nt of candt dates in governor's race not expected Ap17,1~:6 Candidates speak to delegates Ap18, 1 B:6

14 AMERICAN FEDERATION.., 1982 ARKANSANS AGAINST, FOR Ark-Elect Tons--Governor Pulaski Coun ty-finances AMER I CAN JOURNAL l SM University of Central Ark to publish journal 05,13C:3 AMERICAN PHILLIPS ELECTRONICS LTD Westinghouse Electric Carp AMERICAN PRESTIGE, INC Silk flower co started at Little Rock by Charles Vestal Jal0,lF:P AMERICAN SURGERY CENTERS Outpatient Surgery center to be opened in Little Rock ~28,1~:2 AMERICAN SYNFUELS Helena to be site of alcohol fuel production plant Ag18,1A:2 AMER! CAN TRANSPORTAT I ON CORP Conway bus maker on road to recovery Jy25,1F:2 firm gets $10 million contract for military buses N20,l A: 5 AMER I CANS FOR DEMOCRAT1 C ACT1 ON Congress (US) AMUsem*nT PARKS Charles L. Bussey Jr requests ci ty of Little Rock to issue $2 million in tax-exempt bonds for develop water theme park F25,16:5 Dogpatch USA Magic Springs War Memorial Park Amusem*n AMGELOU, MAYA Arkansas past of Maya Ange plored in tv series Ja8,1C:2 ANIMALS, WILD of a t Park lou ex- See Wildlife ANNEXAT l ON (MUN I C I PAL) See Area Planning ANTHONY, 0 E RY L Beryl Anthony lays out his views on the Reagan adm Ap11,3H:5 Anthony labels Incorrect report that he advocated trading votes for support of petroleum producers D16,7A:1 Agricul ture-labor Ark-Elections--US House Dist 4 Bi rth Control Congress (US)-~eapportionment ANTHONY, BERYL (~on't) US-Armamen ts US-Economi c Condl t f ons US-Fi nances Wate rways Wilderness ANTHONY, BERYL SR Ark-Game and Fish Cam ANTI QUES Back in the Hills Show at War Eagle Mi 1 ls Farm attracts thousands My2, 41 :I ANTS Infestation of fire ants worries farmers Mr25,hB:l APPARITIONS Cemeteries ARCHITECTURE AND ARCHITECTS New law a1 lows merger of architect and englneer firms Ag29,1C:2 Seven fi rms receive des tgn awards from AIA N26,4B: 1 McClellan Memorial VA Hosp ARCHEOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Wreckage of sunken steamer Sul tana believed found in ffeld near Mound CI ty Jy5,4A:2 Exploration under way in Hempstead County Jy13,10:2 Prehistoric Indian remains being uncovered in Washington Co S18,20:2 ARCHER, DANIELS, MIDLAND CO Valmac Industries AREA PLANNl NG AND RENEWAL Arkansas decl ines to accept adm of Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program Ja29,lOB: 1 Attorney General rules that only a simple majority of those voting on annexa t f on i s necessary for app rova 1 05,12A:6 El Dorado Forrest Cl ty Little Rock Pul ask! bun ty-area Pl ann ing Southern lnves tmen t Co ARKANSANS AGAINST, FOR, ET C Note: Entries beginnfng with the words Arkansans Against; "for," etc are entered under the key word of subject, e.g., Peace, Arkansans For

15 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Cl rcui t Court ARKANSAS Mike byko says Ark has worst meals, best scenery Je16,lsA:l National image not as negative as most in state think Ag21,2A:5 Accountancy Bd. H. Lawrence Yancey agptd t r ~ by d Gov Frank White S26,4A:4 Margaret C. Veatch apptd S29,7C:4 Aeronautics Comm. Larry Derby and Wayne Hepp apptd by Gov Whi te D19, 20A: 5 -+ Aginz, Governor's Adviso 2- mittee On. J. Virgil High ill apptd by Gov rank White F6,3B:2 Inez Lane named by Gov Frank Wh i te Mv : 3 Aging, Office On. State accounts for a1 1 use of ~rfunds Ja16,3B: 1 Aged Alcohol - and D ~ - Abuse U ~ Authority. Esther Smith and Dr Charles McKenzie apptd by Gov Frank White; Dean Morley and Joe McQuany, reappointed F6,30:2 Dr Charles McKenzle apptd by Gov White F6,3B:2 Appointees of Gov White are Tom Muel ler, Roger Dickensen and Carol Weaver; reappointmen ts are Emogene Fox and Wayne Parks ; named to Counci 1 a re Wayne Parks, Polly E. Walker, Tom Anderson, Harriet Boggs, W. Hugh Owen, Frances Coe and Marshal Yantis F9,6D:6 A1 coho1 i c Beveraae Control Comm Liquor Arts and Humanties Advisory Counci 1 -- Edward L. Williams awtd bv Gov Frank White F6,30:2 usa an' krrison and Wendy Margo1 is apptd 3~4.46: 5 Culture u he ~rts) At torney General and Legal ~ervl ces. Volume and cost ofal w o r k f o r state discussed Mr7,lA:Z Steve Clark has not been successful In effort to consol idate legal affai rs Mr7,1A:3 Steve Clark returns $259,272 from his budget Jy31,6B:5 Clark, Steve Consumer Protection Banking Board. Betty J. Wilkinson apptd by ~ G a n White k ~22,3A:6 Boundaries. Art1 cle on loss of is1 ands near Osceola to Tennessee Ja10,3H:2 US Supreme Court to settle dispute with Mlssfssippi over ownership of Bordeaux Point; Garland Allen family claims title as does Chicago Mill and Lumber 025,1A:2 Building Services CouncJl. Howard Vance app td by Gov Frank White Ja2 1, 5B: 1 Jack Kl nneman apptd by Gov Jy23,3B:1 Mlke Pierce apptd by Gov Ag21,8A:4 Charles Nabholtz resigns D29,3A: 1 Ark-Public Buildings Burfal Association - Board. WOlllam Rice apptd by Gov Frank White Mr3, 38: 1 Capital and Capi tol. Secretary of State Paul Riviere forms Arkansas State Capitol Assn to pramate interest in Capttol Je16,30:4 Prize hybrid roses to be grown on grounds S8,3A:4 Paul Rf viere organ; zes Arkansas State Capi to1 Assn to he1 p preserve Capltal S27,1B:2 Ark-Legislature Arkansas Terrl torla1 Restoration Re1 igion and Churches *** Chancery --- Court Dist 8. Gov Frank White appts Kelvin Wyrick to chancel - lor post Ja1,3B:4 Wyrickts law fin located in Texas Ja1.3B:5 Child Care ~acilities Review E. ~ovefnorkn k Wh i te app-mbe.. rs Mr31,3B:2 See Clrcle H Youth Ranch Day Care Centers for Children Faith Christfan Home Neri tage Christian School -- Chiropractic Examlners, State Bd. Dr Conrad Kaelin named to Bd by Gov Frank White Ag21,8A:4 tfelen Voeltz apptd by Gov Frank White 56, loa:6 Clrcui t - Court. Some doubt exists about legal l ty of pay for 4 new judges Ja5,3B:5 Attorney Gen Steve Clark says state can pay new judges

16 ARKANSAS -CI rcui t Court 1982 ARKANSAS -Criminal Detention ~7,68:6 Ma judicial changes to be Corrections Bd. Charles Mazander sought untll 1985 D22,23A:4 apptd by Gov ~Tnk White Ja21,5B:1 Circuit --- Court Dfst 6. Morris S. State Sen James R. Teague says Gov Arnold be1 ieves he was denied appmt consulted him on Elazander appmt Ja23, as judge because of politics by Frank 3B:l Gov Frank White ignored plea of White or Steve Clark Ja21,6~:1 Bd that Dr Thomas Wartham not be re- Circuit --- Court Dist 8. Gov Frank placed F21,4B:t Whi te appts A1 bett Graves Jr judge of Prisons-Ark State Prison new post Ja1,3B:4 Corrections Department. Dl rector Circuit --- Court Dist 12. Gov Frank Art Lockhart praised bv Bill Clinton White appts Robert E. Boyer judge of ~23,lA:J ill Cl inton'wants Art new post Ja1,30:4 Lockhart to remain director D3,9A:1 Coal Miners Board. Gov Frank White Prisons-Ark State Prison names Dan Beam to Bd Ap10,5B:5 Cosmetology - Board. Matt f e Woods Collection Agencies Board. Lyle reapptd to Bd by Gov Frank White Ja7, Sallee apptd by Gov White Mr3,3B:l 88:2 Geneva Miller, a member of the Commerce Dept. Bi 11 Cl lnton wants state Cosmetology Board, fined for central office abolished as an econ violation of rules Ap23,4B:3 Nelda measure N16, ta:4 Legislative Counci 1 Kennedy apptd by Gov Wh i te 010,14A:4 approves plan to abol ish central Counse 1 ing Examiners.- Board office N17,6A:6 Anita Yates apptd by Gov Frank White Computer Services Dept. Bi 11 Ja28.8D:Z Clinton wants position of deputy di- courts. Vincent Foster Jr dlsrector for adm left unfilled N16,4A:5 cusses way to unjam courts My2.3H:Z Constitution. Supreme Court plays Article on number of'&- ballot titles by ear S19,110:3 tempt cases Je28,9A: 1 Proposed Amdt 61 to Ark Constitution would a1 low Cred i t Legis to estab jurisdlct~on and venue Public Utilities of all Ark courts; proposal opposed... by Arkansas Bar Assn 029,24A: 1 Pro- Contracts a d Pu rchas i nq Note: Material entered here deals with purchasing of commodities and services by the state and its agenc i es... State suspends Hurley Co from state jobs Jy15,60:6 Legislative panel holds up contracts for several activi ties at col Ieges ~g13,60:5 Legi s 1 at1 ve panel approves US concert contracts Ag19,2lA:5 Hurley Co barred from biddlng for one yr S4, 8A:2 Arkansas Law Enforcement T ral n ing Academy Athletics Farm Fresh Milk, Inc Roads and Traffic posed Amdt 61 explained 031,llA:l Pros and cons of proposed Amdt 61 as a way to create juvenile courts 031, 90:3 Voters defeat proposed Amdt 61 N3,7A:5 Proposed Amdt 61 defeated by 62 pct ~4,7A:1 Legislative panel hears plea far change in Judicial Retirement System N5,17A:1 Certified election returns on proposed amdt N21,ZA: 3 - Crime Laboratory Ed. Gerald Fulbright named by GOVT~ i te to Bd Ja2 1, 58: 1 Criminal Detention Faci 1 T ties Review Bd. Jul ius N. DeLaughter and -- Wayne Natthews named by Gov Frank hi te to Bd Ag21,8A:4 ' 0111 Ci inton wants agency abolished N16,1A:4 Dean Rowell, head of Board, says Clinton proposal flawed N17,SA:l Abolitfon approved by ALC N19,1A:2 Prisons and PrTsoners

17 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Dental Examiners Bd Dental Examiners Bd. Dr George M. Cone apptd by Gov ~Gnk Wh i te S29, 7C :4 Jane l 1 e Haggard app td by GOV White 010,14A:4 Departments - and Agencies. Governor Wh f te to propose merger of some state agencies Mrl0,lB:P Develo mental Disabll ities Division Budget cut by 644,000 N14,12A:3 --7 ~eve1opmen;al is abilities planning. Counci 1. Nancy W. WTneberaer a~otd 6. by Gov Whi te &20,7~:2 ~aida Swafford apptd by-gov White Mr20,jB:l Candy Foster and Nannie G. McPherson apptd by Gov Ag21,8A:4 Joe Graney apptd by Gov Frank White to Developmental Disabil ities Planning Council S6,10A:6 Economic Conditions. Merchants pleased with volume of Christmas business Ja6,18:3 Expanding economy provldes stable employment in state Ja17,1A:2 Recession started sooner, will last longer Jal7,lH:l Report on progress during past yr Ja17,lI : 1 Largest, fastest-growing sector of stare econ is service jobs Ja18,tA:2 State struggles to find replacements for shoe and clothing factories Jalg, 1A:3 Paper mills aid state econ Ja20,1A:4 Agricul ture is major part of econ Ja21,lA:s Study by Alexander Grant and Co shows low ranktng of Ark as measured by numerous indicators F2,80:4 Article discusses Ark business cl imate F7,lH:S Pessfmfsm grows In Ark, panel reports Mr21,6B: I Improvement in ewn predicted Jy15, 4B:I Charles E. Venus discusses halt of process of catching up to national avg on income Ag1,lH:I Report says Ark to be one of fastest growing stares Ag6,9B:2 Arkansas drops from 5th to 21st in attractiveness for new Industry because of high utility rates, poor vo-tech training and a change in formula Ag25,lOA:l Editorial compares Ark with Miss ~926, 16A:l Arkansas Issues '82 Conf dlscusses issues facing state Sll,lOA:4 AFL-CIO study shows econ is strong S30,4A:6 Dl smantl ing Ti tan I I missiles will mean annual loss of $37 mi 11 ion 02,1A:5 Salvatfon Army notes increase In number of middle class families seeking aid 019,2A:3 Drain of resources ct ted in Winthrop Rockefeller Fdn report; 1 Sst of mjor suggestions for solving econ problems 019,5C:2 Sheffield Nelson d!scusses problems facing state N17,15A:1 Sales of electric power and natural gas decrease; fewer telephones in use as recession worsens N20,5A:2 Thomas McRae summarizes Winthrop Rockefel ler Fdn rept which lists 12 ways state can improve D7,13A:4 Exports and Imports Factories, Industrial Plants and Industrial Development Labor Pow rty Education Board. Earl Love apptd by Gov rankm me Ap1,3B:2 Arkansas Education Assn proposal that state Board of Educatlon be elected is cal led aberration S7,8~:1 See Educat + ion-finances Educatlon De artment Btll Clinton wants Don Ro erts to remain director 03,gA:l Education Federal --- Block Grant Advlsot-y Committee. Jerry King apptd by Gov Frank White D22,3A:6 Education Planning Comml ttee, Postsecondary. Vl rgini a Duke apptd by Gov White D23.12A:5 - Educat Tonal ~eievistan - Corn. Dr Wayne Lanier reappointed by Gov Wht te Mr27,3B: 1 James E. Vaughn apptd by Gov Ap10,5B:5 Television Elections Note: Here are entered articles on election of state legislators, state off lcials, court judges, and US Reprs and Seng. Local elections are entered under the name of the city or county. School electtons are under Education... List of f i l ing fees for state

18 ARKANSAS -Elections 1982 ARKANSAS -Elections--Ci rcul t C t offices and US Cong Mr17,10B:6 Ruling in West Helena case expected to spark,challenges against at-large voting as discriminatory toward blacks Apl6,lB:S Report on fundraising by Congress Tonal candidates Ap23,3B:2 More candidates use polls to map strategy My20,10:3 Summary of campaign, forecast of voter turnout My23,1A:2 Governor's race spurs forecast of large voter turnout My25, 1A:2 William F. Sherman discusses question of closed primaries Je4, 13A:4 Four Greene County residents voted in both Dern and Repub prlmarles Je3,SB:S Election-eve campaigning Je8,tA:b Double voters In Sebastian County w i 11 not be prosecuted Je8, 9A:2 List of contests In statewide and district races JelO,6B:3 Gazette calls for closed party primaries Je20,ZH:l Henry Wilkins I I I urges shorter ttm between primaries Ag15, llc:2 Pat Moran says registration by party would strengthen two-party system 013,13A:3 Costs reach $7.7 mi 11 ion In campalgns N3,7A:5 Voter turnout was 72.1 pct for general electlon N17,14A:1 Ark- Gove rnmen t Emp 1 oyees Presidential Election Elections--Attorney General. Arkansas Education Assn endorses Steve Clark Mr11,36:2 Steve Clark files Mr23,38:5 Tom Ferstl files for race as a Republican Mr30,1B:6 John Clayton and H. Clay Moore file for Dern nomination Mr31,lA:5 List of Dem candidates Mr31,4B:1 Tom Ferstl is only Repub candidate Mr31,5B: 1 Steve Clark shows Immaturity, John R. Clayton says Ap8,78:3 Clayton continues attack; Clark ques tlons truthfulness of Clayton Ap9,78:1 Tom M. Ferstl wants special courts to speed trials of repeat offenders Ap10,58:4 Ray Huckaby, whose wf fe was convicted of Medlcaid fraud, writes letters urgtng nursing home officials to help defeat Steve Clark Ap15,18:2 John R. Clayton returns donation of Ray A. Huckaby Ap16,4A:1 Note shows John R. Clayton sought aid of Ray Huckaby Apl7,IB: I John Clayton opposes election of PSC Ap21,6B:l Steve Clark opposes electlon of PSC members Ap26,ll A : 1 ACORN backs Clayton My7,6B:5 Steve Clark has big lead fn poll My14,14A:1 Steve Clark to seek end to tnsani ty plea used by some criminals My14,6B:4 Gazette endorses Steve Clark My20,lOA: 1 Sumry of race My23,16:2 Steve Clark wins Dem primary My26,1A:6 Tom Ferstl charges state employees used in campafgn; Steve Clark disagrees Je24, 16:s Ferstl charges Steve Clark with lack of action to halt marijuana croa Clark pojnts out that Attorney Gen does not have crimlnal enforcement power Jy27,5A:2 Tom Ferstl comments on bribes of Carroll County officers false, former deputy says Jy30,10:5 Tom Ferstl wants new court for repeat offenders Ag19,25A: 1 Ferstl hints that Clark may have received funds from railroads S9,12A:4 Tom Ferstl blames Clark for striking of Amdt 63 from ballot S11,7A:5 Ferstl letter on railroad tax settlement S15,14A:6 Ferstl wants crime victfms paid S27,6A:3 Ferstl says office used as polittcal way statlon 03,3A:5 Clark says some of Fersttts proposals are already law 06,16A:6 Ferstl levels charges; Clark answers 09,7~:4 Ferstl stands by his charges, mentions Clark's impending divorce 011,bA:b Gazette endorses Steve Clark 023,12A:1 Steve Clark easily defeats Tom Ferstl N3,5A:4 Certified electlon returns N21,2A:3 ElectTons--Audt tor. Jul la Hughes Jones seeks r-on F18.2B:4 Jul i a Hughes Jones unopposed Mr31, 1A:S Elections--Chancery - Court. List of candidates for Chancery Judqe in Dern primary Mr31,40:2 Elect Tons--Ci rcui t Court. List of candidates for ~rosecfi Atty In Dern primary Mr31,4B: 1 ~i;cult. Judge

19 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS candidates in Dem primary Mr31,4B: 1 List of Repub candidates Mr31.56: 1 ~lections--~i rcult --- Court ~ i s5. t Wilbur C. Bentley wins Dem primary My26,1B:5 Elections--Contested - and Disputed. Willtam E. Kell serving as chmn of a Ballot Security Committee for Gov Frank White's campatgn; i rregularities alleged in Stone end Clay Counties; Democratic spokesman fears panel may be effort to intimidate voters N2,1A:4 Over 700,000 voters expected N2,1A:6 Monitoring team busy, but finds no major problems N3, 7A:2 William E. Ketl says numerous law violations found N4,5A:2 A1 leged voting irregularities ignored, GOP pane1 told M14,14A:1 Newton County West Memphis Elections--Governor. Artlcle discusses race shaping up involving Jim Guy Tucker, Bi 11 ~1 inton and i rank White Ja3,4H:5 Jim Guy Tucker advises Bill Clfnton to seek Cong seat held by Ed Bethune Ja4,9A:2 Robert L. Brawn says Gov Frank WhI te wi 11 be hard to beat Ja?l,l3A:l Louis Ramsay considers entering Dem primary Ja13, 20:3 Albert R. Wright begins petition drive to place his name on ballot as an independent candidate Ja15,4B:5 Bi 11 Cl inton points to role of Frank Whi te In closing refugee center that wi 11 cost Fort Smith area jobs and econ benef 1 ts Ja16,2B :6 Spokesman for AEA says Kim Hendren has worst voting record in state Ja17,3B:l Kim Hendren says he is conservative a1 ternatlve Ja18,gA:l Edi torial on poor showing of Gov Frank White in polls; Sebastian and Crawford County support has dropped Ja22,12A:1 Advertising firm checks on TV time and prices for a Cl inton campaign Ja22,1B:3 Jim Guy Tucker accuses Gov Whi te of dragging his feet on removal of Cuban refugees Ja22,jB: 1 Gazette comnents on role of Frank White and Jim Guy Tucker in sentencing Cubans to prf son when they sought freedom from Communism Ja26, 6 : 1 Frank White calls Fort Chaffee a prison Ja26,1B:6 Bill Cllntan defends his record an setting execution dates, says he would continue pollcy of Frank White if he seeks reelectton and wins Ja30,35:1 Jim Guy Tucker chides Frank White for support of Reagan Ja31,4H:3 Louts Ramsay to make decislon soon F2,3B:1 Kim Hendren endorses new federal ism proposal of Pres Ronald Reagan F2, 3B:2 Jim Guy Tucker expects former membership in ACLU to be used against him F2,38:3 Bill Clinton sees new federal ism as burden on Ark F2,4B:6 Democratic primary battle has party leaders worried F7,4H:5 Bi 11 Cl Inton uses TV ads to announce hf s candtdacy ~ g 1~:2, Bt 11 Ct inton's TV ad sparks interest, gets attention; Jim Guy Tucker says Clinton apology was appropriate and that he has several more things for which apology 8s due F10,1B:3 Cauls Ramsay Jr will not enter rase F10,36:1 Cartoon of 6111 Clinton's announcement that he plans to announce plans F11,12~:4 Cl inton aide, Ray Cooper, quoted as saysng Cl inton is running this year because I f Tucker did a credible job as Gov, he would be hard to stop in the 1984 prf marles Fll,I B:4 C1 inton ad amuses Republican executive dlrector Delia Combs F12,6B :4 Jim Johnson says he is getting a lot of encouragement to run as a Republican or an independent F13,3B:1 Ed1 tortals on C1 inton's announcement for gov F14,bH:I Jim Guy Tucker and Bi 11 Cl inton heatedly debate issue of comrnut ing prison sentences F18,tB:2 Marshall Chrisman ta seek GOP nomfnation F18,1B:5 Gazette critical of ads for Jim Guy Tucker showtng him with guns F19,lOA:I Aggressive race planned by B I1 1 Cl inton F2Ip1B:2 Monroe Schwarzlose

20 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS to seek Dem nomination F21,jB:l Gazette chides Dem contenders on tontrived images F21,ZH: 1 Editorials on politics of Bill Cllnton and Jim Guy Tucker F21,4H: 1 Jack T. Stephens and Herschel H. Frlday, two prominent Democrats, are co-chat ring fundraising event for Gov Frank White; Vice Pres George Bush to be guest at event F25,lB:k Marshall Chrisman would seek tax increase F25,3B:2 Kim Hendren says he woul d pull swi tch on any prisoner whose execution he set F25,3B:2 Cartoon of Guv White defending his position at the control of the electric chair switch from Tucker and Cl tnton F26,12A:4 Frank White enjoys recogn i t ion from V l ce Pres i dent George Bush F27,1A:4 Vice President George Bush says reelection of Frank White is a national priority F27,1A:6 0 i 11 Cl in ton announces for carnpa i gn F28,1A:2 HI 1 lary Radham takes leave to join campaign as Mrs B1ll Cltnton F28,5A:1 Discussfon of Clinton- Tucker showdown at Cave Clty ~28,1~:1 Editorial on Kim Hendren's statement that he would personally man the switch at the electric chair F28,2H:1 Editors comment on Schwarzlose candidacy F28,4H:l Stuttgart ed says Bill Clinton may be setting himself up for defeat before he meets Frank White ~28,4~:2 Marshall Chrisrnan says it is unfair for George Bush to help raise funds.for Frank White Mr2,3B:j Frank White opposes idea of Bill Clinton to hold referendum on wishes of voters before tax action Mr2,4B:5 Jim Guy Tucker favors ban on paroles for the violent Mr3,2B:4 Gazette comments on possibil ity of a real Republican primary Mr4,14A:f Cornnutation handling by 0111 Clinton was a disgrace, Frank White says Mr4, 3B:3 Frank Whi te says he Is eager for rematch with Bill Clinton Mr4, 3B: Cl inton comments on several issues Mr4,3B:5 Ray Cooper leaves Cl in ton campaign to pursue business interests Mr6,6B:3 Kim Hendren releases AEA ques tionnai re Mr7,6B: 5 Editors comment on the 'Hillary' question Mr7,4H: 1 Dumas paper comments on Wh i re announcement of welfare raise Mr7,bH:l Cut in number of teachers favored by Jim Guy Tucker ~r8,9a:3 Editorial points out that the state Constitution, not Frank White, assures a balanced budget and that White takes credi t for agency reduct tons when he actually opposed the cuts Mr12,14A:1 Cartoon shows White running his campaign like a 'binnessl Mr12,14A:4 Kim Hendren makes long, rambl ing speech to juvenile judges; Bill Clinton listens to audience Mr12,SB:l Bill Clinton lists possible areas for new taxes ~r12,6b:6 Changes in commutation of prison tens favored by Jim Guy Tucker Mr13,3B:6 Editorlals on politics of the governor's race ~r15,4~:1 Joe Purcell may enter race Mr17,30:1 Jim Guy Tucker prorntses to try to halt hazardous waste facility at Hope Mrl8,2B:6 Kfm Hendren says he did not mean that he would personal ly throw swi tch on electric chair ~r18,120:2 Questtoning about ACLU riles Jim Guy Tucker Mr20, 1B:l Barbs traded, but Clinton, Hendren and Tucker find 1 ittle to disagree on ~r20,1~:4 Bi 11 Clinton signs peti tion for election of PSC members Mr20,1B:6 Marshall Chrisman files for GOP nornlnation Mr20,30:2 dltorials on campaign Mr21,bH: 1 Editorial on Jim Guy Tucker's no-tax pledge ~r23,8a:1 Bill Clinton off icial ly enters race, says issues on his side Mr25,68:1 Joe Purcell joins race for Dern nomination Mr26,IA:J Jim Guy Tucker and Monroe Schwarzlose file; Tucker comments on utillttes Mr27,1B:5 Bi 11 CI Inton says special DWI auto license plates might cut violations Mr27,2B:5 Bi 11 Cl lnton signs utillty reform amdt petition Mr20,l B : 6 Backlog of Workers Compensation Comm may become issue Mr28,1~:2

21 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS Bi 11 Cl inton emphastzes 1 istening Mr28,l B:2 High unemployment rate is issue, Jim Guy Tucker says Mr28,1B:5 Frank Whl te f T les Mr30,1B:6 Connie Val1 files for GOP nomination Mr31, la:5 Bf 11 Cl lnton and Jim Guy Tucker agree on roads; both cr!ticize Reagan econ pol icies Mr31,13A:4 List of candidates for Dem primary Mr31,4~: 1 List of Dem candldates Mr31,4B:1 List of Repub candidates Mr31,58:1 Russel lvil le rally hears candidates Ap4,lB:S Candidates begin to define stands on issues Ap4,6B:1 Editorial says Joe Purcel 1 candidacy will force runoff between Bill Clinton and JFm Guy Tucker Ap4,4H:4 Jim Guy Tucker endorsed by AEA panel Ap5,1A:5 Edl torial commends Joe Purcel i for his stand against election of PSC Ap7,lOA:t Connie Voll backs tax increase, opposes death penalty, blasts Gov Frank White Ap7,1A:3 Oil industry would get a say on highway funds if 5111 Clinton is elected Ap9,58:2 Frank White doubts states abuse new federal ism; record of Orval E. Faubus as gov praised Apll,lB:6 Article discusses surprise of AEA endorsem*nt of Jim Guy Tucker Apll, lh:3 Edi torfals on entry of Mrs Voll tn race Ag11,4H:1 Joe Purcell entry in Dem race discussed Ap11,4H:2 Un i ted Transportation Union endorses Jim Guy Tucker Ap12,1lA:5 Bill Clinton responsible for loss of SPA'S cheap electric power, Jim Guy Tucker says Ap13,2B:4 Jody Powell comments on Cl inton hand1 ing of the refugees Ap14,1A:3 Jim Guy Tucker says BT 11 Cl inton cannot defeat Frank White Apl4,lB:5 Jim Guy Tucker ridicules Clinton ad on Tucker's attendance In US Cong Ap14,10:6 Bill Cl inton defends hls hrrfng record Ap15,IB:Z Joe Purcell and Connie Voll pledge aid for educ Ap17,13:4 Frank White asks rehearing on loss of SPA electricity ApI5,1~:6 Joe Purcell advocates higher interest rate Ap15,5B:2 Gazette takes Jim Guy Tucker to task for attacks on non-natives in Ark govt service Ap16,16A: t Connie Voll not in favor of abortions, but opposes anti-abortion laws Ap16,7B:6 Arkansas AFL-CIO not expected to endorse anyone Ap17,1B:6 Harmless T. Jester, a professional clown, files as write-in Apl7,3B:1 Bi 11 Clinton attacks Frank White over utility rates Ap17,5B:5 Bill Clinton tells AFL-CIO that Frank White is errand boy for utilities; Jlm Guy Tucker repeats theme that Clinton cannot defeat Wh i te ; other candidates address labor group ApI8,16:5 Jim Guy Tucker vows to get ratses for teachers Ap18, 1 B:6 Bill Clinton complains that Tucker's campaign not issue-oriented Ap18,56:1 Statement against Frank Whi te approved by AFL-C I0 Ap18,6B :5 Edi torfals Ap18,4H:l Editorial on Tucker's funding plan for educ Ap21, 12A:l Bill Clinton calls Jim Guy Tucker's vow on teacher pay a cruel hoax Ap22,60:1 Jtm Guy Tucker says Cl tnton ads on workfare vote mlsleadtng Ap25,lB:S Herby Branscum critical of Tucker and Clinton tactics Ap25,15:6 Bill Cl lnton blasts Tucker for tell ing Dems Clinton cannot defeat Frank White Ap25,30:5 Teachers should not get top priort ty for state funds, Klm Hendren says Ap25,66:1 Kal L. Erickson explains how Tucker can raise teacher pay without major tax Increase Ap25, 2H:4 Editorial on taxes and education Ap25,4H:3 Teacher pay raises debated by Bi 11 Cl lnton and Jim Guy Tucker ~p26,10a:6 Jlm Guy Tucker pledges annual salary raises for state employees Ap27,13A:4 Kim Hendren critical of athletic subsidies at colleges Ap27,14A:5 Gazette condemns Cl inton for pinning liberal label on Tucker ~ ~ 2 8, 12A:l Letter from campaign chairman Curtis Finch Jr asks for funds for Frank White to fight ultra-llberals

22 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Elect ions--gave rnor who would des t my the Ark way of 1 i fe Ap28,lB:S Candidates respond to questions by state employees Ap28, 6B:5 Bill Clinton unveils $-point plan for econ Ap28,70:5 Kim Hendren stand on interest lid draws cri ticlsm; Hendren notes that Frank Wht te raised taxes on insurance by $1.9 ml 11 ion Ap28,6B:6 Bill Cl inton describes White letter as pitiful, says specfal interest groups favoring White are bigger threat to our way of life Ap29,3B:5 Gazette says $70 mi 11 Ion needed to meet Jim Guy Tucker's promise to teachers Ap30,16A: 1 Frank Whi re tells farmers they would be hurt by closing tax loopholes as proposed by Jim Guy Tucker Ap30,56:6 frank White, Connie Voll, Bit 1 Clinton and Kim Hendren talk wf th state employees Ap30,6S:6 Editorial on Wh? te's fundraising letter My1,8A:l Report on campaign funds My1,lB:l Clinton, Hendren and Tucker discuss teacher pay My2,38:4 Connie Voll supports raising tax on motor fuel My2,60:6 Editorials on contest My2, 4 1 Bill A. ShTrron, Prescott pub1 lc school supt, asks teachers who support Bi 11 Cl inton to contribute to ad My4,9A:2 Tucker stickers sttr dispute at AEA offices My4,9A:3 Frank White signs 2nd letter blasting Bill Clinton and JTm Guy Tucker as 1 iberals My4,9A:5 Bf 11 Cl fnton critical of campaign tactics of Frank White and Jim Guy Tucker My5,1B:2 Connle Vol 1 opposes more prf sons My5, 18:4 Joe Purcell favors ceiling on campaign spendlng My5,18:5 Jim Guy Tucker continues to press Bill Clinton on commutation of prison terms My6,lB:2 Blll Clinton finds amusem*nt in campaign My6,lB :2 Frank White cites his Influence on indus My6,1B:4 19 pct of major gifts to Frank White and 8111 Clinton are from bankers, investors; major contri butors 1 tsted My7,1A:3 Editorial on doomsday fund-raising My7,14A: 1 tartoon of Frank White predicting the end unless he is given funds My7, 14A:l Joe Purcell says he will set executton dates My7,lB:S Jim Guy Tucker says he can effect compromise on truck weights My7,1B:4 Bill Cl inton says courts forced commutations My7,5B: 1 Marshal 1 Chrl man does not accept contri - butions My7,5B:4 ACORN backs Clinton My7,6B:5 Tucker finds much antl-cl lntm sentiment In NW Ark My9, 1B:2 Bill Clinton buoyed by crowds at rallfes Myg,lB:5 Joe Purcell vows to battle tax vultures My9,10:6 Bill Cl in ton says severance tax on gas too low My9,2B:4 Ernest Dumas discusses quest ion of taxes and the campaign Myg,lH:6 Ed1 torial on muds1 inging My9,hH:l Editorial on Tucker pmposal to close tax loophales My9,4tl:1 Campai gn funds dt scussed My9,4H: 2 Poll shows Bill CIfnton ahead of Tucker in Dem race, and Frank White leading the GOP; Cl inton ahead of White in gen election Myll,l6A:l Bill Clinton warns supporters not to trust polls My12,3B:2 Jim Guy Tucker calls for effort to prevent tax evas ton by ou t-of -s tate f I rms My1 2, 30:3 Joe Purcel 1 not concerned by pol 1 results My12,30:5 Joe Purcell says he is heal thy as a horse, denies rumors that he is ill My13,70:1 Arkansans wi 11 tng to pay to detain criminals longer, Jim Guy Tucker says My13,7B:2 State must help create jobs, Jim Guy Tucker says My14,60:4 Plight of elderly prompts fiery speech by Bt 11 Clinton at Jonesboro; comments on support: of educ My14,6B:5 Connie Voll favors pol Icy of allowing gov to hire dept heads, but does not favor power to fire them at will Myl4,6B:6 Frank Whl te critical of both Clinton and Tucker My14,8B:2 Joe Purcel 1 campaigns in home area My15,3B:3 Bill Cl lnton angered by rumor that he threatened reprisal agatnst teachers if they dld not support him; Myl6,1B:4 Joe Purcell's style does not follow custom My16,10:4 New

23 ARKANSAS Elections--Governor school aid system is top concern for Tucker My16,lB:S Bi 11 Cl inton finds heavy support in northeast Ark Myl6, 4B:2 Editorials on races My16,4H: 1 Tucker vows to end verbal sparring with Cl inton because voters are ti red of It My17,7A:6 Joe Purcell reveals campaign budget My18,7A:3 Kim Hendren says he is ignored by media Myl8,7A:4 Cartoon of Tucker being fitted for sackcloth suf t My18,16A:4 Bi 11 Cl inton has recelved more contributions than Frank White Myl9, ie:4 Top official In Tucker campaign fired My19,35:3 Expenditures 1 isted by Jim Guy Tucker My19,3B:3 Lyle French says AEA can work wl th Bill Cl inton ~y19,3~:4 Bi 11 Cl lnton praises Tucker plan for mare positive campatgn My19,30:5 Jim Guy Tucker says he is not sure of teacher raise, but will try Myl9,3B:5 Jfm Guy Tucker discusses firing of Jim Thompson My20,1B:3 Frank White calls ACLU a dangerous institution that is a threat to the Arkansas way of 11 fe; ACLU di rector asks how preserving Constitution and Bill of Rights is dangerous My20,18:4 Joe Purcell says he is peaking on schedule My20,10:4 Gazette says Frank White gui 1 ty of ra i s 1 ng fa1 se i ssue about revenue shortfalls My21,14A: 1 Cartoon shows Frank White in Tucker's discarded tough-man outfit My21914A:4 Editorial on Frank White's attack on the ACLU My22,lOA:l Jim Guy Tucker and Kim Hendren vow to set execution dates promptly My22,48:1 Margaret Castleberry resigns as coordinator for Connie Voll, says Mrs Voll does not care if she wins My22, 4B:2 Summary of race My23,1A:2 Frank White seems unconcerned about his GOP primary race My23,bA:l Six candl da tes address edi tors My23,4A:6 About 500 educators sign ad supporting Bill Cl inton My23,IlA:l Gate t te d t scusses cand i dates, g i ves highest marks to Bill Cl inton, but endorses none of them My23,2H: 1 ARKANSAS -Elect ions--governor Joe Purcell endorsed by Stuttgart Daily Leader My23,4H:4 Frank White easily wins GOP primary My26,1A:2 Blll Clinton has big lead in Dem primary to face Joe Purcell in runoff; Jim Guy Tucker calls for party unity to defeat Frank White My26,1A:6 Bill Clinton suggests TV debate with Joe Purcell My26,4A:5 Tucker subdued, Purcell elated by returns My27,5A:4 Bi 11 Cl inton challenge to Joe Purcel I for televised debate will probably be decl ined; Mrs Purcell or an announcer do most Purcell ads on TV; election results give Cl inton 42 pct of vote My27,1A:2 Map shows counties carried by each candidate My27,1A:3 Jim Guy Tucker had poor organization, Ka1 Erickson says My27,8A:3 Frank White says he can beat either Clinton or Purcel 1 My27,8A: 3 Campaign manager Joe K. McCarty to advise Purcell not to debate Cl inton My27,8A:5 Novel is t Bob Lancaster discusses Joe Purcell 's strong vote My27,13A:5 Re1 lgious leaders call for end to executions as issue in campaign My27, 1B:2 Democratic National Committee pledges maximum support In general election My27,58:3 Blll Clinton says rumors cl rculate that GOP works against him My28,lB:Z Joe Purcel 1 refuses to debate Clinton My28,lB:Z Kai Erickson blames negatlve campaign for undecided vote going to Joe Purcel 1 My28,86:2 Vote (by county) My28,118:5 Bill Clinton likely to get support of AFL-C I0 because he signed petition for election of PSC Mr29,1B:6 GOP denies role In Dem runoff My29, 3B:2 Bfll Clinton endorsed by AFL- CIO in runoff My30,lB:4 AEA endorses Bill Clinton over Joe Purcell My30, 18:s Bill Clinton running scared in runoff My30,5B:l Joe Purcell says hls stand on PSC is misstated by Bill Cl inton My30,SB: 1 Joe Purcel 1 refers often to h is position papers My30, 50:4 Style of Democrats change in primaries My30,1H:3 Editorials

24 ARKANSAS Elections--Governor comment on results My30,hH:l Joe Purcel 1 plans to change law on sale of tax-delinquent land Jel,6A:3 Mon me Schwarzlose endorses Purcel 1 Je1,6A:6 Joe Purcel 1 reports gifts of $49,000 since the primary; Bill Cl inton reports $15,000 Je2,1B:5 Joe Purcell says momentum shifting to him Je2,38:3 B011 Clinton cites accomplishments, ability Je2,35:4 Frank White accuses Bill Clinton of lying about WhIte's ties to utilities, says Clinton, too, flew in an APEL plane Je3,1B:3 Gazette finds Bill Clinton best candidate Je4,12A:l Joe Purcell calls for minimum time of 5 years for use of deadly weapon; law presently calls for 10 yrs Je4,lB:l Bll1 Clinton does not understand why voters hold his speaklng ability against him Je4,lB:l Joe Purcell plan for budget calls for 10 pct reductfon Je5,1A:2 Bill Cl inton calls Purcell's budget plan unrealistic Je5,1A:4 Frank White runs anti-clinton ad on fv 4 days before Dem runoff Je5,3A: I Transcript of tape recording of Purcel 1 call ing for 5-year term for use of weapons ~e5,3a:4 Gazette points out folly of Purcell promise to cut fat from budget JeS, IOA: 1 Records show 19 persons voted in both primaries in Sebastian County; charges may be filed Je5,lB:l Kim Hendren to make no endorsem*nt Je5, 30: 1 Runoff set; winner to face Frank Whlte in November Je6,IA:2 Joe Purcell says his budget plan would cut spending by 4 pct, not 10 as he had earl fer sald Je6,1A:2 Btll Cl inton says ad by Frank White aids Purcell Je6,1A:4 Editors give endorsem*n ts Je6,41t : 1 Joe Purce 1 1 says he will work to lower rates despite campaign gifts from util f ty firms Je7,13A:5 Frank White refuses to talk about his ad attacking Bill Cl inton Je8,9A: 1 Bill Clinton defeats Joe Purcell for Dem nomination; Gov Frank White ARKANSAS -Electtons--Governor comments, calls Clinton record on crime a disgrace Je9,1A:6 Joe Purcell accepts defeat graceful ly, decl ines to say If he will support Clinton Je9,10A:3 Election returns (by county) Je9,lOA:6 Bill Clinton enjoys hts victory; support by Joe Purcell uncertain JelO, la:4 Map shows counties carried by Clinton and Purcell JelO,kA:5 Editorial on Clinton win and the campaign with Frank Whlte JelO,l4A:l Cartoon of new 10-speed btcycle for Clinton JelO, 14A:4 Dr Charles D. Dunn evaluates results of race JelO,l5A:5 Joe K. McCarty, who headed Purcell campaign, will organize a group of Democrats for Frank White Je12,IA:h Clinton not surprised by Joe McCarty move, says most Purcell supporters are Democrats who wtll stand by party Je12,6A:3 Joe K. McCarty accuses Herby Branscum of backing Bill Cl inton over Joe Purcell Jel3,lB:S Elevation of campaign dialog needed Jel3,lH: 1 Editors comment on Cl inton- White battle Je13,4H: 1 Editorial on McCartyls attack on Bill Clinton Jel5,14A:1 Bob Harrelson and Barbara Pardue to leave Governor's staff to work In Whf te reelection campaign Je16,36:4 Joe Purcell says he will vote straight Dem ticket, but is too busy to campaign for Cl inton ~e18,1~:2 BiI 1 Clinton den'ies responsibility for handbills showing Joe Purcell and Walter Carruth together Jel9,3~:4 Bill Clinton calls for party unlty Je20,4B:5 Herby Branscum and Bob Cohee discuss race Je20,lH:4 Editorfals on Joe McCarty support of White ~e20,bh:3 Governor Frank White tells cantractors he w I 11 propose tax package for highways Je23,1B:5 Clinton worker describes role In handbill ~e23,48:1 Connie Voll paid Wes Zefgler, a reporter, for her speeches ~e24,3~:4 Frank Whl te has raised $707,000 for campaign; other candidates list amts Je25,4~:1 Official

25 ARKANSAS Elections--Governor returns in primaries Je25,40:3 Joe Purcell asks supporters to help pay off debts Je26,10B:2 Debating the AP&L rate case Je27,3H:4 Editorials on Joe McCarty decislon Je27,4H:2 Frank Whi te refuses to debate Bill Clinton Je30,10:2 Frank White receives good press exposure by del i vering checks to local govts Je30,3B:4 Frank White to keep calllng Bill Clinton a liberal Jyl,' 3B:4 Cartoon of Cl fnton call ing for debate and Frank White refusing Jy2, 14A:4 White and Cl lnton should &- bate future, Ernest Dumas says Jy4, 1H:l White blasts Cllnton on several topics; Clinton responds Jy7,lB:5 Bi i 1 Cl inton ended primaries without deficit; Joe Purcell had $74,000 debt Jy9,10:5 Financial interests back Clinton Jyl0,30:2 Frank White reviews his support for veterans, praises Orval E. Faubus Jyl0,lOB:l Repr Irma Hunter Brown says blacks do not share high opinion of Faubus with Frank White Jyll,lB:3 Letter compares Frank White's wards to his deeds Jy11,2H:3 Edi torials on White refusal to debate Jyl l,4h: 1 Edi - torial on Faubus-White record Jy12, 10A: 1 Nathan M. Norton says Frank White Is no friend of utilities or consumers, but of his pol itlcal career Jy13,5A:2 Cartoon of White bathing a little Faubus Jy14,8A:4 Cl inton and White on campaign trai l ~ yl8,4~: 1 White's praise of Faubus upset some voters Jy18,4H:2 Bi 11 Ct lnton addresses Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators Jy29,13A:2 Frank Wh i te addresses Arkansas Assocf at ion of Profess tonal Admrs Jy30,SB: 1 US Commerce Sec re ta ry Ma 1 co 1 m Baldridge speaks at fund-ralser for Whf te Ag13,10:4 Robert Mclntosh attends Whlte's fund-raiser to protest for the poor ~g13,18:4 Frank White calls for speedy execution of criminals Ag14,lA:b Aide says White has raised about $650,000 Ag14,18:4 ARKANSAS -Elect ions--governor Bi 11 Cl inton tel Is Alexander audience that low figure on unemployment is hokum Ag15,3A: 1 Frank Whi te says appeal process in capital punishment Is too long; Bill Cl inton cri ticlzed for prison pol Icy; White cites his conservation, business experience and re? fgion Ag18,12A:l Editorial on quickie electrocutions Ag18,14A: 1 Cartoon of White wafting in court anteroom with electric chair Ag18,14A:3 Editorial on White and Clinton before pol ice conv Ag22,12C:l Bill Clinton responds to White's criticism on jobs and prisons Ag25,lOA:l Barbs traded over credit for planned harbor at Helena Ag26,14A:4 Frank White says he is serious about speedier executions, but does not say how he can speed up federal courts Ag27,lA:S Frank White visits state off ices, sol iclts vates Ag27, 13A:b Diane D. Blair compares records of White and CT inton on educ Ag27,18A:5 Appeals process up to Cong, Bill Clinton says Ag28,6A:2 Bi 11 Clinton sees no problem with elected PSC Ag29,9A:1 Frank Whlte avoids joint appearances with Clinton Ag29,gA: 1 C l in ton and Wh i te exchange charges over CETA projects ; Wh t te mentions wood chopping program; Clinton cites dog house building project S2,8A:4 Editorial on White's refusal to even be seen on same stage with Bill Clinton S4,14A:1 Frank White of ten makes bold talks then backs away from them S5,gB:l White says he does not avoid Clinton, but does not want to debate S9,17A:4 Cl lnton and White address state Employees Assn; Clinton says White used employees as scapegoats in memo on lunch drinks S12,3A:5 White should ask Pres Reagan to help Reynol ds Metals get power from SPA, Cllnton says S12,4A:3 Kentucky Gov John V. Brown speaks at fund-raiser for Cllnton S14,1A:2 Chemical firm says there wll 1 be no hazardous waste facf 11 ty near Hope If

26 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS Bill ClInton is elected; White pledges to protact people S16,3~:1 Frank White says Bill Clinton lacks experience S16,9A:3 Frank White says no waste facil ity to be but 1 t near Hope S17,1A:3 Jerry Jackson, vice pres for legal affaf rs at AP&L, conf i rms he met with 3 candi dares for appmt to PSC at request of Frank White S17,1A:6 Clinton says he waul d not have signed creation science bill S17,13A:6 Democrats de- 1 ighted that report surfaced about APEL Interview of PSC candidates; Herby Branscum urges Gov White to resign; BiI 1 Cl inton comments -s18,1~:2 Frank Whi te sees nothing wrong with APSL Interviews ; statement appears to canfl lct with that of other princf - pals; Jane Knight says Whlte 'kind of4 sent her to AP&L; Sandra Cherry says she went, but was not sent 518, 1A:3 Pulaskl County Sheriff Tommy Robinson praises Clinton record on crlme S18,11A:1 'State AFL-CtO endorses Clinton S19,11A: 1 Cl lnton not driving force behind Helena harbor, butlder says S19,20A:t Gazette discusses APEL interviews with PSC candidates S19,12B:1 I3101 Clinton says he would not fire ASP Director Tomny Goodwin S20,2A:6 Bill Clinton opposes move of Graduate f ns t i tute of Technology, shift of UA System headquarters S20,2A:6 Frank White defends meeting of PSC candidates with APSL S21,5A:1 Candldates quarrel over usury amdt 522, 3A: 1 Joe McCarty says Cl f n ton di d not tell truth S22,9A:5 Editorial on personal attacks S23,18A:1 Correct ion on Joe McCarty statement S23, 20A:6 State Senator Joe T. Ford, pres of Allied Telephone, says Bill ClInton talked to him and Robert L. Shul ts before appmt of Jerrell Clark to PSC; Clinton says Ford was consul ted because he was state Senator S24,1A:3 'Mechantc' and thousewffe' used in White TV ads are paid actors S24,lA:b Allocation of electric power from SPA discussed S24,lA:S Clinton explains that he consulted Senator Joe T. Ford as a courtesy before making appmts S25,l A: 3 Comments by B i 11 Clinton about waste landf i 11 attacked by Jlm Brooks S26,3A:1 Editorial on Cl inton's consul tation with Joe Ford on PSC appmt S26,12B:1 Editorials on White's handling of PSC fnterviews S26,14B: 1 Cl inton pledges to restore benef 1 ts for the elderly S28,3A: 1 Frank White attends drawing for ballot position In Pulaski County S28,3A:3 Cartoon of Frank White's TV ads made in Texas S28,8A:4 Frank White sees need for new tax for educ S29, 3A:4 Gazette says deceptive ads for Frank White are valid concerns S29, 12A:l Bill Clinton says Frank White lies about SPA power loss S30,1A:3 White defends creation science bill S30,lOA:l Debate plans cancelled 01, 4A:4 United Transportation Union backs Bill Clinton 01,17A:1 Candldates give problems, no answers 03, 11B:l Editorials on util ity interviews with PSC nominees 03,14B:1 Clinton says White adm insensitive on health care for the elderly 04, 4A:6 White speaks in black church 04,4A:6 Frank White supported by John Ed Anthony, who accuses 0 i 11 Cl in ton with damaging the forest indus 06, 9A:l Bill Clinton addresses school princtpals on touchy subjects 66,9A:4 Frank White defends cut in Medicaid drugs for the elderly 07,lbA:l Both candidates appeal for funds 08,1A:5 Clinton brands White's TV and radio ads false and deceptive 08,8A:l Clinton attacks White's record on 1 iquor law enforcement 08,8A:5 Postcard poll shows 0111 Clinton leading Frank White 08,8A:5 Both Clinton and White have raised over $1 mill ion 09, 1A:2 White's demagogury about death penalty discussed by Ernest Dumas 010,llB:l Gov Frank White vows no 17

27 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -El ections--governor "Elections--Governor clemency for James Williams 012,9A:2 Candidates spar over issue of gun control 013,1A:6 White sees gutter poll tlcs in attack by Clinton; poll results dismissed 013,gA:l 3111 Cl fnton says he was rnisrepresen ted on gun cantml question 013,9A:3 Clinton says White cut Medtcaid for elderly while granting mlll tons in tax exemptions for special interest groups 013,9A:6 Bi 11 Cl fnton out- 1 fnes proposal for making prisons more productive; explalns that court order requl red guide1 ines as to working prisoners in extreme heat; White's charge of gutter politics answered 014,6A:2 National Rifle Assn to inform members that Cl inton changed answer on gun control 014, 6A:4 Frank White says he has done more than Bill Cllnton to hold down utility rates 014,6A:5 Nursing home owners applaud White 015,SA:l National Rifle Assn endorses White 015,5A:2 Cl inton responds sharply to attacks by White 015,6A:1 Bill Clinton says Game and Fish Corn should be allowed to invest license fees 015,6A:3 Bill Clinton out1 rnes program for the aged 016,8A:2 Frank Whi te reminds voters of NRA-backing 016,8A:4 Donald Parks, pres of Prai rte Grove Telephone Co, endorses Bill Clinton 016,14A:3 Rev Lamar Keels to seek censure of Phi1 1 ips County chapter of NAACP because Pres Sam Bennett has become acttve in Frank White campaign 017, 19A:l Candidates get specific on issues 017,20A: 1 017,20~:4 Frank WhI te favors a1 lowing GEFC to keep interest money 017,20A:2 Voters bewi ldered by ads on APQL raises 017, 9B: 1 White, C1 lnton discuss problems facing Ark 017,9B: 1 Gazette endorses Cl lnton 017,108:l Search for real issues 017,126:l Both Clinton and White unveil their utillty reform proposals Ol9,lA:2 Some of White's largest contributions have been from nursing homes and contractors 019, 5A:6 White's 'positive' approach includes criticism; Frank Lady among supporters 020,8A: 1 Cl inton discusses utllf ty reforms 020,8A:5 Philip E. Kaplan cites positive role of Bill Cllnton in moving prison system toward compliance; rule on working inmates in extreme heat discussed 020,12A:3 Ernest Dumas dtscusses support of Gov White by such special Interest groups as nurslng homes 020,13A:1 Arkansas Education Assn ads refute Wh i te cl a ims an teacher pay and retlrement funds 021,3A:6 Bill Clinton endorsed by ACORN 021,8A:3 Issues are utilities, Cuban refugees and Clinton and White 021,lOA:I Bill Clinton did not say that APdL proflts rose 47 pct 021,10A:3 Gazette says Clinton's utf 11 ty reform proposal goes too far, White's not far enough 021,18A:1 Bill Cl in ton assures audiences he does not favor gun control ; sportsmen told that Whi te favors use of 1 icense fee Interest for other purposes; crowd reminded that Whl te attacked Clinton's wife 022,12A:2 Gov Frank White calls AEA radio ads against him unfair, says he has support of teachers 022, 12A:4 Cartoon of White In Halloween costume, with portable electrlc chaf r 022,18A: 3 White sets up flexible schedule for final days of campaign 023,10A:5 Cllnton woos votes from farm dist 023,10A:6 Gay White's style animated, genuine as she campafgns 024,1A:2 Hi1 Iary Rodham Cl inton Is asset to Cl inton campaign 024,1A:6 White may have advantage In courting Joe Purcell voters 024,3A: 1 Frank Whl te did not expect endorsem*nts from black groups, labor and the AEAP says they would vote for a goose if he is a Dem 024,3A:3 C? inton takes offensive, says Whf te has no vision 024,3A: 4 Bill Clinton discusses financial problems of Highway Dept 024,24A:5 Press discusses issues 024,128: 1 Bi 11 Clinton speaks before sparse crowd at NAACP banquet 025,5A:1

28 ARKANSAS ARKANSAS Clinton contends Frank White and the news media are responsible for negative campaign 025,6A:5 Frank White to run ads pledging not to seek office again; ad speculates that Clinton will seek Senate seat; Cl inton pledged not to oppose David Pryor 026,3A:5 BT11 Clinton details proposal for at tack on unemployment 026,3A:6 SPA says it sent nottce of power reduction to Congressmen, but not to Gov Bill Clinton 026,SA:T Frank Whi te defends creation science law, stresses that he is a Christian, tells joke on Tomny Robinson 027,4A:2 Campaign contrlbutions 1 i sted 027,4A:3 Bill Cl inton emphasizes job training 027,4~:4 Frank White promises no big changes 028,8A:2 Frank WhIte tells rally that Clinton has not changed; Ed Sethune heaps lavish praise on White; Democrats praising Whl te include Vernon Weaver, Richard Earl Griffin, Jim Lindsey, William Smith and Jackson T. Stephens 029,18A: 1 0 i 1 1 Clinton lashes out at Frank Whfte and the GO?; David Pryor visits Cl inton 029,18A:5 Frank White disputes ad hinting he may sell water to Texas 029,18A:6 Gazette suggests rating system for Frank White TV ads, calls crime ad obscene 029,24A:3 Cartoon of crime ad 029,24A:3 NAACP urges blacks not to vote for Frank Whf te 030,2A:4 Frank Whl te says he passed ClOnton ten days ago, wtll win by 52 to ,3A:5 Bill Clinton plays up Dem support 030,3A:6 Bill Clinton accused of using scare tacti cs agalnst elderly 030,6~:6 Editorial on White's promise to leave politics 030,14A:l Summary of White campaign 031,1A:2 Summary of Clinton campaign 031,1A:4 Frank Whl te announces steel mi 11 for Little Rock on eve of election 031,lA:2 Bill Cllnton explains cornmutattons 031,3A:6 Senator Davld Pryor strongly endorses Bill Clinton 031,11A:3 Frank WhI te seems to advocate leaders who are mediocre, i nactive, columnist says 031,gB:I Four groups call Frank White insensf tive N1,3A:4 Editorial points out that Frank White adm faces same funds cutback that he criticized Bill Cl fnton for allowing N1,lOA:l Frank White forces name Ballot Security Committee to keep watch on polls N2,1A:4 Both candidates take f lnal swing around state N2,1A:6 Ray Cooper calls NRA letter misleading N2,12A:3 Bi 11 Cl inton defeats Frank Whl te N3,1A:6 Crowd at Cllnton headquarters react to good news; black woman holds sign saying "We Cooked Your Goose" N3,4A: 3 Backers of Gov Frank White slowly absorb bad news N3,4A:6 Bill Clinton wan by 55 pct of vote, carried 56 counties N4,1A:6 Electlon returns (by county) ~4,6~:2 Map shows vote N4,7A:4 Campaign workers for Frank White comment on win by Bil I Clinton N4,7A:6 Final results N4,7A:1 Ed1 torial on Clinton's triumph N4,20A:1 Cartoon of Bill Clinton trading In twowheelers for pickup truck N4,20A:3 Cl inton's organization and timing were right N4,21A:1 Bill Cllnton rides in on national tide N4,21A:1 Frank White comments on loss of race N6,1A:2 Bill Cl lnton fl ies around state to thank supporters N6, 12A:5 Bill Clinton thanks AEA for support N7,1A:2 Obsessed Bi 11 Cl inton led the devoted to a near-perfect return to office; Betsy Wright, Maurice Smith, Jimmie Jones and Joan Roberts led effort N7,1A:3 Susan Powers reviews contest, says laurels in race rightfully belong to Frank White N7, 11B:l Editorials on Bill Clinton victory N7,12B:1 Black vote is key to Cl inton win N11,23A:1 Women voters were pol i tlcal power for Bill Cl inton N21,1A:2 Certified totals in vote N21,2A:3 Bill Cl inton spent $1-67 mi 11 Ion, including $120,000 of hls own money; Frank White raised $1.45 mi11 ion ~3,18A:3 Frank White attributes loss to return to Dems to their party D5,3A:1 Analysis of

29 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Elections--Governor -Elect ions--supreme Court Clinton's appeal to black voters D6, 1B:2 Opportunities Industrial iration Center Elections--Land - Commlss loner. W. J. McCuen seeks reelection MrlO, 38 : 1 He 1 en Jones to seek pos t Mr20, 3B:l List of Dem candidates Mr31, 4B:l 6111 McCuen says document fndicates Helen Jones ran prl vate business from Land Office Mr31,12B: 1 W. J. McCuen wins election My26.1B:2.. Electtons--Legislature. State Highway Director Henry C. Gray warns legislators who voted against tncrease in truck wt 1 lmits they have been placed on hit list of Forward Arkansas Committee; Bob Wimberley den i es cha rge Jal 0, l B : 3 Foma rd Arkansas panel sends letters to 41 legislators denying they are on hit 1 1st Ja16,4B:6 Arkansas Education Assn endorses candi dates Ja31,3B: 1 Organization cal led Develop Arkansas set up to support financially candidates for the Legislature; membership and goal overlap that of Forward Arkansas F3,4B:6 Redistricting plan upheld by US Supreme Ct Mr30,100:6 Redlstrfcting created problems for incumbents My31,1 A:2 Financial reports gf ve cl ues to success of candi - dates My31,17A: I Federal ct orders stare to pay over $36,000 In attorney fees and expenses in Cons redistricting. chal lenqe ~28.4~: 1 ~1ection;--~e~isl ;tun, -~ouse. - List of candidates in Dem primary Mr3?,4B:3 List of Repub candidates Mr31,5B:2 Veteran lawmakers face chat lenges My16,80:1 My16,9B:2 Electton returns in races outside Pulaski County My26,6B:3 Incumbents ousted My26,6B:5 Election returns from Pulaski County My27,146:1 Election returns from areas outside Pulaski ~y27,14~:5 Winners of Dem runoff Jeg $1 B:5 Runoff winners Je9, 6B:4 Je9,6B:6 Election returns JelO, 8B:6 Endorsem*nt of Judy Petty over Jim Brandon by United Transportat ion Union is a surprise 05,9A:4 Republican Raymond A. Mil 1s surprised that United Transportation Union did not endorse him for tegis 06,4A:2 Review of races in gen election 029,12A:l Summary of races 031,lOA:l Electlon returns N3,5A:5 Returns from races In Pulaski Co N3,7A:2 Election returns N4.8A:l ~lectiks--~e~islature, Senate. List of candidates In Oem primary Mr31,4B:2 List of Repub candidates Mr31,5B: 1 8 Dem senators opposed In primaries ~y16,6b:1 ~y16,6~:4 Results from races outside Pulaski County My26,6B: 1 lncumben ts ousted My26,6B:5 Unofftcial returns show Doug Brandon 98 votes ahead of Dwight Linkous My27,18:2 Results of election My27,8B:5 My27,14~:1 J. A. Womack defeated; A1 len Gordon defeats Charles Ormond Je9,l B:5 Election returns Je10,8A:6 Review of races in gen election 029,4A:1 Returns from Senate races in Pulaski Co N3,7A:1 Election returns ~4,8A:5 ~lect ions-~ieutenant Governor. Winston Bryant seeks ree-bir12. 3B:,3 ~enjemin Paul Talbot Jr files - as Republ ican Mr31,1A:5 Wlnston Bryant unopposed in Dern primary Mr31, 48:l Ben Paul Talbot is only Repub candl date Mr31,5B: 1 Republ ican Ben Paul Tatbot Jr drops out of race Ag29,21A:1 Elections--Local. Complete results In ct ty electk~y27,6~: 1 Complete, unof f i c i a 1 re turns of county races from both parties My27,7B:1 Resul ts in county votes outslde Pulaski County Je9,65:6 Votes In city races ours i de Pulaski County Jel0,6~: 1 Election results in county races outside Pulaskl Jel0,85: 1 Elect ions--secretary of -- State. Paul Riviere to seek another term F26,70:1 Paul Riviere draws no opposition Mr31,1A:5 Elections--Supreme - Court Pas i tlon 2 John I. Purtle seeks reelection ~rlg; 4B:3 John I. Purtle unopposed Mr31, 1 A:5 Elections--Supreme Court Post tion 6 Steele Hays seeks r e e m o m ~ 3

30 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Elect ions--supreme Court -Elections--US House - - Steele Hays unopposed Mr3 1,l A: 5 Elections--Supreme Court Position 7 Justice Darrell Hickman seeks reelection S7,38:2 Darrell Hickman unopposed Mr31,1A:5 Elections--Treasurer. Jimmy Lou Fisher seeks reelection F17.3B: 1 Jimnie Lou Fisher unopposed~~r31,1a:5 Elections--US -- House. Editorial on inab1 1 i ty of Dems to match campaign funds of-gop Mr24,16A:l ~rnest mas analyzes election results N5,25A:l Elections--US -- House District 1. RBbert 8. Leslie may enter race-as a Republ ican ~a20,3~:2 Singer Chart ie Rich concert to raise funds for Bill Alexander F9,3B: 1 Chuck Banks seeks GOP nomination Mr3,1B:5 James T. Horton, a Harrisburg pharmacist, to challenge Alexander in Dem primary Mr26,7B: 1 Bi 11 Alexander files for reelection Mr27,60:1 James Thomas Horton wl thdraws from Dem primary Mr27,66:4 Bill Alexander is only Dem candidate ~r31,4b: 1 Chuck Banks is only Repub candfdate Mr31,5B:l Alexander and Banks dfsagree on Reagan budget My2,3B:2 Chuck Banks assails Alexander on funding Jy13, 5A:3 Alexander issues denial to charges on finances, staff Jyl4,lOB: 1 Balanced budget needed to curb spending, Chuck Banks says Jy21,4B: 3 Chuck Banks studies office expenses of BT 11 Alexander Jy28,4B: 1 Gerald R. Ford to speak at fund-raiser for Chuck Banks ~y29,?2a:4 Eugene Nash, former Razorback basketball star, joins Chuck Banks campaign Ag10,TA: 1 Constituents forgotten by Alexander, former Pres Gerald Ford says Ag29, 5A:l Harold Jinks poses questions for Chuck Banks St,12A:4 Bill Atexander endorsed by National Educ Assn and Arkansas Educ Assn S3,5A:3 Chuck Banks a1 leges foot-dragging by Alexander in probe of sex charges in Cong S3,7A: 1 Democrats for Banks panel formed; A. A. (shug) Banks supports his son S16,5A: 1 Associated Builders and Contractors of Ark endorses Banks S17,4A:4 Trips abroad by Alexander are target of Banks S29,gA: 1 Recognition of Chuck Banks grows; party change expl ained 010,25A: 1 Summary of race O17,5A:1 Chuck Banks outlines fiscal plan 019,5A:3 Gazette endorses Bi 11 Alexander 020,12A:1 National Rifle Assn endorsem*nt of Bill Alexander draws protest from Chuck Banks 021,7A:3 Campaign funds list 022,12A:2 Alexander running against GOP, not Banks 024,18A:1 Chuck Banks endorsed by Clarendon Sentlnel 024,12B:4 Tough fight has developed 029,25A: 1 Summary of campaign 031,13A:1 Blll Alexander eas i ly defeats Chuck Banks N3,6A: 1 Bill Alexander gets 65 pct of vote N4,7A:1 Wide margln of victory surprises Bill Alexander N4,16A:l Certified vote returns N21,2A:3 Elections--US -- House District 2. Sandy S. McMath considers race F9. 3~:3' Sandy S. McMath will not enier race Mr21,3B:1 Ed Bethune files for reelection Mr23,36:5 Charles L. George is Dem nominee Mr31,1A:6 Charles L. George only Dem candidate Mr31,4B: 1 Ed Bethune is only Repub candidate Mr31,5B:l Gazette ed on opposition to Ed Bethune Ap29,12A:1 Charles George hits GOP on fan aid policy My12,4B:6 Charles George has tough job against Ed Bethune Je20, 3H:4 Charles L. George calls Ed Bethune a rubber stamp for Ronald Reagan Jy31,12B:3 Charles George urges repeal of tax cut O9,6~:5 Charles I. George endorsed by Arkansas Education Assn group 010,20~:4 Race comes to 1 i fe 011,7A:1 November Second Peace All lance backs George 014,6A: 1 Editorial contrasts stand of Bethune and George on econ matters 014,20A: 1 Charles L. George opposes puttlng federal employees under Soct a1 Securl ty 017,6A: 1 Ed Bethunt and Charles George dlscuss econ issues 021,7A:1 Gazette comments on Charles George and the farm issue 021,18A:l Campaign funds list 022, 12A:Z Charles George notes jobless rate In White County 022,12A:4

31 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Elections--US House -Elections--US House Bet hune dec 1 i nes Gea rge ' s p roposa l for joint discussion of issues 023, 4A:l Ed Bethune predicts GOP to gain seats 024,13A:1 Gazette endorses Charles George 024,106:l Ed Bethune's legal residence at Searcy is rented to a Charles L. George backer 027,5A: 3 Bethune's supplys i de economics shoul d be discussed, Ernest Dumas says 027,13A:1 Contributions to Bethune and George listed 028,8A:2 Bethune dismisses George's charge on Searcy residence 028,10A:2 Novembe r 2 Peace All i ance asks ad retraction from Ed Bethune 030,2A:5 Ed Bethune has taken 1 lttle notice of Charles George 031,13A:4 Ed Bethune defeats Charles George N3, 6A:i Ed Bethune gets 54 pct of vote N4,7A:1 Pulaskf Co saves Bethune N4,15A:1 Editorial on narrow escape of Ed Bethune N5,24A:1 George- Bethune race was a classic in politics N7,gB:l Analysis of Bethune victory N14,130:3 Editorials comment on election ~14,14B:1 Certified election returns M2Is2A:3 Elections--US -- ~ousd ~istrict 3. Vice P res i dent George Bush spears at fund-raiser for ~ohn Paul Hammerschmidt of Harrison F27,4A:4 James B. McDougal to seek Dern nomination Mr26,18:2 Editorial on McDougal entry Mr27,8A:1 John Paul Nanmerschmidt files for reelection Mr27, 6B:l Democrats R. L. Johnson and Anthony tedlng enter race Mr30,l B:6 J, Fred Jones seeks Dern nomination Mr31,14A:4 List of Dem candidates Hr31,4B: 1 John Paul Hammerschmidt Is only Repub candidate Mr31,5B:1 Jim McDougal uses letterheads almost identical to that used by Congress, calls it satire Ap21,5B:l Jack T. Stephens contributes to fund Ap23, 3B:2 Gazette ed on opposition to Hammerschmi dt Ap29,lZA: 1 James 3. Mcbugal endorsed by AEA ~y8,3~: 1 Pol 1 shows most voters undecided on Dern nominee My14,14A:l Four Democrats seek chance to unseat Hammerschmidt My1 7,7A:1 Gazette endorses James B. McOougal in Dern primary My19,14A:1 James 0. McDaugal wins Dern primary My26,4B:4 Jim McDougal wins Dern primary My27,146:3 Jim McDouga 1 attacks Hamme rschmi dt record Je20,4B:5 Hammerschmldt- McDougal issues taking shape Je20, 3H:4 Magazine says John Paul Hamnerschmidt used campaign funds for selfenrichment Ag12,6B:6 Funds paid to Hot Springs law firm from Hammerschmidt campaign were for work related to political career, aide says Ap13,jB:h Hamnerschmidt record on veterans criticized S10,13A:1 Jim Mcbugal says Hammerschmidt votes against fanners 03,9A: 1 Hammerschmidt runs campaign on his terms 010,19A:1 Jim McDougal endorsed by Arkansas Education Assn group 010,20~:4 Demcrat Jim McDougal gains ground 013, 13A: 1 Hammrschmi dt defends votes on budget, pub1 ic works Ol6,l Ic:~ Reaganomics figures in race 017, 4A:l Campaign funds list 022,12A:2 National Council of Senior Citfzens and National Alliance of Senior Citizens trade charges 023,4A:6 Hamnerschmfdtts role as Congressman used aga l ns t McDouga J 024,29A: 1 Gazette endorses Jim McDougal 026,8A: 1 Ed1 - tors in dist make endorsem*nts 028, 19A: 1 Summary of race 031,13A:2 John Paul Hammerschrnidt defeats JTm McObugal ~3,6A:5 John Paul Hammerschmtdt gets 66 pct of vote N4,7A:1 John Paul Hammerschmi dt, avoided battle to good effect N4,15A:3 Unsure of message from voters, Bethune plans to stay on course N7,21A:1 Certified election returns N21.2A:3 Elections--US -- House ~fstrict-4. - Bob Leslie enters GOP race ~r16:10:5 Republican Bob Leslie files, assails Beryl Anthony Mr23,4B:3 William C. Lyon files for Dern nomination Mr25, 1B:2 Lyons says issue wt 11 be record of Anthony Mr26,8B:6 Beryl Anthony seeks 3rd term Mr27,18:5 Beryl Anthony Jr and William Cain Lyon are only Dern candfdates Mr31,hB: 1 Bob Leslie is only Repub candidate

32 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Elections--US House -Finances and Budgets Mr31,5B: 1 Beryl Anthony says freeze in social security and pension benefits needed My3,1B:6 Pol 1 shows Beryl Anthony has big lead for Dem nomination ~y14,14a:1 Anthony's absence creates quiet race My21,4B: 1 Gazette endorses Anthony My22,lOA: 1 Beryl Anthony easily wins Dem prlmary My26,4B: 1 Beryl Anthony gets 77 pct of vote My27,140:3 Bob Leslie campaign to be managed by Conley By rd, Herbert Russel 1, Benny Ryburn Sr and Jim Searcy Jy26,7A:2 Bob Les 1 i e used photo of Ray Thorn ton wl thout perrniss ion ; some members of Beryl Anthony's fami ly do not support him S30,2A:3 Only one member of Anthony's family backs Leslie 01, 14A:3 Beryl Anthony confident despite anger of voters on budget votes 010,27A:l Reaganomics prominent in race 017,4A:4 Leslie and Anthony debate 020,l A:3 Anthony unhappy w i th tactic of Les1 ie at debate 021,7A:4 Campaign funds list 022,12A:2 Gazette endorses Beryl Anthony 022, 18A: 1 Ernest Dumas dl scusses Anthony- Leslie debate 022,19A:1 Campaign focuses on Anthony's voting record 024,25A:1 Summary of race 031,13A:3 Beryl Anthony Jr defeats Bob Lesl ie N3,6A:3 Beryl Anthony gets 66 pct of vote ~4,7A:l Loud crdtictsm put to rest, Beryl Anthony says ~4,16~:3 Certif fed election returns N21.2A:3 Elections-US Senate. Bi 11 ~l inton pledges not t~oppose David Pryor in ,3A:5 ~lectrical Examiners Bd. Governor Frank White appts ~ill~d. Wilson to Bd Jy4,4B:5 Elevator Safety - Board. Tom Sparks apptd by Gov Frank White S4,13A:4 Embalmers - and Funeral Directors - Bd. R. A. Bi 11 ings reappointed by Gov White ~~22,4~:3 aha ~ilkerson apptd by Gov Ag21,8A:4 -+ Employment and Trainin CouncTl. Gov Frank White reappts members My22,4B : 3 B I 1 1 re em an apptd by Gov Jy23,3B: 1 Employment Securl ty E. Ken Coon to resign as director D29,3A:1 Ark-Governmen t Emp 1 oyees Labor-Unemploymen t Opportunities Industrial ization Center -- Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of - Registration. Wayne Tate apptd by Gov Frank Whlte S4.13A:4 Finance -- and Adm ~ e ~ Sex t. and race bias suit filed by employees S18, 12A:4 Dr Farris W. Womack resigning as dl rector D29,3A:1 Ark-Finances Finances - and Budgets. Revenue collections run ahead of forecasts for first 6 mos of fiscal yr Jal,lB:3 State agencles advjsed to plan for budget cuts Ja23,38: 3 General revenue collections up by 10.2 pct Ja30, 1B:l State has low per capita state and local debt F2,8D:4 Adoption of local sales taxes may limit effort to increase state sales tax F4,18:5 Editorial says watershed reached in use of sales tax by state govt F5,8A: 1 Llrni tatlons on tax-f ree bonds may help avoid problems in Ark 1 7 I 1 A: 1 General revenue collections ahead of projections by $12.8 milt ion F28,3B:4 Legislators say tax Increase not likely Mr22, 13A:3 Tax collections drop sharply in March Ap1,18:3 Agency Reads warned funds may be slashed Apg,IB:3 Students propose state lottery as way to raise money ~p14,3~:3 Gazette opposes 1 otteries Ap17,8~: 1 Tax collections fall ; state will reduce funds to agencies My1,4B : 3 Frank White says agency funds will be cut for May and June ~y5,6~:5 Agencies face cuts of $1 3.5 mi 11 ion as col lections lag My8,1A:4 tottery could produce $37 m? 11 ion for Ark My1 l,l7a: 1 Lottery hurts people who need help, opponent says My15,11A:3 Agencies told to expect 8.1 pct rise in revenue next year Myl3,85:5 Court rules that state Attorney General can legally hold commission in mllltary

33 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Finances and Budgets -Game and Fish Cam reserve My16,l B:2 Federal govt asks state to repay $4.5 mill ion overspent at Human Development Centers Wy21,1A:5 Tax revenues reach a1 1- time hlgh My29,lB:I Auditors told that sales and use tax section of the state Finance and Administration Dept has poor record on col lectlon of delinquent accounts and that such accounts are dropped from records after 3 yrs Jell,8B:l State ends fiscal yr in black; net revenue increases 7.7 pct Jy1,1B: 5 Governor Frank White tells agencies to budget on 1 y 95 pct of needs Jy 11, 40:l State has lowest reserve in 12 yrs Jy14,10:3 Improvement made In collection of sales taxes Ag13,3B:3 Law requiring Secretary of State to get advice of a tegls panel before spend1 ng funds for Capi to1 grounds improvement is unconsti tutionat, Attorney Gen Steve Clark rules Sg,llC:3 Revenues drop for last mo 02,9C:2 Tax receipts indicate econ of Ark not rosy 015,ZlA:l Legislators talk about tax increase, cut in exemptions 016,1A:2 Legislative Council Is Personnel Cam approves sal ary budgets for 5 agencles 022,llA:I Need for new taxes discussed 024,90:5 Collections of genera? revenues lag behind estimates; funding may be cut back soon 030, IA:~ Revenues fall short by $30 mill ion; cuts to affect pub1 ic schools and other agencles N4,1A:3 Legislators discuss ways to raise funds N6,16A:6 Funds to be cut by $27 million; amount to be cut from each agency listed N6,1A:5.Bill Clinton must face issue of tax increase Nl2,21A:1 Cost of programs promised by 5i 1.l Clinton would cost $20.6 mlli ion N14, la:3 Bt 11 Cl inton begins process of reducing spending; some offices would be abolished; revenue forecast for biennlum is dismal N16,1A:4 Gazette comments on Clinton moves in fiscal crisis N17,14A:1 Bill Clinton may have to order cuts for a1 1 state programs N17,15A:I Proposed bill in Legis would increase liquor tax, with funds reserved for prisons N17,10C:3 ALC continues action on budgets N14 ga:2 Legislative panel recommends review of a1 1 sales and use tax exemptions N19,lOA:S Liquor group says tax rlse would be a catastrophe N20, 16A:4 Bill Clinton holding line on budgets N24,6A:4 Tax col lections last ma were below forecast; outlook is dismal Dl,4A:5 Proposed budget allows Human Services Dept to just get by D2,14A:1 Bill Clinton comments on econ st rat ts faced by Ark D3,gA:l Finding revenue in repeal of tax exemptions D5,llB:l Bill Cl inton wants budgets kept within current revenue projections D8,8A:1 Bill Clinton says some areas to suffer under lean budget Dl 1,IA:S Need to i ncrease severance tax Dl9,11% : 1 Editorial suggests source of revenues D26,lQB:l Support grows for 5 cent tax on soft drinks D30,1A:5 Tax collections rise 031,lA:6 Government Bonds (Ark) Taxat ion Wi 1 dl f fe - - Fi l-e Prevention Corn. I. E. Turner apptd by Gov Frank White Aq6.3B:Z.,.- Girl ~$~sham apptd by GOV Ag21,8A:4 Morris Parker apptd by Gov Whlte Dl9, 20A : 3 Forestry Commf ssion. Ada Mil Is apptd to Comm by Gov Frank Whi te Ja7, 8B:2 Parks --- Game and Fish Commission. Harold Lepel, a Game and Fish Comm biologist in Newton County, wins delay in transfer following complatnts about search for marijuana growers Ja2,40:6 Letters comment on Harold Lepel case Ja5,6A:S Letter supports GEFC in Lepel affai r Ja8,18A:5 Article critical of Harold Lepel's search for mar; juana Jal4,lIA:b Edf torial supports Harold Lepel Ja16,6A:1 State Board of Finance asks state Attorney Gen to take action to force G&FC to

34 ARKANSAS -Game and Fish Comm 1982 ARKANSAS -Government Employees deposlt its funds In state treasury Ja16,5B: 1 Article discusses hassle over control of GGFC funds Ja24,6D:l Harold Lepel will not be transferred from Newton County, atorney says F11, 36:2 Steve Wilson cites personal financial hardship as reason for ha1 t to transfer of Harold Lepel F12,4B:6 Editorial on GEFC decision on Harold Lepel F13,8A:1 Lawsuit flled to force GEFC to deposit fees Into treasury Mr3,5B:1 Frank Lyon Jr named to Comm by Gov Frank White Jy14,30:6 Position of Harold Lepel, 6 others eliminated by GGFC S18,10A:3 Hamld Lepel not satisfied with explanation S18,13A:l Editorial on dismissal of Harold tepel S21,8A:l Bill Clinton says GGFC should be a? lowed to invest 1 icense fees 015,6A:3 Frank White favors allowing G&FC to keep interest money 017,20A:2 License fee deposits discussed by Bill Clinton 022,12A:2 Commi ss ion racked by dissens ion ; cronyism, purge alleged; allegations taken to Gov Wh i te 's office by Dr Robert Goetz and others; Arkansas chapter of the Wildlife Society calls for full review; allegations include report that Comr H i 1 lary Jones of Jasper, and Newton County School Supervisor Garland Lee Bryant attempted to sell to Comm land in which Jones had a financial interest 029, 1 A: 5 Release of Canda geese on property owned by Commissioners Beryl Anthony Sr, Casey Jones and Hil lary Jones draws ff re from biologists 030, 1 A: 3 Game restocking program drew objections of biologists 031,lbA:l Cha i rman Rick Hampton says charges to be probed N1,3A:5 Steve Wilson to meet with Arkansas Wi Id1 ife Society Bd N4,22A: 1 Comprehens i ve audl t sought by State Repr Wayne Hampton, whose son Rick Hampton, is currently chmn of the Comrn N6,4A:1 Wi ldl Sfe Management Institute to do full review Nl0,I 1A:S Legislative Joint Auditing Committee orders complete audit N13,11A:2 Steve Wilson makes shake-up in admr posl tions; Richard Broach heads Wi 1 dl i fe Mgmt Div, and Carl Hunter shifted to Support Dlv D9,1A:3 Robert C. Goetz tells ct he was fired wtthout due process ~14, 14A:6 Letter protests dominance of legislators at hearing ~28,10~:3 See at so Cache River Faul kner Lake Neark Lake Wild1 ife Wi ldl ife Sanctuaries Geological Commission. W. J. Smith apptd to Comm by Gov Frank White F2,40:4 Gi f ted - and Talented Educat ton, Advisory Counci 1 - On. Dl ck Lucas and Diane Hilburn apptd to Advisory Counci 1 for GI fted and Talented Education by Gov Frank White S4,13A:4 Gave rnmen t Attorneys -- and Legal Services See Ark-At torney General and Legal ServTees ~overnment Employees - and Officials. Article on effects of cuts fn Employment Security DTvisTon (ESD) staff Ja22,13A:S More ESD off ices closing Ja26,18:2 Employment Security Dtv awaits budget specif lcs before moving on office closings and layoff of employees F4,5B:4 Directive by Gav Frank White banning drinking by state employees at lunch is not openly flouted F5,18:2 Governor Frank Wh i re prohibi ts state employees from taking leave of absence or using vacation time to work in pol itlcal campaigns or to endorse candidates; other prohibitlons 1 isted F10,60:5 Governor White retracts part of ban on political activity; some agencies are exempt F13,lB:l Son of Len Blaylock, an alde to Gov Frank White, is on payroll at Governor's Mansion; Bl aylock remarks that state Repr John E. Miller has 37 relatives on state payroll; Miller says figure too high, remarks that his relatives will be

35 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Gove rnmen t Emp 1 oyees fired if they don't perform F13,6B:3 Governor White revises policy on employee campaigning Mr6,4B:5 Article examines claim of Frank White that he has reduced size of state govt Mr7,3H:4 Four-year terms for const i- tutional officers proposed Ap2,33:3 5 constitutional officials sign petl tion urging 4-year terms Ap24,3B:4 Editorial on proposal for longer terms for consti tutlonal officers Ap2SY4H:1 Pros and cons of byr term for governors My30,lH: 1 Effort halted to place 4-yr term proposal on ballot Je5,3B:2 Public Employees Ret i remen t System Bd to seek two benefit changes S23,9C:2 Committee for a Better Arkansas to seek amdt to allow terms of 4 years for top offtcials N13,16A:5 Ed! torial on need for four-year terms N21,14B:2 Bill Clinton proposes salary increase of 5.5 pct for state employees D9,lA:S John E. Mi 1 ler says Gov Frank White withheld Info from Legis panel D15, l8a:l Raises would cost $11 million D19,7A: 1 About 500 state workers use van pools D2 1, 1 B:2 Most agency heads wait word on status when Bill Cl lnton takes office D29,3A:1 Legislative panel adopts pay plan of 5 pct 031, la:2 King, Martin Luther Parks Also see entries for depts and agencies Governors See a 1 so Cl inton, Bi 11 White, Frank Governor's Conference, Council, - Etc Note: Entries beginning with the words, Governor's Conference, Council, Panel, etc are entered under the key word of subject, e.g., Tourism, Gove rno t s Can fe ren ce On Heal th Advisory I Board Pub1 i c. Glenn Howard apptd.. to Bd by Gov White F4,4~:4 Health - Board. James E. McClelland apptd to Bd by Gov White ~a7,8b:2 Health Coordinating Council, Statewide. Ray Scott apptdy Gov Wh i te and Roger Bos t reapptd Ja7,88:2 Robert A. Wenzel and Dr Malcolm Moore apptd by Gov Mr3,3B: 1 Ann Hodges and Linda Bradford apptd by Gov Mr6,63:1 Gov White appts Milton Scott Mr20,30:1 Harry Anthony named to panel by Gov ~~22,40:3 William Joe James and Bob Hughes named by GOV White D10,14A:4 Nancy KosTn, Thomas Isbell, Lonnie McNatt and Fritzle Means apptd by Gov White 019,20A:3 Mark S. Bradley apptd by Gov Frank Whtte D22,3A:6 Gov Whi te appts Robert A. Wenzel D23, 12A:5 Health Dept. Bill Clinton wants Dr Ben Seltzman to remain director Hearlng ATd Dispensers Bd. Gov Frank Wh i te appoints ~arlgrever: - reappts D. ale He1 ton S26,4~:4 - Higher Educatfon Board. Sheffield Nelson apptd by Gov Frank White Ja28, 8D:2 Carolyn McGowan apptd by Gov Je18,4B: 1 Htgher Education Oept. Or T. Michael Ell iott resigns as director; interference by Gov White cited ~p24, 1B:I Governor Frank White says he interfered only once Ap25,3B:3 Edftorial on Elliott resignation My6, 14A:l Dr Gary Chamberlin named director 014,8A:2 Dr Gary Chamber1 tn sworn in as director 029,21A:4 Bill Cllnton wants Gary Chamberlln to remain director D3,gA:l Col leges Nursing and Nurses =. Highway and Transportation Agency gets new budget approved by ALC, but not funds D8,8A:4 Trucks and Trucking Industry... Highway Comrn. Raymond Prf tchett appmt ruled legal Jy20,14A:l Supreme Ct a1 lows appmt of Raymond Prl tchett to AHC to stand S15,5A:2 30 years

36 ARKANSAS -Highway Comm 1982 ARKANSAS -Legislature - under Mack-Blackwel 1 celebrated 017, himself and AlDC from critlcal audit 3A: 1 F13,10:2 Don Flanders resigns Dl 7, 20A:2 Roads and Traffic See Trucks and Trucking Electric Power and Light... Exports and Imports.. History and Social - Life. Center ~actories for Arkansas Studies at the Unl- Labor-Unemploymen t versity of Ark at Little Rock to Trucks and trkkinq - probe state history and Institutions... Ja?O,lG:4 Rev Charles Hinton Seay Inhalation Therapy Examin In ** was pioneer Methodist preacher and Jim Davis apptd to Com y Gov Wh~te official In Bradley County ~a26,8~:5 -* Ag21,8A:4 -. State to mark 300th year of discovery Insurance Advisory Commission, F3,7B:5 Photos provide look at past State Em la ees Ray bone apptd by Jy6,l B:2 Center for Arkansas Studies Gov Frank Wh te to Counci 1 S4,13A:4 at UAtR will focus attention on area Woodrow McKnlght apptd by Gov S6, S14,gA: 1 Dr Ray Edwin Thomas seeks 10A:b home for his cot lection of taped and transcribed interviews wf th old-tfme Ark-Gave rnmen t Emp 1 oyees residents of the mountains of Ark... and other southern states 012,16:4 Insurance Dapt. About 3,000 com- Election of Hattie W. Caraway to US plaints received each year about in- Sen D19,1C:2 History Comm. Doyle Webb named to Comm by Gov Wh i te Ja2 1,5B : 1 Robert D. Devan preserves valuable materials D24,18:2 Home Health Coordinating Counci 1. - Steve F. Baker apptd by Gov White Hous ing Development Agency z. Fred Dacus apptd by Gov Frank White Ja20,7D:2 Betty Walker apptd by Gov Whl te Ja28,8D:2 Robert A. Hammerschmidt, brother of John Paul Hammerschmidt, named executive director ~p30,3~:4 Housing Human Development Centers - - Mental Health Human Services Dept Ark-Finances We1 fare... Industrial Development - Corn. Save P. Chaffin reappointed by Eov White Ja20,7D:2 Ed Ball apptd to A l DC by Gov Frank Wh i te ; Mac Van Horn and Harold F. Ohlendorf reappointed Ja21,SB: 1 Don H. Flanders defends surance pol fcies N16,1B:2 Lfnda Garner named Comr by Gov Frank Whi te ~24,6~:3 National Investors Life lnsurance Company Judlclal ~ t h k Committee. George Steele Jr apptd to Corn by Gov White My2,3H:2 Justice Building Comm. W. H. - Dillahunty apptd by Gov Frank White Ki dney. D l $ease Comml ss Ion. Gov Frank White appts Hoyt R. Pyle Jr to Comm Jy4,4B:5 -- Labor Board. Kenneth Wayne Harris apptd to Bd by Gov White Je6,28:2 David Morris apptd by Gov Jy23,jB:l Margaret Sweeney apptd by Gov Whi te S6,10A:6 Landscape Arch1 tects Advl sory - Comrn. Georgia Sells apptd by Gov Frank Wh I ti to Comm Agi 1,8~: 4 Law Enforcement Training Standards - Comm. Larry Williams apptd to Comm by Gov Frank White Ja21,5B:1 ' Le islarure. secretary of State Paul -f- R viere requests opinion on whether Legislature can conduct prior review of expend1 tures Mr3,2B:5

37 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Leg{ slature Decline of the lawyer as legislator Mr21,3H:3 Editorial on suggestion that members go to jail rather than obey court order Je19,8A:? Steve Clark says any Legi s panel exceeds its authority when It gives advice that amounts to approval of actions by executive branch S16,6A:2 Legislative panel reacts to opinion on approval of spending; orders audit of Paul Rlvlere's use of funds S18,4A:6 Editorial on reaction of Legis Council to oplnton on advice to executive branch S22,14A:1 Legislators say Paul Riviere may have conflict with law because employees paid as bus drivers perform other duties 09,7A:2 Cornittee apologizes to Paul Riviere 014,19A:2 Some members seek to shift responsibility for Capitol Bldg away f rom Secretary of State 016,10A:4 Character of new Legis more suitable to reform N7,gB: 1 New Senate to be more open, democrat 1 c D8,23A: 1 Legislature--Cammi ttees. Six House members named to Joint Budaet Committee S9,1lC:5 Senator err; Bookout insists he won seat on Joint Budget Com S15,5A:3 Stanley Russ wins runoff for Joint Budget seat; Bookout seeks opinion S23,20A:5 Senators l i mi t posts any one can have on select comnittees, draw for terms 06,8A:1 Senate change In coml ttee rule does not affect 2 panels whose membership is set by law D7,IbA:l Legislature--Elections See Ark-Elections--Legislature Leg is lature--members. House has 7 GOP members ~4, m e n a t e has 3 Republicans N4,8A:5 Foster, Wi 11 lam F. Jewell, Jerry Nelson, box Rye, Samuel Teague, James Wells, David L. Sr Legislature--Reapport fonment See Ark-Elections--Leqislature - Legislature--Sessions. Editortals critical of ~ e ~ w ~ o r sde- s i n ~ fective legislation ~al7,4h:l Gov Frank White will not call sessfon to set new Cong dists Ja19,1A:2 Library Bd. Stella Boyle Smith apptd by Gov White D19,20A:3 Liquefied Petroleum -- Gas Bd. Dlckte 0. Butler reapptd to Bd by Gov Frank White Ja28,80:2 Don,Davis apptd by Gov F2,4B:4 ~ivestock - and Poul try Commission. Lee Gilbert apptd to Corn by Gov Frank White Ja21,5B: 1 - Local ~overnment. Article on demise of Local Services Agency in favor of Community Asststance Program of the Joint Performance Review Committee Fi4,3H:2 City officials learn little on trip to Washington to check on effects of New Fedem1 ism plan ~r3,2~:4 Survey In Central Ark shows public not in favor of end to overlapping govt functions Jy14,gA:I State Local Services Dept bamly survives sunset review and vote Ag20, 9A:5 -- Local Govt--Contracts. Public servant bribery cases closed after almost 5 years Mr21,lB:S Conway County Ouach i ta County Polnse t t County -- Local Govt--Elect ions Also see names of cities and counties Election results in county races outside Pulaski N3,5A:5 Complete city, county resul ts outs i de Pulaski County N4.. -.ha:, Local Govt--Employees - and Officials. Elected county officials may hold other jobs Jyl0,3B:l -- ~oca1 ~ovt--~inances - and Budgets. Note: Articles on finances and budgets of individual counties and cities are under geog heads

38 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Pharmacy Board Charles A. Johnson and W. W. Whipple discuss sales taxes by local govts JalO,lH:3 Resul ts of votes on local sales tax during 1981 Ja25,5A:2 Counties have authority to distribute federal money received in 1 leu of taxes F4,3B: 1 Editorial on proposal by Arkansas Municipal League to earmark 7 pct of general revenue for cities Apl0,8A:l Arkansas Municipal League drops call for sales tax increase in favor of phaseout of tax exemptions ~17,1A:4 Tax col lections pass forecasts D5,1A:2 Baxter County Local Govt--Pub1 ic Property. Act 9 9 ~ l ~ b a leasing n of any city property, real or personal, Attorney General rules Ja21,30:2 Attempts to undo leasing law follow a twisted course; Governor's office denies contention of Repr E. C. Benton that it received a request from him to kill bll l Ja27,2B:5 - Local Servi ces Dept. Di rector Mark Johnson discusses work of Dept S6, 14A:4 Bill Cl inton wants Dept abolished as economy measure N16,1A:4 Abolition approved by ALC N19,1A:2 Ark-Local Govt 9-- Lon Term Care Faci 1 i ty Advisory Bd. Dr Guy Farris Jr apptd to Bd by ~ov- ~rank.~hite ~26,4~:4 Libby cook apptd by Gov White D23,12A:5 Medical Bd. Dr Vernon Carter apptd to Bd by GG White Ja20.7D:2 See a 1 so Midwives Physicians and Surgeons Medical Examiners Board. Dr Maurice Hubbs apptd by Gov Frank Whtte to Bd Mr20,30:1 Mental Health Advisory Bd. Mike Weed apgtd to Bd by Gov ~ n t Hr31, e 36:2 l rene Anthony and Rodney Landes Jr apptd to Bd by Gov; Pat Brown reapptd.. My22.40:3 ~entai ~ealth Services - Div. Robert Fudge Shannon named Comr of Dfv Jy29, 9~:2 - Motor Vehicle - Comm. State Supreme C t orders hearings on law creating Corn 019.4A:4 ~atural - and Cultural Heritage - Comm. Gov Frank White appts Jane Lucky to Comrn Mr3,3B: 1 See W l 1 de rness and Natural Areas Natural - and Scenic Rivers - Corn. Joe Breahears reapptd by Gov Frank White to Comm Ja21,SB:l jfm Walton apptd to Comm Ja28,8D:2 Work of Comm explained by Steve Winters F14,1B:3 Governor Frank White appts Mahlon Rice to Comm Ap10,5B:5 Rivers Nursing Bd. Mevalene Ashford apptd by Gov Frank White to Bd S6,lOA:5 Executive Director Mildred ~rmour re- signs 022,1lA:3 See a 1 so Hillhaven Nursing Home Nursing and Nurses Russellvil le Nursing Home -- Opticians, Drspensing (state Board) Governor Frank White amts Ral~h Stoane Wilson to Bd ~~4;4~:5 Frank Whi te reappoints Kenneth Ray Trl 1 let to Bd Jy7,5B: 1 ~~to&trlc - Drugs Commi ttee. Dr Jan Scruggs named to panel by Gov Frank White S29,7C:4 Pardons - and Paroles Bd. Charles Peaco*ck Jr apptd to ~dty Gov Frank White Ja21,SB: 1 Prisons-Arkansas State -- Parks and Tourf sm Dept. Larry Lawman to chal lenge rule requi rlng hair cut Jy3,1A:2 Lawman asks ct to prevent his firlng Jy7,48:5 Judge rules Lowman cannot be f i red over hair Jy8,1A:2 Parks Divlsion to appeal ruling on hair code Ag4,3B:2 Parks Recreation and Travel Cornm Karen Lackey and Ken Bowen apptd to Comm by GOV. Frank White ~2.4~:4 perfnatal Health ~ervfces Bd. Angela Maynard apptd to Bd by~ov Frank Whi te; Becky Li tch reapptd My :3 pharmacy s. John R. Page reapptd by Gov Frank White Jy7,5B:1 Drugs and. Drug Trade

39 ARKAM SAS -Phys i ca 1 Therapy - Physical Therapy Examin In3 Board. Governor Frank Wh i te names Angel a Reed and Tod Dalby to Ed A~~O,SB:~ -- Plant Board. Richard Watson reapptd to Bd by Gov Frank White Ja20, 7D:Z Sherman Cul lum reapptd to 8d Mr3,3B : 1 Governor appts Pat Sowel 1 to state Plant Bd Jy4,4B:5 Joe Cravens apptd by Gov Whi te to Bd S6, 10A:5 Police Commlssion, - State. Jim Tennyson app td to Comm by Gov Whi te Ja7,88: 2 Politics -- and Gavt Note: Articles on political and governmental activities of cities and count les a re entered under names of those cities and towns... Jimmie Lou Fisher and Jul ia Hughes Jones see progress for women in politics MrZ,lB:3 Pollution Control - and Ecology Comm 7 Water and Water Pol 1 ution Waste Materials... Pra1 rie Grove Battlefield - Comm. Mrs M. A. Dorman named by Gov White D10,14A:4 private Investigators and Private - Securi ty Agencies s. Gov Frank White appts Cleo Randal 1 Jr to Bd Mr6,60:1 Tlmthy P. Daley apptd by Gov White D23,12A:5 Psychology Examiners, - Board- Jack D. Thomas and Dr Bob El 1 tott apptd by Gov Frank White to state Board of Psychological Examiners Jal, 38: 1 Public Buildings - and Offices. Secretary of State Paul Riviere urges that ~e~islature move some off ices-to Capitol Hi11 Bldg Jal,6B:I Conversion of Capitol Hill Bldg to apartments would be expensive JelO, 3B:l Student Loan Guarantee Fdn plan for its own bldg does not meet approval of BUT 1 ding Services Counci 1 Je26,20:4 Steve Clark rules Student Loan Guarantee Fdn must fol low rules on bldg Jy23,38:5 State to buy ARKANSAS -Review Board bldgs at 6620 Young Rd to house the state Marketing and Distribution Agency S16,7C:2 Student Loan Guaranty Fdn plans bldg for its staff 010, 3A:h Publ ic Property. Bi 11 Cl inton presents innovative plan for purchase of state vehicles D8.8A:l Public Service ~amrrt. Jerry Jackson, vice pres for legal affairs at APIL, says he met WT th-3 candldates for PSC post at request of Gov Frank White S17,1A:6 Democrats react to Jerry Jackson interviews S18,lA:Z Frank White sees nothing wrong with AP6L interview S18,1A:3 Edf torial on APE1 interviews S19,12B:I Frank White defends APEL meeting S21,5A:1 Sandra Cherry should disqual T fy herself on APEL matters, Scott Trotter says S22,1A:6 Bill Cl fnton conferred with uti 1 ity men before making appmt S24,1A:3 Tenacity is trait of Comr Sandra Cherry 010,lA:Z Jerry Jackson corwients on meeting wlth Cherry 010, 1A:3 Bill Clinton and Frank White reveal proposals for selectton of members 019,1A:2 Sam Harris dlscusses pos i ti ve role of PSC and the utilities N8,llA:l Term of Nathan Morton expires; Bill Clinton faces dilemma D23,29A:1 Electric Power and Light Publ ic Utill ties... Racing Commission. Inell Jones apptd by Gov Wh i te to Comm ~a7,8~ : 2 - Real Estate - Camm. Derrell Rogers apptd by Gov Frank Whlte to Comm S6, 10A:5 Rehabilitation Commlssion, Communi ty Based. Gov Frank White names Darrell F. Brown to Corn Ja28.8D:2 Phi 11 ip Raley apptd by Gov ~gi1,8~:4 Rehabilitation Services - Div Handicapped Revenue Department Building Comm. 7 Jack Wll son reappointed by Gov Frank White F2.4B:4 Review750ard - Unemployment l nsurance

40 ARKANSAS 1982 ARKANSAS -Sanltarlans Board -Youth Services Dlv - Sanitarians Board. Narrigan E. Wortsmith Jr apptd by Gov Frank White to Bd Ja28,8~:2 Robert Kemp named by Gov Frank White to Bd As2ls8A:4 -. Savings and Loan Association Bd. I ke Carter apptd by Gov Whi te t o ~ d Ja30,3B: 1 Sesquicentennial. Planning begins for 1986 celebration; stamp may be issued ~14,10:5 Social Services - Div Chi 1 dren and Youth-Care (FOS ter) Social - Work Licensing - Board. Margaret Huntley apptd by Gov Frank White to Bd Ag6,30:2 Dr Aubrey Smith reapptd to Bd Ag21,8A:4 Diana Hughes reappointed by Gov Frank White to Social Work Licensing 5d S6,1OA:6 --- Sol 1 and Water Conservation Comrn. Harold W. Jones apptd by Gov Frank White to Comm ~2,46:4 Water - Soil Classifiers - Board. Billy A. Garner apptd by Gov Frank Wh i te D22, 3A: 6 Soybean Promotion Bd. Joe Kfrksey apptd by Gov Frank white to Bd ~4, 13A:4 Speech Pathologists -- and Audio- Iogists Examiners Bd. Mary Jane Knapp apptd by ~ovfrank White to Bd Ag6,3B:1 George Herndon apptd by Gov White S4.13A:C - State ~os~ital 0d See Arkansas =ate Hosp Student - Loan Author i ty See Scho 1 arsh i ps -- Suits and Claims Against - Govt Accidents-Traff ic Chi ldren and Youth-Care (Foster) Handi capped Mental Health National Guard, Arkansas Prisons-Arkansas State Prison Trans ortation Comm. Bill Clinton wants _e7_- some ees assessed bv Comm designated gen revenue ~16;4~:5 Buses Veterans Affaf rs Dept. Gazette urges Bill Clfnton not to leave Orval E. Faubus in di rectorjs post N16, 10A: 1 Veterans Affairs -- Task Force. Gov Frank Whi te appts Claude Carpenter and Dewayne Fletcher, reappoints Adrian Hunt Ja1,3B:l Odell Perry apptd by Gov Frank White D22,3A:6 Vocational Education - Board See Col leges-curricula Education-Vocational Vocational Techntcal Education Advi sory Counc i 1. Kt rs ten B ry 1 es and Bill Rogers apptd by Gov White Mr18. 38: 1 Lanoi t &wkins and R. Pat casdy reapptd by Gov Jy4,46:5 John Baker apptd and Conner Grady, Joyce Boyle and Ed L. Pi 1 kington reapptd by Gov Whl te Jy7,5B: 1 ~oca t ional -~echn 1 ca 1 Educa t ion Dept Bill Clinton says no decision made on keeping Dr Barry Bal lard as director M25,8A:2 voluntary Ci ttzen Partlcipatlon Adv i sory Counc f 1. Mrs Randy Hickerson apptd by Gov Frank White Volunteer Services Office. Bill Clinton wants to end Volunteer... Services program 08,8~:1 - War Memorial stadium - Comm. Gov Frank White appts William 3. Bradv and M. 0. Rasberry to Comm ~r6,6~:l Waterways Cornmiss ion. John Eldridge apptd to Corn by Gov Frank White Ja21.5B:l Welfare Board. Buzz Roberts apptd by Gov ~ r a m i t D22,3A:6 e Workers Compensation - Cam. Melvin Farrar apptd by Gov Frank White to labor's seat D18,10C:3 Workers Cornpensat ion Insurance... - Youth Services Bd. Gov frank White names Muriel ~ ilkxs to Bd Mr27,3B:l David Coates apptd to 8d by Gov Jy4, 4:5 Bob Moody apptd by Gov Jy7,5B:1 - - Youth Services Div Robberies and Thefts

41 ARKANSAS ARTS CENTER 1982 ARKANSAS METHODIST HOSPITAL ARKANSAS ARTS CENTER Restaurant aids fundlng Ap18,1G:5 Rockefeller Wing is a grand place S17,1B:3 Center matured under dlrection of Townsend Wolfe; Wfnthrop Rockefeller gave about $750,000 to project ~17,18:4 Little Rock-Historic Houses ARKANSAS BAPTIST COLLEGE Larry L. Amos flles $17,500 suit against coll S21,4A:5 ARKANSAS BEST FREIGHT East Texas Motor Freight Lines purchased by ABF Je2,ll0:2 ARKANSAS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL Progress made on $27 mi 11 ion expansion project Ja17,91: I Stress Center treats disturbed youth 023, 1 B:2 Disease and Illness ARKANSAS COLLEGE Colleges-Gtfts ARKANSAS COMMUN l TY ORGAN l ZAf l ONS FOR REFORM MOW (ACORN) Webster Hubbell says ACORN never does anything positive S24,10A:2 Poli tical endorsem*nts l isted 021,8A:3 Serves eviction notice on Gov Frank White 031,lA:2 031,4A:2 Ark-Elections--Attorney Gen Ark-Elections--Governor CredT t DeWitt Bank and Trust Co Ph 1 1 an th ropy Reagan, Nancy US-Economi c Condl tions ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT Libel -Dodri 11 News and News Media ARKANSAS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE CORP See Electric Power and Light ARKANSAS FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN Flrst American National Bank ARKANSAS GAZETTE Gazette changes style of makeup to 6 columns, adds new secttons Jal,lA:2 C. Thomas Griffln named advertising mgr S26,16:2 Betty Turner files race and sex bias suit against Gazette 015,12A:5 Ralph 6. Patterson and Michael Eldredge promoted N14,1B:2 ARKANSAS GAZETTE FOUNDATION Colleges-Gifts ARKANSAS HALL OF FAME (ATHLETIC) See Athletics ARKANSAS I NTERCOLLEG l ATE CONFERENCE See Athletics Democrat t c Party Electric Power and Llght ARKANSAS ISSUES CONFERENCE See Ark-Economic Conditions ARKANSAS JUNIOR MISS BEAUTY CONTEST Darwin, Leslle ARKANSAS LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING ACADEMY Firing of instructor Richard Wayne Seal upheld by US appeals ct N10,5B:2 Richard Russell resigns as Academy Di rector; Gbv Frank Whi te comments Jyt,l5:4 Purchases under review Jy2, 6 No evidence of crlminal conduct by Richard Allen Russell found Jy22, 3B:4 Acting Director Paul Hamilton resigns Ag5,5B: 1 David McVay resigns ~g7,4b:6 Paul Hamilton cites conft ict with Walter E. Stmpson Agll, 1 A Paul Hami 1 ton by-passed Corn, went to governor's office with charge Ag12,38:2 Ptne Bluff Pollce Chief Bobby J. Norman named director of Academy S14,6A:3 ARKANSAS LIGHTHOUSE FOR THE BLIND Employees have right to form union Ag10,9A:2 ARKANSAS LOUISIANA GAS CO Kuykendall Carp files suit alleging Arkla, Is trying to control part of concrete fndus by acquiring Qutk Products Ap5,ll A: 1 Camden of f ice reports $100,000 embezzled; four employees face charges N6,10A:4 Four women charged in embezzlement from Camden office N20,7A:1 Explosions Gas ( Fue 1 ARKANSAS METHODIST HOSPITAL (PARAGOULD) Mack D. Harbour goes on trlal on 32

42 ARKANSAS METHODIST HOSPITAL 1982 ARKANSAS TECH UNIVERSITY charges of theft of property and criminal conspi racy in purchasing at treated sewage into river 021,3A:1 Dam at Pendleton damaged by barges, hosp Ap27,13A:5 Testimony Ap28,7B:5 pressure during flood D31,3A:5 State rests case Ap29,40:1 Mack D. tfa rbour convicted Ap30,l B:2 Mack D. Electric Power and tlght Harbour sentenced to 7 yrs In prison, Water fined $16,000 My12,12B:1 Mack ARKANSAS SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND Harbour seeks new trial N25,37A:2 See Blindness and the Blind New trial for Harbour denied Dl,1OA:6 ARKANSAS SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION GIRLS ARKANSAS NUCLEAR ONE POWER PLANT RANCH See Electric Power and Light Facility in Harrison, a home for ARKANSAS POWER AND LIGHT CO Suit alleges bias against blacks orphaned or abused children, is placed on probation because a house- Mr9,12D:4 Revenues top $1 bi 11 ion parent used plywood to spank glrls, for first time Ap3,98:2 Financial state Child Care Facilities Bd rept condition has improved Ag30,8A:l Theft investigation service saves says Ja30,3B : 2 ARKANSAS SPORTS REHABILITATION firm $105,000 N5,14A:1 Management l NST l TUTE cal led good 03,6C:5 Authorlted to Goal 1s prevention of sports sell $65 million in stock to Middle Injuries and care for those who are South Utl1 l ties D31,4A:4 hurt St 7,9B: 1 See aiso ARKANSAS STATE HOSPITAL Ark-Elect ions--governor Martha Culp apptd to Bd by Gov Ark-Pub 1 l c Service Comm Whlte Ja30,3B:1 Educa t ion (~ewa rk) Electric Power and Light Pub1 ic Util i ties Reyno 1 ds Me ta 1 s Co Waste Materials and Sewage ARKANSAS STATE LIBRARY Plays role in aldlng business 024, 19A:l ARKANSAS STATE UN I VERS 1TY (JONESBORO) High1 ights of 1981 Jal7,111:4 ARKANSAS R l VER Jerry W. Watklns apptd to Board of Traffic on Arkansas River sets Trustees by Gov Frank Whl te Ja21,5B: t record Mr20,76:4 Governor Frank ASU helps Saudis improve customs Wh i te appts Ben Thayer to Arkansas servt ce Ap4,8B: 1 Saudi customs River Compact Comm Ap10,58:5 Recre- service program at ASU expanding Jy9, ation sites in Western Ark My2,6X:1 Fishing, camping along river is popu- 16:2 lar My2,141:1 Garver and Garver de- Basketbal l signed East Be1 t Freeway Brfdge Je14, Colleges-Budgets 1B:2 Era of bridge in Little Rock Colleges-Buildings ends as East Belt completed Je27,4B:2 Col leges-curricula River has 11 bridges outside Pulaski Col leges-enrol lment Je27,48:2 Sinking of oil barge cre- Colleges-Equal Educ ates oil slick Je29,7A:2 O i l slick Cot leges-fees is 26 miles long Je30,lA:Z Traffic Co 11 eges -Schedu l es moving through oil slick 3yl,lA:2 Spill area should not be used for Call eges-teache rs Footbal 1 recreation Jy3,4B:5 Large ships ARKANSAS TECH UNIVERSITY stranded when Engineers lowered river Officials report $10,000 taken from level Jy10,2B:5 Water does not harm student accounts offtce; loss is irrigated soi 1s S5,1A:2 Letter covered by insurance Ja5,4B : 6 Larry claims hlgh pollution level for river Mabry apptd by Gov Frank White to S8,10A:4 I Little Rock dumped partially Board of Trustees Ja30,3B : 1

43 ARKANSAS TECH UNIVERSITY 1982 ATHE I SM Art Basketball Baseba 11 Col leges-bui ldings Col leges-fees Col leges-gifts ARKANSAS TERRl TORI AL RESTORAT1 ON Swannee Bennet heads project to define, clarify frontier life in frontier state Mr15,10:5 Grant received to help enhance exhibits Ag10,5A:2 ARKANSAS TRAVELLER FOLK THEATER Popular show ready for 15th season My592311: 1 ARKANSAS VETERANS HOME Veterans Home may use space for nursing home Apll,7B:l Plan approved to convert Veterans Home to a nursing home Je5,18:6 Bill Clinton rejects request that faci 1 i ty become a nursing home N16,4A:6 ALC tables nursing home proposal D15,18A:5 ARKANSAS WESTERN GAS CO Gas (Fuel) ARKLA INDUSTRIES, INC Razorback Coach Eddie Sutton named to Bd Je19,7B:3 ARMS CONTROL AND Dl SARMAMEMT See US-Armament ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS See Engineers, Army Corps of ARNOLD, MORRIS S. Late tax payment explained by Morris F9,60:5 Discusses 1 imitations on reach of the courts D3,17A: 3 Elected head of Republ ican State Committee D5,3A:1 Ark-Courts--Circutt District 6 Republ i can Party, Arkansas ARNOLD, W I LL l AM Freedom of the Press ARSENALS See Pine Bluff Arsenal ARSON Legislative panel told arson is growing problem Mr24,12B:2 Little Rock plagued by arsonists Ap18,1B:2 Kent's Store (Little Rock) Probst, M. J. ART Richard tee Barton promotes art development in Russel lvi 1 le F12,6C: 1 Vineyard in the Park Restaurant at Arkansas Arts Center aids funding for Center Ap18,1G:5 Marcus Hollabaugh donates art col lect ion to Arkansas Tech Univ My21,8C:2 Calder mobiles in UAF concert hall pose security problem Je4,1C:6 Carroll Cloar, a native of Earle, shows realism in his patntings Jell,l2C: 1 Calder work probably paid for by Edward Durrell Stone, Mrs Durst says Jell,l2C:I Canada artist Shelia Cotton is a North Little Rock native Jel5,1B:2 Plantation life Tnsplres Betty Dortch Russell S10,bB:l Glen Gant focuses on counterculture of Eureka Springs S10,4B:4 Kim David Webb wins Delta Art Exhibition D3,1B:2 List of winners over past 25 yrs D3,48:1 Arkansas Arts Center Ceramics and Pottery Need 1 ewo rk Wi 1 dl i fe-bi rds ARTHRITIS Leo N. Levi Hosp at Hot Springs emphasizes treatment My31,1B:4 ARTS COUNCIL, ARKANSAS See Culture (The Arts) ARVlN INDUSTRIES, INC Monticello hopes to prevent closing of plant 010,18A:3 ASH FLAT Storms ASHMORE, HARRY S. Addresses Ll ttle Rock group on civil rights Ap19,13A:l ASKEW, REUBl N 0. Presidential Election of 1984 ASSAULTS AND DISORDERLY CONDUCT Crime and Criminals Shoot i ngs ASSESSMENT, PROPERTY See Taxation-Real Estate ATHE l SM US Court of Appeals aff i rms dismissal of suit by Frances Flora and

44 ATHE l SM 1982 AVIATION HALL OF FAME Erin Leary seeking to null lfy antiatheist provision of the Ark Constitution 029,15A:1 ATHLETICS AND SPORTS Biographical sketch of Ark Hal 1 of Fame inductee Hugh (Bones) Taylor Jal7,10:2 Ja18,1C:4 Biographical sketch of Jim Pace Ja24,50:2 JaZ5, 2C:l Report to Higher Education Dept shows state spent $4.4 mill ion last year to subsidize coll athletics; University of Ark at Fayettevilte is only school making a profit; deficit at Arkansas State Univ was $945,529 Ja30,3D:l Biographical sketch of Ambrose S. (~ro) Erwin F6,2D:1 F7, 1D:2 Jim Mack Sawer, track coach at Henderson State, to be inducted Into NAlA Hall of Fame FIO,SD:2 Biographical sketch of Aubrey Fowler F13, 1 D:3 F14,1D:2 Biographical sketch of Milan Creighton F15,1C:2 F16,1D:2 Biographical sketch of Deward Dopson F17,l D:2 F18,1D:2 Induction ceremony held F2OY1B:2 US Supreme Court upholds rul ing that AI C must release financial data on student athletes F23,5A:1 Gazette's high school athletes of the year named Je6,1D:4 Article on tittle Rock's Ian Jackson, a triathlete Mr27,lC:Z Membership of AIC votes to include women's athletics Ap10,5D:2 Financing college sports in Ark Ag8,l D:2 Table of revenues, expenses and deftci ts (by coll) Ag8, 10:4 Legislators say colleges should make programs self-supporting Ag8,5D:1 College athletic deficits billed to students Ag9,1C:2 Chart shows pct of funds spent on men's and women's athletics (by coll) Ag9,1C:2 Funds transfers subsidize sports AglO,lC:2 Cutback or program reductton at col Is inevitable Agl 1,l D:2 Revenues, expenditures and deficits, (by coll) Agl1,2D:4 Letters on costs Ag18,14A:3 Razorback telecast contract went to KFSM-TV because it provi des more coverage than h i gher bidder Ag19,lC:l Legislative panel 1 eaves TV con tract up to Un i v Ag26, 3A:2 John Christian ttalsell, 8, excells in numerous sports 016,16:2 AIC tables decislon on scholarship reduction plan Dl 1,2C:1 Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame to add Willie Davis, Paul Dean, Jay H. Dean, Lou ti01 tr, Lee Rogers and Eddie Sutton D19,1E:2 Maxine Petrit discusses cost of varsity sports at community cal leges D29,13A:4 Ark-Elect ions--governor Arkansas Sports Rehabi 1 i tatson lnsti tute Basketball Col leges-libraries Football Otymplc Games Runn i ng Swimming Tenn I s Track and Field ATOMIC BOMBS See US-Armamen t ATOM1 C ENERGY Senator Dale Bumpers continues oppos 1 t ion to Cl inch River breeder reactor S30,1A:5 ATOMIC WEAPONS See US-Armament AUGUSTA Education (Augusta) AUTHORS See Books, Literature and Writlng AUTOMOBILE RACING Police quell near-riot at auto race track south of Little Rock 0 3A:5 AUTOMOBILES Arkansas delegat ton explains its vote to kill used car rule; some have received funds from industry Je6,3H:4 Ark-Pub1 l c Property Credl t AUVERT, EL 1 ZABETH Books AVIATION HALL OF FAME, ARKANSAS Field E. Kindley, Claud L. Halbert and Raymnd J. Ellis named to Hall of Fame ~14,lB:2

45 - B BANKS AND SAVINGS BACK Back Foundation seeks to help back sufferers Ag14,1B:4 BACK IN THE HILLS ANTIQUE SHOW See Antiques BACTER I AL SHOCK See Septic Shock BACTERM I C SHOCK See Septic Shock BAILEY, F. LEE James Brothers Co BAKEM CREDIT UNION Fi rm suspended Ag11,2B:4 Liquidation ordered S22,5C:2 BALD KNOB Police-Bald Knob BALDRIDGE, MALCOLM Commerce Secretary tells Pine Bluff audience President Reagan will not waver on econ Ag13,1B:4 BALDW IN PIANO AND ORGAN 60 Six black residents file bias suit against firm Ja20,2B:3 BALDWIN UNITED CORP National Investors Life l nsurance Company BALLARD, J. BARRY Ark-Voca t ional Techn i cal Education Dep t Education-Vocational BALOONS Baloons launched by Cabot students found In 10 states and Canada N27, 1B:3 BALTZ, DEBRA Arkansas Tech Uni v student wins Miss Arkansas USA contest D6,4A:4 BANISHMENT See Prostitution BANK OF QU ITMAN Losses force closing; owner to be changed, bank reopened M13,7A:1 BANKERS ASSOCIATION OF ARKANSAS, INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY Group forms to represent independent banks N24,5C : 4 BANKRUPT C l ES Charlie 0 Co, Inc Cornerstone Enterprises, Inc Haines Ranch BANKRUPTC 1 ES (~on't) Hol thoff Farms Partnership Hame Health Services of America James Brothers Co Lane, C l i f t C. Lyons Machinery Co Multiplex Inc Northwoad Carp Pettlt, Arch Razorback Ready Mix Co Sedgwick Peoples Gin and Elevator Superior Forwarding Co Inc Train Stat ion Tucker (H.T.) industries Wrape Forest lndust ries Inc BANKS AND SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSNS Twenty-nine robberies regtd In Ark during 1981 Ja1,3B:2 Investor account devised by Little Rock's Union Natl Bank is criticized by Federal Reserve Bank, may be illegal; other banks have adopted plan Ja30,1B:4 Fl rst State Bank of Springdale starts account call ed Money Market One Account, a sweep account F2,7~:4 Lawye r for Federal Reserve Sys tern says "Investor accounts" are i 1 legal F9,1B:6 First Federal S&L in El Dorado is first in state to switch to a stock co without changing its federal charter F10,7D:2 Worthen and Union Banks are modifying their special accounts F17,70:4 Pressure from federal agencies farced end to Union National's Investor Account; funds now invested outside state Mr21, 1F:2 Arkansas Association of Bank Holding Companies organized Ap25,lF:Z Merger of SELs announced My25,8A:6 Nearly all S&ts in Ark lost money during 2nd half of 1981 Je27,lF:l Jonesboro bank sets fee on savings of under $100 Jy14,70:2 Gov Frank White names Ark members of Southern Regional Banking Com S18,SA:Z Only 7 of 64 savings and loans in Ark had profit during first half of 1982; better candl tions expected N7,10:2 List of savings and loan assns, with assets, net worth and income durf ng first half of 1982 N7,jB:l

46 BANKS AND SAVINGS 1982 BASKETBALL Beverley J. Lambert Jr attributes bank closings to imprudent risks taken in poor econ times ~17,6~:4 Bank of Quitman Citizens Bank of Tillar Commercial National Bank (Little Rock) Commercial National Bank (Texa rkana) DeWltt Bank and Trust Co First American NatYonal Bank (North Little Rock) First American National Bankshares, Inc (North Little Rock) First American SEL (~ellvllle) Fi rs t Arkansas Banks tock Corp FIrst Federal SsL (Little Rock) Fi rs t Nat lonal Bank (Fayet tevl 1 le) First Natlonal Bank (Harrison) First National Bank (Hot Springs) First National Bank (Little Rock) Fi rst Securl ty Bank of North Ark Fi rs tsouth Federal Savings and Loan As sn Hous i ng Independence Federal S&L (Jones bo ro) Lawrence County Bank Madi son Bank and Trust (Kingston) Metropol ttan National Sank (~ittle Rock) National Bank of Arkansas (North Little Rock) Simmons First National Bank (Pine 51 uff) Twln City Bank (~orth Little Rock) Union National Bank (Little ~ock) US-Home Loan Bank System Worthen Bank and Trust Co (Little ~ock) BANKS, CHUCK Ark-Elections--US House District 1 BANKS, DAVID R. Beverly Enterprises BANYAN TECHNOLOGY CORP Plant may be built in Ark to make ethanol from wood wastes My5,7B:1 BAPTIST CHURCH Comments by Dr James T. Draper on problems In Southern Baptist Conv SlI,5A:I Rev Don Moore named executive secretary of Arkansas Baptist State Conv 02,3B:5 Arkansas Bapt State Conv opens 129th annual session ; apostasy issue to be ai red Nl7,12A:5 Arkansas Baptist State Convention messengers defeat 4-yea r status for Southern Baptlst Colt, call for dismissal of Dr Dale A. Moody from facu 1 ty of Sou the rn Baptist Seminary, and adapt a budget of $10 mil 1 ion ~18,4A: 1 Arkansas Baptist State Conv approves resolutions N19,4A:5 BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER Hearing held on effort by union to organize nurses Ag27,13A:5 No wrltten rule bars supervisors' actions, NLRB told Ag28,5~:5 Baptist Medical Center Forrest Memorial Hasp Housing-Li ttle Rock BAPTIST STATE CONVENTION, ARKANSAS See Baptist Church BARBERS AND BARBERING Hair BAR t TE See Metals and Minerals BARRY CORP Older workers hit hardest by closfng Ag29,19A:2 BARTLEY, ANNE Former Arkansas resident now works in Washington Je6,1A:2 BARTON, RICHARD LEE Art BARTSCH, GEORGE Trails BASEBALL University of Arkansas Razorbacks ranked 9th Ap1,2D:3 Razorbacks rank 6th in poll Ap16,30:4 Henderson State Univ wins AIC title ~p29,6~:4 Arkansas Tech Unlv wins Dtst 17 crown My10,3C:1 Texas defeats Ark in SW Tourn ~y16,l D : 2 Razo rbacks ousted from tourn My1 7,l C :5 Tech defeated in final of NAlA Area Five tourn ~ ~24, 2D:4 Winder (~ay) Field BASKETBALL Ray Thornton says ASU lucky on NCAA penalty Jal,lD:2 ASU ellglble for

47 BASKETBALL 1982 BASKETBALL 1982 tourns Ja2,3D:6 University of Arkansas Razorbacks fa1 1 to Texas Tech Ja3,l D:3 ASU recrul ting violations listed JaS,1D:2 Razorbacks drop to llth in poll Ja6,1D:5 Jason Rouby praises forthrlgh t statement by Ray Thornton Ja1 1, l2a:6 Razorbacks ranked 9th, 10th in polls Ja12,10:5 Razorbacks drop to 14th, 15th In palls after loss to Texas Ja20,10:5 UAF climbs to llth, 12th in polls ~a26,10:6 Hogs rated 14th In both polls F3,1D:2 Film shows Texas players and coach lni tiated incidents at UAF F9,l D: 1 Texas coach Abe Lemns to ask for SWC probe of a1 tercation at end of game at Fayetteville; players involved comment F9,1D:2 Arkansas ranked 8th, 10th in polls F9,1 D:2 Coach Eddie Sutton disputes allegations of Abe Lemons F10,1D:3 Orvi 11 Henry wrl tes that Abe Lemons 'conned' Texas wrlters with hts story F15,lC: 1 Conference reps view films, agree Dar re l 1 Wal ker shou 1 d have been ejected; f lnal report delayed unti 1 after tourn F15,1C:2 SWC Commissioner Cliff Speegle says there is no basis for any suspension or further investigation of Darrell Walker; further study of action of coaches in conf wtll be made; Assistant Commissioner Hal tahar, a I tpreader* says Abe Lemons used obscen f ties to crowd and to Walker; film vtewed by panel shows Texas player Harper kicking Scott Hastings as he lay on the floor F16,l D:! Henderson State Univ grabs share of AIC title F16,1D:4 Arkansas Tech Un iv women Is team shares AWISA title wfth Ouachita F17, 4D:5 Reddies win AIC F19,1D:5 Razorbacks ranked 15th F23,l D:2 Southwest Conf office refuses to allow TV showing of film that transforms Coach Abe Lemons of Texas and his player, Ray Harper, from accusers to the accused ; some Texas wri ters now portray Ark as the victim F24, 1D:l Razorbacks assured of share of SWC champlonshlp F25,I D:5 Universl ty of Arkansas at tittle Rock gains share of TAAC title F26,10:6 Razorbacks win SWC championsh tp ~28, I ~ : 6 Universi ty of Central Arkansas Sugar Bears win AWlSA tourn F28,2D:4 Scott Hastings named to UP A1 1 -SWC team Mr2,1D:2 Ark ranked 14th and 15th Mr3,1D:2 HSU wlns NA1A Dist 17 title for trip to natl tourn Mr3,1D:5 Scott Hastings named to AP All-SWC team Mr3,20:1 Jimmy Lampley on A1.t -TAAC team Mr3, 2D:2 Jim Yeager resigns as ATU women's coach Mr4,BD:l HSU seeded 10th in NAIA tourn Mr5,1D:2 Faculty reprs to restudy incident durtng Texas game Mr6,lD : 1 Rarorbacks defeat TCU in SWC Classic Mr6,1D:2 UALR defeated in TAAC semifinals Mr6, 1D:5 Hogs win SWC Classic to advance to natl tourn Mr7,10:2 A1!-AI C team named Mr7,2D:5 Reddies defeat Birmingham in tourn MrlO, 1 D:4 Westark Community Call Lions win Region 2 tourn Mrl0,2D:l Moorehead falls to HSU Mrll,lD:4 Hampton Institute defeats HSU Mr12,1D:5 Lady Razorbacks advance to semifinals of regional tourn Mr12,2D:1 Sugar Bears defeated in regional tourn by Sam Houston Mr12,2D:2 Lions advance in rourn Mr13,1D:3 Lady Razorbacks defeated in AIAW tourn Mr13,2D:5 Ratorbacks lose in NCAA tourn to Kansas State Mr15,1A:2 Westark defeated Mrl7,l D:5 Bryant gi rls defeat Batesvi 1 le for overall state champlonshlp Mr21,I D:2 Gurdon shocks top-ranked Hal 1 High School for state title Mr21,10:5 Bruce Terry named head coach at tal lege of the Ozarks Ap3,2D:1 31m Dickerson is new Golden Suns head coach Ap11,7D:2 Arkansas's AAU Junior Olympic teams advance to final eight in Stockholm Je18,1D:6 Sherry Raney Lovass named Al t -American Ap18, 3D:2 Ark teams win titles in Europe Je23,1D:2 Bryant girls ranked 3rd in nation Je30,5D:l Carey Kelly and Ri cky Norton suspended f ram Rarorbacks team for a1 1 of I982 Ag31,lC:Z Athletic Director Larry Lacewell

48 BASKETBALL 1982 BENTON, WILLIAM EVANS miffed by remarks of Eddie Sutton about ASU program S2,1C:4 Only one player recruited by Eddie Sutton has failed to graduate 03,12E:2 Preview of season N21,IG:l University of Ark ranked 15th D7,1C:2 Razorbacks ranked 16th in UP1 poll D8,5C:1 Arkansas ranks 13th D14,1C:6 Junior colls offer exerting basketball 016, 3D: I Arkansas ranked 11 th by AP D29,l D:5 Razorbacks ranked 12th 021, ic:2 BATESVILLE Developments crown 2 decades of Batesvt 1 le growth Ja17,6F:3 Pol 1 ce- l ndependence County BATS Study on endangered bats In Ark F21,6D:3 Army Engineers plan to make opening in cave to provide a flood free entrance for gray bats F28,48:4 BATTERED CHILDREN See Ch i 1 d ren-abuse BAUX 1 TE See Metals and Minerals BAXTER COUNTY State Supreme Ct rules sell ing of $14,770,000 of revenue bonds by Baxter County at interest rate higher than 10 pct violates constitution; rul ing may have wf de effects on revenue bonds In Ark F17,1B:5 Voters reject sales tax D9,12A:3 Liquor BEARDEN, JOHN F. JR Capital Punishment BEAUMONT, WILLIAM E. JR Also see various subheads under entry, Pulaski County BEAUTY CONTESTS Arkansas Junior Miss Imperial Mfss America Princess Miss America Miss Arkansas Miss Arkansas/USA Miss Unlverse Miss USA BEAUTY SHOPS Suit alleges hair ruined at Lee's School of Cosmetology S4,12A:4 Cosmtologlst Austine Will lams recalls her struggle for success S20, 13:2 Hair BEAVER LAKE Visitors total over 5 million; faci 1 l ties descrt bed My2,21:6 Recreation areas My2,51:1 Water and Water Pollution BECKER, J. BILL Critical of Reagan adm proposals on jobless N27,1A:3 Credit Labor-Unempl oyment Unemployment Insurance BEGINNING EXPERIENCE See Counsel ing BE l ELECTRON 1 CS Army awards $8,524,938 contract to Camden firm Je12,3B:l BELL, MELVYN L. Energy Sys tens Co BELL, TERREL H. Education Secretary tells Hendrix Call audience that students must put up larger share of costs Apl,lB:5 BELLS AND CARILLONS Dalton Daf ly has large collection D9,tB:l BENAFIELD, J. W. (BUDDY) Little Rock-Cf ty Board of Dl rectors BENHAM, G. HARVEY Boaks BENNETT, SWANNEE Arkansas Te rri tor I a1 Restorat ion BENTLEY, WILBUR C. Murders-McArthur BENTLEY, WILBUR T. Artlcle on former sportswriter for Arkansas Gazette 030,l B :2 BENTON Police-Benton BENTON COUNTY County plans for sales tax vote angers Rogers residents where vote also is planned Ap15,7B:? Voters reject sales tax N4,6A:1 BENTON, WILLIAM EVANS US Supreme Court Chlef Justice

49 BENTON, WILLIAM EVANS 1982 BLACKS ( I N ARKANSAS) Warren Burger issues rebuke to Benton for legal ad MrlO,lB:2 BENTONV I LLE Police-Bentonville BERNER, ARNOLD A. Retires from Farm Bureau Ag29,15A:l BERRY (R.G.) CORP Conway shoe plant to close; 250 to 1 ose jobs Ag24,l C: 5 BETHUNE, ED Gazette chides Bethune for failure to mention default of GOP chai man on loan when he attacks govt lending F1, 10A: 1 Bethune stands by Reagan adm pol icles F14,lH:I Bethune among 7 Congressmen going to Poland to study impact of martial law Mr3,tOA:5 Gazette says Bethune back In Reagan ism fold S3,ZOA:l Seeks broad revision in budgeting S29,3A:3 Review of work in Cong D12,1A:3 Ark-Elections--US House District 2 Chemical Warfare Hous l ng Scholarships US -Armament US-Court of Appeals US-Finances US-Intel 1 I gence Agency, Central Wilderness and Natural Areas BEVERAGES Soft Drinks BEVERLY ENTERPR I SES David R. Banks heads nation's largest nursing home chain 03,lB:Z Firm asked to submit for review ce rt i f l ca tes to operate home hea 1 th agencies issued to Pmfesslonal Health Services, Inc N17,YA:I Acquisition of certificates legal, opinion says D14,10C:3 BICYCLES AND BICYCLING John Workman describes his bicycle trip from Fort Smlth to Lt ttle Rock N6, tb:2 BIOLOGY TEACHERS, NATIONAL ASSOCI- ATION OF Education-Curricula B t RDS See Wildlife-Birds BIRTH CONTROL AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD Charles E. Ross addresses antlabortion group at Little Rock Ja17, 3B:3 Demonstration agafnst abortion held at Ltttle Rock Ja18,9A:5 State Supreme Court rules doctors who erred fn vasectomtes wlll not have to pay for unwanted chll d Mr9,6B:1 Rightto-1 ffe advocates conduct prayer protest outside clinic In Little Rock Mr31,38:4 Abortion laws discussed in gubernatorial campaign Ap16,7B:6 Marilyn Simn and Mattie Mae Rice debate Issue of cl fnlcs reporting sex activities of teenagers to their parents Apl8,lH:I Seven women's groups In Ark attack proposal to curb abortions Jy16,12B: 1 Abortion optson open to clients at 3 cl fnlcs in tr area Ag3,16:2 Abortion statistics for Ark Ag3,16:2 Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor oppose antiabortion measure S16,1A:5 Nancy Mi 1 ler says abortlons could prevent birth of criminals S17,21A:1 Attorney Leon Holmes discusses abort lon as legitimate murder; artlcle ltnks Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor and Congressmen Bill Alexander and Beryl Anthony to those favoring killing innocent children S28,9A:4 Abba House BIRTHRIGHT, INC Alamo Christian Foundation B 1 RtHS Midwives BlSTATE CRIMINAL JUSTICE CENTER Delays may run cost of Texarkana facility to $19 mlll lon 03,23A:1 BLACKS ( I N ARKANSAS) Several famous Arkansans remembered as part of black history celebration F28,3~:5 Advancement of Delta blacks is goal of O11y Neal Jr My24,14A:l Lecture at Shorter Col 1 by Dr Tony Martln reviews work of Marcus Moziah Garvey, a black rights activist, who was arrested in Fort Smith In 1924 Je23,60:1 Llttle Rock Mayor Charles Bussey fears exploitat f on of black unrest Jy3,l B: 6

50 BLACKS ( I M ARKANSAS) 1982 BONDS Robert Mcln tosh dl sagrees wi th Bussey on black unrest Jy4,12B:4 Charles Bussey scored for remark on unrest Jy8,12B:2 Alfred Edgar Smith, a black Arkansan, served as aide to Frank1 in D. Roosevel t 018,lA:Z Ark-Elect ions--governor Christ1 an Leadership Conference, Southern Colored People, National Association for the Advancement of Real Estate Discrlminatlon. See entry, Discrimination. and its cross references BLAIR, JAMES B. Democratic Party BLANCHARD SPRI NG CAVERN Vlsf tors see spectacular sights My2,lTI: 1 Mot ds (0otany) BLANKEN ASSOC l ATES Management consultant firm moves headquarters to Li trle Rock Ag15,3C: 1 BLANTON GRAIN CO Hubert Lee Blanton Jr charged with 70 counts of grain fraud involving $1.1 million 524,3A:1 BLASINGAME, JAMES f. US- lnves tigat ion, Bureau of BLAYLOCK, LEN Ark-Government Employees BLIND See 61 lndness and the Bl ind BLIND, ARKANSAS ENTERPRISES FOR THE Bernard Whets tone sets up 5100,000 trust for AEB D31,6A:4 BLINDNESS AND THE BLIND 0. C. Berryhlll, who is totally blind, is a volunteer church worker who devotes hours of volunteer work with men and boys Ja6,1C:3 J. Max Wooley, Supt of Arkansas School for the Blind, will retl re; new supt Is Dr Hugh A. Pace Ap30,3B:3 James Max Wool ly discusses work at Arkansas School for the Blind My24,1B:3 Dr Hugh Pace named by Gov Frank White to Advisory Commt ttee for the Bl ind and Visually impalred Jy23,3B: 1 Trails BLOOD Life of infant saved when Dr James Studdard donated his own blood minutes after he del lvered baby F23, 1 A:2 BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS Jehovah's Wi tnesses BLOUNT, LISA Actors BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SH 1 ELD Hospitals BLUE LAWS See Sunday Observance BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE Recreatton facilities My2,6T:5 BLYTHEVILLE Pol Ice-Blythevi lle BOARD l NG HOUSES State to begin pllot program to place poor in boarding homes Ap3,lB:l Boarding home program has slow start Ag27,5A:4 BODY, HUMAN Back Blood Spinal Cord BODY LANGUAGE See Language BOLES, CHARLES A. See Stewart, Charles BOLlVlA Arkansas Partners help 001 lvla overcame problems Dl0,lD:b BOLTON, S. CHARLES Books BOMBS AND BOMB PLOTS Two businesses at North tittle Rock get bomb threats Ja1,ZB: 1 Bomb found in Benton County house that was ordered sold 024,4~:6 Crime Murders-McArthur BONANZA SIRLOIN RESTAURANTS James L. Manning, Gene H. Pmffltt, Donald C. Hurst, Robert C. Fain and Richard A. Halsell plead gull ty to skimming operation at their Bonanza Sirloin steak houses Je25,1B:3 men sentenced in skimming scheme at Bonanza Ag14,1B:5 BONDS See Government Bonds Five

51 BONDS, JOHN YOUNG JR 1982 BREWER, JAMES H. BONDS, JOHN YOUNG JR Undetwrf ter, tennis patron dtes Jy6,2A: 5 BOOK REVIEW See Books BOOKS, LITERATURE AND WRITING ~uvert, Elf zabeth: Lt ttle Rock author is world citizen Ap6,1C:2 I Bass Sharon: For the Trees: an illustrated History of the Orark-St Francis National ~orests (rev) Jy18, 5H:2 Benham, g. Harvey: Man's Struggle for Food Je20.5H: 1 Bolton, S. Charles: Professor at UALR authors book en titled Southern Angl lcanism Ag15,8D:5 Booker, W i l l f e Jr: Review of Vegetable ~arden ing for Arkansas Je6, 5n:5 Brawn Dee: Famous author to write book about Hot Sprlngs F17,7D:3 Excerpts from Hot Springs book Jyll, 16:4 Clark G. Thomas: Winter Twfgs of ~rkansa. T r e m. 5 : 5 ~ Corn ton, Neil: The High Ozarks ( i*, 3ET ~ilchrist, - Ellen: Fayetteville author has sold 5,000 copies of her book, fn the Land of Dreamy Dreams F7,5H: 1 lntervlew w1 th author Mr9, 1C:6 Hall, Wally: US Court of Appeals In Atlanta reinstates suit against Lou Hottz over book, Lou Holtz in Hog Heaven Ja8.3D:6 ~arrfson;-willam: Button and Speke to be pub1 lshed this fa1 1 Jy25, 5H:6 Burton and Speke (rev) N28,4C:4 Jaggen, Annie j aura: Nude Singularity: ti ly Peter of Arkansas to be published soon 010,10C:5 ' Jones Douglas C: The Barefoot Brigade to be relgased Jy25,SH:b LeMaster, Carolyn: Book to trace history of Jews fn Ark F28,1G:6 Leslie, James W: Book on Pine Bluff and =son County hlstorv published My23,5H:4 Machen, Strelsa Morris: Early farm life in White County is grist for book series N29,lB:Z -9 - National Geographic Society: Journey into ChIna: Roy Reed and Gri ff in Smi th leave Ark mark on book on Chfna 024,8C:4 Robertson :Y- Mar Elsie : Arkansas native publ~shes novel called The Clearing Je6,5~:5 Rodgers, Raboo: The Keeper 01 7, 8C : 5 Sandford, Juanita: Book on older women planned by professor Mr6,l C: 3 Saxton Kurt: Harrison man is au-f baok described as ki 1 lerls primer found in home in Chicago 017, 22A:3 W i l l lams, Miller: Final 1st for the c a n Book Award for translation F22,5H:l ~arborou~h, -- Anna Nash: Article discusses career of talented Ark writer Ja5,3C:1 BOOKSTORES Bookstores booming In Little Rock Je9,lS:l BORDEAUX POINT See Ark-Boundaries BOSWELL, MERIDETH See Ceramics and Pottery BOWEN, WILLIAM H. Credit BOYCOTTS Television BOYS STATE Two elected to Boys Nation Je8,8A:2 BRADLEY COUNTY Ark-History and Soctal Life BRA1 N Psychology and Psychaloglsts BRANDON, DOUG Appointed to Southern Regional Education Bd D19,20A:3 Ark-Elections- Legislature, Senate District 4 BREWER, JAMES H. Walter Sloan, who was arrested with former state, Repr Brewer and charged with possession of an illegal firearm and counterfeit bf lls, dies of heart attack F12,6B:3 Brewer convicted of weapons charge, passing bogus money Ap6,3B:5 Brewer gets 6-yr term My7, 6B:6

52 BRIBERY AND Kl CKBACKS 1982 BUMPERS, DALE LEON BRIBERY AND Kl CKBACKS Ark-Local Govt--Contracts Conway bun ty Ouach I ta County Polnsett County BRIDGES Arkansas River BRINKLEY Sales tax approved 020,10A:3 Police-Brinkley BROOKS, JIM See at so Ark-Elections--Governor Waste Materials BROWN, DEE Books BROWNING, JANE Culture (The Arts) BROYLES, FRANK Colleges-Libraries BRUTALITY AND HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS Crime Pol ice-bald Knob Po 1 i ce -Ben ton Pol lce-li ttle Rock Pol ice-north Little Rock BRYANT, W l NSTON Ark-Elect ions--lieutenan t Governor BUDGETS AND BUDGETING Ark-Finances and Budgets BUFFALO NATIONAL Rl VER PARK See Parks-Buffalo Natfonal BUI LDERS AND CONTRACTORS OF ARKANSAS, ASSOCIATED Ark-Elections--US House District T BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS See Banks and Banklng BUILDINGS Koger Properties to build $40 million office park in west Litt Rock Jy8,1B:5 Freeway Medical Tower Bull ding One Financial Center Tennenbaum Building Tower But 1dIng Train Station Building BUILDINGS. HISTORIC See ~istoric Buildings and Sites BUILDINGS, PUBLIC See geog heads BULL CREEK LAKE (PROPOSED) Project hits snag when US Army Engineers say purchase of water from North Little Rock is preferable N30, 2A:5 Land for dam was purchased without a btdg permft D1,6A:2 BULL SHOALS LAKE Recreation faci 1 ltles ~~2,16f:6 BUMPASS, DUDLEY M. Home Health Services of America BUMPERS, BETTY Honored by Rotarians N18,7A:1 International Relations BUMPERS, DALE LEON Name listed amng possible Dem nominees for President F19,1I3:6 Senator curbs on lunches for his aides paid by reporters Ap1,lA:Z Senator donates his gubernatorial papers to UALR Je13,9B:4 Northwestern Univ awards honorary doctorate to Bumpers Je19,3B:1 Senator becomlng more partlsan 027,13A:1 Jack Lavey call s cri t f cism by Robert McCord unfair, inaccurate N1,lOA:4 Recef ves Friend of Education award from Arkansas Educ Assn N7,13A:2 Secures funds to repair Buffalo River Park flood damage D18,7A:4 A tom i c Energy Birth Control Congress (US) Educatton-Equal Educ Educatlan-Religious PractTces F i rea rms International Relations Labor-Unemployment Lebanon Presidenttat Election Real Estate -Scholarships Social Security (US) Union of Soviet Socia list Republics US-Armament US- Economl c Condi t Tons US-Governmen t Depts US-Finances Vought Corp Wilderness and Natural Areas 43

53 BURGLAR1 ES See Robberies and Thefts BURNETT, JAMES See a 1 so US-Transportat ion Safety Bd BURNEY, JOHN FULLER Head of Helena Rice Drier, Inc, who disappeared in 1976, turns up a1 ive in Florida; insurance firms to seek refunds from beneficiaries D8,1A:2 Mrs Burney f i 1es divorce sui t; charges desert f on D9,12A: 3 Records show Burney remarried D10,lOA: 1 Burney told farmers about drier losses 012,18A: 5 BUSES Arkansas Transportation Comm f inds Trailways in contempt, orders fine of $500 per day Ja22,5B:2 Deregulation wi 11 hurt Ark Jy20,5A:2 BUSH, BARBARA Attends dedication of Mi tchell Chi 1 dren's Center in LR D10,3A:4 BUSH, GEORGE Vice President to attend fund raiser for Gov Frank White F25,1B:4 Speech at Little Rock calls reelection of Frank White a natlonal priority, defends Reagan on El Salvador and the econ; busing hit F27,1A:6 Fort Smith audience told that Reagan ' s New Federal 1 sm has wide appeal F27,4A:4 Editorial on Bush visit Mr7,4H:2 Ark-Elect ions--governor Ark-Elections--US House District 3 BUSSEY, CHARLES L. JR Amusem*nt Parks BUTLER, WILLIAM R. Little Rock-Munf clpal Court BYNUM, GEORGE W. Murders-McArthur BYRD, CONLEY Reti red Justice Byrd remains active ~a12,10:4 Ark-Elections--US House District 4 Sunday Observance CACHE RIVER Channelization of Cache Rivet and Bayou DeView back before Game and Fish Comm Ag18,5C:1 Gazette urges GEFC to continue oppos 1 t ion to Cache project Ag22,lOC:l Channel fzatton opposed by GEFC 019,1C:5 Gazette camends G&FC 022,18A: 1 Wild1 ife Sanctuaries CADDO RIVER Gas (Fuel) CALDER, ALEXANDER (1898-) Art CALDWELL, BETTY M. Day Care Centers For Chi 1 dren Education-Equal CAL ION DAM See Darns-Cal ion CAMDEN Town prospers as defense lndus site Ag22,1A:2 Sales tax approved D15, 19A: 1 CAMDEN W t RE CO Flrm to build plant in Ptne Bluff S21,5C:2 CAMMACK, KATE GAINES BROADUS Colleges-Gffts CAMMACK VILLAGE Town surrounded by Little Rock Is proud of independence Apt I, 1 B: 3 CAMP ROB 1 NSON National Guard, Arkansas CANCER Article df scusses rare case of cancer inside heart of pattent at Little Rock Ja24,lG:b Focus for cancer patients shifts to coping with the disease Mrl,lB:2 Not all cancer patients helped by THC Ap1,3B:3 Arkansas Cancer Hot1 ine provides help for patients Je5,1C:5 CANOE CLUB, ARKANSAS ltlfnois Bayou CANOES AND CANOEING Kayaking the Illinois Bayou north of Russellville F19,1C:3 CANTEX I NDUSTR I ES US Appeals C t rules Cantex did not act illegally in firlng 13 employees who shut down machines during labor

54 CANTEX INDUSTRIES 1982 CARTOONS AND CARTOON I NG dfspute Jy23,l B:6 CAP l TAt PUN I SHMENT Rise in number of death terms imposed last yr shows dramatic trend in Ark Ja8,88:1 List of 20 inmates on Death Row Ja8,8B:5 Bill Clinton defends his record on setting execution dates, says he agrees wlth policy of Gov Frank Wh i te Ja30,3B: 1 Attorney Thomas M. Carpenter writes on necess ity of death sentence appeals F2, 5A:3 A1 1 Arkansans 1 tkely to be party to an executlon soon, John S. Workman warns f6,8c:1 Charles Chas ta in argues that death penal ty is moral Mr16,15A:2 Death penalty challenged in court Mr19,3B: 1 Little Rock Conf of the Methodist Church reaffirms opposition to death penalty Je1,7A:5 Twenty- three men face execution in Ark Ag12,6A:6 Frank White calls for faster executions Ag14,lA:b White proposal to speed up executions hit by lawyer Ag16,5A:5 Appeal process is frustrating, Gov Frank White says Ag18,IZA: 1 Editorial on quickie electrocutions Ag18,14A: 1 Cartoon of White waiting In courtroom anteroom wt th electric char r Ag18,14A:3 Gov Frank White says he is serious about speedier execution, but does not reveal how he can speed up federal courts Ag27,lA:S Bi 11 Cl inton says Cong would have to shorten appeal process Ag23,6A:2 Publlc response to John Workman stand on death penalty Ag28,10A:4 Former Supreme Court Justice Jfm Johnson writes on politicians who pander to roar of the crowd on executions S3,20A:4 Letter asks how born again Christians can support death penal ty S3,20A:4 Repub1 i can Party endorses death penal ty S12,3A: 1 Sen John F. Bearden Jr persuades Legis panel to study execution methods S17,7A:5 J. t. Bentley says electrocution not painful S27,8A:6 Present status of 15 convicts rescued from Death Row by Wlnthrop Rockefel ler Ol,l5A:2 Study by Legis is nonsense, ACLU Director Sandra Kurjlaka says 04,7A:4 B i 11 C l in ton sees no reason to change Frank White policy D4,12A:5 Duane MeCampbell discusses death penal ty as deterrent; certainty of punishment, not the type, is deterrent ~8,23~:3 Ark-Elect ions--governor Murders-Bai ley Mu rde rs - B rewe r Murders-Carter Murders-Criswell Murders-Ri tchie Murders -Robertson Murders-Staton Mu rde rs -Teague Murders-York CAPITOL HILL BUILDING See Ark-Public Buildings CARAWAY, HATTIE Article reviews election to US Sen Dl9,l C:2 CARAWAY, J. LEWEY Supervises bidgs of US Senate 019, 1 c:2 CARDEN, RONALD QU l NTON Murders-Honeycut t CARCILL SWINE PRODUCTS CO Firm files sult to void London (Pope County) law against swine pens in city S16,7C:3 CARGO CARRIERS, INC Pine Bluff pl,ant lays off 187 workers My7,Il B:4 CARLISLE, LlLBURN W. Democratic Party CARPENTER, CLAUDE Veterans CARROLL COUNTY Voters reject sales tax N4,6A: 1 Police-Carroll County CARRUTH, WALTER Ark-Elect ions--governor CARTER, JlMMlE Former Pres hunts ducks in Ark with Kaneaster Hodges 03,5A:2 D5,33A:3 CARTOONS AND CARTOONING Jan Gosnell is prize-winning cartoonist My16,lC:P See a 1 so Ark-Elect ions--governor Capital Punishment Congress (US) Sunday Observance

55 CASH, JOHNNY 1982 CHEM l CAL WARFARE CASH, JOHNNY Fordyce to host Cash concert Ap23, lc:3 CASTLE INDUSTRIES John All ison sells control1 ing interest to Oci 1 la Industries, Inc for $4.5 million F4,70:3 CATF l SH See Wild1 ife-fish CATLETT, GRAHAM little Rock lawyer receives scores of calls of greeting after small ad placed in paper Ag13,15:5 Tower Building CATLETT, LEON 0. Democratic figure during Faubus adm dies Mrl, la:2 CAVES AND CAVERNS Blanchard Spring Cavern CEMETERI ES Three Episcopal churches in Ark plan memorial gardens where cremated remains of church members can be housed Jag, 1 C : 5 East Arkansas Cemetery Restoration Council seeks to restore old cemeteries Ag17,l C:2 Charles and Sharon Johnson sue land developers for $1 million, allege house was built in old cemetery at Tuckeman ; eerie sights, sounds reported Ag26,1OA:5 Veterans Little - Rock. Memorial to mark burial site of paupers and mental patients on Natural Resources Complex grounds Jy11,40: 3 CENSORSHlP See Education (~armington) Education ( ~ lonia) i p*rnography and Obscen 1 ty CENSUS Data on vartous items in Ark Je27, 38: 1 CENTER FOR ARKANSAS STUD! ES See Ark-History and Social Life CENTRAL ARKANSAS SOCIALS p*rnography and Obscen i ty CENTRAL FLY l NG SERV 1 CE See Ai rl ines CERAMICS AND POTTERY Merideth Boswell is successful potter D12,lD:l CHAMBERLAIN FEATHERLITE MANUFACTURING C 0 Hot Springs plant to lay off 158 workers N5,8C:2 CHAMBERLAtN, HENRY Colleges-Curricula CHAMBERLIN, GARY Ark-H i gher Education Oept CHAR l TY See Philanthropy CHARLl E 0 CO, INC Files debt reorganization petition Jy2,5B: 3 CHASE BAG CO Air Pollution CHEMICAL WARFARE Nerve gas production may be resumed under Reagan Adm; Senator David Pryor attempting to halt resumption Ja22,lB: 4 Senator David Pryor urges Pres Reagan to block nerve gas Ja23, 1B:6 Editorial opposes nerve gas production Ja25,12A:1 Interview with David Pryor on binary nerve gas Ja31, 1H:l Article on the Soviets and nerve gas F11,13A:5 Nerve gas production can start at Pine Bluff Arsenal in 1984 Fll,SB:4 Senator David Pryor debates nerve gas need with Army official F19,3B:3 Senator David Pryor joins bid to halt funds for nerve gas Mr17,5B:2 David Pryor suspects plan to neglect present stockptles of nerve gas Apl,6B: 1 Binary gas factory being bull t at Pine Bluff Arsenal; opposition to weapon grows MylO,lA:2 Senator Dale Bumpers votes for funds for nerve gas, while Sen David Pryor votes against My15,3A:4 North Arkansas Conf of the Methodist Church urges protest of nerve gas and chemical warfare Je9, 7B:l Ed Bethune leads opposition to nerve gas weapons Jy 17,lB : 2 Ed Bethune tours Pine 0 1 uf f Arsenal ; opposes nerve gas product 1 on, expresses concern about safety of chemical agents at Arsenal Jy18,3B: 1 US House

56 CHEM1 CAL WARFARE 1982 CHRISTIAN SERVICE CENTER rejects nerve gas production Jy23, 1A:5 Peggy M. Beck, pres of a local labor union, tells Ed Bethune to stay out of 4th Dist affairs; tour of Pine Bluff Arsenal upset Beck ~g29,4~: 1 CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICALS Jacksonville official blames U.S.S. Chemicals for death of sewage lagoon; firm denies charge Ap16,7B:1 Area in Fort Smith barricaded after PCBs found in soil 02,9A:1 PCB-laden oil removed from Ft Smith 03,3A:4 Blood samples from Fort Smith residents to be tested for PCBs 07,8A:4 CHESS Paul M. Kuroda, a UAF student, matches Russian master in tourn Jy12, 3B:l CHICAGO MILL AND LUMBER CO Ark-Boundaries CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND AND PACIFIC RA l LROAD See Rack Island Lines CH I COT LAKE Proposed res iden tial area on shore would destroy home of endangered birds Ag31,5A:4 State Pol lution Control and Ecology Dept wants more adv i ce on proposed deve 1 opmen t at Lake Chicot Nl9,32A:5 CHILD ABUSE See Ch i 1 dren-abuse CHILD CUSTODY See Chi 1 dren-cus tody CHILDREN AND YOUTH Arkansas Roundtable for Chi 1 dren and Youth to hold seminar to discuss legis for aid children 020,2A:3 Adoptions Alamo Christian Foundation Day Care Centers for Children Handi capped Pregnancy... Abandoned. Newborn baby left on doorstep of home in Gould F9,5B: 1 Young girl who reported finding baby at Gould was actually the mother F16, 2B:4 Infant abandoned in Prescott field My25,14A:5 15-year-old mother at Little Rock charged with abandoning baby Jy22,2B:2 Pol ice arrest Dorothy Grainey on charge of abandoning newborn chlld in park ~10,7A:6 - Abuse. SCAN, which began in Little Rock, now fights child abuse across brf ca ~22,10:5 Alcoholism Murde rs-conners Murders-Ki 1 crease Sex Crimes... Battered Chi 1 dren See Ch l 1 dren-abuse - Care (Foster). Lori Dunn Surratt files $1 mill ion claim against state Social Services Div alleging she did not receive proper foster care ~ 1 8, 6A: 1 - Care (Institutional) Arkansas Sheriffs Assn Gi rl s Ranch Circle H Youth Ranch Fai th Christian Home Real Life Ranch -- Crime and Criminals. Closing of Pulaski County juvenile detention center puts ~ouths in limbo Jy18,1~:2 Murde rs-conne rs Murders- Ki 1 crease Sex Crimes Custody Troutt. Robert CH l LDREN AND YOUTH, - ARKANSAS ROUNDTABLE FOR Chlldren and Youth CH l ROPODY Dr Phillip Stegall discusses his work as a podiatrist Je1,lB:Z CHRISMAN, MARSHALL Ark-Elections--Governor CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK Clark, Steve CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, SOUTHERN Arkansas to have chapter Mr11,28:4 CHRIST IAN SERVl CE CENTER (LITTLE ROC@ Center stops taking transient famt 1 ies after complaints Ag28,4A:4

57 CHRISTIAN SERVICE CENTER 1982 CLARK, STEVE Di rector Johnny Jackson defends Center's work S6,14A:4 CHRISTIANITY See Re1 tgion and Churches CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, MATlONAL CONFERENCE Rabbi Elijah Patnick says MCCJ award 1s humbling My11,18:4 CHRl STMAS TREES George Friedrick is commercial grower of Christmas trees D17,16:3 CHURCH AND STATE RELATIONS See Re1 igion and Churches CHURCHES See Religion and Churches CHURCHES, ARKANSAS COUNCIL OF W i l l admit Cathol ics and Jews, change name to Arkansas Conference of Churches and Synagogues N10,1A:6 New advisory council headed by Bishop Herbert A. Donovan Jr D18,10A:4 C l GARS AND C l GARETTES See Tobacco CINESPORT, INC Television Cl RCLE H YOUTH RANCH (PLAIMVI EW) Re1 iglous exemption denied by Chi 1 d Care Fact 1 Sties Bd; corporal punishment concerns Bd ~~28,166: 1 Ch i 1 d Care Bd votes to revoke license Je24,95:6 Officials reject request for end to corporal punishment Je26,33:1 State Social Services Div sues to close ranch Je30,3B: 3 Courts puzzled over jurisdiction Jyl, 1B:4 Ranch sent youths to jai 1, attorney says Jy15,30:2 Soclal Services Div alleges ranch is public nufsance ~y22,4~:4 Judge delays rul ing Jy28,70:4 Judge rules ranch does not qualify for religious exemption from regulations Jy29,12A:3 Alleged abuse described by youths in court Jy31,18:2 Faci 1 i ty ordered closed pending trial Jy31,lB:l Don Grendell vows to end violations if state dtsmlsses lawsuit ~24,11~:1 Social Services Div asks that ranch be he 1 d in con tempt S28,5A: 4 Ranch allowed to reopen 02,13A:1 State does not want Rev Don Grendell jailed 013,8A:4 Rev Don Grendell found In contempt; fine suspended 015,18A:4 CITIZENS BANK OF TILLAR Losses force closure of bank Je24, 1A:5 Faf lure to find more capital forced closing Je25,l At2 Res i dents shocked Je25,1A:3 Stockhol ders f i le petitlon to reverse closing Je26,IB:S Depositors being paid Je27,lB:S School gets all its funds Je30,1B:6 State had $282,000 in bank Jyl3,6A:j State receives $100,000 of its money Jy15,3B:3 Failed bank is subject of probe; W. R. Smith Sr, former Bd chairman was acquitted of fraud charges last year 020,IA:Z W. R. Smith Jr and W. R. Smith Sr plead gui 1 ty to conspiracy 010,1A:2 CIVIL LIBERTIES AND RIGHTS See Freedom and Human Rights ClVlL LIBERTIES UNION, AMERICAN Editorial on service record of ACLU Jell,l2A:1 G. S. Coe calls for resignation of di rector Sandra Kurj Taka because of gay prlde speech Je30,gA:i Sandra Kurjiaka will not resign; says she was not advocating hom*osexual life-style Jy1,SB:l Ark-Elect ions--gave rnor Capital Punishment Cuba- Refugees Education and School s (Augusta) Education-Currlcul a Freedom and Human Rights hom*osexuaI i ty Prisons Re1 igion and Churches ClVlL RIGHTS See Freedom and Human Ri ghts CIVIL WAR (US) Marks Mil I, Poison Spring and Jenkins Ferry were Civil War battle sites in South Ark N14,1C:2 CLARK, G. THOMAS See al so Books CLARK, STEVE Suit seeks removal of Clark as state Attorney Gen; case involves Clark's off f cer status in Arkansas National Guard Ja7,6B:6 Rul ing delayed on Steve Clark's holding of Army Reserve post Mr20,20 :4 Attorney General angered by Legislative Counctl criticism of his handling of

58 CLARK, STEVE 1982 COATES, WAYNE L. cases Mr20,2B:5 Legislative Counci 1 rescinds its criticism of Steve Clark Ap17,1B:6 Court rules that Steve Clark can hold military comm whlle serving as Attorney Gen Myl6,lB:2 Clark files libel suit against M. 6. (pat) Robertson, 700 Club host D9, IA:6 Christian Broadcasting Network surprised by lawsuit D10,3A:1 Ark-Clrcui t Court Ark-Circuit Court District 6 Ark-Elect ions--attorney Gen Congress (US) -Reapport Tonment Education-Curricul a Pol ice and Law Enforcement Telephones CLAYTON, JOHN Ark-Elect ions--attorney Gen CLEBURNE COUNTY Runoff in race for Dem nomination for County Judge ends in tie Je9,2B:5 CLEMENTS, WILLIAM Water CL l NTON Floods CLiNTON, BlLL Cove rno r-e 1 ec t i s s 11 en t on specific plans N4,1A:6 Appeals to Legis to help solve problems NS,lA:2 Begins work on transition N9,6A:1 Tells Legislative Counci l plans to reduce spending; some offlces would be abo1 ished Nl6,1A:4 Gazette comments on moves in fiscal crisis N17,14A:1 Leg isla t ive Counct 1 approves plan to abolish two agencies N19,1A:2 Cabinet- level changes to be made, but 4 agency heads w i 1 1 be retained D3, 9A:l Appeal to black voters is strong D6,iB:Z Staff to be smaller, cheaper than Frank Whi te's D8,8A: 1 Inaugural schedule set D16,9A:1 Four key posts on staff apptd D23,1A:2 Ark-Commerce Dept Ark- Compu te r Se rvi ces Dept Ark-Correct ions Dep t Ark-Criminal Detention Faci 7 i ties Review 0d Ark-Elect ions--governor CLINTON, BlLL (Con't) Ark-Elections--US Senate Ark-Governmen t Employees Ark-Loca 1 Se rv i ces Dep t Ark-Pub1 t c Property Ark-Transportat ion Dept Ark-Veterans Affa i rs Oept Ark-Vocational Technical Educ Dept Ark-Volunteer Services Offfce Arkansas Veterans Home Capital Pun l shmen t Colleges-Budgets Cuba-Refugees Democratic Party Faubus, Orval E. Medicaid Pol i ce-pul aski County Prlsons-Ark State Public Utilities S toms and Tornadoes Water CL l NTON ROAD WATER l MPROVEMENT DlSTRl CT Pulaski County-Area Planning CLOAR, CARROLL See Art CLOWNS Skip Lackey captivated by clown 1 ife ~y25,1~:6 COAL Slurry researchers at Redflel d lab report breakthrough Ap27,11A:2 Energy Transportation Sys terns gets right-of-way for slurry; pipe1 tne across Kansas Jel0,llB:b APEL cuts in half its plans for lignite-fired power plant in Calhoun County by half; start delayed N18,1A:6 Proposed pi pel 1 ne from Wyoming to Ark survives 10 yrs of opposition N26, 32A: 1 Owners of Energy Transportation System 1 is ted N26,32A:5 COASTAL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Water Pollution COATES, DAVID t. Raney (T.J.) and Sons Inc COATES, WAYNE L. Worthen Bank

59 COCA1 NE See Drug Addiction COLE, WILLIAM Televtslon COLEMAN, HERBERT Opportunities Industrfalization Cen te r COLLEGE OF THE OZARKS Dr Fr i tz Ehren named president Mr23,10:3 Basketba 11 COLLEGE STATION Changes coming to Col lege Station as result of land sales Jel,lA:2 Gazette comments on struggle at College Station Je3,12A:1 Southern Investment Co COLLEGES AND UN l VERS IT1 ES Letter from Dr Ruth Polk Patterson discusses need for black colleges Ja4,lOA:l State behind in collegeeducated persons despi te rise Ap24, 4B:5 Frank White says limlted funds wi 11 force colls to work together; state cannot afford 10 senior colls, Gov says Jy2,50:1 Dr T. Michael Elliott explains why Ark lags in develop Jy4,lH:l Polfcy Thornton dfsllkes is being changed by DHE; some ASU officials were aware Jyl0,lB:I Arkansas Baptist Coll Arkansas Stare Univ Arkansas Tech Univ Henderson State Un l v Hendrix Call Mississippi County Community Coll Philander Smith Cot1 Shorter Coll Southern Baptist Coll 1982 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES -Budgets be raised at UAF Je13,16A:6 State Repr Art Givens checks on rept that students must have B avg for admissson to UALR School of Law Ap12, 10:s F.unding problems force UCA to restrict enrollment Ag16,6~:5 Budgets and Finance. Formula for calculating each school's flnancial needs is devised by Higher Education Bd; presidents ask for time to study proposal Ja3093B:4 Legislative panel accepts UAPB audit after school off icials say most problems corrected F12,6B:5 Arkansas spends 14.6 pct of tax collections on higher educ F19, 6B:2 Governor Frank White tells call heads more funds not 1 tkely Mr26,1B:2 Budget of $32.1 mi 11 ion for Jonesboro and $2.8 mi 11 ion for Beebe campus approved by ASU bd Apl7,106:1 Dr James E. Martin says tax Increase for colleges Is needed My1,lB:5 UA trustees tell UALR to redo budget within guidelines My22,1B:5 Dr James E. Martin explains budget guldelines My23,128:1 Funding policy of Higher Educ Dept destroys incent i ve, Ray Thorn ton says Jyy, 1 B : 2 Colleges upset by policy on outside funds Jy25,1A:2 State listed at bottom in funds Ag9,7A:2 Dr James Martin says tax increase to support colls is inevitable; cites needs Ag19,3A:5 Higher Education Dept recommends 20.2 pct funding increase Ag20,3A:2 Editorial commends Dr James Martin statement on taxes Ag20, 16A:l Higher Educ Bd makes funding recomnendatlons Ag21,7A: 1 Garland Co CC faculty may have to recruit quotas for the; r classes If they are Un i vers i ty of Ark to receive raises Ag25,1A:6 Garland Unlversi ty of Ark at Pine Bluff County faculty not happy wt th pro- Unlverslty of Ark at Fayettevi 1 le posal Ag26,10A:5 Gov Frank White re- University of Ark at Little Rock leases funds for projects S11,3A:6 University of Central Ark Enrol lment increases at Garland Co... eases problem S15,llA:l Dr Lloyd V. Accreditation Hackley con tends f ncrease in funds Colleses-Curricula for UAPB is only an Illuslon 03,24~:2 Admi ss 1 ons. ~rticl e discusses open Dr 5. A. ~u~ent~asks legislators to door policy for admissions My16,1A:2 help UAF; t. L. (DOC) Bryan urges My16,4A:4 Admission requirements may merger of law schools to save money

60 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 1982 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 09,7A: 1 Revenue bonds to be sold to pay loans on UAF btdgs 010,23A:1 Proposals for changing method of determining enrol lmnts 014,8A:4 Dr James E. Martin critical of trend to increase student charges to offset decline in state funds 030,lOA:l Budget cut of $942,859 made by UCA N10,14A:1 Budget increase proposal of UA is naive, Ben Hogan says 03, 21A:5 Bi 11 Cl inton proposes modest increase; presidents asked to work out formula D9,1A:5 Presidents present plan to divide smal 1 increase; Arkansas Tech to receive largest increase D22,3A: 1 Athletics Colleges-Buildings -- Buildings and Other Facil ities. Leakins roof of Indian Field House at ASU creates safety problems during games F1,3C:1 Architecture of new Business Adm Bldg at UAtR discussed ~8,1~:2 Five campuses of UA system need nearly $200 mi 11 ion worth of new bldgs, repair and equipment F20,1B:6 Trustees to seek funding of $58.5 mi 11 ion for top-prior! ty bt dgs at UA campuses F24,7B: 1 Request for $24.6 million for bldgs sent to Higher Education Dept by ATU F27,36:4 Native flora to add beauty to UALR Science 01 dg st te Mr20,1C:2 Chemf s- try Bldg at UAF poor, unsafe for use Mr21,1B:2 UA Board to borrow $1 million to complete UABP bldg Jelg, 23:4 Leglslatlve panel refuses approval for UAPB to use $98,000 grant to bui Id room for fabric research Jy15,5B:3 Legislative Council approves fabric room Jy17,?B:6 Board of Vis ttors at UALR will pressure Frank White to release funds to start engineering bldg Ag26,15A:l Two UAF bldgs delayed; solutfon may be costly S18,3A:1 PI llar of Stabler Hall at UALR unsafe, professor charges 521, 6A:5 Engineers study column at Stabler Hal 1 S22,4A:5 Experts advise prompt repair of Stabler Hal 1 S23, 10A:l Ray Thornton seeks $15 millton for convocarion center which was not fncluded in DHE recommendations 029, 14A:6 Sam and Helen Wal ton pledge large sums for proposed performing arts and buslness conf center at UAF D11,14A:5 ~ommun t ty Col leges. H F gher Education Dept endorses plan for community coll at Mena Ap16,35:5 Gazette comments on Mena school Ap17, 8A: 1 Mena proposa 1 ~ Praved P by Higher Education Bd Ap24,lB:l Bill in Legis would estab a community coll In Mena N17,10C:3 Con tracts Ark-Contracts -- Crime and Criminals Mu rde rs-scham~ Curricula. Garland county CC to proceed wi th vocational training program despi te disapproval of Board of Vocational Education Ja12,36:4 Report shows 23 bachelor degree programs had no graduates last yr Ja30,38:5 Effort begins to win accreditation of master's degree in library science at UALR F1,1B:2 Trustees approve study of doctoral degree programs for UALR F20,46:5 Seven colleges join In elderhostel program F21,1B:6 UALR panel charges Graduate Center ope rated in L f t t le Rock by Fayetteville campus spends thousands in travel funds ; UALR wants program on its campus Mrl7,6B: 1 Master of public adm at ASU approved by Higher Educ Bd Ap24,lB:Z Some classes may be cut unless computer approved soon, UALR says Mylj,lB:6 Official says UALR can use state's computers or the one at UAF for fall classes My14,6B:1 UALR finlshes new proposal fur computer Je3,3B:3 Changes to be made in Graduate School of SocOal Work at UALR Je6,lOB:3 Liberal arts survives S20,8A:1 Journal ism at UAF shows vigor S20, 2B:3 Study of computer needs at UALR begins S30,6A:4 Students at UAF

61 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 1982 COLLEGES AND UN l VERS ltl ES -Curricula -GI f ts learn urban structure by visits to cities 05,28:4 Henry Chamberlain recalls estab of forestry program at UAM 012,16:2 Increase in jazz music program at UALR brings some concern 026,1~:4 Bids on computer rejected by UALR N12,t 1A:I UALR offers course for music lovers D29,18:2 Dancing Discriminat ion Col leges-teachers Enrollment. university of Ark system shows decline from last year ~21,70:3 Drop recorded in pct of students entering coll Ag23,6A:3 Slight drop reptd In UA System S16, 11C:l Arkansas State Univ had increase of ,gA:l Enrollment curb by UCA has little effect 523, 17A:4 Henderson set pace In increase 024,7C:3 State's colls report increase; stat i st i cs analyzed for each COI 1 ~ ~ ~ Equal ~ducational Opportun i ty. Reviews mixed on student 1 T fe for blacks at ASU and UhLR in new book 027,2A:3 Federal - Aid. Grant of $1 mil 1 ion to be used by UAF to develop programs to be used in developing countries F14,3B:2 Legislative subcornmi ttee to probe grant of $1 million by Agency for International Development to UAF; Lloyd George calls expenditure absurd F18,4~:4 Legislative Council adopts resolution~asklng President Reagan to put American farmers above foreign ones; grant to UAF not men t ioned F20,3B : 1 Grant of $56,000 received by UAPB for watermelon research Je4,3B:f Grant of $43,790 recd by UAPB for weekend science academy far high school students S3, l9a:3 $2.7 mi 11 ion grant awarded to UAM S6,17A:2 UAPB receives two grants from federal Education Dept 010,11A:1 Southern Baptist Coll --- Fees and Costs. Trustees of ASU amrove waiver of tuition for out-ofstke students living within 75 miles of ASU Ja26,15:6 Higher Education Oept Director T. Michael Elliott defends pol icy of tuf tion for out-ofstate students; study by staff of Joint Interim Education Corn shows gatns for schools waiving tuition; three border colls a1 ready walve out-of-state fees Ja28,7B:2 ASU unswayed by argument; chi I dren of ASU alumni pay no out-of-state fee Ja28, 7B:2 Increase of 10 pct in tuition costs beginning in school yr urged by Higher Education Bd; out-ofstate fees would be raised by 20 pct Ja30,3B:4 Legislative panel asks ASU to delay plan to waive some fees Mr19, 14B:l Fees raised at ATU Mr20,30:1 Inaccurate data used by DHE to undermine ASU policy waiving out-of-state tuition, Ray Thornton says; Dr T. Michael Ell iott rep1 ies Mr31,10:5 Dr 1. Michael Elliott and Ray Thornton clarify tui tlon waiver Ap14, 3B:6 Mississippi County Community Coll lowers fees for students from 3 SE Missouri counties Apl6,10B:6 UA sys tem to raise fees on 5 campuses Apl7,lOB:l Fees increased at ASU Ap17,lOB : 1 Ray Thorn ton defends waiver of fees for out-of-state students My21,3B:2 Be1 1, Terrel H. - Fires. Hendrix Col l Administration Bldg totally destroyed, records lost F7,l B:2 Fraternities - and Sororitfes. Tx Trumbo article on all-white Greek houses at UAF S22,15A:4 Blant Hunt responds to Trumbo on Greeks and racism 01,22A:4 Hazlng alleged at UCA; two black f rarerni ties disclpl ined ~12,8A:t Kappa Alpha Psi appeals suspension by UCA N19,33A:2 - Gifts. Trial begins in suit by heirs of Kate Gaines Broadus Cammack to recover Cammack Campus that she donated to University of Ark in 1957 Ja6,3B:5 Disputed work could be done on Cammack house, architect testifies Ja7,8B:1 Dr John T. Caldwell testff ies that Mrs Cammack expressed no reservations to him when she deeded property to VA tn 1957 Ja8,10:4

62 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 1982 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Donation of $250,000 for endowed professorship received by Ark Coll Ja15,8B:6 Ceci 1 Cupp fami ly donates property to HSU F11,30: 1 UCA attempts to raise $2.2 mi.] 1 ion in endwmen ts; Gov Frank Wh i te cantri butes to fund F20,lB: 1 Arkansas Gazette Founda t 1 on donates $45,000 to es tab endowment fund for journalism at UAF F20,4B:3 Elbert L. Fausett donates $1 million to Hendrix Ap3,lB:2 Mr and Mrs Jimmy Driftwood donate music ha 11, tapes other i tems to UCA, which has vowed to preserve Ozark heritage Ap16,66:4 lmmanuel Baptist Church at Little Rock pledges $300,000 to endow chair of religlon at Ouachita Baptist Univ Ap23,3B: 1 Edi torlal commends Jack Stephens for gift to UA Go1 lege of Arts and Sciences Ap25,4H:4 Ouachi ta receives $50,000 from Ross Foundation Ap28,40:3 Small private colleges do well in fund-raising In Ark My2,5B:4 Lipscomb-Ki rsch Fdn donates $100,000 to ASU My19,40:5 Marcus Hol labaugh donates h lstorf c art collection to ATU My21,8C:2 Henderson gets $50,000 from Ross Fdn Je8,6A:1 Winthrop Rockefeller Fdn donates $1 78,144 to Loca 1 Gove rnmn t Institute at UALR Je12,3B:1 Kate Ga lnes Broadus Cammack he i rs lose suit to gain estate left to UA; judge gives University until 1997 to implement use of land Je19,1B:3 Southern Baptist Coll receives $50,000 from Mabee Fdn Jy20,7A:l Hendrix gets $10,000 gift for endowment Ag4,33:1 Ouach i ta gets $250,000 chal lenge grant Ag5,38:1 Wendrtx has recd $795,000 this year Ag22,11A:3 Fund drive by UAM seeks $1 mi 11 ion Ag24, 4A:5 OBU recefved gifts and grants of $2.8 mlllfon last year; endowment valued at $5.8 million Ag30,JA:I Kellog Fdn gives $85,000 to UAF research ~30,8~:2 HardOng raises $2.1 million by telephoning alum1 faml- 1 ies 027.7A:3 of- Students. Average ACT entering freshmen In Ark colls My16,1A:3 About 60 pct of freshmen at UCA fail Engl ish compttency test 017,12A: 3 Graduates. State has lowest pct of college-educated citizens and lowest medlan income Ag6,15:2 Job market shrinking Ag24,1A:2 Bas ketbal 1 Dooley (John) Family Williams (John L.) Family Graduation Activities. Several honored at UALR My 17.7A: 1 Libraries - and ~ibrarians. Dr Paul T. Hendershot donates 1500-vol ume professional 1 ibrary to HSU Ja20, 8C:5 Books from 1 1 brary of Rev Charles Hinton Seay, a pioneer Methodist preacher in Bradley Caunty, donated to Hendrix Coll Ja20,8C:5 UAF to consf der 52 pct increase In funds for acquisitions Ap17,lOB: 1 Mu1 1 ins Library at UAF has 1,000,000 volumes, but needs more material; space Is a problem S5,1 A:2 Fund drive 1 aunched for purchase of 100,000 vol urns; Athletic Dept gives first S100,000 to fund; Frank Broyles heads drive SS, 1A:s UALR to cut periodical subscriptions to purchase more books, James Allen, librarian says S23,4A:1 Mr and Mrs John 1. Smith donate $20,000 to UA library 03,14A:4 Books from 1 ibrary of Rev Charles Hinton Seay donated to Hendrlx 012,30:3 Barrett Ham! 1 ton donates $50,000 to UA book fund 916,2B:6 Schedules. Saturday classes offered at ASU D17,2B:1 Scholarsh Ips, Fel lowships - and Student Loans See Schorarshi~s Student Conduct. Uendrix students discipl ine-ncidents at campus radio stat ion My1 1,7A:2 Student Housing. UALR calls for s t v d y n n e e d sttuden t hous ing on campus Ap7,33:4 Teachers and Administrators. Administratfonestructured at UCA JaZO, 1OB:l Dr Charles L. Toll ier, a black professor, f lles bias sul t

63 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 1982 CONGRESS (US) alleglng he is denled promotions and pay increases by UAF because of his race Ja22,12B:6 Hlgher Education Dept reviewing faculty pay pol ictes Ja28,7B: 1 Teacher pay problems at UALR may result from new study by Higher Education Dept Ja28,70:1 Plan to bring salaries to natl average in 3 to 7 yrs devised by Higher Education Bd; salaries average $19,936 in Ark, which is 21 pct below the $24,150 natl average Ja30,3B:4 Lower 'pay for females explained by fact that more males have senforlty Ja30, 3B:6 Former teacher at ATU, Dr Genevieve Mites, files suit alleging Arkansas Tech discriminates against women In promotion and job assignmen ts F4,Y B :6 Sui t a1 Ieges UAPB pays white teachers less than blacks for same work Ap3,5B:4 Lawrence Averill is new dean of UALR Law School Ap6, 1 B:2 Or Kenneth Kinnamon named head of Engltsh Dept at UAF Ap17,70:6 Shorter Coll teachers not paid on time My8,30:4 Shorter employees get checks My18,7A:2 UA System offers open-ended amtracts to admin istrators My19,12B:4 Firing of Dr John Russ by Garland County Comnunity Coil upheld by US Court of Appeals Je4, 4B:4 Blatant sex bias practiced by UAPB, Judge Henry Woods rules ; payment of damages ordered Ag4,l B:4 Pay too low to attract teachers, ASU Bd to1 d Ag7,I B:5 Teacher contracts at Philander Smfth held up until students reg is ter S5,6A:6 Four UAPB employees get $51,449 In sex bias award S18,6A:4 Phi lip E. Kaplan and Karen Arndt seek $70,000 In fees for workon sex bias suit agatnst UAPB S29,5A:2 UAPB ordered to pay $33,000 in legal fees in sex bias case 014, 19A:4 Age bias complaint filed against SAU N12.11A:l -wages and tiours -- Note: Material entered here deals with classified personnel. Material on faculty and admr salaries is entered under subheading, Teachers and Admrs COLLINS, LOCK AND LASATER Investment firm opens plush offices at LR Ag15,1C:2 COLORED PEOPLE, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF (NAACP) Low turnout at NAACP banquet makes apathy a central theme 025,5A:1 Ark-Electtons--Governor Blacks in Ark Credit COMEX Little Rack fin collects bills for physicians D12,10:2 COMMERC l AL NATIONAL BANK (L l TTLE ROC@ First Nattonal Bank (Llttle bck) COMMERC l AL NAT I ONAL BANK (TEXARKANA) Fouke branch robbed Ja19,20:3 Fouke branch robbed. My7,3B:4 COMMISSION Mote: Names of commissions are Inverted and filed under the key ward in the name; commlssfons of govt bodies are filed under the name of the govt body creating them COMMITTEE... Note: Names of committees are inverted and filed under the key ward in the name, e.g., Racism, Committee Against COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT See Area Planning COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM See Area Pl ann Ong COMPOSERS (MUSIC) See Music COMPREHENSIVE EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ACT OF 1973 ( ETA) Request by federal Labor Dept far repayment of CETA funds brings cornplaints from legislators and county judges F24,1B:5 Ark-Elections--Governor COMPUTERS See Data Processing COMPUTRON 1 CS Small computer firm in LR expects to grow by selling services to sellers of low-cost life Ins D5,10:2 CONGRESS (US) Democrats from Ark expected to be

64 CONGRESS (US) 1982 CONGRESS (US) less supportat ive of Reagan programs in next session Ja3,lH:l Americans for Democratic Action gives Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor highest rating of any Southern members; both Senators displeased Ja22,11 B: 1 Report on voting support of Reagan pol icies Ja24,6B:3 Pat bran article on pinning false labels on senators based on voting records Ja31,3H:2 House members score low on rating by Americans for Democratic Action F3, 4B:5 List of 20 issues ADA used to rate senators F4,8A:1 Article discusses ADA rating of Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor F21,3H: 3 Senator David Pryor discloses FBI mem showing Cong members targeted for Abscam; Pryor to vote for expulsion of Sen Harrison Wt 11 lam Mrll, 4A: 1 Senator Dale Bumpers takes tax break rejected by others in delegation Ap16,I 3A:l Editorial discusses vote of Senator Dale Bumpers against antibusfng measure Ap16,lbA:l Senator Bumpers wi 1 l not take tax break Ap17,6A:5 John Paul Hammerschmi dt takes new tax break Ap20,2A :4 Senator David Pryor comments on Abscam Ap21,13A: 1 Edi torial on John Paul Hamnerschmidt's use of tax benefit My2,CH:h Cartoon of John Paul Hammerschmldt mi 1 king the tax breaks cow ~y5,14~:4 Senators Bumpers and Pryor vote to repeal tax b reak for Congress Jel, 8A: I Gazette uncovers a1 leged sex scandal involving I1 1 ici t sex with pages Jyl,lA:2 Page from Paragould comments Jy2,6A:1 Bill Alexander comments on sex scandal in Cong Jy3, 1A:2 Former page Leroy Williams of NLR wi 11 name senator, others who had hom*osexual sex Jy7,1A:2 Leroy Wi 11 iams Jr tel Is about sex and drugs on Capitol Hill Jy8,1A:4 Leroy Wi 11 iams takes polygraph test Jy9, 1A:3 Leroy Williams gives names of Congressmen to House Jnvestfgators Jyl0,lA:Z Leroy W i l l iams stands by his account Jyll,lB:Z Bill Alexander says sex allegations unsupported Jy13,4A:4 Bill Alexander wants speedy action on sex scandal probe ~y25,1a:4 A1 1 4 members of Ark delegation vote to send Cong pay bi 11 back to panel Ag18,lA:h Bill Alexander says pages got bum rap In sex scandal Ag19,25A:2 House panel gets broadcast tape of interview KARK-TV in Little Rock had with Leroy Wl 11 f ams Jr Ag27,gA: 1 Leroy Williams admits his charges of sexual misconduct by Congressmen were 1 Ses Ag28,1A:4 Leroy W i l l f am gives statement to Cong Ag29,1A:3 Bill Alexander wants Leroy Williams Jr either treated or punished S1,2A:3 All of Ark Delegation except Ed Bethune vote to override Reagan veto of $14.2 billion bill S10,1A:4 Probe of Leroy Williams charges cost $2 mtll ion 513,2A:4 Rumors made story by Leroy Wf 11 tarns plausible S19,1A:3 Ed Bethune Is only member of Ark Delegation to oppose Cong pay hike D15,1A:5 Sen David Pryor urges end to filibuster; Sen Dale Bumpers favors changes D26,1A:6 David Pryor comments on failure of Sen to act 026,116:5 Alexander, Bill Anthony, Beryl Jr Bethune, Ed Burnpe rs, Da 1 e Pryor, David Reapportionment. fh ree- judge federal panel calls plan approved by Legls illegal, orders Gov rank Whlte to call special sesslon of Legls or the judges will devise a plan Ja6, la:2 Reprs Bill Alexander and Beryl Anthony want special sess ton of Legis cal led to redraw dists Ja6,lOA: 1 Governor Frank Whi te looks to Legi s for direction on call of speclal session; state Repr Lloyd George prepares bill to a1 low at-large electfon; maps show 3 plans Legis considered Ja7,10:5 State legislators evenly divlded on session to set dlstrtcts

65 CONGRESS (US) 1982 COPYRIGHTS Ja7,13:5 Gazette suggests Legis save tax do? lars by a1 lowing federal judges to redistrict state Ja8,18A:1 Appeal of decision urged by House Speaker Lloyd C. McCutstIon Ja8,lB:s State Repr John E. Miller urges appeal Ja9,3B: 1 State Republ ican Party suggests federal court be allowed to draw dlsts Ja10,28:6 Governor Frank WhIte and Steve Clark discuss options to appeal Ja13,18:5 Governor Frank White not inclined to call Legis fnto session Ja14,1B:6 Garland County legislators make little headway In comprom~se effort Jal6,4B:1 Governor Frank White dect des to a1 low federal ct to set new dfsts Ja19,1A:2 Gazette suggests topography be considered in plan Ja21,8A:1 Attorney Gen Steve Clark wi 11 not appeal ruling, but will ask court to accept plan approved by Senate before amdt; Legislative Council urges appeal Ja23, 1B:5 Editorials support declsion not to call spectal session of the Legis Ja24,4H: 1 Garland County res tdents to file plan to remain In 3rd Dist, vow to appeal any other plan F5,3~:4 Gar1 and County residents submi t 5 plans F6,10:5 Map of proposed dlsts preferred by Garland County ~6,40:2 State office of Attorney General urges court to adopt plan of John E. Mil ler F17,2B:6 Federal judges adopt plan John E. Miller introduced in Legis; Garland County goes to 4th Dist and Yell to the 2nd; map of old and new dlsts F26,1B:4 Reaction of Garland County Interests F26,1B:5 Garland County welcome in Dist 4, Beryl Anthony says F27,1B:5 Judges asked to reconsider Mr5,60:1 Three federal Judges refuse plan review Mrg, 36: 1 Lawyers for Garland County group who challenged redistricting plan, seek $186,269 from state for fees Jy23,38:3 CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS See Ark-Elect ions CONSERVATION Energy and Power W i 1 derness and Natural Areas CONSUMER PROTECT l ON Consumer Protection Div of the state Attorney General 's Off Ice recovered $219,485 for customers last yr Ja18,gA:I Seven businesses added to Consumer Beware list of Attorney General Jell,8B:6 Steve Clark warns about low-priced ceiling fans Je14, 14A:5 CONSUMER RESEARCH, ARKANSAS Electric Power Gas (Fuel) Liquor CONTINENTAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES Owners on trial for mail fraud tn sales of franchises D8,9A:1 Coles say they pledged no exclusive rights D9,11 C: 1 Coles convicted D10,4A:2 CONVENTION CENTERS Fayetteville Concention Center Statehouse Convent ion Center CONWAY Economy picked up during 1981 Ja17, SF: 1 Water and Water Pollution CONWAY COUNTY BrI bsry conviction of former County Judge Thomas W. Scott upheld by US Court of Appeals Ja1,6B: 3 COOK (ROBERT ALLEN) FAMILY Article on four generattons of, Cooks who have operated auto agency at Little Rock ~6,1~:2 COOLEY, J. F. Pol i ce-s ta te Po 1 ice Prisons-Ark State COON, KEN Ark-Employmen t Securi ty Dl v Opportunities lndustrialitatlon Center COOPER, DARRELL ti. Funds Youth Home project D25,I B : 1 COOPER, RAY. Ark-Elect tons-governor coo~s (ADOLPH) co South Central Coots of Ark, Inc files $25 million suit against Coors D9,llC:l COPY R I GHTS Suit accuses Cowboys, a cl ub at

66 COPY R1 GHTS 1982 CREO 1 T Morgan, of copyright infringement by allowing songs to be sung Ap3,58:2 Great Passion Play CORNERSTONE ENTERPRISES, INC Gordon M. McNulty Jr files bank- ruptcy petition Ap15,3B:6 CORPORAL PUN I SHMENT Chi 1 dren-care (Instl tutional) Educat ion-studen t Conduct Education (tlel ena) Education (Sh i rl ey) COTTER Sales tax approved 020,10A:3 COUNSELING Beg i nn i ng Experience p rogram of Catholic Church helps people adjust to 1 ife situatfons S14,10:6 COUNTRY AND WESTERN MUSIC See Music COUNTY GOVERNMENT See Ark- Loca 1 Gove rnmen t COUPONS See Premiums COURTS Ark-Chancery Court Ark-Ci rcui t Court Ark-Supreme Court Juries and Jury Duty Little Rock-Municipal Court US-Court of Appeals US-Federal Dfstrlct Court COWDEN MENA Ff rm at Mena shuts down; 150 employees laid off Jall,llA:l COWL I NG, DALE Pulaski County- Elections--County Judge COX COTTON CO See James Brothers Co COX, E. HARLEY University of Arkansas at Little Rock COYOTES See Wlldl ife-animals CRAWFORD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (VAN BUREN) Hurnana, Inc leases hosp for 26 yrs F5,3B: 1 CRAZY HORSE (PERIODICAL) Literary journal finds new home at University of Ark at Little Rock Jall, loa:4 Spring issue being prepared; noted poets agree to contribute My16,1B:2 CREATI ON Educat ion-curri cul a CREATION SCIENCE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND See Education-Curricula Moral Majority CRED l T Governor Frank White wf 11 not act to restore 1 Id of 10 pct on residential mortgage limit that was lifted by federal govt F14,5B:1 Lyle Sallee apptd to state Collection Agencies Bd by Gov Frank White Mr3, 3B:l Cridft may dry up unless usury limit changed, Willtam H. Bowen says Je6,lF:2 Garner-Browne to close all stores; usury 1 imi t blamed Jell, 10:s Battle for Amdt 60 begins Jyl1,lF:Z J Becker states labor's opposftton to Amdt 60 Jy21,12A:4 Suit to keep Amdt 60 off ballot will be filed by AFL-CIO Jy27,5A:4 Suit challenges amdt Jy28,1B:5 Editorials urge vote for Amdt 60 Ag1,4H:1 Open Ir to Bill Becker from Alva Appl ing, Hot Springs bus lnessman Ag2,8A:4 J. B f 1 l Becker res tetes h f s oppos i t t on to Amdt 60 Agt5,10C:4 Fate of Amdt 60 may hinge on recent decline in interest rate Ag20,1A:3 Ed! torla? on need for Amdt 60 Ag22,12C:2 Black group endorses change in usury law Ag27,10A:3 Usury 1 imi t forces higher prices, reduced sales of autos Ag29,lC:Z Judge approves amdt for ballot S2,gA:l Ed Bethune backs amdt S2,9A:2 Ceiltng cost 29,000 jobs, Dr John Dorninick says S5,gA:l Interest 1 tml t hurts sale of school bonds ~ 8 ta:6, Poll shows 25 pct of voters favor change in usury 1 lmi t ~10,6C:4 Republ!can platform endorses Amdt 60 S12,SA:I Dr John A. Dorninick backs Amdt 60 with count of lost jobs; J. Bill Becker calls rept unobjectlve S13, 6~:5 State Supreme C t declines to hear appeal on Amdt 60 S15,5A:2 Bal tot printing continues despite vow to appeal Amdt 60 ~15,4~:4 ACORN

67 CREDIT 1982 CRED l T opposes Amdt 60, fears 70 pct rate increase, Don Davis says S23,9C:2 Figures confl ict on effect of interest limi t on cars S25,1A:2 AFL-CIO union funds invested outside Ark for higher interest, critlc charges N28, 1A:6 Auto dealers say article did not tell whole story S29,1A:3 AFL- CIO study shows Ark economy Is strong S30,4A:6 About 1,000 backers of Amdt 60 hear speeches by Bill Clinton, Kaneaster Hodges and others 01,lA:4 Dr John Dominick calls AFL-CIO study misleading 0l,7A:Z lewis Johnson sees no need to end usury limit 05, 11A: 1 State Supreme Court rules loan for new car overcharged by $25.90; borrower gets to keep $12,700 car 05, 5C:3 Amendment 60 backers have $2 mi 11 Ion for campaign, J. Bi 11 Becker charges 07,12A:1 Amendment 60 backers worked to kill federal bill to extend override of Ark law 08,1A:4 Group called Fight f l formed to fight Amdt 60; leaders 1 isted 09,1A:2 State lost 35,000 jobs because of interest cei 1 ing, Arkansas Credit Councf 1 says 010,22A:5 Editorials on effort to raise interest rates 010, 148:l Roy L. Sharpe corrects miscanceptlons in article by Lewis J. Johnson 0 l 1, 1 OA:4 Mechan i cs of interest cef 1 Fngs in Ark 01 7,1A:2 Interest ceiling in all 50 states listed 017,1A:4 Arkansas is only state with 10 pct 1 imt t 017,1~:6 State argues court has no right to review title of Amendment ,1A:3 John Dominick says most supporters, not lenders 020,33A:5 Ed Bethune endorses Amdt ,7A: 1 Dr Ashvtn P. Vibhakar backs Amdt 60 after 6 months study 021,IOA:l Automobile loan denials in Ark is double natl rate 022, 10A:6 J. Bill Becker attacks backers of amdt 023,8A:6 NAACP opposes Amdt ,2A:4 ACORN uses fai rness doctrine, gets free TV ads to oppose Amdt ,1A:3 Amendment 60 allowed on ballot by state Supreme C t vote of 4-3; dissenters see deception 027,1A:2 Opponents of Amdt 60 argue that tnterest cell ing has produced jobs 028,4A:5 Debate has brought out issues on usury proposal 031,1A:5 Amendment 60 backed by Earl Griffin, a labor organizer 031,13A:5 Betty Nlchols and Randal l Wright discuss Amdt 60 O31,116:3 Voters approve proposed Amdt 60 to change interest ceiling N3,1A:4 Amendment 60 was approved by 59 pct of voters, becomes effective 30 days after election; effect on loan rates discussed N4,1A:4 Vote on Amdt 60 (by county) ~4,6A: 2 Amendment 60 passes wf th 59 pct approval N4,7A: 1 Worthen Bank to solicit auto loans at 10.5 pct N6,1A:2 Visa and Mastercharge cards issued by Worthen Bank wll 1 carry 21 pct lnterest charge N6, 1A:4 Twin City Bank sends its credit card business to Simnons National Bank to avoid 21 pct interest charged by First Interstate Bancard Co N9, 6A:5 Bank community shaken by Worthen's sale of credlt card business and higher rates Nll,lA:2 Legal questions arise over Amdt 60; courts to decfde if floating rate applies to consumer loans N12,1A:2 Two banks switch credit card business to Memph i s bank for cheaper credi t N12, 1A:2 Union Matlonal Bank to offer credit cards at 13 pct interest N13, 1A:2 Question on effect of Amdt 60 continues N13,1A:5 Wllliam Bowen says Amdt 60 means opportunity for Ark to be a leader in Sun Belt N15, 13A:4 First Interstate Bancard holds firm to 21 pct rate N16,4C:1 Most banks switching credit card business away from First lnterstate N19,1A:3 Certified vote in election returns N21,2A:3 Editorials on effects of Amdt 60 N2lS14B:1 Worthen Bank sale of credi t card accounts is f fnal ~24, 1A:2 American Express credit card use for air1 tne and cruise charges to carry 21 pct interest N25,1A:2 Mew rates delayed by confusion over Amdt 60 D2,1A:6 Rates up on auto loans, but funds are available D8,10:6 John Garner will close only one store 09, 1D:2 Lawsuit flled over gray area of usury law D23,7D:3 Supporters of 58

68 1 982 CRIME AND CRIMINALS Amdt 60 pleased that chal 1 enge has been filed D24,4A:5 Factories Hous i ng CREDIT CARDS Credit CREDtT UNtONS Bakem Credit Un Ion CREIGHTOM, MILAN Athletics CRESTPARK RETIREMENT INNS John H. Wilson says he is entitled to money Medicaid wants repaid Je25, 6B:4 CRIB DEATH See Sudden Infant Death Syndrome CRIME AND CRIMINALS Sheriff Tom Robinson explains plan to conceai armed deputies at businesses Ja17,lB:Z Businessmen support plan for deputies in stores Ja24,1B:6 Grover Weaver wants to revive program to seek jobs for exinmates Ja31,tB:2 Sherlff Tommy Roblnson says anti-crime plan for stores is working Mr15,1B:2 Violent crime on increase in Central Ark Mr21,1A:2 Guns play large role in crimes Mr21,1A:2 Risfng fear of crime induces more people to purchase firearms Mr22,1A:2 Reported rapes rising Mr22,?A:2 Statfstfcs do not tell full story Mr23,SA:l Article explores why people turn to crime Mr23,5A:2 Complex problems lack easy solution Mr24,1B:2 Kountry Klub owner Robert Troutt charged with 4 counts of hi ring three men to beat up 2 persons and set 2 fires; radio personal i ty Bob Robbins (Bob Spears) is victim Ap16,1A:2 Sherlff Tommy Roblnson alleges Robert Tmutt has lots of frlends in prosecuting attorney's office and in LO ttle Rock Pol ice and State Pol ice Ap16,1A:2 Suspect Roosevel t Leon Nelson Jr surrenders Ap17,18:4 Robert Troutt seeks FBI probe of his arrest Ap18,20:5 Robert Troutt pleads innocent Ap21,lB:Z Robert Troutt says he has heard that body of Tom Hockersmith was found on beach in Guatemala in 1981 with 2 bullet holes In head; Robert Troutt says Sheriff Tommy Robinson trying to pin murder on him Ap29,1A:4 Sheriff Tommy Robinson returns from Honduras and charges that an Arkansas Supreme Court justice and a highranking State Pol ice official have criminal connections with Robert Troutt; Cot Thomas L. Goodwin identffles official as Capt hain Thompson; Robert Troutt says Robinson trying to find out whether he hf red someone to kill his business partner; illegal drugs and guns mentioned Ap30,1A:4 Janette M. Troutt tells how she and her husband were awakened by Sheriff's deputies Myl, la:2 Sheriff Tommy Robinson beat him in Sherwaod Jail, Robert Troutt says; Robinson denies a1 legation My1,lA:5 Robert Troutt arrested on charge a1 leging that he offered Steve Hicks $2,000 to kill 2 men in Honduras Myl,lA:6 Lawyer says Robert Troutt in seclusion; Tomny Robinson says he has informatlon on location of body of Tom Hockersmith My2,IA:ft Tommy Robinson discusses Robert Trout t case My3,1A:2 Prosecuting Atty discusses Robert Troutt case with Sheriff; Bob Robbins interviewed ~y4,9a:3 Editorial on Robinson's method In arresting Robert Troutt My5,lbA:l Attorney for Robert Troutt says new evidence l ikely to clear hls cl ient; Robinson complains about FBI, says Robert Troutt may he one of their informants My5,4B:2 Prosecuting Atty Wilbur C. Bentley agrees to file charges against Robert Troutt tn Circuit Ct My6,16:5 Wilbur C. Bentley files charges My7,10:6 Residents of 8 Little Rack areas fight crime with $350,000 federal grant My8,1B:2 Change in date In charge against Robert Troutt hampers defense plans, attorneys say My9,1B:3 Seven new counts filed against Robert Troutt My13,80:1 Robert Troutt, 4

69 CRIME AND CRIMINALS 1982 CRIME AND CRIMINALS defendants enter innocent pleas; 6 trials scheduled Myt4,lB:s Two more counts f 1 led against Robert Troutt My21,38:3 Threat ha1 ts hearing on charges Robert Troutt f i led against his former wife, Hol ly Troutt My27,4~:4 Art Givens Jr discusses control of crime Je2,15A:2 Robert Troutt found innocent of charge of terroristic threatening at Pine Bluff in incident involving Steve Hicks Je2,28:4 Innocent plea entered by Robert Troutt to arson charge Je2,2B:5 Sheriff Tommy Robinson says Chtef Justice Richard B. Adkisson and Associate Justice John I. Purtle have ties with Robert Troutt Je15,1A:2 Plea for reduction of bond for Levonia T. Gray is denied by Ark Supreme Court Je15,16A:l Supreme Court Justices Richard B. Adkisson and John I. Purtle rebut charges by Tommy Robinson linklng them to Robert Troutt ~e16,la:s John I. Purtle says Sheriff Robinson using Httler tactics Je17, 1B:2 Cdme problem near Governors Mansion increases Je17,28:4 Steve Taylor, a reporter, tells FBI he saw Capt Larry Dl l 1 beat Levon ia T. Gray; Associate Justice John I. Purtle says he Is person who told Taylor's employer about statement ~e18,la:s Frank Lyon Co says Richard Adkisson bought TV and that Robert Troutt arranged sale Jel8,lA:6 Gazette editorial on Sheriff Robinson and the Justices Je18,16A:l Sheriff Tommy Rob tnson says Deputy Larry Di 1 1 passed polygraph test f n Lavonta Gray case Je19,1A:2 Cal ler warns Justices Richard Adkfsson and John Purtle ~e19,4~:4 Sheriff Tommy Robinson - moves Levonfa T. Gray to protective custody area after statements by Robert Tmutt and John 1. Purtle; threat against Roblnson and Dill received Je20,lB:5 Robert Mclntosh and Rev Daniel Bowman start bail fund for Levonia T. Gray Je21,9A:2 Prosecutor Wi lbur C. Bentley beglns probe of alleged beating of Levonia T. Gray Je22,7A:1 Innocent verdict for John W. Hfnckley spurs reaction in Ark agatnst insanity plea; Steve Clark comments Je23,lA:6 Levonia Gray and Steve Taylor agree to polygraph tests Je24, 7B:5 Polygraph indicates Steve Taylor deceptive; Levonia Gray rejects test Je25,3B:4 Prosecutor Wilbur C. Bentley finds no evidence of abuse of Levon ia T. Gray; polygraph indicates Steve Taylor deceptive Je26,1A:2, Robert Mclntosh ends effort for ball far Gray Je29, 2A: 3 FBI to probe organized crime in Pulaski County Jy4,1A:4 No evidence found of organized crime in central Ark Jy5,1A:4 Organized crime in the South (series) Jy25,13A: 1 ~y26,3a:2 Jy27,3A:1 Jy28,6A:1 ~y29,24~:1 DTscussion of Ark law on the crlmfnally insane AgI,lH:5 Federal authort ties says Tommy Robinson will not be charged with beating Robert Troutt; suit to be filed by Troutt against Robinson and Larry Dill seeking $10 million; Troutt says he will have actor Ken Curtis bring pressure at White House to have US Atty George W. Proctor removed from off ice Ag4, 1A:2 Federal govt will not prosecute charge that Larry Dl 11 beat Lavonia T. Gray Ag5,18:6 Troutt seeks to dfsqual ify Wilbur C. Bentley and Judge Harlan Weber 012,4~:1 Capital Punishment Chi 1 dren-crime and Del Inquency Courts Crime ~ictims (~ompensat3on of) Gambl ing Murders and Atternp ted Murders Prisons and Prisoners Prostitution Robberies and Thefts Sex Crimes Shooting... Little Rock. Total crimes reptd tome-inl981 Increased 6 pct Ja16,2B:3 Effort by Kelvin Wright,

70 CRIME AND CRIMINALS 1982 CYSTIS FIBROSIS 20, to combat crime in Little Rock's East End runs into problems Ap22,1A:2 Kelvin Wright fired, project to end Ap23,l A:2 CRIME VICTIMS Restitution for victims is not workable 017,17A:1 Justice for Crime Victims wants stiffer penalties, compensation for victim 013,1A:2 CRISIS CENTER OF ARKANSAS Appeal made for funds D17,29:2 CRISIS JNTERVENTION Crisis Center of Arkansas CROMWELL TRUMPER LEVY PARKER AND WOODSMALL, INC Little Rock architectural and engineering fin is 60th ranking in nation 031,10:5 CROWLEY'S RIDGE See a 1 so Geology CRYSTAL HILL Storms CRYTS, WAYNE James Brothers Co CUBA Refugees Clinton points out iobs and econ benef i ts ta be 10s t when refugees moved; role of. Frank White cri tic1 zed Ja16,2B:6 Cubans to be moved in March Ja20,88:2 Reagan adm may move refugees to temporary site in order to meet promise to Gov Frank White Ja21,1B:6 Jtm Guy Tucker blames Gov Frank White for failure to remove Cubans Ja22,38: 1 Refugees to be moved to federal prisons in Georgia and Missourt Ja23,10:2 Move of refugees to prisons begins; letter urges public to act to halt move Ja24,lA:b Two refugees find trip to prison a betrayal of America's promise Ja24,l A:5 Refugees leave for federal prison Ja25,1A:2 Gazette comments on Frank White and Jim Guy Tucker role in sentencing Cubans to prf son when they sought freedom from Comnun i sm Ja26,6A: 1 More refugees flown to prison Ja26,1B:5 Governor Frank White cat 1s Fort Chaffee a prlson ~a26,18: 6 Cartoon shows Castro congratulating Frank White because they both found a way to get rid of Cubans Ja27,12A:l Population at Fort Chaffee drops to 28; ACLU gives up on legal actlon Ja27,lB:b Transfer eliminates 600 jobs at Fort SmI th Ja27,15:5 Letters critical of Frank Whl te for sending refugees to prison Ja28,8A:4 Last of refugees leavlng Ja28,1B:3 Mace-like substance used on 4 refugees at Springffeld, Ma; former workers at Chaffee protest Ja29,10:2 Editorial on Reagan adm move of Cubans to prison to get Frank White off the hook Ja30,8A:1 Repairs to Fort Chaffee caul d cast $8 mi 11 ion Ja30, 1B:5 Re1 igious leaders crlticfze transfer to prison Ja30,45:5 Clarendon Sentinel says Frank Whttets vow has been fulfi 1 led to our shame Ja31,kH:2 Fort Chaffee st1 11 houses 23 Cubans F2,38:2 Remaining refugees to be sent to prisons F4,1B:2 Rev Frank Kennard says he saw refugees who had been tortured at Fort Chaffee F4,lB:Z Last refugees leave Fort Chaffee; American Civil Liberties Unfon may flle complaint about treatment by US govt F5,18:6 Refugees struggle for independence Mr25, 1B:Z Children celebrate Christmas D25,1A:2 CULTURE (THE ARTS) Six projects funded by Arkansas Endowment for the Human i ties Ja29, 88:s Arkansas Arts Councf 1 awards $973,000 in grants Ap30,46:4 Jane Brownrng named executive di rector of Arkansas Endowment for the Humanities; grants awarded for several projects Ag4,46: 1 Arkansas Endowment for the Human; ties gives funds to 7 groups N28,21A: 1 CUMBERLAND LODGE (L 1 TTLE ROCK) Mabel Huckaby pl aced on probation, fined $8,000 in Medicaid fraud case ~~22,3~:4 Convlct ion of Huckaby upheld ~14,3A:2 CURRAN, JAMES WILLIAM Robberies and Thefts CYSTIS FIBROSIS Article discusses real 1 ty of CF as

71 CYSTIS FIBROSIS 1982 DEATH PENALTY experienced by the Richard Nelson fam1 ly Je8,1B:2 DALLAS COUNTY Voters reject sales tax N4,6A:1 DAMS AND DIKES See a l so Electric Power and Light Illinois Bayou Lakes and Reservol rs Lee Creek Calion. Work on dam on Ouachlta River about 60 pct completed F4.4B: 1 Norfork. US kpr ~ohn Paul ~irnmerschmidt says pump back project at Norfork Dan Is dead ~e22,5a:2 -- Toad Suck Ferry Sea a1 so Electrlc Power and Light DANCERS OF WEALTH SCHOOL OF THOUGHT Plan to renovate bldg in Little Rock stirs controversy D13,lB:l Controversy over zoning Dt6,7A:4 Permi t den led 022,24A:4 DANC l NG Proposed contract for dance troupe at UAF delayed by legislative panel Ag13,68:5 Sunday Observance DARDANELLE See a 1 so Education ( ~a rdane 11 e) DARDANELLE LAKE Recreation faci 1 i ties My2,21J: 1 Water DARWIN, LESLIE Arkansas Junior Mfss heading toward finals in Mobile Je6,lE:l DATA PROCESSING Colleges-Curricula DAY CARE CENTERS FOR CHILDREN Dr Phyll is Greenhouse and Dr Susan Keathley apptd by Gov Frank White to Child Care Faci 1 ity Revrew Bd Mr31, 30:2 Child Care Faci 1 i ties Review Bd acts on several license matters Ap29,4B:6 Six centers lose funding Jy17,20:5 Gov Frank Whi te intervenes tn state regulation of centers operated by churches Ag25,l A:5 Gov Frank White refuses to discuss his authority to suspend enforcement of a state law Ag27,1A:2 Editorial on White Doctrine which allows public officials to refuse to admit a mistake Ag31,8A: 1 Church-state issue phony as applied to child care, Bettye M. Caldwell says S8,llA:l Frank White says Legls intended to exempt re1 lgious groups from 1 icensure S22,9A: 1 Gazette reviews passage of license law, shows that Republicans led fight to include church facilities S26,IZB:l Guideltnes for religious schools are strict and capricious, Frank White says ~29,8~: 1 Crowd of about 300 Christian school advocates demand that no 1 icense be requlred for facillties; Gov Frank White appears S30,1A:2 Gazette points out that Frank White sald nothing when Senate defeated bill speciftcally exempting religious groups 02,16A:1 Child Care Fact 1 it ies Review Bd hopes change On 1 icensing law wi 11 satisfy re1 Igious groups 024,gA:l Gazette says bit? by L 1 oyd George to exempt re1 1 gious groups from state inspection would cover facll i ties operated by snake handlers D21, i8a: 1 Alam Foundation Circle H Youth Ranch Eighteen Hour Day Care Center Her1 tage Chrf stian School Jacksonville Christfan Academy DEAFNESS AND DEAF MUTES Mock trial at Little Rock attempts to prove that deaf can serve as jurors; judge will fiollow law until i t is changed Ja30,40 : 1 DEAN, FRANK Pofnsett County DEATH Hospice extends hand to dying patients; story of Kathie Kopl in Robertson is example N9,1B:5 DEATH PENALTY See Capital Punishment

72 DEATHS 1982 DEER DEATHS Ai rplanes-acci den ts Fi res Murders and Attempted Murders... Note: dexed... Not a1 1 obituaries are in- Achorn, Gtenwood Bryant Jr Mr9,30:3 Alexander, William V. Sr D9,14A:6 Basham, Jack D. Mr28,98:6 Be1 I, Carroll W. F3,7B:4 Bonner, Thomas J. Ag21,8A:3 Bran igan, George F. Ag6,7B:4 Bray, Warren E. N20,12A:3 Daniel, Julia Mae Ja3,15B:5 Drennan, Mary Fletcher Jel,l la:6 Dul in, Philip A. See Dulin, Philip A. Dunaway, H. F. ~7,7~:6 Dyer, Wylo M. D21,6~:6 East, Frances Sue Edwards F13,7B:5 Eikleberry, Robert W. Sl,l la:2 Faul kner, Walter A. F11,7B:6 Faust, Norman Rogers Je16,7B:5 Ford, Eddie.H. Mr5,5B:1 Fox, W. H. Ap5,8A:6 Fullerton, Olen R. See Fullerton, Olen R. Gal lagher, Joseph A. ~p14,7~: 5 Gal lman, James Wi 1 t is F8,4A:4 Gal loway, Eul is OeWi tt ~p9,8~:6 Carver, Mark 6. My14,9~:5 Gentry, Thomas J. F22,lOA:b Hale, Eugene B. Ap18,9~:6 Hardin, Clarence My1 l,loa:5 Hart, W. Nelll ~3,15A:4 Hastings, Harry L. St Jy17,5B:5 Hen ry, Hugh Thompson Ja25,10A:5 Hill, James Wilson 012,8A:3 Hobson, Edgar A. Mr26,78:5 Huddleston, Harold Duane Ap5,8A:6 James, Worth My24,17A:5 Jones, Curtis W. Mr8,8A:6 Keith, Roy F15,38:2 Kramer, W i l l iam Simon S30,13~:4 Lester, Vol 0. F16,5B:5 Lfght, Charles W. Mr31,70:6 Loder, George Edward Ap4,iIB:G Love, Boyce R. Mr10,76:6 Maris, Alta Ogden Ja4,8A:5 Matthews, Ralph L. Ag10,6A:6 McCain, Arthur W. F3,7B:5 McClendon, Zach Sr 021,16A:3 McConne? 1, John R. Jr D21,6A:6 McDonald, Ed F. Jy22,7l3:5 McDonnetl, James P. F12,7B:5 Metcal f, John Glenn Mr6,7B: 5 Milwee, Robert Jr Je30,5B:6 Moore, Jimmy Lee See Searcy County Munsey, George 8. N14,16A:6 Murray, A. P. O19,7A:3 Nance, Grover F2,5B:5 Norman, William C. Sr Ap22,7~:6 Parrish, Thelma Ford Rust ~r20,50:6 Pfeifer, Eugene M. Jr M3,15A:3 Pinson, Wesley Harrison Mr5,7B:6 Rainwater, Alva W. F12,7B:5 Red, Benjamin Franklin Jall,6A:5 Rhea, Roy D17,22A:6 Richardson, Mil lard A. Mr2,5B:5 Riley, Warren S. Je8,10~:5 Roberts, Lilly Feild Je10,gB:b Rodgers, R. K. Jy17,5B:4 Rose, Kathryn N. Ap17,5B:4 Ross, Lola W. N2,11A:4 Sacrey, David L. Sr My1 1,lOA:6 Schmeder, Robert W t l l lam Je10,9B:5 She1 ton, T. Ewing Ja31,90:6 Shepherd, Mary Sue Ap25,11B:6 Shurgar, W i l l Gerald Jr S2,10A:5 Si laski, Charles Michael Jy28,78:5 Smith, Amelia Daggett S3,18A:4 Snowden, Robert Boga rdus Ap24,5B : 5 Strode, Lena Virginia ~9,148:4 Talbot, D. 0. F17,50:2 Taylor, Charles Vivian Je12,50:5 Taylor, Samuel Moses 021,16A:3 Thompson, George W. Flf,56:6 fhrogmorton, Loule 028,14A:4 Tiller, Waldo E. Ag13,7B:5 Taler, Homer George My7,8~:6 Wilt iamson, Adrian Sr F6,5~:5 Wood, Russel 1 Nll, l9a:6 ftnn, Grower A. Myll,lOA:6 - DEBT, PUBLIC See Ark-Finances DECATUR Education (Decatur) DEER See Wildlife-Animals

73 DEER RUN 1982 DESERTION DEER RUN Di spute between developer and state Health Dept moves to federal ct F28, lb:3 Lot purchasers sue developer My26,2B:4 DeGRAY LAKE Recreation facil f tles My2,13J:3 Water DELINQUENT CHILDREN See Chi 1 dren-crlme and Del inquency DELTA MATE RN l TY CENTER Midwfves DEMARA, FERDINAND WALDO JR Famed impostor dies Je9,38:4 Demara faked his way into Subiaco Abbey in 1944 Je9,3B:5 DEMOCRATIC PARTY US Senator John H. Glenn to speak at Little Rock fund-raiser Ja22,lbB:l Arkansas Community organizations far Reform Now nil 1 tell natl party panel it has trouble getting access to Arkansas Democratic Party Ja30,3B:3 Discrimination against the poor In party affai rs charged Ja31,3B:4 Senator John H. Glenn speaks at fundraiser at Little Rack Mr6,lB:l Class action suit alleges Dem filing fees excessive in Dallas County Ap1,lbB:l Lee County Treasurer Jack R. Gentry, who supported Ronald Reagan, Is allowed to seek re-election as a Dem Ap7,48:5 ACORN leader hits new rules Apll,6B:1 Mississippi County Dems oust Henry Swift from party post Ap13,3B:3 Young Democrats adopt platform Ap24,3B: 1 Democratic panel In Jefferson County removes name of Plne Bluff alderman candidate from bal lot because she opposed a party nominee last year Ap28,4B:l James 5. Blair, Demoera t I c na t l ona 1 comni t teeman from Ark, 1 f sted as $500 donor to campat gn; Blal r says funds probably were for tickets to fund-raiser Ap24,1B:3 James B. Blair offers to resign nat Ional comni tteeman post; check to Hammerschmldt explained Ap29,1A:2 Leading Democrats say they will not seek resignation of James B. Blair My2,18:5 R. L. Johnson, candidate for Cong, calls for Blair to resign My6,3B:2 Jim Johnson writes on party search for an issue My19,15A:2 Herby Branscum to decline 4th term as party chmn Ap10,28:5 Delegates to Phlladelphia conv meet with presidential aspi rants and with ACORN members Je28,6A:5 Rekindling party spirit is goal of Mark A. Stodola, president of Young Democrats of America Je29, 1B:2 Democrats want closed primaries Ag20,98:3 Bill Clinton nominates LIlburn W. Carlisle of Benton, to head Dem State Committee S3,5A:1 Party Conv ends with plea for unity, hard work Slg,lA:5 Party leaders address Senior Democrats of Ark S28, 3A: 1 DEMONSTRATIONS, RIOTS, ETC See a 1 so Abortion Automob i 1 e Rae 1 ng Missiles US-Armament US-Economic Conditions DENTISTRY AND DENTAL HEALTH Dr Brian McCIesky, a dentist, sues state Board of Dental Examiners for $1 mi 11 ion; Board contends Dr McClesky is incompetent Ja20,30:6 Dental Examfners hear complaints about Or McClesky Ja23,5B:2 Dental Examiners vote to suspend license of Dr McClesky Ja24,38:4 Only persons licensed to practice dentistry can make dentures, state Supreme C t rules N23,8C:3 License of Dr Robert M. Cunningham suspended D7,6A:6 DENTI STS See Dentistry DENTON, EARL VAN See a? so Murders-Ri tchie OeQUEEN Police-DeQueen DeQUEEN LAKE Recreation areas My2,7J:1 Fishing, camping is popular My2,191:1 DERRYBERRY, LEANNE Miss Derryberry became Miss Arkansas USA after Terrl Lea Utley won natl title Je5,18:2 DESERTION See Chi 1 dren-abandoned

74 DESIGN, INTERIOR 1982 DISEASE AND ILLNESS DEStGN, 1MTERIOR See Interior Decoration DEVELOP ARKANSAS (orgn) See Ark-Elections--Legislature Trucks and Trucking lndus try Dew I TT BANK AND TRUST CO ACORN charges race bias in hiring ~y25,lb:6 Dl ABETES Course at S t Vincent tnf i rmary teaches diabetics how to hand 1 e the 1 r llves Ja5,1C:2 D 1 AMON DS Metals and Minerals DlARl ES See Dill, James H. DILL, JAMES N. Korean War diary of Jams H. Dl 11 of Little Rock, to be published in American Heritage 05,18:2 DILLAHUNTY, W. A. Murders-McArthur Dl LLARD' S DEPARTMENT STORES Marketing executives rank firm as nation's leader D12,56:4 D I SARMEMT See US-Armamen t D t SASTERS Storms and Tornadoes DISCIPLINE, SCHOOL See Education-Studen t Conduct and Discipl tne DISCRIMINATION Arkansas members of NOW join campaigns to ratify ERA in other states F15,11A:4 Despite ERA reverses, Ark women continue fight F23, 7A:3 Kansas City paper described Ark as place where racism continues Je19, 40:2 FLAG holds rally at Little Rock Je30,1B:3 Supporters of ERA ral ly at LR, vow not to quit Jyt,?B:2 Arkansas Womenbs Pol i tical Caucus to cont inue fight for equal i ty Ag8,1A:2 All lance Rubber Co Ark-Finance and Adm Dept Arkansas Gazette Arkansas Power and Light Co Baldwin Piano and Organ Co Colleges-Equal Educ DISCRIMINATION (Can't) Co1 leges-fraternt ties to1 l eges-teache rs DeWitt Bank and Trust Co Education (Do1 larway) Educat ion-equal Education (Hot Springs) Education (Little Rock)-~eachers Education (North Lt ttle Rock) Education (Pulaskl County ~1st)- Teachers Educat 1 on-teachers Elections (Ark) JacuzrT, Inc Legal Profession Little Rack-Government Employees MacMi 1 lan Bloedel Container, Inc McClellan Memorial VA Hosp Mercy Hosp National Guard, Arkansas North L? ttle Rock-Government Ernp 1 oyees Pol ice-brfnkley Pol ice-li ttle Rock Police-Pulaski County Pol Ice-State Pol Ice Prisons-Arkansas State Reynolds Metals Co Teletype Corp Union National Bank (~fttle Rack) Van Heusen Corp West Helena West Memphis DISEASE AND ILLNESS Rare procedure used by Arkansas Children's Hosp helps Caleb Adco*ck, who was born without disease imunlty Ja3,bB: 1 Al legry Cancer Cystis Fibrosis D i abe tes I mpo tence Ki dneys Lead Poisoning Mental Health Respi ratory Diseases Septtc Shock Spinal Cord Sudden lnfant Death Syndrome Ye rs i na

75 DISHONGH, ALLAN 1982 DRUG ADDICTION D I SHONGH, ALLAN Prostitution DIVORCE, SEPARATfON AND ANNULMENTS Error in reporting led to Ark being ranked 2nd in divorces D14,lB:S DOCTORS HOSP l TAL (1 l TTLE ROCK) Addition to bldg sought D30,4A:4 DODRILL, LOUIS ART Libel DOGPATCH USA 15th season begins My2,181:1 Article on waterwheel at Marble Falls Jy27,18:2 DOGS Feeding table scraps Ts harmful Je15,1B:5 Shooting of dog at McGehee pound has town in uproar Ag21, la:5 Acauittals returned in McGehee case ~~24,6A :5 Two bui1dogs attack, seriously in jure Freddie Gene Berryman D8, 19A: 1 Drug Addiction DOLLARWAY Educatton (Dollarway) DOLLS Display at Museum of Science and tiistory in LR D2,10:2 DOMINI CK, JOHN A. Credit DONOVAN, TOM Murders-McArthur DOOLEY (JOHN) FAM I LY Hot Springs couple care for their 7 grandchildren who survived auto accident that ki 1 led parents My16, I C:2 DOPSOM, DEWARD Athletics-Halls of Fame DORT CH FAM l LY Marfsgate Plan tation DOUGHBOY RECREATIONAL, I NC Swimming pool maker to use West Helena plant Apll,3F:I DOVER See Education (Dover) DOWER Rj GHTS See Women DRAPER, JAMES T.. Baptist Church DREXEL BURNHAM LAMBERT, I NC New York investment banking firm opens Little Rock office My2,l F:2 DRIFTWOOD, JIMMY Donates music hall at Mountain View and music collection to University of Central Ark Ap16,6~:4 Music DROWN l NGS See Accidents-Drownings DRUG ADDICTION, ABUSE AND TRAFFIC Harold Lepel, a Game and Fish Comm biologist in Newton County, wins delay in transfer; Lepel allegedly being moved for reporting marl juana growers Ja2,43:6 Letter comments on Harold Legel case Ja5,6A:5 Letter supports GEFC on Lepel affair Ja8, 18A:5 Article critical of Harold Lepel 's search for marijuana Ja14, 1 la:4 Editorial supports Harold Lepel Ja16,6A: 1 Pulaski County School Dist votes to allow drugsniffing German shepherd into classrooms Ja21,lB:2 FBI enters fight against illegal drugs in Ark Ja29, 6B:5 Seven lbs of cocaine seized at Little Rock Ja31,20:1 Harold Lepel wt 11 not be transferred from Newton County, attorney says F11,30:2 Steve Wilson cites personal financial hardship for Lepel as reason for halt to transfer Fl2,40:6 Editorial on GLFC decision on Harold Lepel F13,8A:1 Police at Batesville find 1,140 pounds of marl juana near ai rport F20, 2B:6 Teen-age drug abuse broadcast on KARK-TV brought free flow of Ideas 2,:I Marl juana plants, drugs seized in Poinsett County; couple arrested Mr17,5B:5 LSD found in cartoon tatoos in Lawrence County; 2 suspects arrested Ap23,4B: 1 More than 300 Ibs of premium marijuana found at Sheridan a1 rport ~yl4,36:3 State Supreme Ct upholds conviction of Sam and Deborah Brown, of Newton County; says marl juana patch not close enough to house to be a garden Je10,70:2 Guide1 lnes for Diversion tnvestigatlon Unit set Je12,3~:4 Use of drugs by 9 students prompts actions by Heber Springs residents Je14,lA:Z Judge William R. Overton says state can begin enforcement of

76 DRUG ADDICTION 1982 DRUNK DRlV lng drug paraphernal la law ~e17,3~:6 Dr Joe Verser critical of tactics used tn probe of doctors Je18,2B:4 Steve Clark urges law allowing seizure of property of drug dlstributors Je21, 48:2 Second Chapter Is unique program operated by Gene Berry and the Grave 1 Rl dge Un I ted Pentecostal Church JylO,lC:2 Five arrested after raids in NW Ark forests net $20 million in marijuana Jylb,lA:6 Martjuana raids barely dent crop growing on forest land Jy17,1A:2 Faulkner County raid yields $500,000 worth of marljuana Jyl8,18:6 Marljuana farm in Fulton County raided Jy20,5A:6 Marl juana, shotguns seized at Jasper Jy24,58:6 Former Carroll County deputy denies he told Torn Ferstl officials accept $10,000 bribes Jy31, 1B:5 Harijuana valued at $150,000 found growing near Heber Springs Agg, 7A:l Pol ice sel ze $50,000 worth of marijuana, arrest 11 persons in Johnson Caunty Ag13,76:5 Crop of marijuana found on Camp Robinson property Ag2l,l\A:l Crittenden County plot contained 220 mature plants Ag21,IlA:l Farm raided in Pope County; 13 arrested Ag22,SA:l Corps of Englneers employee at Russellvflle arrested on charge of growing marijuana ~g28,7~:2 Marl juana destroyed in Stone and Independence County ~g31,7a:4 Police seize 2,656 marljuane plants in Carroll County and 250 in Newton SI,lIA:4 Drugs held as evidence stolen from State Police S9,17A: 1 Three arrested In theft of drugs from State Police Bldg S10, 6~:3 Sinsemilla marijuana patches In Searcy Co were protected by dynamite booby traps S15,1A:6 War Veterans help officers avoid traps near fields S16,3A:5 More marijuana fields found in Searcy County S16,3A:6 Rural Carroll Co residents complain about hellcopter search S17,2A:3 PosS tion of Harold Lepel el iminated by GcFC S18,10A:3 Marijuana crop in Ozark Mtns val ued at $200 mi l 1 ion S19,5A:1 Harold Lepel not satisfied with explanation of job loss S19,13A:1 Shooting, stabbfng incfdent at Clark County rnarljuana patch probed S21, 5A:3 Editorial on dismissal of Harold Lepel S21,8A:1 He1 icopter used In Carroll Co broke no FAA rules S24,14A:2 About $40 mill Ion in wholesale marijuana conf isicated th l s fall in Ark S26,14A:4 Clyde Collins of Pelsor, sentenced to 2-yr prison term for growing marijuana 05,3A:1 Five members of Drummond family convicted of growing marijuana 07,7A:1 Michael Wayne Carter of Jasper, indicted on federal charge 019,5A:2 State to receive funds from US Justice Dept to help combat marijuana growers 029,1A:4 Ffve members of Drumnd fami 1 y sentenced N17,2A:6 Officers disable plane at Hope carrying ton of marljuana; three men arrested N23,4A:1 Two seized at Hope say they are partners in charter service, pilots for Oel ta N24,1A:3 Big business of drug smuggling moves into Ark M25,1A:3 Marijuana gives Ark a new symbol 012,158:l A1 coho1 t sm Ark-Elections--Attorney Gen Crime Sea rcy Go un ty US-Drug En forcemen t Adm DRUGS AND DRUG TRADE Pharmacy Board acts In 2 license cases F17,3B :5 Pharmacy Board hears charges against George Searden Ap8, 5B:l George Bearden loses license for 90 days, fined $500; must retake exam Ap25,7B:2 Pharmacy Bd acts on l icenses Jell,g8:6 State Pharmacy Bd objects to distribution of medicine by Health Dept employees Je12, 3B:4 Suit at LR seeks $12 mi 11 ion from 3 drug firms in death of Anne Freeman Gray Je30,5B:5 Survey by Arkansas Consumer Research shows prtces vary ~~6,18:6 Wf de price variation found in Arkansas Consumer Research study S30,6A:5 Pharmacist Steve lsley f lned, If cense suspended 014,15A:1 DRUNK DRIVING, GOVERNOR'S TASK FORCE ON See Accidents-Traff fc

77 DRUNKEN 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS DRUNKEN AND RECKLESS DRIVING See Acci den ts-traf f 1 c Teague, James DUCKS See Wll dl ife-bi rds DUDA, l VAN Murders-McArthur DULIN, PHILIP A. Obituary F28,88:3 DYER Mayor-elect Faye t te Peevy at tends church operated by A1 am Fdm ~4,2~:4 EAGLES See Wf ldl ife-bi rds EARS AND HEAR1 NG Deafness and Deaf Mutes EARTHQUAKES Two weak earthquakes reported between Conway and Searcy Ja18,6A:5 Over 40 small quakes.detected in Central Ark Ja20,3B :4 tight earthquake centered near Conway measures 4.5 on Richter scale J&?, 1A:4 Faulkner County residents descrlbe earthquakes Ja22,3B:3 Another shake hits central Ark Ja24,3B:2 Naylor feels minor quake Ja29,10B:2 Swarm of quakes in Faulkner County diminishing Ja30,ZB: 1 Several quakes felt fn Faulkner County F2,2B:2 Faul kner County quake recorded F13, 5B:4 Central Ark has recorded 7,000 quakes In past 5 weeks F18,38:2 Quake measuring 3.7 recorded in Faul kner Caun ty F25,46 :5 Conway jolted by tremor Mrl,l4~:1 Tennessee agency moni tors East Ark quakes ~r4, 15A:I State still hit by quakes My13,8B:5 Experts say next quake to hit New Madrid fault will do $15 b i 11 ion damage My26,8B : 1 EAST CAMOEN Storms ECONOMIC CONDITIONS Ark-Economic Conditions ECONOMIC CONDITIONS (Can't) Factories Labor US-Economic Condttions ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AGENCY OF PULASKI COUNTY I11 Head Start workers termfnated until dispute ends Je30,10:2 Termlnation of Ill called illegal Jyl,l0:6 Dallas office asks for data on employees Jy2,7B:5 Employees urged not to take vacation pay Jy3,13:5 Head Start funds transferred to EOA projects, W. Dean Goldsby concedes Ag3,5A:5 Facing loss of funds, EOA forms new policy council Ag4,4B:4 New policy council called illegal Ag5,1B:3 Federal officials to decide which panel is legal Ag9,7A:4 Work begins an revision of Head Start grant request Ag11,46:5 Gav Frank White urges new sponsor for Head Start Ag17,lA:b Head Start to be transferred to another agency Ag18, 9A:l Blacks pralse, castigate Frank White over his role In Head Start Ag19,4A:l W. Dean Gbldsby says he now backs actlon of Gov Frank Whlte In removal of Head Start Ag20,10A:2 Jean Lambie tells Frank White his interference wi 11 leave I1 I Head Start workers unprotected Ag20,10A:2 Gov Frank White meets with blacks on Head Start program Ag24,4A:4 Conway group refuses to take over Pulaski Head Start Ag25,9A:2 Urban League agrees to sponsor Head Start Ag27, 8~:2 Urban League cuts $96,300 from Head Start budget Sl,lA:4 EDUCAT l ON AND SCHOOLS Governor Frank Whlte appoints Clifton Roaf to Education Commission of the States Jy7,5B:1 Governor Frank Whi te favors cooperat lves rather than consolidation Jy30,5B:l Importance of gen educ to economic development pointed out by Gov Frank White Jy31,5B: 1 700,000 adults in Ark lack high school diploma Jy30, 5B:l Dotte Robbins on educ in Ark Agl8,15A:I Effectiveness of a

78 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS -Currt cula school, not socfo-economic level of students, determines academic success, Education Fair is told S29,4A:4 Bi ll Cl inton vows to push for Fmprovements N7,1A:2 Arkansas alone at bottom of standings as Miss takes actlon D24,lOA:l ~ccreditation. 32 schools admitted to NCA Ap19,12A:4 bmpul sory Attendance. Judge to vis i t Wayne Burrows home to see if attendance law is violated N? 3,SA: I Consol idatlon - and Reorganization Education (Ll ttle Rock) -Equal... Curricula. Un ired Methodist Church Bishop Kenneth W. Hicks cormnents on his role in creation-scfence case Ja2,3C:1 Letter on Darwinians as Americans and Christians Ja4,lOA:4 Letters comment on recent court trial of val id1 ty of Act 590, 1981, which requires teaching of creation-science when evolution is presented Ja5,6A:3 Steve Clark, state Attorney Gen, calls decision of Judge William R. Overton, a surprise; undecided on appeal ~a6,l~:b State Sen James L. Holsted, who sponsored Act 590 sees victory in US Supreme Court, says he has a 1 ready won In some ways Ja6,l A:4 Judge William R. Overton strikes down Act 590, 1981, as an unconstitutional bid to advance re1 fgion in the publ ic schools; summary of findings Ja6,1A:6 Paul Ellwanger, author of a model creationism law upon which Act 590 was based, blasts Judge Overton for decision Ja6,4A:2 Ruling praised by American Assn for the Advancement of Science and the National Assn of Biology Teachers Ja6,4A:2 State Repr Jerry King calls Judge Overton narrow-mtnded, says Steve Clark did a lousy job Ja6,4~:2 Jerry Falwel 1, national leader of Moral Majority, says case was doomed from start, blames Steve Clark; spokesman for Creation Science Legal Defense Fund comments; lnst r tute for Creation Science spokesman comments Ja6,5A: 1 Louisiana creationism backer says Steve Clark blew the case, hopes Ark will not appeal so Louisiana can make a stronger case Ja6,5A:3 Reaction from Gov Frank Wh i te, state Reprs Lloyd George and John E. Miller and state Sen Max Howell Ja6, 5A:4 Reaction of American Civil Liberties Union to ruling by Judge Overton; Rev Roy McLaughl in, head of Moral Majority in Ark, challenges religious leaders who opposed Act 590 to pay court costs to save taxpayers money Ja6,SA:f; Rabbinical A1 1 iance of America condemns ruling by federal court Ja6,5A:6 Comments on action of Steve Clark at press conf following Judge Overton ' s rul ing Ja6,13A:4 Gazette comments on Overton rul lng Ja7,IZA:l Gov Frank White says creationism law was a good idea; decision on appeal to be left to Steve Clark Ja7,ZB: 1 Judge Wi 11 iam R. Overton changes phrase that i mpl ied criticism of Steve Clark In written opinion Ja8,20:5 Religious and civil liberties not incompattble Ja9,8A:1 Editors comment on Overton rul lng Jal0,4H:l Text of decfsion on challenge of creation-sclence, Act 590 of 1981 Jal0,6H:I Baltimore Sun calls ruling a victory for re1 igton Jall,lPA:l Letters on creation-science Jal 1,12A:4 Editorial on Judge Overtan's ruling Ja12,6A:1 Washtngton Post comments on creation-science Ja12,7A:5 Gazette urges prompt appeal of ruling Jalk, 1 OA: I Chicago Sun-Times says Judge Overton struck a blow for educ and re1 igion Jal4,lOA: I Letters from the public Ja14,tOA:5 Judge Overton's rul ing a1 ready affect f ng other cases Jal8,lOA: 1 Letters from the publ ic Ja18,10A:4 State did not present best witnesses for creation-sclence, GOV Frank White says Ja19,18:2 Appeal of federal court ruling that Act 590 Is invalid will not be made; Steve Clark will oppose fees for ACLU F5,lA:Z Attorneys for ACLU may seek $2 mi 11 ion

79 EDUCATI ON AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS in fees ~a29,68:4 Decision by Steve Clark not to appeal was wise, Sandra Kurj iaka says; reaction from supporters of Act 590 vary F5,5A:3 Governor Frank White issues brief, neutral statement F5,5A:5 Gazette says Clark should have appealed so decision of Judge Overton could have been upheld by higher courts F6,6A:1 Cartoon of James Holsted and Gov White carrying Act 590 to Good Riddance Cemetery F7,2H:3 Editorial on Steve Clark and Act 590 F14,4H:2 Review of hand1 ing of the creation-science trial by the outside press Mr19,15A:4 Attorney fees for 10,000 hours of work to be sought by ACLU; Steve Clark vows to fight payment Ap3,IB:b Editorial says Governor White and tegis responsible If courts require pay for ACLU AplO, 8A:l ACLU asks federal court for $1,171,514 in attorney's fees and $189,893 in costs for its role in creation-science case Ap27,1A:2 Steve Clark vows to take ACLU fee request to US Supreme Court Ap28,10:2 Roy McLaughl in, head of Moral Majority in Ark, wants plaintiffs to pay ACLU attorneys Ap28,5B:4 Editorial on paying costs of creationscience Ap30,16A:1 Steele Hays discusses fees for ACLU My2,3H:4 Pros and cons of $1 million fee My9,lH:l Ed1 torlel on legal fees My9,4H:3 Creation neither requi red nor prohibited in schools Je5,1B:2 Panel urges repeal of minimum curricul urn standards Je7,13A:1 Editorial on weak curricula supported by law; statistics on schools offering only a minimum Je9,12A:l Teachers learning how to teach wri tlng Jel8,SB:l State asks time on reply to ACLU motion for payment Je18,68:6 Judge W i l l lam R. Overton says mail from creation sclence supporters confirms his belief that issue was religious Jy17,2B:5 Petitions filed in Governor's office urge teaching of creation science Jy28,36:3 Pay nothing to ACLU, state argues Ag3,5A:3 Response of Attorney General called insult Ag4,6A: 1 Judge Wt 11 iam Overton received over 500 letters Ag6,1B:2 School Finance Corn wlll not try to set curriculum standards, but votes to recommend that students be atlowed to attend classes in another dist for half day to take courses not offered in home dlst Ag21,9A:1 Steve Clark says ACLU does not deserve $1 from Ark Ag22,11C:3 Dr James F. Ford advocates train ing of language teachers in black English Ag31,9A:4 Jim Johnson says Supreme Court rul ing in 1954 did not require integration, but banned discrimination S1,12A:3 ACLU rejects Steve Clark's argument to cut or deny fees In creationism suit S11,7A:1 Bill Clinton hits signing of creatlon science bill S17, 13A:6 Ed Gran preparing bill on theortes of origin of 1 ife 012,4A:6 Editorial on proposed act on teaching of origins 018,BA:l Ed Gran corrects article 019,8A:3 Hearing held on ACLU fee request 022,1A:4 State Senator James R. Teague asks opinion on legalfty of proposed bill on origins 023,4A: 1 Ed1 torlal blames tegis and Gov for creation science problem 025,8A: 1 Computer-vi deo project developed to he1 p small schools broaden offerings; ten rural schools are in pilot project 028,2A:3 Orl gins proposals should be forgotten, Gazette says 028,18A:1 Judge William R. Overton discusses role of religion In schools N12,7A:1 Use of computers urged to improve pub1 lc schools N20, 10A:S Latin and Greek are among classics taught in Ark schools N21, 1C:3 Evolution is only a theory, Walter Rowland writes N28,13~:1 Billy C. Ingram, a biology teacher, says evolution is taught as a theory only and that most textbooks used In schools in Ark treat it as such N30, 8A:3 ACLU seeks $10,080 fee for hearing on $1.17 mi 11 ion claim D2, 14A:5 ACLU fee request total ly out

80 EDUCATI ON AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS of line, Steve Clark says D15,25A:2 Elections. Results of school elections Mrll,4B:l + Equal Educational Op ortuni ty. Senator David Pryor votes or ban on school busing to achieve desegregation; Senator Dale Bumpers voted against F5,1A:6 Senator Dale Bumpers blasts antibusing bill; US Constltutlon, not busing, is issue, Senator says; Sen David Pryor votes for bill Mr3,1A:6 Senator Dale Bumpers defends his vate on antibusing bill as protection of freedom Ap8,1B:3 Suit to change boundaries intended Je23, 36:s John Walker discusses blacks and the publlc schools Ag29,9C:l Dr Bettye M. Caldwell sees racial stereotyping of whites in statement of John W. Walker; Dr Caldwell sees poverty, not race, as problem 52, 14A:4 Equal spending does not mean equal opportunity; small dists supported by rest of state are inefficient, expensive ~14,llB:l Tiny, ineffective schools blamed on state govt N28,118:2 See a 1 so Education (Little Rock) -Equal Educat ton (North ti tt le Rock) Education (Okolona) - Finances and Budgets. Special Chancel lor Harrell Simpson refuses to set aside his ruling that the state system for distributing aid to dists is illegal Jal,3B:l High interest rates, state interest ceiling create crisis for some dists as bonds bring no bidders Ja3,lB:S State Board of Education wi 1! not join appeal of ruling on school aid system Jall,llA:5 Court suit a1 leges formula used to figure state turnback money is unfair to larger counties Ja29,4B:l Patrons cannot use initiative petition to force vote on school millage that dif fers from rate school bd set, Attorney Gen Steve Clark rules F6,6B:1 Gov Frank White names 15 persons to a new commission to dev ise changes in state system of aid to school dists F18,lOB : 1 Arkansas ranked ahead of only Mississippi per capita spending on educ F19,6B:2 School supts defend cash balance as needed for bl dgs and pay F21,1B:5 Sharing by school districts of revenues generated from power plants is subject of study by Arkansas Rural Education Assn; State Sen Clarence Be1 1 says statewide assessment with total equalization may be best solution F24,1~:3 Cost per pupil of paying salary of superintendents is high F27,6A:1 Way to equal educ is with money, Steve Clark says Mr7,6B:2 James W. O'Dell says pay of supts of small dists is costeffective Mr10,12A:4 Legislative panel rejects plan that promoters say would help sell school bonds Mr18,3B:3 Mrs David McNai r and Susan Justus apptd by Gov Frank White to Education Block Grant Advisory Com Mr31,38:2 Panel may make farreaching suggestions Ap21,lB:S Plan for equal iting educ opportuni ties formed by AEA; taxes would be pooled in each county Ap30,3B: 1 Reform; ng aid distribution no easy task My3, 68:s Commission works on proposal for equal funding Je6,1~:6 Repairing school finances requires tough decisions Je20,lH:l Senator Clarence Bell wants state funds now spent on local govt to go to educ Jy16,36:3 Jim Wooten says reliance on property taxes bars equal educ Ag22,4A:2 Study camm says state should help pay for bldgs, with poor dists getting more aid Ag22,4~:2 State aid plan proposed by Study Comm would mean less aid for one third of dists S12,15A:1 Don Venhaus says large counties subs!dite smaller ones that refuse to pay fair share S12,13~:4 State Education Bd approves educ budget for ; both 3111 Clinton and Frank White decl Zne to support budget S14,6A:1 Jim Wooten responds to Don Venus S19,126:3 Frank White sees need for new tax 529,3A:4

81 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS -Grading of Students School Ff nances Comm approves ai d formula; 5 richest districts would be losers 03,1A:2 Problem of provf ding quality educ in small dists 08,17A:1 New aid formula taking shape 010,16A:1 About 90 dlsts may get less funds under proposed formula 024,1A:4 Local dists must come up wi th avg of $331 per teacher to make up for loss of state funds N10,1A:5 Aid cuts leave some schools strapped for funds N11,21A:l Flnance Study Comm makes key decisions on formula for state aid N12,1A:6 Legislators to seek formula that is more equi table for areas with large population N19,30A:2 Commission hears criticism of small dists N21,21A:1 Proposed final version of School Finance Comm report sen t to members N26,7A: 1 School finance panel approves formula with 70 pct a1 located for teacher salaries N29,4A:3 State needs sales tax increase, Dr Don Roberts tells ALC as Education Dept budget is presented N30,lA:h Mixed rept from study corn (ed) D2,20A:1 Kai Erickson on new school finance plan D5,13B:4 Arkansas School Bds Assn wants sales tax increase, distribution of public school funds before other funds, and full funding of Educ Dept budget D8.11 C:l Bill Clinton asks for Increase of avg 5 pct for teachers D9,1A:5 Ernest Dumas writes on plan of Bill Clinton to delay hard decisions D10,31A: 1 Bill Clinton admits educ will suffer under lean budget Dl l,la:5 State provides 52.5 pct of funds used by local dists D11,9C:1 From 25 to 106 dists will get less state aid under funding proposal D16,17A:2 Funding inequities illustrated in report Dl5, 38A: 1 toral Government lnst i tute reports shortcomings D25,8A: 1 Property is undertaxed ~26,9B: 1 Richest, poorest dists 1 isted D26,gB: 1 Ark-E 1 ect ions--governor Education (Gentry) Educatton (tittle Rock) -3- Finances and Bud ets See a 1 so7con ' t Education (~ewark) Education (~ulaski County Dlst) - Food Services. Federal funds cuts raise lunch prices, fewer buying Ja28,60:4 Articles explore food service and acceptance by students at schools In Central Ark ~14,1~:2 Fl4, 5A:2 GSfted Students. Olympics of the Mind event will qive creative and talented students an opportunity to compete; Arkansans for Gifted and Talented Education to sponsor activlty for 17 school dlsts Ja15,50;5 Gifted and talented students in grades 7-12 may enroll in special program at UALR for credit Ap27,15:2 Arkansas students win in Olympics of the Mind My29,25:3 Education (Pulaski County ~ist) Governor's School. Evolution, creationism get equal time in drama Jy1,3B: 1 student -~ete McCl uskey describes program Ag11,9A:5 Grading af Students. Teachers may be cheating to help students score we1 1 on achievement tests, state Sen Clarence Bell says F12,5B:5 AEA survey says abuse of achlevement tests wfdespread in Ark Ap27,13A:I Alle- gations of AEA unfounded, Or Don R. Roberts says Ap2 8,3B : 4 Dewayne Haynes says AEA findings show that only 1.5 pct of teachers had complaint about testing My7,14A:4 Scores Improve on SRA tests Jy23,50:3 Arkansas Education Assn to pub1 Icize uses of tests Jy23,5B:6 Rise in student scores depends on Investment, educator warns 3y25,60: 1 State resul ts on SRA achievement tests of 4th grade (by county and school) Jy25, 6 : 1 Arkansas student scores Jy25, 65:4 White, affluent girls achieve best test scores Jy29,14A:5 Arkansas students' scores on Scholastic Aptitude Test rise S22,2A:3

82 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS -Grading of Students See a 1 so Education (tittle flock)-grading Education (Pulaski county)-~rading Graduates. Survey of schools shows many of best high school grads leave Ark for college S2,llA:l Handicapped Students. Leg 1 sl ators ask Develo~mental Disabi 1 ities Div to spend $5.6 mi l lion wlndfall on schools for exceptional children F12, 5B:l Small children with handicaps receive special educ in DEEP project developed by Dr Judy Freund Mr13,1C:2 US Supreme C t ruling on services may prompt Ark schools to look carefully at requests Je30,hB:l Case still a1 ive in Ark Jyl,8B: 1 US Ci rcui t Court affirms decisfon that Springdale dist must provide a teacher for deaf student N9,2A:3 Education o over) Educa t ion (Lavaca) Libraries Education (Farmlngton) Private - and Sectarian. Statistics on private school enrollment in Ark and in Pulaski County, , 1A:2 List of private schools in Pulaski County and their enrollment totals 011,6A:6 Art Linkletter tells Little Rock group Christian schools do better job 013,8A:4 Heritage Christian School beliefs to other students, Attorney Gen Steve Clark rules S15,11A:2 Both Dale Bumpers and David Pryor oppose school prayer bill S22,3A:1 Senators Bumpers and Helms have sharp exchange over prayer bi 11 S23,13A:1 Dale Bumpers draws wrath of New Right after exchange with Helms S26,17A:1 Frank Lady favors prayer amdt 010, 130:3 Dictating school prayer cat led political demagoguery 017,11:2 Education-Currf cul a Education (~ecatur) Resources - and Serv i ces Centers. Educational co-omyear beneficial to districts, students 024, 14A:l Education service center plan to be revived 024,14A:5 Statistics. Stattsttcs on personnel, salaries, enrollment, etc My2, 48: 1 Education-Finances Student Activities Education (Little Rock)- Student Actfvities Student Conduct and Dlscfpline. Student dlscf pl fnet bigger problem for teachers than principals ~r15, 1 B: 3 See Education (He 1 en a) Education (Lf ttle Rock) Education (~arianna) Educat Ion (~orth Little Rock) Education (Pulaski County District) Education (bgers) Religious Practices in Public Education (Shi rley) Schools, -- Issue of. ~oy~c~au~hlin, Educa t ion (Ty ron za) state head of Moral Majority, - - praises.... stand of Pres Reagan 06 prayer in Teachers - and Administrators. Esttschools; other Arkansans worried My8, mates show Ark fell further behind 3B:5 Rev James Hays and Rev R. B. natl avg In pay during past year Hardle discuss pros and cons of Ja16,6B:1 Arkansas Educ Assn says prayer in schools Myl6,lH:l North schools have surpluses that should be Arkansas Conf of the Methodist Church used for salartes; 123 dists placed opposes proposed amdt to a 1 low praye r on "not recommended'' list on salary in public schools Je9,7B:l Ken schedules F14,1B:6 Decline of 40 Parker Plan for Proportional Pub1 ic certified employees reported ~y2,4b:l Prayer Je24,? 3A:4 Students have Teachers to receive $253 bonus My8, right to witness about re1 igious 6 New teachers required to take

83 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATlON AND SCHOOLS National Teacher Exam to teach in Ark My17,8B:2 Improved retirement benefits to be sought from next Legislature My27,bB:l Dr Gordon Morgan opposes use of National Teacher Exam Jyll,3H:l Reorganlzatfon decision to be appealed Jy12,9A:6 Consultant urges setting rninlmal scores on NTE for certification; failure rate by blacks may create problems Jy16,1~:2 Proposal for testing raises strong feelings Jy18,1A:2 Editorial on problem of low scores on teacher exams Jy25,bH: 1 State Repr Charles R. Moore proposes that teachers no longer be required to contribute to retirement system Ag19,28A:4 John Walker critical of use of NTE for teacher certification; sees bias against blacks Ag29,9C:l AEA urges preparation of teachers for NTE St, 5A:4 Attorney Gen Steve Clark says teacher pay cannot be cut below level even if state aid Is reduced S4,12A:4 Education Dept budget cat 1s for avg raise of $1,500 per year for teachers S9,4A: 1 Sa 1 ary raises wou 1 d avg $1,780, Bd told; AEA seeks time to study proposal S13,3A:4 State Education Bd adopts minimum scores on National Teacher Exam S14,6A:1 Arkansas teacher pay ranked next to last, lags $4,841 below natl avg 010, 21A:l Repr Charles R, Moore says AEA took his quote on teacher retirement benefits out of context N5, 14A:6 Dr Don Roberts, dl rector of state Dept of Educatlon, IndI cates bonus pay for teachers should have been spent for computers W20,108:5 Kai Eri ckson, executive di rector of the AEA, highly critical of remark by Don Roberts on bonus pay ~23,8~:1 Teachers on probation not ent1tled to appeal to ct rcult ct D7,11A:5 School 0ds Assn wants law to allow suspension of license of teachers who strike D8,llC:l State Supreme Ct rules coaches can be f i red over losing season ~14,12A:4 School bds warned an use of bargaining D19,21A:3 See a 1 so Ark-Elect ions--governor Teachers and Administrators. See a 1 so7con ' t l Education (duy ~eikins) -- Teaching Methods, Aims and Objectives Education (~ulaskt County ~1st) Vocational Training - and Gui dance. Enrollment fn vocational schools rise to 4,901 Ja32,3B:4 Vocational Education Div study may show state has too many schools for revenue f8,ga:l Vocational educ system begins to reflect philosophy of Dr J. Barry Bal lard Fl4,lB:2 Tom McRae says Ballard program is on target F14,10:3 Board of Vocattonal Educat Ion adopts rept calling for higher salaries and estab of a technical training institute at WLR Ap13,1B:2 Budget, staff posts for Vo-tech Div of the state Education Dept approved; 15 apptd to Arkansas Vocational Education Fdn bd Je21,9A:5 Vocational schools should put needs of indus ahead of student's interests, Dr J. Barry Ballard says Ag5,lB:3 Norman Wells supports stand of Dr Ballard on priorities Ag19, 14A:4 Vocational Education Bd requests $156 mi 11 ton for 2-year budget; Dr Barry Ballard calls for sates tax increase, removal of teachers in vo tech schools from state pay plan ~8,1~:2 Cut In state funds to force delay in programs aimed at high technology jobs N10, 1 A: 5 Cal leges-curricula tabor-labor Supply EDUCATf ON AND SCHOOLS (AUGUSTA) School gets back $48,036 fn TI tle I funds It had to return 3 yrs ago Jy2,6~:4 School Bd requf res all teachers to enrol? the1 r chi ldren In public schaal; ACtU says rule violates parental rights 030,13A:3 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (BATESVI LLE) Dismissal of teacher upheld D21, 15A: 1

84 EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (BAUX t TE) 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (BAuX I TE) Closing of Reynolds plant means heavy loss for school N19,IA:Z EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (DECATOR) Suit seeks end to distribution of Bibles on school property Ap23,6B:5 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (DARDANELLE) Vi rginia Dimi tt gets probation, agrees to repay $11,936 of missing funds S21,7A:4 EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS ( DOLLARWAY) Federal Judge Henry Woods orders Dlst to promote black to head coach Jy23,3B:4 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (DOVER) Vatery tusk of Dover is entitled to receive occupational therapy as a special educ service at school expense, hearing officer rules Je16, 5B:Z EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (FARM I NGTON) Parents protest remova 1 of books from libraries without review A:2 Students protest resignation of popular teacher D14,3A:5 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (GENTRY) Power plant is prime source of funds that has enriched dfst My25, 13:3 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (GUY PERKI MS) Member of school bd found guilty of assault of principal Ja19,38:5 Former teachers sue dist for $500,000, allege they lost jobs because they opposed phflosophy of dist N5,6A:1 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (HEBER SPRINGS) Drug Addiction EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (HELENA-WEST HELENA) School Board to issue reprimand to 2 teachers who paddled a student for not returning papers F4,5B: 1 School board and employees sued for $1. I mill ion over paddl ing of a student Aplj,48:5 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (HOT SPRINGS) US Appeals Ct rul Tng says schools biased against women Jy7,3B:5 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (LAMAR) State Supreme Ct rules coaches can be fired over losing season D14,12A:4 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (LAVACA) Decision on home program for mentally handicapped student stands; cost is $1,000 per ma Jy15,6~:5 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (L I TTLE ROCK) Deficiencies In schools outlfned by Earl Peeples; low graduation requirements critlcizsd Ap12,13A:2 Blacks protest in front of adm off ices, demanding school bd election by zones, removal of Betty Herron from Bd, and that Othello Faison be named prin at Parkview Jell,lB:2 Dr Ed Ke 1 1 y conf i rms planned changes Je15,8A:1 Williams Magnet School no better than others in dist, Joe Lamarca says Ag13,10:2 Everett Tucker Jr sees traditional values as appeal of Williams magnet school ~g19,lsa:h About 90 applicants received for W i l l iams School from private school students Ag19,17A: 1 Parents applaud strict standards at Williams Magnet School Ag25,8A:l Magnet school rules same as others in dist Ag29,13A:l Dr Ed Kelly dtscusses shaping of priorities S16, 23~:4 Teachers at Wlllfams Magnet School complain about excessive demands 027,1A:3 Supt Ed Kelly uses secrecy in conducting business, reduces role of parents ~7,8~:2 Buildings. Central High School named a historical landmark Je18.3A:3.- - Consol idatlon - and Reorganization See alsa Education (ti ttle ~ock) -Equal Enrollment. Increase of 1 pct In black enrollment expected; pct at elementary level drops Ag25,1A:2 Black enrol 1 ment increases to 67 pct Ag31,lA:Z Black enrollment is 68 pct S4,8A:1 Editorial on enrollment S7, 8A: 1 - Equal Educational Opportunity. Rev Robert Willingham says schools at crossroads Ja21,5B:2 Dr Masem presents his reorganization plan to School Bd Ja26,3B: 1 School Board delays action on reorganization Ja29, 38:2 School Bd seeks reargan I zat Ion

85 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (LITTLE ROCK) as way to reverse resegregation F2, 4A:l Six school bd candidates questioned closely by black parents about attendance zones and reorgan i - zation F16,6B: 1 Maintaining desegregation is top priority, School Board says F19,7B:2 John Walker says case not moot because unresoi ved Issues remaln F20,lB: 1 Naming of new plaintiffs denied in desegregation suit F26,5B:2 District has much to do to end racial bias, John Walker tells ct Mr3,6B:1 Board keeps 3 plans to reduce busing Mr16,1B:3 Biracial panel calls one plan for reorganization acceptable Ap9,75:1 School s must change to attract wh i tes, C. 0. Magee Jr says Ap15,13A:1 Board studies 3 orgn plans; ideal of racial balance no longer works Ap?8,1A:2 Blacks say white flight is race problem that realignment plan will not solve Ap21,lA:S Reorganization plan adopted by bd Ap27,1A:2 Reorganization plan generally accepted; map Ap28,l A : 2 Gazette comments on plan Ap28,12A: 1 Wal te r Nunn says board took proper step Ap29,13A: 3 School Bd panel picks law firm of Kapl an, Ho? 1 ingsworth, Brewer and Bilheimer to pursue interdistrict remedy for deseg rega t ion problems My22,1B:3 Board modifies zones, votes not to close 4 schools My25, 9A:2 Law firm of Kaplan, Hall ingsworth and Brewer elected desplte alleged confl Tct of interest My28,8B: 3 John W. Walker sees confl ict of interest in use of Phi1 ip E. Kaplan My29,1B:6 Reorganization would aid integration, court told Je8,7A:2 Dr John A. Finger Jr says Little Rock should give eastern end of dist to Pulaski County Dist to equalize races; other suggestions of Dr Finger Je9,1B:2 Pulaski Dist does not want East End of Little Rock ~e10,3~:4 Blacks call School Bd insensitlve Je19,50:6 Coalition of blacks considers boycott of businesses that support dist Je29,7A:2 Gazette urges blacks to give Bd a chance Jy2,14A: 1 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS Reorganization plan ruled equitable JylO,lA:2 Black coal ition a1 leges bias In ruling Jy11,50:4 Editorial on merits of reorganization plan approved by Judge Overton Jy20,12A: 1 School plan will undermine desegregation, John Walker says Ag2,7A:2 Appeals C t to hear request that reorganization plan be blocked Ag5,10:2 Appeals Court hears plans Ag7,1A:3 US appeals ct rules reorganization plan can be implemented; magnet school for east LR suggested Ag17, 1A:4 Editorial on approval of plan Ag19,14A: 1 Editorial says busing not root of white flight Ag21,lOA:l School Ed may face fee of $3 mi 11 Ion in fees for plaintiffs' attorneys in 26-yr-o 1 d desegregation case ~928, 2A:3 Central High School is proof desegregation works Ag29,1A:2 School officials try to mend fences with other dists in county; unified dist urged by Les Hot 1 ingsworth S12, 7A: 1 Editorial discusses racial imbalances in Pulaski's 3 dists S15, 14A:l Little Rock School Bd backs merger of Dist with North Little Rock and Pulaski Co Dists Ol,lA:6 Editorial on merger talks 03,lZB:l Other dists may not meet with Bd for merger tat ks 06,gA: 1 Pulaski County District Bd votes not to discuss merger 012,7A: 1 Pulaski County Dist will not discuss merger 013,10A:4 Greater Ll ttle Rock Re1 igious Forum calls for panel to study problem 015, 9A:S Stonewalling on consolidation 019,8A:1 Black schools need repairs, report says; some complain educ not equal NI9,llA:I Little Rock flles suit in federal ct seeking consol i- dation of North Little Rock and Pulaski County Dists with Little Rock; specific requests listed Dl,lA:4 Cons01 idation case unique D1,8A:4 District takes both sides of segregation issue D2,1A:2 Gazette dlscusses consolidation case D3,16A:1 Consolidation suit to be costly 05, 27A: 1 Consol idation would create super dist D12,1A:2 Editorial opposes

86 EDUCATI ON AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS LITTLE ROCK) (L I TTLE ROCK) merger D12,16B:2 Editorial says suit is only course left D14,16A:l Poll shows patrons see no loss in qualfty if schools merge Dl6,10:6 NLR to fight merger ~17,18~:1 Merger is dangerous for NLR D21,19A:3 ~inances - and Budgets. School Bd to ask voters to approve 3-mlll increase in school tax Ja5,1B:2 Voters defeat 3-mi 11 increase MrlO, la:2 David E. co*ckcroft, Herb Yarborough and B. G. Wl I1 Tams elected MrlO, lb:6 Election surprising; question raised on fate of 6 mills Mr11,lB:S 16 districts approve tax increases ; 16 dl sapprove Mrll,10:6 Tom Ferstl tells how his group defeated tax Mr15,3~:4 $3.5 million must be cut from operating expenses Ap25,48 :5 Budget p 1 an means 5 payless days for all employees My16,lB:Z Conservation saves $100,000 on utilities in 6 mos Ap11,48:2 Federal aid to be cut in half if Reagan's proposal for aid to private schools passes Ag18,1~:2 Funding for boys' teams doubled that for girls S26,4A:3 Board approves $45 mi 1 l ion budget 08,18A:1 Grading- of Studen ts. Scores down sl ightl y, but ha1 f above natl avg Je25,48:5 Paul Masem says drop in grades result of turmoi 1 in schools Je28,9A:4 Most elem pupils work at or above norm N11,2A:3 Private - and Secta r t an School s Heritage Christian School Mount St Mary s Academy Pulaski Academy School Administration. Betty Herron will not seek 2nd term on School Bd Jel7,IB:j Criticism of Betty Herron comes from CTA, blacks Je20,90:1 Or Art Gillum will not run again for bd Je23,36:4 Meeting of 4 Bd members with CBS interviewers apparently violated FOI law S16,2A:3 Student Activtties, Controversy develops over Mi 11s student newspaper printing as handled by McClellan print shop F26,1B:2 Confl icting optnions given in dispute over refusal of McClel Ian print shop to print letters in Mills school paper that criticize work of printers F27, 36 :5 Student Conduct - and Discipline. Judge A1 lan Di shongh sentences student to year In jail, fines her $1,000 on battery charge Ap28,38:4 Dress code, other rules proposed for Williams Magnet School Je18,3B:1 Teachers - and Admin Tstrators. School Bd narrows choice for supt to Edward Kelly and Larry Barber F3,1B:6 Mini -courses offer teachers opportunity to advance in pay grade F5, 6B:2 Board members praise 2 ffnalists for supt post F7,40:5 Motion filed in federal ct seeks delay In naming supt F7,40:5 Dr Edward Kelly, candidate for supt, visits Little Rock F9,1B:2 Dr Larry Barber discusses course he would fol law if named supt F10,10:2 The executive council of the Little Rock Classroom Teachers Assn rejects endorsem*nt of either final ist for post of supt Fll, 1B:2 Dr Edward Kelly named supt; suit filed in federal court seeks reopening of search until qualified black appl icants can be found F12, 1A:2 Federal judge sets hearing on mtion to enjoin hiring of supt untsl blacks are interviewed F25,18:2 Black leaders back John W. Walker in effort to stop selection of new supt F25,30:3 Hearing begins on method used to search for new supt ~r2, IB:~ Dr Edward Kelly signs contract; hears opposition to his selection ~r4,1~:5 Federal ct rules selection of supt not btased ~r6,l~:k Teachers will not lower pay demand despite tax defeat Mr12,16:3 School Bd tables nominatlon of Othello Owington Faison for principal at Parkview; supporters charge racism Ap30,30: 1 Othel lo 0. Faison suspects some sex bfas behind failure to hire her My2,12B:1 CTA calls proposed budget a sham My21, la:2 School Bd re1 ieves Supt Paul Masem of duties My22,lB:Z Masem

87 E DUCAT l ON AND SCHOOLS 1982 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (L I f TLE ROCK) (PINE BLUFF) ordered to vacate offlce ~y24,13a:l Dr Ruth Steele serves as interim supt My25,9A:2 Paul Masem discusses his dismissal My30,50:1 Accord reached on salaries Je3,l B :2 School Bd refuses approval of pay pact Je30, 1A:2 Dr Lesl ie T. Rogers ft les suit alleging his job was abolished because he is black Jy2,1B:2 Paul Masem discusses his problems with bd Jy4,128:1 Greater Little Rock Rel!gfous Forum backs coalition drive for higher posttions for blacks Jy9, 1A:2 Pact to gsve 8 pct salary raise Jy23,1 B:4 Pay pact approved by Schoo 1 Board ~y24,lb : 1 CTA approves contract Jy26,1A:2 Personnel reass ignments made Jy31,6B :4 Teaching Methods, -- Aims and Objectives. Homework suggestions include telephone hotline, open IIb ra r i es and homework s t udy' cen te rs S26,4A:5 Homework centers do a brisk business ~28,26~:2 Economic educ is practical at Ish D18,lB: 1 EPUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (NEWARK) State Board of Educ refuses to approve school bonds ; quest ion of sharing revenue from APEL plant arises Mr9,2B:3 Voters adopt novel pl an that wi 1 l make Arkansas Power and Light Co customers pay for thei r schools Mr12,lA:Z Court challenge may be made if APEL is forced to pay higher rate; challenge of Amdt 59 may be made ~r13,1a:4 Tax advantages were detailed in memo from state Education Dept Mr19,16:4 Editorial an uti l l ty taxes Mr21,4H:3 State Board of Education refuses to approve bond issue Ap13,1B:6 Sale of bonds for new high school can be halted by state Education Bd, attorney gen rules Je8,7A:4 State Board of Educat ion approves $4.6 m? 11 ion bond sale Je22,SA:S EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (MARIANNA) Teacher cha rged w i th choking student after she reslsted paddl Jng Ja30,20 :5 Thomas Johnson found guilty of assault, fined $ F10. 4B:6 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (NORTH LITTLE ROCK) Consolldation - and Reorganization Education (Little Rock)-Equal... Elections. Stephen Morley, Leon Barnes and Marianne Gosser win seats MrlO, 10:s Herbert Ray Martin seeks seat D21,1'2A:5 Enrol l&nt. Attendance same as last year Aq31.1A:4-7 ~&l Educational Opportunity. US Supreme Ct refuses to release Dfst from federal ct review O5,1A:2 Racial balance changes; desegregation plan to be revised 07,9A:\ Finances and Budgets. No millage i ncrease sost-2 Student conduct and Dfsci 1 ine District s z s u ~ i h i t h - grade boy who asked tb use restroom during shop class and was ordered by parents not to wrt te theme as punishment Ja8,3B:2 Student wins appeal on suspension Ja9,6B:4 School Board backs rule on theme writing for going to restroom Ja22.100:3 Teachers - and ~dmin istrators. Counselor loses appeal.. in sex bias case N13,17A:5 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (OKOLONA) Petitions seek to dissolve dist; opponents cla lm race bias beh 1 nd move Ja3,gB:l Voters approve tax rise to save school Mr10,2~:4 District criticized as ineff icient because of small enrollment N21,21A:2 Superintendent says criticism of,school currfcula is false N23,2A:6 E DUCAT1 ON AND SCHOOLS (OMAHA) Shop turns out fine furniture My22, 1C:2 EDUCAT l ON AND SCHOOLS (P 1 NE BLUFF) Blacks protest selection of Jack Robey for supt Mr23,4B:4 Board stands by choice for supt despite protests by blacks Mr31,2B:5 Blacks ft le federal suit challenging selection of supt Myl6,lOB:S Town go help pay expenses of 2 students who gained world finals in Olympics of

88 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (PINE BLUFF) (SOUTH CONWAY) the Mind My25,13:5 Supt Jack Robey promised to place 2 blacks in policymaking posts, judge told Je25,bB:k Federal ct refuses to block Robey appmt Je26,10:2 EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (POUGHKEEPS I E) Fire destroys gym F18,2B:4 EDUCAT l ON AND SCHOOLS (PULASKI COUNTY) Buildings -- and Other Faci 1 ittes. J. A. Fair Jr-Sr school set to open Consolidation - and Reorganization Education (Li ttle Rock) -Equal Curricula. New method for teaching handwriting to be used in Pulaski County school Dist Ap25,4~: 1 Foreign language offerings limited Ag15,bA:l Fami ly health educ course cal led sex educ by opponents D15,7A: 1 Gifted students work in theater classes 027, 1B:l Elections. Char1 ie Barkins fai 1s in effort to remove names of his ODponents from ballot Mr5,15:6 sheril Ounn and David A. Saln elected MrIO, 1B:4 School Board to ask approval of 3-mill increase In school tax Ja5, 1B:2 List of projects possible with 3-mi 11 tax Ja8,95:1 Voters defeat 3-mil l increase MrlO.lA:2 - Enrollment. 3lackvenrol lment up by 2 pct Ag24,1A:2 Finances - and Budgets. School Bd votes to move dist funds from Commercial Natl Bank to Worthen, which is buying schaotss bonds Ja20,40:2 School officials react to tax defeat Mrl?,l0:2 No millage increase to be sought D13,1A:5 Gifted Students. Students' creativity tested during - Olympics of the Mind AP~. 1~:5 ~rad'inb of Students. Higher SRA scores reported Jy13,6A:6 Students score low on competency in math, writing Jy19,7A: 1 School Administration. Board members to be elected by zones Je18, Student Conduct - and Discipline. Suspension from coaching urged in paddl ing incident at Northside Jr High My7,35:5 Paddl ing of student by Coach Jimmy E. Walker called abuse Aq8,6B:4 - - Teachers - and Adminlstrato'rs. Two coaches at Jacksonville file grievance on assignment Je23,4B:6 Supt Tom Hard in says coaches wi 11 not be reassigned to Jacksonvftle Jy9,3B:2 Board wi 11 not a1 ter decision to move coaches Jy14,3B:l Suit contends transfer of coaches was punt t ive Jy24,bB: 1 Supt Tom Hardin denies that coaches we re transferred because of corporal pun i shment epi - sode with Coach Jlmmy Walker Ag3,6A:2 Rullng says coaches rights were violated In transfer Ag6,3~:1 School officials deceived court about transfer of Bob Bowman and James Mackey, attorney Philip E. Kaplan says Ag13, 28:s Transfer of 2 coaches blocked by federal judge; school dist to resolve problem Ag21,4A:1 Board reassigns coaches Bowman and Mackey, who vow to continue fight Ag25,8A:1 Reassignment of coaches violated court order, attorneys say Ag27,12A:5 Judge G. Thomas Eisele takes blame for reassignment not belng handled properly S4,12A:1 Angry parents fight for return of Coaches Mackey and Bowman S15,4A:5 Joseph Jackson alleges bias in firing as principal ~17,14~:b Teachers set up informational pickets In pay dispute 023, 4A:4 School Bd critical of picketing by PACT D16,lbA:l Sex charge against Gerald Brown dismissed D23.8A35 Teachin Methods, Alms i d - - O b d. Math Fair is popular project at Dupree F3,1B:3 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (ROGERS) US Supreme Ct upholds suspension of student who came to school intoxicated ~y3,40:4 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (SHIRLEY) Lawsuit contends Supt Edgar W. Bradberry used excessive force in corporal punishment F9,3B:2 EDUCATI ON AND SCHOOLS (SOUTH CONWAY COUNTY DIST) District asks state to pay $1.3

89 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS 1982 EIGHTEEN HOUR DAY CARE mi l 1 ion for desegregation costs D23, 12A:6 EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (SPARKMAN) Black parents keep children out of school to protest adm; slaying of Eric Daniels at school triggered action S2,1A:2 Black parents get perrnft for march at Sparkman S4,iA:S March is peaceful S5,16A:1 Black students attend school in churches S8,3A:3 Boycott ends as parents, officials reach accord S9,1A:3 Role of Justice Dept mediator explained SlO, 5A:I Black may join Bd S23,5A:2 Murders-Daniels EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (SPRI NGOALE) Class sends socks to world leaders, receives gifts in return Ap25,8~:3 Educat ion-hand i capped EDUCATl ON AND SCHOOLS (T IMBO) School aid audit under way; school closed early because angry fami ly shut off water My13,lB:Z School must repay $48,000 to state at once for funds received for students not in school ~yls,lb:4 State accuses school officials of intent to defraud My21,lB:b Certificates cashed to repay state funds My25,9A:5 Revocation of teaching certificate of Supt Leverl Balenttne urged by Dr Don Roberts Je8,7A: 1 Leverl Balentine to fight revocation of I icense JelO, 7B:5 Roy Leverl Balentine files suit to prevent hearing on license revoca t f on Jy9,3B : 4 Threat to pol son spring serving school prompts FBI probe Ag12,128:2 Hearing held on proposa 1 to revoke 1 l cense of Supt Roy Balentlne ~14,6A:3 Teachers subpoenaed for interviews after Supt Roy Balentine ordered asst atty gen to leave school 07,?6A:4 Certfflcate of Roy Balentine revoked by state Education Bd; appeal to court planned N9,4A:2 Process begins for revocation of license N10,8A:6 Appeal filed by Balentine NlI,llC:1 School may be liable for $200,000 ~13,4A:4 Court allows Balentine to remain on job N14,lgA:l District in chaos; students, teachers transfering D14, 14A:3 EDUCAT l ON AND SCHOOLS (TYRONZA) Lawsuit accusing teachers of strlking two students is dismissed Mr20,3B: 1 EDUCAT l ON AND SCHOOLS (V I LON I A) School officials bar 2 articles from school paper Mrl3,fB: 1 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (WALNUT RI DGE) Sloan Turnbow of Walnut Ridge fined $2,000 for taking food from dist 54, 12A:5 EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS (WHITE HALL) District moves fmmpoor to rich category after AP&L plant bui 1 t F27, 1C:3 New bldg featured F27,1C:4 EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, ARKANSAS Lyle French re-elected Pres Mr9, 78:6 Bill C l inton vows support for efforts to improve educ; delegates approve increased funds for lobbying N7,1A:2 Dale Bumpers recefves Friend of Educat ion award N7,13A:2 See Ark-Education Bd Ark-El ec t i ons--gave rno r Ark-Elect ions--lagis1 ature Ark-Elect ions--us House Dis t rf ct 1 Ark-Elections--US House District 2 Ark-Elections--US House Dlstrict 3 Educat ion-finances Educatton-Grading of Students Educat ion-teachers US-Finances EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, ARKANSAS RURAL See Ark-Elect ions--attorney Gen Ark-Elections--Legislature Education-Finances EDUCATION BOARD, SOUTHERN REG IONAL Doug Brandon apptd by Gov White D19,20A:3 EDUCATION CENTER ON AGING, COMMUNITY Project set up to identify desires of state's elderly for educ and skills use D3,26A:3 EDUCATION COMMISSION OF THE STATES See Education EHREN, FRITZ College of the Ozarks EIGHTEEN HOUR DAY CARE CENTER (LITTLE ROCK) License denied by Child Care Faci1 ity Review Bd; child abuse a1 leged ~g26,24a: 4 80

90 EISELE, G. THOMAS 1982 ELECTRIC POWER AND LIGHT EISELE, G. THOMAS See a 1 so US-Cou rt of Appea 1 s EL DORADO Changes in town square credited for progress Ja17,5F: 1 EL SALVADOR Senator David Pryor disturbed by US involvement F17,1A:6 Sen Dale Bumpers says aid should continue; calls for evidence of foreign intervention Mr7,lB :4 Arkansas Congressmen doubt US policy Mr9,5A:5 Senator Dale Bumpers joins effort to ban use of US troops Mr10,4A:6 ELDE RHOSTEL Seven Ark col leges offer courses Ap17,l C:2 ELDREDGE, MICHAEL Arkansas Gazette ELECT l ONS Senator David Pryor supports extension of 1965 Voting Rights Act Je18,3A:3 Also see geog heads ELECTRlC POWER AND LIGHT Reynolds Metals Co executive warns Ark leaders not to hold dawn rates for res i dent la1 consumers at expense of his industry Ja8,1B:3 Reynolds Metals Co to lose low-cost power it has been gettlng from Southwestern Power Adm; electrfcl ty lost by Reynolds will not be redistributed in Ark Ja8,58: 1 Faul ty detectors shut down Uni t 2 at Arkansas Nuclear One ~a8,140:2 Errors in math spotted by APEt in rept by PSC consultant firm Jag, 18:s Second hearing begins on APdL request for $101.4 mi 1 l ion increase Ja20,1B:2 Regulatory changes hamper efficient operation of Arkansas Nuclear One, official says; APEL wants lower efficfency rating assigned by PSC ~a2 1, 16: 6 Accountant test 1 f ies that financial condition of APEL is very serious ; rate increase needed Ja21,lB:Z Arkansas Industrial Development Corn asks PSC to end mandatory time-of-use rate structure for indus Ja22,tbB: 1 Tax benef i ts of APEL should go to customers, PSC accountant says Ja23,l B:4 Consul tant for PSC explains plan for APEL rates Ja26,30:4 PSC staff consul tant accused of conflict of interest by intervenor In APEL case Ja27,56:4 Time-of-use electric rates should be applied to all customers, PSC consultant says ~a28,i 0 :2 Rate l ncrease approved by PSC for Arkansas Electric Coaperatfve Corp Ja28,10:2 PSC ftnishes hearing on request by APEL for $101 mil 1 ion raise Ja29,hB:l Refund of $7.7 mi 11 ion by APEL ordered by state Supreme Court F23,10:5 Power plans feasible far 5 dams below tittle Rock on Arkansas River, engineers say F26, 3B:4 APEL granted rate increase of $26 mi 11 ion by PSC, but refund of $19.3 mill ion also ordered Mr2,?A:4 Rate decision on.ap&l ha1 led by ACR and ACORN; firm plans to appeal, file again Mr3,lB:Z State Repr B. G. Hendrtx to seek to force APEL to pay money market rates on refunds Mr7, 38:6 Residential rates for AP&L users to go up 7.9 pct with next bill Mr9,4~:1 Arkansas Nuclear One operates In a safe manner, lnsti tute of Nuclear Power Operations says ; some areas criticized Mr14,1A:2 Corrosion plagues Arkansas Nuclear One, cuts power production Mr31,5~:4 AP&L seeks rehearing, tells PSC fi rrn shaul d get $35.1 mf 11 ion mare Apl, 8~:5 Arkansas to try to keep more power generated by SPA in state Ap4, 5B:I Evacuation plans ready for emergency at Nuclear One Apl1, ta:2 Frank White asks rehearing on loss of SPA electricity Ap15,10:6 PSC will a1 low APEL to add disputed rates by customer surcharge Ap16,40: 1 Leaking pipe shuts down Nuclear One Ap17,28:5 Scott C. Trotter says Gov Frank White and legis should be blamed for APEL fuel costs ~p24,78:2 Explosion damages White Bluff plant of APEL Ap28,3B:1 AP&L granted rehearing on rate case; $35.1 mil 1 ion sought Ap29,56:1 APEL begins refund of $8.5 mlllion My5,28:5 Unit 1 of

91 ELECTRIC POWER AND LIGHT 1982 EMBEZZLEMENT Nuclear One back in service My1 l,8a:6 AP&L proposes rev i s ion in accounting on funds col lected from customers to pay for nuclear waste disposal and for decommissioning of Nuclear One in the year 2008; fee would rise My12, 4B:l Leak found; Nuclear One is shut down My26,110: 1 Army Engineers say power plant on Toad Suck Dam is feasible My28,4B:5 Nuclear One restarting delayed Je8,12A:4 Nuclear One puts one unit back in service Jell,3B: 1 Governor Frank White may seek ct suit if SPA refuses cheap power to Reynolds Jy8,13:6 Two incidents at Arkansas Nuclear One listed by Crittcat Mass Energy Project as serious; NRC disagrees Jy9,lB:h Reynolds may pay $14 million mare for electricity Jy16,4B:1 Security plan of Arkansas Nuclear One allegedly found in room of ex-convict in Tenn Jy26,4A:2 Alleged securi ty dl ag ram of Arkansas Nuclear One is inaccurate, officials say Jy27,1 A:5 Selzed documents show Important parts of Nuclear One securl ty Jy30,1A:2 Security data found at YMCA may be accurate, AP&L official says Jy31,10:2 APEL con-' f i rms document out1 ines secur i ty system Ag5,10:4 Radioactive water leaks from seal at Nuclear One AglO, 7A:l Engineer for NRC says steel vessels, such as the one at Nuclear One, may become brittle Ag12,16A:1 APfL continues program to aid needy with bills Ag21,6A:2 Unit 2 of Arkansas Nuclear One closes down for 10 weeks of servicing Ag24,6A:4 Major modifications to be made on White Bluff plant Ag25,12A:4 Program to help needy pay bi 11 s wlll get extra help from APfL S2, 1 1 C: 1 Arkansas Nuclear One examines X rays to see if they were altered by pipe supply- f i rms S4,8A:4 AP&L unhappy wtth $2.8 mi 1 llon rate increase, wi 11 ask court for more; additional rate increase to be sought S9,1A:3 APEL to begin 1.1 pct rate increase for residential customers S16,7C:6 Contract between Hope and APEL ended; city to buy power from Southwestern Power and Light Co for 20 pct less S24,13A:l APEL appeals rate rise, asks $61 mi 11 ion S26,17A:4 NRC report says walls of Arkansas Nuclear One plant could crack 04,1A:2 FERC approves APEL rate increase of $3.4 mill ion for power sold to Conway, West Memphis and Jonesboro 06,5C:2 APEL puts higher rate Into effect 07, 10C:l Charles E. Venus dtscusses control of electric bills; chart shows unused capacity 017,98:3 AP&L rates among lowest in county, UALR research shows 023,1A:2 Time of day rates can cut bills ~16,11~:4 APEL seeks $93 mi 11 ion rate increase N20, 1A:4 Idle time at Arkansas Nuclear One causes costs to go up; problems at plant discussed N26,1A:4 fechnicians find 17 faulty X rays of pipes N26,5A:2 Arkansas PSC seeks to prevent Ark customers of APEL from being assessed part of cost of Grand Gulf power plant N26,10A:5 Stopgap actions delay chemical cleaning of Nuclear One reactors 012,18:2 SPA to increase rates for cities D21,1A:2 NLR to receive license to build generator at Murray Dam D22,25A:l Coa 1 Dams Energy and Power Reynolds Metals Co ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS See Education and Schools ELKS See Wildlife-Animals ELLIOTT, MICHAEL Ark-Higher Education Dept Col leges ELLIS, RAYMOND J. Aviation Hall of Fame, Arkansas ELY AND WALKER MANUFACTURING CO Heber Springs clothing factory closing Ag27,6C:6 EMBEZZLEMENT AND MISAPPROPRIATION First National Bank (~ayetteville) First Natl Bank (Harrison)

92 EMBEZZLEMENT 1982 EXPORTS AND IMPORTS (Con't) Providential Life Insurance Co EMPLOYEES, LOCAL GOVERNMENT See Ark-Loca 1 Government EMPLOYERS EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY North Little Rock firm accused of insurance law vlolations; pres Gordon L. Sull Ivan is candidate for state Senate Ap22,1B:6 Firm to correct any vlolations it finds valid Ap23,3B:5 Cornpl ai n ts about f i rm increased Je3, 6B:l Ff rm stipulates facts, denies insurance code vlolation Je17,96:6 Fi rm fined $50,000 S1 7,6C:3 ENDOTOXIN SHOCK See Septic Shock ENERGY AND POWER State program on cutting energy use in homes begins in March Ja17,16:5 Todd family at Little Rock takes measures to conserve energy Je3,1C:2 Alcohol As Fuel Electric Power Gas (~uel) Oi l (pet roleurn) and Gasol 1 ne ENERGY SYSTEMS CO President Melvyn L. Be1 1 charged with theft of business source llst Ag17,5A:2 Air Pollution ENERGY TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, INC Coal ENGINEERS, ARMY CORPS OF Bill Alexander warns that budget cuts could lead to demise of Little Rock Disr Ja16,50:4 District Engineer Lt Col Larry S. Bonnie does not expect Little Rock Dist office to close F14,lH:l Codnties in SW Missouri added to tittle Rock Dist of Army Engineers Je3,12B:5 Little Rock may lose Army Engineers; Sen David Pryor works to keep Corps in city Jel3,lA:Z See at so Floods and Flood Control Ouach i ta Rf ver ENGLISH LANGUAGE See Language ENGSTROM, HAROLD J. Honorary doctorate conferred by UALR My9,6B : 4 ENV I RONMENT Af r Pol 1 ution Water and Water Pol lurion EPISCOPAL CHURCH, PROTESTANT See Protestant Episcopal Church EQUAL Rl CNTS AMENDMENT See Discrimination ERICKSON, KAf Ark-Elections--Governor Educat ion-finances Educa t 1 on-teachers ERWIN, AMBROSE S. See Athletl cs ESCAPES AND ATTEMPTED ESCAPES See Prisons and Prisoners ESCORT SERVl CES Little Rock firm provides escort services Mr8,I B:2 ESTATES AND WILLS See Wills and Estates ETHANOL See Banyan Technology Carp ETHICS IN OFFICE See Ark-Government Employees ETHYL CORP Second bromine plant to be built at Magnol la N24,5C:2 EUREKA SPRINGS Tourist attractions My2,53:3 Art EVOLUTlON OF SPECIES Education-Curricula EX-CONVICTS See Crime and Criminals EXECUTIONS See Capital Puntshment EXPLOS 1 ONS Jury holds Ark La liable for explosion that disabled Scranton man, awards $1 mill ion to victim Ap23,2~:6 Electric Power National Guard, Arkansas 011 (~etroleum) and Gasol lne EXPORTS AND IMPORTS Arkansas exported $3.6 b i 1 1 Ion worth of goods in 1980 F11,15:4

93 EXPORTS AND IMPORTS 1982 FACTOR1 ES About 38,000 jobs In Ark depend upon exports Mr20,7B:5 State may open AlDC branch in Asia Ag20,9A:1 Editorial on proposed state office in the Far East Ag24,8A:1 Soybeans EYES Lasers used by Little Rock area hospitals to treat eye disease S6, 1 B:2 FACTORIES, JNDUSTRIAL PLANTS AND l N OUSTR l AL DEVELOPMENT Henry W. Anthony discusses A1 DC efforts to compete for new indus and investments; interest cei 1 lng and truck wt 1 imits seen as crltical issues Ja3,3H:3 Industrial development picture improved dramatically during past yr Ja15,SD:S List of state's 10 top employers Ja17,5A:5 Plans to invest over $1 bill ion worth of indus growth in Ark announced last yr ~a18,9a:1 Dr James E. Halligan says Central Ark should concentrate on engineerfng technology to attract indus S22,5C:2 Analysts urge fast actlon to aid econ; state asked to decl de whether technology or status quo is important S26,1A:2 Saline County group seeks new indus In wake of aluminum plant cutbacks S26,1A:3 Arkansas ranked 22nd In overall cl imate for small business ~26,3~:6 Chances to get high technology lndus remote because of tax structure and regional infighting wl thin state, Walter Smiley says 019,5C:1 High tech industry not a cure-all, Thomas C. McRae says; drawbacks to Ark cited Dl 1,5C:5 Task force urges publ Ic authority to foster hlgh tech 012,35A: 1 Agricultural, tlmber focus urged in high tech effort D16,2B:1 Work to begin on draft of bill creattng publ ic authority to promote high tech D29,14A:1 A1 umlnum Company of America FACTOR1 ES... (~on't) International Paper Co Lawrence Mfg Co Potlatch Corp Reynolds Metals Co Wrape Forest Industries, lnc... Brinkley Howard Industries Van Heusen Corp Camden BE1 Electronics Gene ra 1 Dynami cs Co rp Tracor MBA Vough t Co rp... Conway American Transportation Corp Castle Industries FMC Corp... - El Dorado Tosco Corp Forrest City Sanyo Manufacturing Corp - Heber Springs Ely and Walker Manufacturing Co Helena. Seven financial institut ions put up $4 ml ll ion to purchase land needed bi 2 prospective chemical plants Ag6,l B:3 Slack water harbor development to be announced Ag13,1A:6 Private funds to be used for $75 mi 11 ion harbor and industrial park that could lead to 50,000 jobs Aglg, 1A:2 Tax waiver for complex could be serious for local govt and schoots ~g26,1a:6 Allied Chemical Co American Synfuels Helena Sportswear, I nc - Hot Springs Chamberlain Feather lite Mfg Co

94 FACTOR l ES 1982 FARM MUSEUM -Hot Springs (Con It) FACTOR1 ES... National Rejectors Redf ield Jones bo ro FMC Corp Marl iss Industries... - Li trle Rock. List of new and expanded industries during Ja17, 101 :4 Chamber of Commerce sets up a million dollar fund to attract indus ~r4,9~:5 Jacuzzi, fnc Orbit Valve Co Westinghouse Electric Corp York Hanover Tube, Inc Magnol ia Ethyl Corp Shanhouse and Sons Hal vern Reynolds Metals Co Wi 11 iamerte Industries... Me1 bourne McDonnell Douglas Corp - Mena Cowden Mena Monticel lo Arvin Industries. Inc Mu rf rees boro Weyerhaeuser Corp - North Littie - Rock International Video Communications - Ozark Westpai r South, Inc Pa ragou l d Allen Engineering Corp Pine Bluff -- Camden W i re Co Illinois Eclipse Co Standard Brake Shoe and Foundry Co... Prescott Firestone Tire and Rubber Co In tox Labs She r i dan West Bend Co Trurnann Singer Co - Wes t He 1 ena Seealso, Doughboy Recreational, Inc FAIN, ROBERT C. Bonanza Sirloin Restaurants FAlRFlEtD BAY Changes and growth noted during 1981 Ja17,141:4 FAIRFIELD COMMUNITlES L 1 t tl e Rock f i rm to redevelop World's Fair site at Knoxvi 1 le, Tenn 09,2A:6 FAITH CHRl ST1 AN HOME (FORREST Cf TY) Child Care Facilities Review Bd revokes 1 i cense Je24,90 : 6 Home agrees to a1 low state Social Services inspection 028,17A: 1 Home fai Is review D4,9A:2 Home wins court order to halt hearing Dt6,21A:1 Order to stop hearing withdrawn ~18,8~:5 FAITH HEALERS See Religfon and Churches FAtCON JET CORP United States Coast Guard accepts first plane built at Little Rock F20, 1 B:2 FALSE ARRESTS, CONVICTIONS AND l MPRt SONMENTS Sears, Roebuck and Co FALWELL, JERRY Education-Curricula FAMILIES AND FAMILY LIFE Genealogy FARM BUREAU FEDERATION, ARKANSAS Arnold A. Berner retires Ag29,15A:l Annual conv under way ~2,8~:4 Women's influence evident D3,25A:1 Taxatlon-Tax Exemption FARM FRESH MILK, INC State Purchasing Office suspends firm fmm doing business with state Ja14,2B:2 F17,35:2 FARM MUSEUM AND HERITAGE CENTER, ROB l NSON Robinson Farm Museum and Herltage Center near Harrison was developed by

95 FARM MUSEUM 1982 Fl RES Dr G. Allen Robinson to preserve Ozarks cul ture Je7,10:2 FARMERS See Agriculture FARMERS UNION, SOUTHERN TENANT Article on H. L. Mitchell, who founded the Southern Tenant Farmers Union in Ark in 1934 Apl5,lB:3 FARMJNGTON Education (Farmington) FARMS AND FARMERS See Agriculture FAUBUS, ALTA Attends party with Prince Charles and Princess Dianne Jy2,15A:l FAUBUS, ORVAL E. Addresses Governor's Conference on Tourism Ap4,6C:1 Gov 8i 11 C1 inton will not be pressed to keep Faubus in Veterans off ice N12,19A:4 Gazette urges that Bill Clinton not leave Faubus in Veterans Affairs post Nl6, 10A:6 Ark-Elections--Governor FAULKNER AND ASSOCIATES Ad agency has grown over years 526, 1B:2 FAULKNER LAKE Plan to widen lake channel draws object ions from recreation and sports interests Je9,96:6 Fight looms over plan to unclog drainage in area Ag22, 1A:2 Envi ronmental ists assai 1 project Ag25,9A:2 Sportsmen oppose drainage Sl0,IOA: I Drainage project opposed by G&FC 019,l C: 5 FAUSETT, ELBERT L. Successful bust nessman worked his way to top S26,1C:5 Colleges-Gifts FAYETTEVILLE Two old bldgs on square being restored ~y18,i F:2 Ai rports-fayettevi 1 le Floods Waste Materials and Sewage Water and Water Pol lution FAYETTEVILLE CONVENTION CENTER Stare Finance Bd sets amt of state funds center can receive 07,16A:5 FEDERAL AID See Grants in Aid FELLOWSHIPS See Scho 1 arsh i ps FERSTL, TOM Tax fight leader in Pulaski County is h1ghl.y successful Mr16,1B:2 Ark- lect ions--attorney General Education (Little Rock)-Finances FESTIVALS Arkansas has variety of festivals Je27.1 B:2 ~&k Calling Contest. Stuttgart horncon tes t N= International - ~&t. Food and music main attraction at Little Rock festival S24,lB:S Fest draws throng to mall S26,138:1 Riverfest. Large crowds attend Little Rock festival My30,20:4 Turkey - Trot. Turkeys to be dropped from planes at Yellville event 03, 9A: 3 F l RE DEPARTMENTS See Firemen FI RE l NSURAfUCE Note: Includes homeowners ins u ran ce F l REARMS Hundreds urge Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor to back bill to weaken gun control Mr30,lB:k Statistics compare deaths in foreign nations with those of Calif S24,2A:5 Ark-Elect ions --Gove rnor Crime F l REMEN Harris -- Brake Fire Protection - Dist. $15.00 fire tax causes feud in area Ap14,18:2 Little - Rack. Consultants urge changes for better protection 014, IA:2 L i t t le Rock-Gave rnmen t Empl oyees McCas ki 11. Hemps tead County town now has a fire station Ja2,1B:2 Texa rkana Pol ice-texarkana F I RES Trailer fire fatal to Bull Shoals man Ja3,60:5 Wife of man killed in

96 F I RES 1982 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Bull Shoals fire also dies Ja4,12A:2 Body of man found in burned mob1 le home near Mountain Home Ja6,23:1 Seven killed In Texarkana house fire Ja7,2~:8 Electrical fault may have started fire that ktlled 7 at Texarkana Ja8,lB:2 Crossett man kf lled in house fire Jall,6A:6 Man dies in Fort Srnt th house fire Ja28,9B:6 Woman ktlled in Pine Bluff house fire F5,90:4 House fire at Star City takes life of man F6,5B:6 Child dies in house fire Mr12,9B:5 Five Forrest City children die in fire Mr16,1B:2 Pine -- Bluff man dies in f ire Ap3,120:1 Child dies In mobile home fire My5, 70:4 Deaths by fire create demand for curriculum S27,1B:2 Chi Id dles in house fire ~6,10A:2 Father, 2 sons die In moblle home in Miller Co N19,10A:4 Twin girls die in house fire at Cave N28,13A:5 Arson Forest and Brush Fires Hot S rin s. Four businesses destroyed Jy,11A:l ~acksonbl 1 le. Fi re destroys Johnson Plaza, a shopping center F18, 3B:2 Little - Rock. White Memarial United Methodist Church destroyed by f i re S10,3A:3 Southwest Country Cl ub Tennen baum B 1 dg Marshal 1 Searcy Coun tv Poughkeepsie See Education (~oughkeeps ie) Ward. City hall, police and fire defdestroyed 013,6A: 1 FIRESTONE TIRE AND RUBBER CO Prescott to be s i te of $33 mi 11 ion rubber roofing plant that will employ 200 persons S24,1A:6 Fl RST AMERl CAN NATIONAL BANK (NORTH Ll TTLE ROCK) Robber uses shotgun to rob branch Mr3,30:3 Plans call for takeover of Arkansas Federal Savings and Loan by First American, or by a new natl bank not yet chartered 07,3A: 1 FlRST AMERICAN NATIONAL BANKSHARES, INC (NORTH LITTLE ROCK) Fi rm approved 1 ast year shows growth Ja17,51: 1 Fl RST AMERICAN SEL (YELLVI LLE) State Supreme Court upholds award of charter Je8,18A:2 Fl RST ARKANSAS BANKSTOCK CORP (FABCO) Financial f l rn had year of growth in 1981 Ja17,21:3 kports loss of $222,407 for third quarter 019,12A:4 F1 RST FEDERAL S6L (LITTLE ROCK) First Federal of Stuttgart to merge wi th Fi rst Federal of Little Rack Jal,3B:l Steady growth lifts firm past $500 mi 11 ion in assets Ja17,6J:4 Southwest Federal SEL of Prescott to merge with Fi rst Federal Mr20,78:6 Proposal made for merger of American S&L of Springdale into First Federal group Je2,110:2 Flrst Federal of Stuttgart merges with First Federal of Little Rock Ag3,9A:3 When Searcy Federal S&L merges with Fi rst Federal, instltution's assests will exceed $1 bi 11 ion ~g4,2b:6 Merger of Peoples S and L Assn of Little Rock planned; new f i rm mu1 d have assets of over $1 bi 11 ion ~30,8C:5 Automatic tellers to be instal led throughout state 06, 5C:2 FIRST FLORIDA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN See Fi rs tsouth Federal Savtngs and Loan Assn F l RST NATl ONAL BANK (FAYETTEVI LLE) Jerry Adrian Harper charged with embezzlement of $20, ,4A:2 F l RST NAT l ONAL BANK (HARRI SON) Joel Kei th Tabor accused of embezzl ing $100,000 from bank Je3,28:4 Tabor found gui 1 ty of embezzl lng $140, ,6A:6 F! RST NATIONAL BANK (HOT SPRINGS) Branch robbed Ap6,3B: 1 Fl RST NATl ONAL BANK (LITTLE ROCK) Firm furthers role as civic-minded sponsor Ja17,n:l Gunmen rob branch bank; two arrested F18,50:1 Study begins of possible merger of First

97 F I RST NATIONAL BANK 1982 FOLKLORE Natl and Commercial Natl My27,1A:6 Merger proposal brings many questions My28,130:2 Merger to be completed by end of year; top executives named Je4,9B:4 Worthen 8ank asks for review of merger plans S1oa6C:3 Chal lenge of merger f i led by Worthen SI 1,lA:6 Merger would lessen competition, Federal Reserve Bank says S22,1A:6 Worthen Bank contends merger violates anti trust laws 020, 1A:S Merger date delayed D9,7C:5 Merger app rova 1 h i nges on compet i t ion for loans D19,1B:3 See a 1 so Locke, George F I RST PYRAM l D L I FE I NSURAIdCE COMPANY OF AMERICA Li ttle Rock-based f i rm expands behind new financial product called Gemini Vll N14,16:4 FIRST SECURITY BANK OF NORTH ARKANSAS (HORSESHOE BEND) Bank declared Insolvent, closed Ag28,1A:4 Bank reopens under new ownership Ag31,5C:6 Former state Repr Douglas McArthur Adams Sr pleads guilty to self-deal ing on loans 020, 1A:Z Douglas McArthur Adams Sr gets 2 years in prison M19,17A:1 FIRSTSOUTH FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAM ASSN Plans to acquire First Florida S&L and two in VirginTa; FirstSouth has completed 13 mergers in Ark 01,3A:4 FISH See Wlldl ife-fish FI SHER, GEORGE Cartoonist receives Libertarian Award from state ACLU Ap6,68:5 Games Mus i c FISHER, JIMMY LOU Ark-Elections--Treasurer Ark-Pol i tics FLAKE AND CO Buildlng mgt firm is highly successful Je20a1F:5 FLANDERS, DON H. Ark-Industrial Development Corn FLETCHER, MIKE State trooper relates hls experience in deal lng with escapee Dona1 d Wayne Pi 1 kerton Ag20,1A:6 FLOODS AND FLOOD CONTROL Heavy rains bring floods to Little Rock area Ap3,7A:1 Photos of 1927 flood at Hot Springs and Little Rock Api9,l B:2 Fayettevi 1 le-springdale area hit by flooding Je16,1~:4 Fayetteville damage put at $1 million Je17,18:2 Army Englneers say cost of building Dark Hollow dralnage canal at NLR has doubled Je17,6B:l Phased construction urged for Fourche Creek flood plan ~y18,1b:3 Army to urge funding of Fourche Creek drainage project in Little Rock Ag26, 24~:5 Many towns damaged D3,1A:2 Ct inton business area covered by water D4,1A:2 Clinton devastation described D4,2A:1 Hundreds flee as floods continue; waters recede In some areas D5,1A:6 Downstream areas brace for floods U7,1A:6 Arkansas River out of control ~8,2~:1 High flows on streams set records 08.20: 1 Record flood levels for Ark rivers (by station) ~8,20:2 Gov Wht te seeks disaster designation as loss totals cl imb D9,1A:2 Jacksomport st1 11 flooded D16,3A:1 Dams and levees saved billions in damage US Engineers say D24,7A:2 Relief workers give themselves to help victims start over 025,18:1 Clinton merchants await disaster aid, loan terms D26,1A:4 Dan Riner family pulls through disaster with he1 p of Russel 1 vi 1 le friends D26,4A: 1 Levee protects Riverdale at LR D26,1B:2 More flooding experienced D27,1A:2 Two drown in Jefferson Co; flood threat eases D28,l A: 2 Storms and Tornadoes FMC CORPORATION Jonesboro firm had good year during 1981 ~ai7,131:3 Work week at Conway plant reduced for about 200 workers Si,5C:3 FOLKLORE Article on fa1 ktales of the Ozarks

98 FOLKLORE 1982 FOREIGNERS IN ARKANSAS gathered by George West and Willlam K. McNeil F28,1(3:2 FOLKLORE SOC I ETY, PULASKI COUNTY Music FOOD AND GROCERY TRADE Antionette Zimmerman wins Arkansas Paul try Federation Chicken Cooking Cookoff Je23,l C:2 Skippy peanut butter produced at Best Foods plant at LR ~g16,6a:1 - Diet and Nutrition. Reagan budget cuts affect nutrition programs Mr4, 1 A:2 Poverty We1 fare... Frozen Food. Sales of frozen yogurt booms in Ark S6,1A:2 Calorie count of yogurt S6,1A:6 Prices. Legtslative panel refuses funds for food price study ~a22,6~:2 Price survey released by ACR Je29, 7A:3 Little Rock prices compared to 20 other major cities Je30,1C:2 Several Ark towns have prlces higher than Little Rock, which is 5th highest in US Jy2,12B:5 Legislators agree to price study Jy9,3B:2 Gazette to carry weekly survey of prices In Little Rock D8,1B:2 FOOD STAMPS See We 1 fa re FOOTBALL Razorbacks ranked 16th In final UP1 poll of season Ja3,1D:5 NCAA turns down bid by ASU to retaln major coll status Jal2,lD:S Arkansas State Univ program dropped by NCAA to Dfv I-AA F3,3D: 3 A1 1 Razorback games to be telecast on a delayed basis My29,1A:3 Ken Stephens, head football coach at UCA, among 3 f fnal ists for post at Lamar Un i v Je9,l D: 5 Coach Lou Hot tz suspends Razorback players Bruce Suthertand, Randy Wessinger, Steve Douglas and Nlck Llewellyn for 1982 season ; reasons not disclosed Jeg, 1 D:6 Ken Stephens named head coach at Lamar Univ Jel0,lD:Z Orville Henry dfscusses UA player suspensions Jel6,l D: 1 UCA coach to be named Je25,lD:b Harold Horton Is UCA coach Je26,1~:4 Preview of 1982 season Ag15,lG:l Hogs ranked 9th S14,1C:4 Hogware sells at fever pitch S18,1A:4 Twelve persons arrested at Lf ttle Rock on charge of scalping UA tickets S26,12A:3 Bank bd chmn and Ole Miss equipment manager among 12 persons charged wl th ticket scalping S27,4A:5 History of anti-scalptng in Ark 01, 2A:3 Alabama defeats ASU 03,1E:2 Article on loyal Razorback fans N1, I A:2 Coaches A1 I -AI C team N28,8E: 1 Six from University of Ark named to All-SWC team Dl,lC:2 State high schoo 1 champ ions D4,1 C :2 Ouach i ta loses to NE Oklahoma in NAIA playoff D5,1E:5 Three ASU players named to All-SLC team 05,2E:3 Bll ly Ray Smlth and Steve Korte named to UP I A1 1 - America team D7,1C:2 Razorbacks drop In rankings after loss to Texas D7, lc:4 Final rankings by Gazette of high school teams D7,3C:1 Billy Ray Smith and Steve Korre named to AP- All America team D8,1C:5 Gazette names super high school team D12,1E:2 Mot much interest shown by Arkansas fans in Bluebonnet Bowl D15,2B:1 Hol tz, Lou FORD, GERAtD R. Ark-Elections--US House District 1 FORD, JAMES F. Educat ion-curricula FORD, JOE T. Ark-Elect ions--governor Telephones FOREIGN DESCENT GROUPS Japanese Amer f cans Palestianians in Ark FORE l GN E RS 1 N ARKANSAS Border patrol arrests 27 f llegal aliens at Pilgrim Industries plant in DeQueen Jy21,I B:3 I1 legal a1 iens jailed Jy22,3B:2 Saudi students at Jonesboro aid economy ~g16,1a:2 Border Patrol raf d on Pilgrim Industries plant at DeQueen nets 33 suspected illegal allens 021,17A:5

99 FORE l GNERS I N ARKANSAS 1982 FRAUDS AND SWINDLING Kurt Perwolf flghts return to his native Austria N14,26A:1 Agricul ture-labor FORE MAN Woman have high positions in city govt Ag23,lB :2 FOREST AND BRUSH FIRES Winds whip fires across state F24, 2B:2 State Forestry Comm sells fire towers, wi 1 l use planes for surveillance Ag29,12A:l FORESTS AND FORESTRY Arkansas has 16.6 mi 1 1 ion acres of timberland Ja20,6A:5 State law does not allow privately owned forests to be posted against trespass S12,8A:6 Trespass rul ing clarified S24,15A:4 Weyerhaeuser t l mber mgt pract i ces irnproved N1,5A:4 Forest and Brush Fires Parks-St Francis National Forest Parks-Wh i te Oak FORREST CITY Threat of foreclosure against residents of street improvement dist delayed Jall, l4a:l Sales tax approved 013,11A:4 FORREST MEMORl AL HOSP l TAL (FOREST CITY) Petitions seek vote on plan to lease facil lty to Baptist Medical System S9,16A:4 Lease to Baptist Sys tem i s 1 egal, cannot be undone by local vote, Attorney Gen rules N22, lla:4 FORT CHAFFEE Governor Frank Wh i te urges more military use Jy16,SB:l See a 1 so Cuba-Ref ugees Gas (Fuel ) FORT ROOTS VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSP l TAt Facil i ty at North Little Rock nears completion N16,2B: 1 FORT SMITH Historic sites attract tourlsts ~y2,6f :4 Sunday Observance Waste Materials FORWARD ARKANSAS COMMITTEE Ark-Elections--Legislature Trucks and Trucking Industry FOSTER CARE See Chi 1 dren and Youth-Care (Foster) FOSTER, WILLIAM F. SR Favors tax increase, cut in exemptfons Ol6,lA:2 FOUNDATION OF UBIQUITY Two members of cult shot to death after highjacking bus at Jasper Jy4, 1A:2 Couple's note sald Messiah is here Jy4,SA:l Cult leader Emry Lamb comments Jy4,5A:3 Emory Lamb refused to help prevent deaths Jy5, 1A:5 Autopsies show pol ice wounded Haiglers Jy6,l la:6 Keith Haigler never fired gun during incident Jy7, 1B:2 Wild rumors alarm Jasper resfdents Jy8,TB:2 Cult termed weak; small Jy11,35:3 Halglers acted on their own, report says Ag5,50:3 4-H CLUBS Center near Ferndale one of ffnest in country Je5,lC:l FOURCHE CREEK Plan for fill of wetlands at Little Rock draws protest Ap18,?0:2 Perm1 t denied to fill 2.4 acres along Fourche Creek S1,4A:6 Overflow of raw sewage from Little Rock is a problem, but no health hazard N21, 27A: 1 Floods FOWLER, AUBREY Athletics FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES Col leges-fraternities FRAUDS AND SWINDLING Blanton Grain Co Consumer Protection Continental Research Laboratories Cumberland Lodge Go1 den Years Manor Jewell, Jerry Med Vac Ambulance Servfce, Inc Medicaid Ouach 1 ta County Re? igion and Churches Welfare

100 FREEDOM AND HUMAN Rl GHTS 1982 GARDENS FREEDOM AND HUMAN RIGHTS ACtU director Sandra Kurjiaka says rights under attack in Ark Je6,35:1 McClelIan, John L. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION Heber Sprl ngs Lonoke County FREEDOM OF SPEECH Arkansas Democrat FREEDOM OF THE PRESS W l l l iam Arnold says press should respect all of Const 03,13B:5 FREEMAN (JAY) CO Ff rm owner agrees to halt induceman ts Ag 1 3,3B : 1 Reso r t Managers Inc of Ark sues for $512,306 for alleged kickbacks D31,lOC: l FREEWAY MEDICAL TOWER BUILDING (LITTLE ROCK) Offices to be built on site of unfinished Circus Bazaar F28,3F:T FRIDAY, HERSCHEL H. Ark-El ect ions--governor University of Ark at Ltttle Rock FRIENDS, SOCIETY OF Article on Quakers in Ark N13,10:2 FRl ENDSH l P (TOWN) Storms FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Strawberry production in Ark Increases My19,lB:Z Harold Wilson of Waldo, grows watermelon weighing over 200 I bs Ag28,5C:6 Championship watermelon was careful ly guarded Ag31,5C:3 Persimmons largely ignored as food D7,1B:4 FULBRIGHT 1NSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL RELAT l ONS See University of Ark FULBRIGHT, J. WILLIAM Lauded at dedication dinner as state's greatest man JylO, la:2 Editorial on Fulbrtght Coll Jy13,12A:1 Arms, foreign policy of US criticized as childish N25,3A:1 US-Finances University of Ark at Fayettevtlle FULL GOSPEL CHURCH (MORRI LTON) Clara Decker's mfnistry grows at young church Je27,1G:3 FULLER, DEBS Builds furnlture for children D2, 1B:2 FULLERTON, OLEN R. Former official of Conway County dies F28,9B:6 FUND DRIVES See Ph 1 1 anthropy FUNERALS Group of funeral homes challenges 1981 funeral 1 icensing taw My26,118: 1 Interview with Tracy Beck and Frank Swill ing an effect of FTC regulation of funeral homes Ag15,gC:l FURLOW, MARSDEN Olympic Games FU RN t TU RE Children's furniture bur 1 t by Debs Fuller 02,1B:2 GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH Economist to speak at dedication of Fulbright College at UAF Je4,48:4 Extract of speech at UAF by John Kenneth Galbraf th Jy18,4~:5 GAMB L l NG Six arrested at Little Rock; gambl ing material seized Mr13,1B:4 Pulaski County Sheriff Tommy Robinson drops counts against 19 on gambling charge My6,6B:4 Raids in Columbia, Ouachita and Union Counties bring 20 arrests S24,gA: 1 Cash, guns seized In South Ark raids S25,6A:5 Failure to pay on track winnings ruled conversion D2,13A:2 GAMES Students at UALR play game of Killers on campus Mr4,lB:Z State Repr Judy Petty asks end to Kt 1 ler game at UALR Mr5,1B:5 George Fisher develops game satarizing actions of Pulaski County Sheriff Tommy Robinson N21,26A: 1 Chess GANT, GLEN Art GARDENS See Vegetable Gardens

101 GARLAND COUNTY 1982 GENEALOGY (ROSS SERIES) GARLAND COUNTY Prisons-Garland County Taxation-Real Estate GARLAND COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Colleges-Budgets Colleges-Curricula Colleges-Teachers Murders-Schamp Scholarships, Fellowships and Student Loans GARNER-BROWNE, I NC Credit GARNER, Ll NDA Ark-Insurance Dept GARVEY, MARCUS MOZ l AH See Blacks GAS (FUEL) Arkansas Louislana Gas Co (Ark ~ a ) adds to gas reserves Ja17,7$:3 State prepares to call for bids on oi 1 and gas leases on 1 ands incl uding Mt Nebo State Park and the Caddo River stream bed Ja22,12B:6 Gazette edi torlal supports Ozark Pipeline, now nearing completion Ja23,6A: 1 Arkansas Louislana Gas Co ends opposition to Ozark Plpel ine Ja26,8D:4 Steep jump in gas bills explained by Ark La F23, 1 B : 2 DeQueen a rea customers protest high bills; Ark La offers to return control of gas to them F27,4B:4 Sheff iel d Nelson opposes deregulation of prices Mrj,l3A:4 Ozark pipe1 ine certified to give competition in Arkhoma Basin, FERC spokesman says Mrl2,5B:3 Massive rise In prices predicted by Arkansas Consumer Research Mr31,l B: 6 Arkansas Western Gas Co gets approval for pipe1 lne in Washington County Je9,3B:3 US Court of Appeals rules that former interior Secy Cecil D. Andrus acted illegally when he cancel led oi 1 and gas leases at Fort Chaffee that had been awarded to Texas Oi 1 and Gas Corp Je12,10:5 Arkla, lnc to refile challenge to leases at Fort Chaf fee Je22,7A:5 Testimony begins on gas leases at Fort Chaf fee S28,3A: 1 Testimony wntlnues S29,7C:3 S30,12C:T Natural Gas Pipeline Ca to purchase gas from Southwestern Energy Co at Fayetteville 028,7~:t Ark La bills to be 20 pct higher this winter N5,1A:2 Sheffield Nelson explains his figures on price increase N6,10A:5 PSC allows Ark La to phase in rare rf se on gas It produces N19,26~:1 Energy and Power Explosions GASOHOL See A1 coho1 As Fuel GASOL l ME See O i l (Petroleum) GASSV l LLE Sales tax approved D2,15A:4 GATCHELL, OLIVER, W. JR Murders--Gatchell GEESE, WILD See Wl 1 dl ife-0 t rds GENEALOGY (ROSS SERI ES) Note: Articles indexed here are from the series, Grass hots, written by Margaret Ross. Only general material is indexed... Unusual mark signatures on docu- ments can aid identification Ja7,SC:b Indexes may not include every name that appeared fn deed records Ja14, 4C:4 Deed records can be helpful In track1 ng migration of ancestors Ja21, 5C : 1 Persona 1 property records may reveal detai 1 s about ancestors Ja28, 8C:l Deed records may contain surprises F2,3C:1 Civll War reminiscent articles may be misleading F16,3C:4 Censuses incl uded slave ownersh f p totals Mr2,3C:3 tnterllbrary loans of microfilm from National Archives end Mr9,3C: 1 Ordering mi 1 i tary records from National Archtves Mrl6, 8C: 1 Family Heritage Book causes com- plaints Mr23,2C:5 Slaveowners' records hold keys for blacks Ap6,3C:1 Records of lawsuits in slave df sputes are good source of data Ap13,3C:l Photography comes to Ark in mi d-1800s Ap20,2B:3 Extreme care demanded when cleaning old pictures Ap27,8B:l Paper

102 GENEALOGY (ROSS SER I ES) 1982 GLASS photographs introduced in 1860 My4, 3B:l Identifying persons in old photos Myll,3B:l Nitrate film in photograph col lect ions may be dangerous My18,86:1 Care of old photographs My25,8B: 1 Pictures should be made of present generat ion Jel, 88:1 History and pictures of treasured i tems should be made Je8, 8B : 1 Fami 1 y keepsakes documen tat ion Je15,80:1 Check business hours before trip to repositories Je29,8B:1 Tape recorder, camera should be taken to family reunion Jy13,30:1 Census indexes ai d searchers Jy20,ZB : 3 Census index is no substitute for the census itself Jy27,86:1 Computerized indexes of census Ag3,3B:1 Possible explanations for names missing from census index Ag10,8B: 1 Reading faded manuscripts Ag17,8C: 1 Photocopy usually better than microfilm Ag24, 88:l Printouts of microfilm should be copied on Xerox machine to preserve qua1 i ty Ag31,3B:l Material tn some 1 i braries hard to obtain S7,3B: 1 Stagecoach Library rents or sells genealogical materials S21,20:3 Census microfilm can be rented from 1 ibrary in Mich S28,3B: 1 National Genealogical Society meets in Fort Worth 05,36:1 National Genealogical Society 1 ibrary is valuable source far members 012,38:1 Manual on research Is valuable tool 019,20:2 Handy Book for Genealogists is fine tool for locating records 026,30:1 Profess ional researchers usual 1 y search one direct 1 ine N2,80:1 Profess ional searchers not always needed Ng,8B:l Contacting researchers N16, 3B:l Choosing a professional researcher N23,8B: 1 Sotwe records available on1 y at courthouse N30,80: 1 County clerk could be source of researcher D5,12C:1 Fees of pmfessional researchers vary D12,12C: 1 Mormon 1 ibrary has 1 ists of accredited genealogists D26,8C: 1 Genealogists may be certified ~19,8~: 1 GENERAL DYNAMl CS CORP Camden plant gets $87 mi 11 ion contract to make Viper antiamr weapon F4,8~:5 Navy awards $73 million contract to make Sparrow missile parts F6,5A:2 GENTRY Education (Gentry) GEOLOGY Crowley's Ridge rlch in fossils of interest to geologtsts F2,lC:h GEORGE, CHARLES L. Ark-Elections--US House DSstrlct 2 GEORGE, LLOYD Col leges-federal Aid Congress (US) -Reapportionment Educat ion-curricul a GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP Modernization makes paper manufacturing almost energy selfsuff lcient, improves ai r qua1 l ty Je22,7A: 4 Air Pollution GETTY FINANCIAL CORP Hotels-Li ttle Rock GETTY OIL COMPANY Stock certlffcate found by Davfd Russell amng family papers Is valued at $1.4 million D29,1B:4 GIFTED AND TALENTED EDUCATION, ARKANSANS FOR See Education-Gifted Students GILCHRIST, ELLEN Books GIRL SCOUTS Girl Scouts in Ark highly successful in collecting for cookie sales; one family being sued 011,9A:4 GIRLS STATE Officials elected Jel0,80:6 Delegates to Girls Nation named Je12, 33: 1 GIVENS, ART JR Col leges-admissions Crime Hospi tats GLADNEY HOME See I1 leg1 tmacy GLASS Batty glass collection boxed, stored untf 1 Arkansas Arts Center

103 GLASS 1982 GREENLAND Decorative Arts Museum Is ready Ag27, 78: 1 GLENN, JOHN H. Democratic Party GLOVER, BOBBY L. Pub1 ic Utf 1 lties GOALS (PSYCHOLOGY) List of 6 things goals must be to be ach i eved Ag22,l C : 6 Time and Life Management GOETZ, ROBERT Ark-Game and Fish Comm GOLDEN YEARS MANOR (ST UTTGART) Charles A. Boles, known professiona 11 y as Charles Stewart, pleads innocent In Medicaid fraud case S29,3A:1 Adjustment of Medicald repayment suggested 03,14A:5 Directed verdict of innocent ends Medicaid fraud trial of Stewart Dl6,lA:Z GOODWILL lndustrles Dress from Goodwill industries at Little Rock to be sent to Mrs Nancy Reagan Ja29,1B:2 Complaints stop gift of dress to Mrs Reagan Ja30,16:3 GOODM M, THOMAS L. Crime GORDON, PAUL D. hom*osexuals GOSNELL, JAN Cartoons and Cartooning GOVERNMENT BONDS AND O f HER i NVESTMENE Sale of new zero coupon bonds be- gins Jel3,l F:5 Russel 1 Chevrolet told that it cannot give municipal bond to purchasers of auto S2,7C:4 State AudT tor Jul la Jones promotes idea of requiring financial instltutions to put up collateral for state deposits S12,130:2 Agri cul ture-finance Baxte r Coun ty Water GOVERNMENT PURCHASING See Ark-Con tracts US-Con tracts GOVERNORS SCHOOL See Educa tlon-governors School GRAIN Oversupply of US rice creates problems for Ark farmers Je6,8F:4 Measure to tax grain to provide indemity fund for grain losses at bankrupt elevators is tabled D16,4A:2 James Brothers Co GRAN, ED Gran not entitled to trial, judge rules ~2,6~:6 Education-Curricula GRANNY TINE ' S POPCORN Flavored popcorn is specialty of Not Springs firm 026,1~:2 GRANTS IN AID Arkansas received $886 million in federal aid last year, a decline My2, 70: 1 State must audit a1 1 spendfng of federal block grants Je10,3B:6 Block grant funds can be used to pay for audit Je12,3B:l See Area Planning and Renewal Ark-Local Gave rnmen t Col leges-federal Aid Mental Health Pove r t y Roads GRAY, HENRY C. Ark-Elect ions--leg! sl ature Roads Trucks and Trucking Industry GRAY, LAVON l A See a 1 so Crime Troutt, Robert C. GRAYSON, JUNE Republ!can Party GREAT PASSION PLAY (EUREKA SPRINGS) Robert A. Hyde files copyright suit against productson of the Passion Play by the Elna M. Sml th Foundation; suit seeks to bar production unless Hyde is restored as producer Ap29, 1A:2 Petition of Eureka Springs merchants seeks restoration of Hyde as director ~y6,1~:6 Federal hearing begins My7,6B:5 Court allows 6-week run of play ~y8,6~:1 No need found to close Passion Play Jel7,4B:S GREENLAND Airports-Fayetteville

104 GREERS FERRY Storms GREERS FERRY LAKE Five heirs of the late Atlee Turney Sr say Sugar Loaf Mountain in Greer's Ferry Lake belongs to them Ag19,25A:3 GREESON LAKE See Parks -Greeson GRIFFIN, RICHARD EARL Supports Frank White for Gov 029, 18A: 1 GRIFFITH, ROBERT L. Ptlsons-Arkansas State GROUSE See Wf 1 dl i fe-bi rds GUNS See Fi rearms HAAS, BARRY Murders-McArthur HACKETT Pol ice-hackett HACKLEY, LLOYD V. University of Ark at Manticello HADLEY, BEDFORD History professor at UAtR retires My17,1B:2 HAIGLER, KEITH Foundation of Ubiquity HAINES RANCH Operators of ranch in Madison County f i le bankruptcy pet! tlon S2, 7C:6 HAIR Beauticians, barbers merging profess Jons N28,l C:4 HALL, EUGENE JAMES Murders-McArthur HALL, NANCY Thief grabs necklace D15,18A:5 HALL, WALLY Books HALLS OF FAME Athletics HALLUCINATORY DRUGS See Drug Addiction HALSELL, RICHARD A. Bonanza Si rlof n Restaurants HAMILTON, BARRETT Donates $50,000 to UA for library books 016,2B:6 HAMILTON LAKE Water not pol luted, Pollution Control and Ecology Dept reports Ja6, 10:B HAMMERSCHMIDT, JOHN PAUL James 0. Blai r, Dem party official, donated $500 to reelect ion campaign; says funds probably were for tickets to fund-raiser Ap24,1B:3 Blair explains check Ap29,1A:2 Ark-Elections--US House Distrlct 3 Congress (US) Dams -No rfa rk US-Armamen t US-Court of Appeals US-Federal District Court Wi ldl ife-fish HAMMERSCHM I DT, ROBERT A. Ark-Wous i ng Developmen t Agency HAMPTON, RICK Ark-Game and Fish Comm HAMPTON, WAYNE Ark-Game and Fish Comm HANco*ck, JOSEPH AND DANIELS, INC Llttle Rock securlt~es ftrm censured 021,8A:6 HAND l CAPPED Diana Yan i ger ' s company, I ndependent Rehabilitation Services, helps restore injured workers to productive lives Ja3,IE:Z Rehabiliration involves mind, director of Arkansas Rehab1 1 i tat ion Ins t 1 tute says Ap17,lC:S Artlcle on program to train handicapped workers Jel,lB:5 Federal judge approves payment of $29,000 plus costs to Pamela Walker for her work in bias case against Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center Je5, 12B:l Legislators talk of defiance of judge's order for payment of $34,000 to attorneys Je17,5B:l Parking is sore spot for disabled drivers Jy25,l G:2 Respite Care

105 HAND I CAPPED 1982 HELENA SPORTSWEAR, IMC program of Aldersgate Camp a1 lows HAYNIE, MICHAEL WAYNE parents a small break 025,18:2 North Llttle Rock youth disappears; Angela and Charles Young, vfctims of foul play feared Mr6,2B:4 Pol ice cerebral palsy, operate a com- still have no clues My16,10:2 puterized monitoring service N9,1B:2 HAYS, BROOKS Steve Call ins refuses to let MS stop Letter pays tribute to flne qualihim from running N13,1B:5 Progress ties of former Congressman f ram Ark made in meeting needs of disabled Ja2,24A: 1 Piety w i thout demagoguery persons N20,l D: 1 ts legacy 015,2tA:4 HAYS, STEELE Adopt tons 01 Tndness and the El lnd Ark-Elections--Supreme Court Deafness and Deaf Mutes Education-Handicapped Students HAMDWRlTl NG Education (Pulaski HEAD START Economf c Oppo rtun f ty Agency HEALTH county)-curricula See Medicine and Health HARASSMENT HEALTH CENTER OF PULASKI COUNTY See Brutality and Harassment Official explains closlng Je12, HARBOUR, MACK D. 40:6 Arkansas Methodist Hosp HEALTH INSURANCE HARDING UNlVERSlTY State Employees Insurance Advisory Cal leges-gi fts taonci 1 gives Arkansas Divers if ied HARGROVE, N l CKY Services dead1 ine for correcting Agriculture errors Jy22,40:1 HARKEY, JOHN NORMAN Statehouse Conven tton Center HARRELL, DON Role as asst to Sen David Pryor discussed N8,1A:2 American Family Life Assurance Co HEART Training in CPR may save lives N25, 42A:2 HARRIS, OREN Cancer Rece i ves Brooks Hays Ch r i st i an Surgery and Surgeons Citizenship award Jy4,20:2 HEAT1 NG HARRISON, R. E. Solar salt pond planned to help Physicians and Surgeons heat proposed Engineering Technology HARRISON, WILLIAM Bldg at UALR F5,7B:2 Books HEBER SPRl NGS HART, RONALD Mayor H. G. Smith arrested on FOI Toxicological Research, National Center For H ARTG RAVE FAM I LY charges S30,3A:5 HEIFER PROJECT INTERNATtONAL Director Alden Hickman uniquely Article on reunion of family Je13, qualified Je22,10:2 I G:6 HELENA HASTI NS, HARRY 1. SR Wi 1 l f i led; brothers made partners Education (~elena) in Moon Distributing Co Ag20,11A:2 HATCHER, JOE 0. Hendrix Coll HAVERTY FURNITURE COMPANY Factor i es-he1 ena HELENA RICE DR!ER Burney, John Fuller HELENA SPORTSWEAR, INC Store in downtown Llttle Rock Purchase of company by A1 Chandler closing after nearly 60 years F24,1A:3 saves 430 jobs Jay, lb:3 Governor 96

106 HELENA SPORTSWEAR, INC 1982 HOLSTED, JAMES L. Frank White pratses local initiative on plant Ja12,5D:5 HELMS, J. LYNN Head of Federal Aviation Adm grew up in Ark Je20,1A:2 HENDERSHOT, PAUL T. Colleges-Libraries HENDERSON, ROBERT Music HENDERSON STATE UNIVERSITY Un f vers i ty saw f mprovemen ts during 1981 Ja17,161:4 Jane Ross reappointed by Gov Frank Whlte to Board of Trustees Ja28,8D:2 Baseba 11 Basketball Co? leges-enrol lment Col leges-gif ts Col leges-libraries Swimming HENDREN, KIM D, Ark-Elect ions--governor Pol i ce-pu? aski County TelevTsfon and Radio HENDRIX COLLEGE Dr Joe B. Hatcher formally invested as pres; Elbert L. Fausett donates $1 million to school Ap3,lB:Z Col leges-fi res Colleges-Gifts Cot leges-libraries Colleges-Student Conduct HENLEY, J. SMITH Role in reform at Ark State Prison Ag15,lA:2 US-Court of Appeals HENRY, ADELL See We l fa re HERITAGE CHR1 STIAN SCHOOL Officials of kindergarten and day care center argue that their services are solely for re1 igious instructlon and should be exempt from 1 icensing by state Child Care Facilities Review Bd F18,1B:2 Chfld Care Facility Bd refuses to exempt school from state regulation F26,80: 1 HICKMAN, 808 tlttle Rock insurance wizard sets records Jy??,TF:2 H I CKMAN, DARRELL See a 1 so Ark-Elections--Supreme Court HICKS, KENNETH W. Education-Curricul a PhTlander Smith Coll HICKS, STEVE Crime HIGH SCHOOLS See Education H l GHWAYS See Roads H l LLHAVEM NURS I NG HOME (L l TTLE ROCK) Judge Lowber Hendr i cks reverses suspension of license of Ina Long ~e8,12a:6 State Nursing Bd to appeal court rul ing Je10,18:2 H I NSHAW, JERRY Favors crackdown on DW I D16,23A: 1 HISPANICS See Latln Americans in Ark HISTORIC BUILDINGS AND SITES Historic houses and bl dgs captured on film by Cyrus Sutherland Jal2,1C:2 Board recommends 151 structures designed by Charles Thompson be named historic structures Je17,30:3 Arkansas Terri torial Restorat ion Little Rock-Historic Buildings Washington HlSTORlCAt SOCIETY, THREE DIMENSIONAL Small club at Little Rock re-enacts battles with tiny ftgures S12,1C:2 HOCKERSMITH, TOM Crime HODGES, KANEASTER Pres Jimmle Carter 1s guest for duck hunt D5,33A: 3 HOLBERT, CLAUD L. See a 1 so Aviatlon Hall of Fame, Arkansas HOL I DAYS AND SPEC lat OCCASIONS King, Martin Luther HOLLEMAN, HARLAN Republ lcan Party leader dies Mrl?, 1 B : 2 HOLMES, LEON Birth Control HOLSTED, JAMES L. Educat ion-curr?cula

107 HOISTED, JAMES L HOSP l TALS (Con ' t) Providential Life Insurance Co HOLTHOFF FARMS PARTNERSHIP Firm files petition in Bankruptcy Court for protection Jell,5B: 1 HOLTZ, LOU Income of Lou Holtz listed as 4th highest in survey My25,lC:Z Holtz call s f ncome report preposterous My28,l D:2 Analysis of coach's earnings My30,lA:Z Books Footba 1 1 HOME HEALTH SERVICES OF AMERICA Federal govt files suit to recover $748,241 from Dudley M. Bumpass, who operated Home Health Services of America S3,8A:6 Dudley Max Bumpass II files bankruptcy pet1 tion S8,IOC: I Ff rm ff les for bankruptcy S21,6C: 1 HOMICl DE See Murders and Attempted Murders hom*oSEXUALITY North Arkansas Conf of the Methodist Church defeats resolution of dismay at appmt of hom*osexual to a church post in Rocky Mtn Cdnf Jeg, 7B: 1 ACLU suggests those attending Gay Pride rally at Little Rock wear paper bag over face Je20,4B: 1 About 50 persons gather at state Capitol to protest discrimination against gays; Sandra Kurjfaka addresses group Je21, 9A: 1 Paul D. Gordon, president of Arkansas Gay Rights, Inc discusses rights of hom*osexuals Jy22,llA: 1 Civil Llbertles Union, American Congress (US) Sex Crimes W i l l iams, Leroy HOPE Report on econ conditions ~a17,6~:1 HOPEWELL Storms HORSE MCI NG Specla1 section on 1982 Oaklawn meet Ja31,II: 1 Oak1 awn has made large strides since early days Mr28, 3H: 2 Arkansas Derby won by Hos tage Apll,lD:6 Survey of fans at Oaklawn D16,10:2 HORSES Russellvllle men adopt wild horses M25,52A: 1 HORSESHOE BEND Thousands of lots at development are on delinquent tax list D5,4A:4 HORTt CULTURE Weeds HORTON, HAROLD Football HORTON, JAMES T. Ark-Elect ions--us House Dist rlct 1 HOSPICE MOVEMENT See Death HOSPITALS AND OTHER MEDICAL FAClttTlES Proposal made to build new hosp cal led North Central Community Hosp in Sherwood at cost of $25 mi 11 ion Ja9,l B:3 Cent ra1 Arkansas Heal th System Agency changes formula for figuring need for beds; change will allow North Central Hosp at Sherwood Mr17,1B:5 Lifemark Hospi tats seeks to buf Id facil ity in North Li ttie Rock Mr19,6B:1 New method to determine need for more beds rejected by CAHSA Mr19,66:6 North Little Rock City Council refuses to back plan for new hosp Mr23,36:3 Doctors in North Pulaskt oppose new hosp Ap10,8~:6 CAHSA advlses state to refuse Humana facility for Sherwood Ap16,9B:1 Humana seeks to build in Shewood My16,36:2 Pros and cons of Humana proposal for Sherwood Je27,1H:3 Humana gets approval for hosp Je30, 1A:6 Political Issue of Northeast Community Hosp Jy4,3H:1 Baptist Medl cal Sys tern asks reconsideration of hosp at Sherwood Jy22,1~:6 Rehearing on Sherwdod hosp decl ined Jy31,60:5 Several hospi tats file suit to block Shemod facll tty Ag7, 1B:3 Several LR hospitals full, but use lower in northern Pulaski Ag25, 12A:l Foes of planned hosp in She mood wln postponement on review Ag26,12A:2 Last attempt made to

108 HOSP l TALS HOUS l NG block hosp In Sherwood Ol4,19A:5 Rul ing upheld on Sherwood hosp; Baptist Medical System to appeal to Circuit Ct 024,4A:6 Nonprof i t hospitals and Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Arkansas would be subject to state regulattons under proposal of Art Givens D5,7A:1 Room rates avg $124 in Ark Dl 1,2B: 1 Court rul ing allows construction to start on North Central Hosp D29,4A:4 American Surgery Centers, Inc Arkansas Chi 1 dren ' s Hosp Arkansas Methodist Hosp Arkansas State Hosp Baptist Medical Center Crawford Memorial Hosp Doctors Hosp Forrest Memorial Hasp Health Center of Pulaski County Levi National Arthritis Hosp McClellan Memorial VA Hosp Mercy Hosp Ouachita Memorial Hosp Rivendell of Ark St Vincent lnf i rrnary Three Ri ve rs Med i ca 1 Center Unlversfty Hosp HOT LINES Crisis Center of Arkansas HOT SPR1 NG COUNTY Voters reject sales tax N4,6A:1 HOT SPRINGS Local effort checks demise of town Ja17,6F:3 Vacatlon and recreation center My2,lOI: 1 Dee Brown di scusses city My16,3H:3 Colorful hist brought to 1 ife by writing of Dee Brown Jyll, 16:4 Opposition of Hillary A. Wbeatley stalls Central Ave project S8,IA:Z Grand hotels are part of town's history 08,1B:6 Fi res-hot Springs Hous i ng Waste Materials and Sewage HOT SPRINGS REHABILITATION CENTER See Hand! capped HOTELS AND MOTELS Fayettevi 1 le. Mountain Inn remodeled Agl6,3C:l Hilton Hotel occupancy rate fs low Ag26,6A:2 -. Hot S rln s Hlstory of grand hoxs*i Little - kck. Camelot Hotel sold S1,5C:3 Excelsior to have shopping mall tn hotel and parking deck 010, lb:5 Camelot Hatel hires marketing manager 017,3B: 1 Camelot Hotel sold to Dr Horst D. Osterkamp, an off1 cer of the Getty Financial Carp 028,7C:4 Excelsior welcomes first guests 030, 1A:2 Excelsior described as swank N2,1A:3 Excelsior descrfbed N14,lG:l Excel sior opens wi th reception for distinguished guests N19,1A:2 Ella FitzgeraId concert Is part of Excelsior celebration N19,1B:3 Excelsior ball was festive N21.1D:2 North Little - Rock. ~iverfkont Hi t ton ready for guests S5,10:2 Motel Row vanlshing ~5,1~:2 Wash ington. 01 d Hemps tead County Jai 1 converted to elegant Inn D10, 1 D:2 HOUSES, HISTORIC See Historic Buildings and Sites HOUS l NG Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc, operates as a nonprofit group providtng home improvements In Little Rock area Ja2,68: 1 UnIque arrangement allows purchasers to acquire title to houses, but not the land on which they are built in Hot Springs develop F14,1G:2 Tlme-sharing of condominiums is popular in Hot Sprfngs ~28,1F:6 Winrock Homes stops building houses; losses, market problems cited Ap16,1A:3 Ed Bethune opposed housing mortgage subsidy because of effect on budget My17,7A:4 Sale of new zero coupon municipal bonds to provide work for housing industry Jel3,lF:Q Ed Bethune votes to sustain Reagan veto of housing bill Je25,5A:3 Flippin family at Barling enjoys low-cost solar home Je28,9A:1 Arkansas S&Ls pleased by decision on assumable loans Je29,1A:3 Timesharing catching on Jy4,1F:2 Arkansas Housing Development Agency to

109 HOUS I NG 1982 l MPROVEMENT Dl Sf Rl CTS issue $100 millton in bonds for housing; IIst of Inst1 tutions Agl, 1F:Z Few apply for bond money for f i rs t home purchase Ag20,7A:4 Earth she1 tered home bui 1 t at Maumel le S19,16:2 First National Mortgage is first in natlon to offer 15-yr mortgage at fixed interest S19,1B:5 Some: lenders turn back mortgage bonds money 012,4~:2 Curb on mortgage financing If fted for 15 counties 027, $A:5 Boarding Homes Little - Rock. Some homeowners see code program as rights violations Myl0,gA:I Highland Park slowly improves reputation Je6,l~:I Baptist Medical System plans $40 million, 600-un i t ret i rement commun f ty along Rock Creek Parkway Je13,l B:3 HOWARD, GEORGE JR Pol l ce-pulaski County Sharp County HOWARD INDUSTRIES Brinkley plant closing; TI0 face layoffs 09,76:6 HOWELL, MAX See a I so Ark-Finances Education-Curricula HUDSON, WILLIAM A. Jasper physician, 91, honored for devotion to medicine F23,IC:Z HUMANA, INC Crawford Memorial Hosp Hospi tals HUMANITIES, ARKANSAS ENDOWMENT FOR See Culture (The Arts) HUNGER See Poverty HUNGER TASK FORCE, ARKANSAS INTER- FA1 TH Group raised over $2 mill ion N21, 19A: 1 HUNT l NG See Wildlife HURLEY COMPANY Ark-Contracts and Purchasing HURST, DONALD C. Bonanza Sirloin Restaurants HUTCH I NSON, ASA Televfsion and Radio US-Justice Dept NUTTON, E. F. AND CO, INC E. F. Hutton opens its first office in Ark ~14,1~:4 HYDE, ROBERT A. Great Passion Play ILLEGITMACY Teen pregnancy is major dilemma tn Ark Je6,1G:2 Edna Gladney Home as- sists pregnant, unmarried women N9, 38: 1 Pregnancy ILLtNOiS BAYOU Plan to build municipal water reservoir on North Fork In Pope County draws oppos i t ion of Arkansas Canoe Club and the Ozark Society S22, 5c:3 Canoes and Canoeing ILLINOIS ECLIPSE CO Layoffs at Pine Bluff plant announced Ag20,6C : 3 ILLINOIS RIVER Waste Materials and Sewage ILLNESS See Dlsease and I1 lness l MMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH (LITTLE ROCK) Colleges-Gifts IMPERIAL MISS AMERICA PRINCESS BEAUTY CONTEST Phillips, Christy Gayle l MPOSTORS Demra, Ferdinand Waldo Jr l MPOTENCE Many males choose implants as answer to impotence Ag22,lD:2 l MPROVEMEMT D l STR l CTS See Forrest C i ty

110 I MPROVEMENT D l STR I CTS 1982 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (Contt) Pulaski County-Area Planning Southern Investment Co l NCOME Wages In Ark rose last year, but stare still ranks 49th Ja22,12B:5 State ranks low in several categories F2,8D:4 Personal income per capita (by county) Ap18,4B: 1 Arkansas ranks 50th in median income Ap20,1A:3 Arkansans rank next to last In personal income My9,2A:4 Arkansas ranks 48th in per capita personal Income 010, 22A: 1 INDEPENDENCE COUNTY Sales tax approved Je23,78:6 See a 1 so Pol i ce- l ndependence County INDEPENDENCE FEDERAL SfL (BATESVI LLE) Seeks to become state' s f t rs t savings bank D15,6~:4 INDEPENDENCE FEDERAL S6L ( JONESBORO) Branch robbed F24,8B : 4 INDIANS, AMERICAN Archeology and Anthropology INDO-CHINESE REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM Controversy over hand1 Ing of refugee program at tittle Rack S9,6A:5 Social Services Div to take over program St6,6A:5 INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT See Factories INDUSTRIAL PLANTS See Factories l NDUSTR l AL WASTES See Waste Materials I NFLATION See US-Economi c Cond i t ions INHERITANCE, PROPERTY See Wills and Estates l NSANJTY See Mental Health l NSURANCE State insurance Dept attempts to protect consumers N18,1B:2 Heal th lnsurance National Investors Life lnsurance Company Unernpl oymen t l nsurance Workers Compensation Insurance INTEGRATION See Education (Ll ttle Rack)-Equal INTEREST (MONEY) See Credit INTERIOR DECORATION Article on wall stenciling by Bonnie Wrublesky, of Little Rock F4, 1C:3 1 NTE RNAT I ONAL FE ST See Festivals INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO Company cited for four a1 leged safety violations In acctdent that killed 2 persons Ja30,10:1 Family of nurse files $12 million lawsuit Mr5,20:4 I NTERNAT1 ONAL RELATIONS Betty Bumpers leads formation of group in Little Rock called Peace Links Internat tonal ; Women far Peace; goal is peaceful alternatives to nuclear war Mr3,10:3 Women urged by Betty Bumpers to stand up for peace Ap1,2B:4 Article discusses Mrs Bumpers and her peace orgn Ap25,1A:2 Gazette praises Betty Bumpers Ap30, 16A:I Peace Links seeks end to bombs S5,IlB :4 Sen Dale Bumpers sponsors resolution for designation of National Peace Day S23,4A:5 Sen Jeremf ah Denton charges that Peace Links 1s partly guided by Communists; several senators defend group and Mrs Betty Bumpers 02,lA:T Role of Betty Bumpers in Peace Links 03,lD:l Betty Bumpers rebuts communist charge; Sen David Pryor speaks out 05,1A:5 Editorial on Sen Denton's attack on Peace Links 05,IOA:l Aide says Senator Denton stands by charges 06,1A:4 Senators defend wives after patrtotism impugned 07,19A:l Betty Bumpers defends Peace Links 08,1A:2 Peace Links rally in Miller County h t ts problems 08,1A:3 Washington Post retracts statement about Peace Links 010,lA:h Peace Day rallies held in 36 Ark cities; Betty Bumpers speaks at Little Rock Oll,lA:2 Philip English calls nuclear freeze same old pacifist 1 fne 021,19A:4 Sermon by Rev Joel Pugh on Peace Day

111 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1982 JAMES BROTHERS CO N26,27A:3 Sen Jeremiah Denton defends his remarks about Peace Links D8,1A:4 INTERNATIONAL VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS, I NC North Little Rock firm has rapid growth Jy25,l F:3 INTOX LABS Firm receives $7.5 million loan to build private chemical research lab at Redfield Mr17,1B:2 INVENTiONS AND INVENTORS David E. Slaton of Little Rock, patents antipollution device for motor vehicles Ja24,16:2 Paul Weaver of Stuttgart, dlsplays his oil pump invention that may bring huge savings to oil indus Ja28,40:2 Article on inventor Carl G. Matson, of tittle Rock F7,1F:5 l RAN Ladell Maples of Earle, among 10 former hostages of Iran who are suing US govt for $100 rnt 11 ion W5,2A:3 l RRt GATION Washington County farmers to use wastewater from Beaver Water Dist for 1 rrigation Je20,100:6 Arkansas Ri ve r Whl te River ISRAEL March at Little Rack protests US support for Israel S26,7A:6 I TZKOW I TZ, MAX See a 1 so We1 fa re tzard COUNTY Voters reject sales tax ~4,6A:1 JACKSON COUNTY Voters reject sales tax 020,10A:3 JACKSON, JERRY Ark-Elections--Governor Ark-Pub1 ic Service Corm JACKSONVILLE Mayor James G. Reid wins reelection N3,7A:6 JACKSONV f LLE (Con' t) FS res-jacksonvi 1 le Pol l ce-jacksonvl 1 le JACKSOMV I LLE CHRl ST l AN ACADEMY Appeal s order to close un 1 1 censed facility Ja5,6B:2 Retrial of suit on closing ordered N16,5A:l JACOB, PAUL US-Armament JACUZZI BROTHERS, INC Suit a1 leges sex blas In dlsmlssal of Debbie Wade Ja27,4B:5 1920s aircraft disaster led to present business F21,lF:2 Firm pays off Act 9 bond issue, elects to continue paytng rent to Little Rock Mrl8,1A:3 JACUZZI MUSIC Little Rock firm looks to market in Europe S12,1C:2 JAGGERS, ANNIE LAURA See a 1 so Books JAILS See Prisons JAMES BROTHERS COMPANY Wayne Cryts ref uses to tell court who helped hlm remove grain f ram elevators owned by Cox Cotton Co and the James family F10,18:5 James fami ly gratn elevators should be 1 iqui dated, trustee says F24,40: 1 Farmer Wayne Cryts of Puxico, Mo, jailed after refusal to tell bankruptcy court who helped him take his beans from warehouse Ap29,lB : 4 No word received from Cryts Ap30,l B:6 Crusade of peaceful outrage started to support Cryts My1,lB: 1 Cryts says he Is prepared to stay in jail My2, 1B:6 Farmers rally to support of Wayne Cryts My2,lOB:l Wayne Cryts leaves jail cell for church ssrvjce; $25,000 raised for defense My3,9A:4 Cryts vlsted by hts Congressman My4, 9A:2 Attorney asks that Cryts be released during chal fenge of Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978; famed attorney F. Lee Balley represents Cryts My5,13:2 Cryts describes jailing as a vendetta ~y6,70:1 Request for release of Cryts to be delayed until US Supreme C t decision

112 JAMES BROTHERS CO 1982 JOHNSON, JIM My6,7B:2 Appeal of jailing of Cryts assigned to Judge G. Thomas Eisele My7,2B:4 Trustee tel Is ct Cryts has no basis for appeal My8,65:4 Federal offlclals write off $140,000 loan to Cryts My8,6~:6 Basic property rights at center of grain dispute, Cryts says My9,3B:1 Article tells how Wayne Cryts wound up in jail My12, 1B:3 Release of Cryts sought; F. Lee Bailey arrives My14,10:2 Attorneys raise 11 issues On bld to have Cryts released My15,lOB:l Cryts freed for 3 days to testify before Congress Myt7,1A:2 Cryts prepares to test! fy on elevator bankruptcies My18,tA:Z Cryts pleads for bill to protect farmers fiy19,10:2 Two motions to free Wayne Cryts denied My25,9A:4 Wayne Cryts not surprised by ruling that he stay in jail My26,12B:1 Reorgan i tat ion pl an approved for James Brothers My28,30:3 Governor Frank Wh i te asks P res Reagan to he1 p free Wayne Cryts My28,36:4 Wayne Cryts freed by bankruptcy judge Je2.10: 1 Judge Baker calls Wayne Cryts a thief; fines him $287,708 Je8,7A:5 Wayne Cryts says he will not pay judgment Jell,fB:3 Wayne Cryts to appeal judgment Je12,lB:b Wayne Cryts arrested at Gravette when US officials seized van Ag15,3A:5 Cryts freed on bond Ag17,5A:3 PIotton by Wayne Cryts rejected Ag25,12A:4 Wayne Cryts and others file $34 million suit against Bankruptcy Judge Charles W. Baker 53, 9A: I Wayne Cryts found innocent in incident at Gravette 013,8A:6 Judge G. Thomas Efsele rules Wayne Cryts was wrong to take soybeans, but bankruptcy judge had no authority to jail him N18,6A:1 JAMES, DONALD James Brothers Co JAPANESE AMER l CANS Rohwer Center monument to Japanese- Americans to be unveiled My28,10B:4 JAY FREEMAN CO Dallas bank, two other firms, ask that co be declared bankrupt 029, 11C:l Trustee named N5,gA:l JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Blood transfusions ordered for Amanda Washinton at Universfty Hospital Ap30,2B:l Surgery and Surgeons JEWELL, JERRY Barred from Medicaid program because of alleged fraud in billing hts dental patients Ap19,13A:1 Ruling to be appealed Ap20,16A:l Appeal made Ap23,3B:4 Bar ordered on Medlcaf d program Myl9,4B:6 Review panel of Dental Examiners to review case ~e26,10~:b JEWELS AND JEWELRY Ame r i can Gems tone Jewel ry Collection contains Arkansas diamond, is df splayed in Fayettevll It store N28, 1 C:2 JEWS Christians and Jews J I NKS, HAROLD Poses questions for Chuck Banks, GOP candldate for US Cong S1,12A:4 JOB CORPS First class graduates from Little Rock Job Corps center Ja31,IB:Z Residents near Little Rock Job Corps Center discuss ways to report complaints about trainees f5,48:5 Probe study allegattons that Director Seamn Thompson fa1 s i fled records, has been drunk on grounds of Job Corps Center at tr Ag17,6A:l Sheriff Tomy Robinson concerned about allegations of immoral conduct at Job Go rps Center Ag26,15A:4 Three guards suspended S13,2A:5 OIC loses contract; Sfnger Co to manage Center 02,10~:5 JOBS See Labor JOHNSON, JIM Former state Supreme Ct Justice says 1954 US Supreme Ct rul 1 ng did not require integration, but banned discrimination S1,12A:3 Comments on politicians and capital punishment S3,20A:4 Cri tlcal of Senators David Pryor and Dale Bumpers D12,148:5 Comnts on 1954 Supreme C t decision D24,10A:3

113 JOHNSON, JIM 1982 Kl CKBACKS Ark-El ect ions--governor Democratic Party JOHNSON, LEWl S Opposes end to interest 1 imit 05, 11A:l JOHNSON, MARK Ark-Local Services Dept JOHNSON, R. L. Ark-Elections--US House District 3 Democratic Party JONES, CASEY Ark-Game and Fish Comm JONES, DOUGLAS C. See a 1 so Books JONES, GUY H. SR Seeks reinstatement to federal bar D16,16A:2 Regains federal ct privilege D23,4A:6 JONES, HELEN Ark-Elections--Land Commissioner JONES, HI LLARY Ark-Game and Fish Comm JONES, J. FRED Ark-Elections--US House District 3 JONES, JIMMIE Major role in election of Gov Bill Clinton N7,1A:3 National Guard, Ark JONES, JULIA HUGHES Ark-Elections--Audi tor Ark-Pol t ttcs and Govt Gove rnmen t Bonds JONES, THEODORE Jones sent to jai 1 on can tempt charge after he refused to a1 low tax aud i tors to see books of A- l Auto Salvage Ag4,1B:2 Federal Judge G. Thomas Eisele refuses to release Jones from Jail Ag6,1B:2 Jones freed from jail for appeal Ag14,1B:4 Jones agrees to audit ~24,10~:4 JUDGES See Courts JURIES AND JURY DUTY State Sen Samuel Rye and Robert Ratney charged with jury tampering in Pope County 014,14A:2.- Deafness and Deaf Mutes JUVENILE DELINQUENCY See Chi 1 dren-crime and Del fnquency KANE, DAVID R. Maumel le Summa T Mortgage Co Train Station (Bui lding) KAPLAN, PHILIP E. Role In reform at Ark State Prison Ag15,1A:2 Ark-Elect ions--governor Prisons-Arkansas State Prison KARAM, JIMMY Attempts to keep Van Heuscn plants at Brinkley and Augusta open Agl2, 90 :2 KAYAKS AND KAYAKING See Canoes and Canoeing KEELS, LAMAR Ark-Elect ions--governor KELL, GEORGE Article on varied career of Kell Ag15,1A:2 KELL, WILLIAM E. Head of FBI in Ark reti rlng Agt, 1A:2 Serves as chairman of Ballot Security CommTttee for Frank White campaign N2,1 A:4 Reports several election law violations N4,SA:2 Reports on alleged electton irregularities ~14,16A:1 KELLY, EDWARD See Education (L! ttle Rock) KEMP, JACK Addresses Searcy group on econ issues Ap20,5A:3 KEMPNE R' S Store at Little Rock may close 015, 1A:2 Stores to close 021,lA:2 Creditors' plea for overseer denled 028,3A:5 KENT'S STORE (LITTLE ROCK) Arson suspected tn $350,000 fire Ag27,5A: 1 Kl CKBACKS See Bribery and Kickbacks

114 Kl DMEYS 1982 LABOR KI DNEYS Kidney House at Little Rock provi des inexpens lve quarters for patients, fami 1 ies Mr27,lC:S Followup on Tommy Castleberry 017,1C:2 K I NCAI D, KAREN Agricul ture-labor KINDLEY, FIELD E. Aviation Hal 1 of Fame, Arkansas KING, JERRY Education-Curricula KING, MARTIN LUTHER State Senator Jerry Jewel1 not satisfied with proclamation of Gov Wh i re on observance of King's birthday Jal6,lB:5 Community Task Force at Little Rock urges state hol iday on bl rthday Ja16,3B: 1 Martin Luther King I I I urges workers to observe his father's bl rthday Dl 1,20A:2 Charles Bussey points out that Little Rock employees observe King's b i rthday Dl 6,8A:6 KOGER PROPERTIES Buildings KOREAN WAR Dill, James H. KOUNTRY KLUB Crime KOUNTZ, SAMUEL Tribute to the 1 ate Dr Kountz Jab, 10A: 1 KU KLUX KLAN Thom Arthur Robb of Bass (Newton County), to lead rally In Washington; Robb is national chaplain of the Klan N27,7A:1 Thom Robb attends rally N28,6A:4 KUMPE (JOHN OTTO) FAMILY Descendents to hold reunion Je12, 1C:5 KUPERMAM, l RV l NG Little Rock physician fined $5,000, ordered to serve 30 days F18,3B:3 KURJIAKA, SANDRA See a 1 so Agricul ture-labor Civil Liberties Union, American KUYKEN DALL CORP See a 1 so Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co - L - LABOR List of 10 top employers in Ark Ja17,5A:5 AlDC says 3,838 jobs created this yr D2,lZC:l Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973 (CETA) Handicapped -- Hard Core Jobless O~~ortunities lndustrial iratibn Center lndustrial - and Occupational Hazards International Pa~er Co Mlnimurn Wages. Arkansas minimum wage raised to $2.80 per hr Ja5.6B:l Labor Supply. stud$ shows shhortage of skilled workers in 6 areas Ja12, - Older Workers. Closing of Barry Gorp plant at Conwav hits older workeis hardest ~~29,13~:2 01 der workers losing jobs S5,7A:1 Overtime - and Premium - Pay Alamo Christian Foundation -- Unemployment and Job Market. Industrial Development Dept says 6,538 new lndus jabs created in ~ r du;tng k 1981; lowest in years Ja6,lB:Z Unemployment rate in Ark is 10.2 pct Jag, 1A:3 Arkansas lndustrial Development Dept says 10,658 new jobs created in 1981 Ja9,3B:1 Rate of unemployment in Ark hits 12.1 pct F6,1A:6 Governor Frank White says voters should not blame him for high unemployment in Ark F6,1A:6 Employment Security Dtv effectiveness hampered by budget cuts F6,1B:2 Rift widens between labor and Jane Miller, chairman of the state Board of Review F10,50:1 Senator Dale Bumpers believes supplemental funds just voted wf 11 a1 low Ark ESD to continue job placements Fll,lA:5 Edi torlal on cllmbing unemployment rate in Ark F12,12A:1 Governor Frank White plans to look into complaints by Bill Becker about Jane Miller's leadership of the Board

115 LABOR 1982 LADY, FRANK of Review F13,6B: 1 Gayle Windsor Jr points out that Court of Appeals and Supreme Court have upheld Board of Review decisions in most cases F16, 6A:4 Jobless rate in Ark falls to 11.5 pct Mr6,1A:4 Arkansas has highest jobless rate in Southwest Mr27,3B:6 Newton and St Francis Count Ies have unemployment rate of 24 pct Mr30,10:5 Rate falls In Ark to 10.7 pct Ap3,1A:6 Article discusses variance in job creatton flgures Ap4, 3H:l Seasonal work brings drop in jobless rate in Ark My8,1A:6 Rate of unemployment drops in Ark Je5,1A:4 Cuts in funds 1 imlt summer jobs for youth Je13,128:2 More job-seekers move to Ark Je30,7B:5 Rate up In Ark Jy3,1A:6 Unemployment rate drops in Ark Ag7,1A:4 Rate in Ark is higher than reported, J. Bill Becker says Ag8,sB:l Frank White replies to Becker ~g?0,14a:5 Bil l Cl inton says low figure on Ark unemployment is hokum Ag15,jA:I Arkansas Employment Secur i ty Div seeks to defeat pi an to cut $2.5 million and 117 jobs Ag20, 3A:l Ken Coon defends data on jobless Ag20,3A:1 State ESD owes federal govt $64 mi 11 ion, may need $28 mi 11 ion mre ~g20,3a:6 Senator Jerry Bookout questions Al DC report that 12,404 new jobs have been created during last 18 months; Don Flanders adml ts that layoffs and plant closings caused decline in total number Ag20,9A:2 Jobless rate in Ark climbs to 9.7 pct ~4,8A:3 Jobless rate drops sl ightly 09,3A:4 Rate cl imbs to 9.6 in Ark ~6,1~:4 Ark rate rises to 9.9 pet D4,10A:4 A1 1 led Chemical Corp Arvin Industries, Inc Ark-Elect ions--governor Berry fi. G.) Carp Cargo Carriers, Inc Chamberlain Featherlite Mfg Co Credit Cuba-Ref ugees Ely and Walker Manufacturing Co FMC Corp LABOR-Unempl oymen t (Con't) Howard Industries ltlfnois Eclipse Co Labor-01 der Workers Lawrence Manufacturing Co Milchem, Inc Missouri Pacific Lines National Rejectors Orbit Valve Co Reynolds Hetals Co Rlceland Foods Sanyo Manufacturing Corp Shanhouse and Sons Slemen's All is, Inc Singer Co Standard Brake Shoe and Foundry Co Teletype Carp Tosco Co rp Unemp 1 oymen t l ns urance Van Heusen Corp Unemployment Compensation United States Electrical Motors Weye rhaeuse r Co rp Wrape Forest Industries, lnc - Unions and Unionization. Union organizers find continutng chal lenge - In Ark F7,1A:2 Arkansas Lf gh thouse for the Bl ind Baptist Medical Center Can tex lndus tr ies Economic Opportunity Agency Laborers International Union Unlted TransportatIan Union 9-- Wa es and Hours. Building contractors and unions in Ark agree to year-long freeze of wages ~y18,13~:2 - Youth Employment of Job corps LABORDE, ALDEN J. Ocean Drilllng and Exploration Co LABORERS INTERNATIONAL UNION OF NORTH AMERICA Local 1282 in Little Rock placed in trusteeship after dispute 02,2A:3 LADY, FRANK Ark-Elections--Governor

116 LADY, FRANK 1982 LEE CREEK (Conlt) Education-Re1 igtous Practices LAKES AND RESERVOI RS Best remalning sites for dams and reservoirs listed in study by UnSversity of Ark College of Engineering 3a2,3B:2 Editorial on 1 ist of potential sites Ja6,12A:l Beaver Lake Blue Mountain Lake Bull Creek Lake (Proposed) Bull Shoats Lake Chicot Lake Dardanel 1 e Lake DeGray Lake DeQueen Lake Faul kner Lake Greeson Lake Hami 1 ton Lake 111 inois Bayou Lee Creek Mi I lwood Lake Neark Lake Ouachi ta take Otark Lake Table Rock Lake LAMAR See alsa Educatfon (~amar) LAMB, EMORY Foundation of Ubiquity LAMBERT, BEVERLEY J. See a 1 so Banks and Savings and Loan LAMBIE, JEAN Economic Opportunity Agency LAMBRIGHT, W. FRANK University of Arkansas at Little Rock LANDMARKS See Historic Buildings and Sites LANE, CLIFT C. Bankruptcy petitlons filed for 19 firms in 6 states in effort to put finances In order, Valmac, Inc may be taken over by Tyson Foods N10, 5c:5 LANGUAGE Body language, including clothing, gives personality clues Jy3,1C:2 Children's Center of UALR teaches English to Asian children 011,16:3 LAST MAN CLUB See Veterans-World War I I LATIN AMERICANS!N ARK HIspanIc Week observed at LR S12, 2A: 3 LAVACA See a 1 so E duca t 1 on (~avaca) LAW ENFORCEMENT See Pol Ice and Law Enforcement LAW ENFORCEMENT T RAl N l NG ACADEMY See Arkansas taw Enforcement Tra l n i ng Academy LAWRENCE COUNTY Budget cut in Sheriff's Dept may bring more problems Ja27,58:1 LAWRENCE COUNTY BANK Smithvil ie branch robbed N19,11A:3 LAWRENCE MANUFACTURl NG CO Walnut Ridge clothing plant suspends operatfons Ag27,6C:6 LAWYERS See Legal Profession LEAD POISONING High amount of lead found in children 1 fving in Highland Courts Housing Project at Little Rock Ja25, 1 la:3 LEARN l NG See Education and Schools Psychology LEARNING DISABILITIES Education-Handtcapped LEBANON David Pryor opposes sending US troops to Lebanon Jy7,1A:6 Sen Dale Bumpers opposes use of US troops to escort PLO JylO,lA:5 Rev Roy McLaughlin to tour Lebanon at invitatlon of Israel ~ g l,l00:4 l Palestinfans and Lebanese In Ark seek re1 lef for war victims Ag13,7A:l Roy McLaughl fn call s PLO terrorists who do not represent Palestinians Agl4, 6B:2 Senator Dale Bumpers opposes sending Marines to Lebanon S22,10A:3 LED I NG, ANTHONY Ark-Elections--US House District 3 LEE COUNTY See alsa Prisons-Phil1 ips County LEE CREEK Army asked to help pay for $50

117 LEE CREEK 1982 LINDSEY, JIM mill ion reservoir on Lee Creek Ap15, 8A:5 Army will have no role in dam My7,8B:5 Water project mired in confl fcts 03,1A:4 LEGAL AID FOR THE POOR Central Aikansas Lega 1 Servi ces flghts budget cuts by asking lawyers to give time Mr15,13A:l Bar exam passed by 106 candidates Mr21,5B:I Survey ranks Ark 48th In spend! ng for defense of poor in criminal trials Jy28,2B:5 Editorial on Ark ranking Ag3,12A:1 Group of prominent Arkansans begins drive for funds to make up cut in budget of Legal Servf ces Corp Ag17,5A:4 Surplus funds in some legal services accounts raise questions as fund drive begins Ag24,6A: 2 LEGAL PROFESSION Prosecuting Atty Jim Gunter of Hope reprimanded by ethics panel Je12,2B:4 State Supreme Ct rules lawyers may advertise Jyl3,6A:l State Supreme C t rejects request to order Bar exam changes as requested by blacks who failed Jy13, t4a:2 Warren Osment contests rules on ads Jy21,58:6 Total of 108 pass state bar exam Ag22,llA:I High failure rate on state bar exam discussed S6.11A:l David W. Pi tchford files suit to force officials to allow him to take law exam without law degree D3,25A: 1 Ben ton, W i 11 i am Evans Legal Society, Christian Walker, John W. LEGAL SERVICES See Legal Aid For The Poor LEGAL SERVICES CORP Agricul ture-labor LEGAL SOCIETY, CHRISTIAN Lawyers struggle with issue of puttlng re1 igious convicrions into practice Nlg, 16A: 1 LEGlONNAfRES DISEASE See Respi ratory Diseases LeMASTER, CAROLYN Books LEPEL, HAROLD Ark-Came and Fish Comm LEPEL, HAROLD (Con't) Drug Addiction, Abuse and Traffic LESLIE, JAMES W. books LESLIE, ROBERT 0. Ark-Elections--US House District 4 LESSENBERRY, JACK Murders-McArthur LETZIG, MARGARET HELLER HIMSTEDT Educator dies at LR Ag15,17A: 1 LEV1 NATl ONAL ARTHRl T I S HOSP 1 TAL (HOT SPRINGS) Emphas ires therapy for arthritics My31,lB:4 LIBEL AND SLANDER Weston. Joseph ' Clark - Steve See Clark. Steve Dodrill, ~o"is Art. Dodrill a w ~ 4 0 ~ i n d a m a suit s e against ~rkansas Democrat D15,25A:5 Paper asks that judgment be set aside 024.4A: 4 -' ~ i m n - Andre. Libel suit against KARK-TV won by Andre Simon and Barry Sml th 015,7A:1 LIBERTARIAN PARTY US-Armamen t LIBRAR1 ES AND LIBRARIANS Rose City volunteers open 1 ibrary, say 'no' to proposal that city furnish $2,000 F5,lB:) Computerization does not mean end to books, 1 ibrary leaders say Ag14,3B:1 Gov Frank Whfte releases $100,000 for county 1 tbraries S17,llA:l Drop expected in aid to public libraries D12,35A:1 See a 1 so Arkansas State Library Col leges-libraries L I E DETECTORS Use becoming common Jy4,l F : 5 LIGNITE See Coal LlNC (FIRM) See Secondhand Trade LINDSEY, JIM Supports Frank White for Gov 029, 18~: 1

118 L l QUOR 1982 LITTLE ROCK L l QUOR Permit far private club at Clarksvi 1 le issued improperly, court rules Ja9,3B:2 License granted for store near North Little Rock school Ja21, 26:s Action of ABC on permits Ja21, 10D:4 Roy Bosson says Ark laws on liquor are among nation's worst F4, 9A:l Liquor, beer outlets operate in dry area near Jacksonvi 1 le, ABC officials say F9,48:1 State Police raid 10 liquor stores in Saxter Co without telling ABC of plans F10,1B:3 Governor Frank White blasts ABC for rise in 1 iquor permits F23,3B:4 Arkansas A1 coho1 Beverage Assn unhappy with 1 arge number of permits issued by ABC F24,1A:3 ABC may reevaluate pol icy in granting 1 icenses that are opposed by public opinion F25,6B:5 Arkansas Consumer Research accuses ABC of protecting liquor indus, asks Gov Frank White to order probe Mr17, 13:6 Board chairman of ABC calls report by ACR a bum rap Mrl8,10:5 Action by ABC on permi t requests Mr18,2B:5 Board action on permtts Mr19,8B:5 Liquor industry attacks ACR report Mr21,3B:2 ACR defends its study Mr22,I 3A:3 Arkansas Consumer Research does not understand purpose of ABC, Gov Frank Whrte told Ap6,1B:3 More than 70 perml ts ratified Ap23, 8B:l five permits granted, two refused ~p23,80:8 Governor Frank White sees no need for probe of ABC board Ap26,14A:1 Alcohol sales approved by ABC My20,6B: 1 Board discip1 ines 14 permit holders My20,6B: 3 More permits granted My21, 28:s Little Rock Pol ice Chief Sonny Simpson and Davld Chaffin discuss beer sales at drive-in movies Je6, 1H:l Benton County, a dry area, now has 17 club permits Je24,4B:1 Board approves 103 perm! t actions Je24,4B:6 Five private clubs get permits Jy22, 3B:2 Board refuses firm's request on distributor Jy22,3B:3 Beer permit for Asher Drive-in Theater cancelled Ag5,5B:5 Petitions in Conway County seek vote on liquor sales Ag18,12A:3 Action by ABC on permit requests Ag19,26A:I Asher Drive-in Theater appeals decision on beer permit S16, 1lC:2 Fort Smith center gets beer permit despite police reports S16, llc:3 Suit alleging harassment of West Memphis liquor store by Tenn authorities is dismissed S28,5C:2 Gray Township in Pulaski is legally dry, six stores in area told 021,9A:4 Action by ABC on permits 021,9A:4 Greene County votes to keep 1 iquor sales N4,6A:4 New rules proposed by ABC include private clubs and restaurants Nil,14A:2 J. B. Holt arrested on charge of making illegal whiskey in Madison County N20,2A: 3 Board action on permits N25,35A:1 Majori ty of state Supreme C t disqual i- f ies itself on chal lenge of private clubs; Gov Frank White deviates from routine in naming special justices N30,5C : 3 Pa ragoul d bust nessman a r- rested after alcohol -related death of Joey R. Wa rb ri tton Dl,15A: 3 Arkansas law not affected by rul ing on church veto of 1 fquor store as neighbor D15, 2B:4 Use of credi t cards approved; 13 new regulations adopted by ABC D16, 1A:2 Beer is an alcohol ic beverage, Ark Court of Appeals rules Dl6,lOA:3 Accidents-Roads and Traffic Ark-Alcohol ic Beverage Control Camm Ark-Fi nances LITERATURE See Books, Literature and Writing LITTLE PLANTATION Article on plantation at Lo1 1 ie (~aul kner county) 023,l B:2 LITTLE ROCK Article lists changes in downtown business over past 30 years My2,1G:2 Crime and Criminals Education-ti ttle Rock Factories-Li ttle Rock Fi remen-li ttle Rock Floods and Flood Control Housing

119 LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK (~on't) Little Rock Metropol itan Area Office Buildings Parks-LI ttle Rock Police-Little Rock Presbyterian Church Storms Sunday Observance Taxicabs and Taxicab Drivers - - Area Planning and Renewal. Sweep i ng redevelopment of down town Little Rock planned Ja26,18:2 Running battle resumes over Montessori school on Kavanaugh Jy24, 4B:l No action taken on Mantessori School Jy28,3B:4 Planning Off ice suggests vote on annexation of several areas Jy31,IB:l Annexation of 13.5 sq mi les to be on bal lot Ag12, 38:4 Destruct ion of landscape along Cantrell Rd Agl5, IOC: 1 Planning Comm approves school at 5419 Kavanaugh S1,9A:2 Metmcentre Mall fails to restore 1950's Main St S12,1A:4 Planners urge historic dist, Improvement at McArthur Park and other downtown projects S17,3A:1 Montessori School loses bid for special zoning permit 06,4A:5 Nathaniel Griffin discusses annexation proposal 024,llB:l Annexation approved ~3,4A: 6 N4,6A: 1 Annexation challenged in ct D2,8A:1 Three suits challenge annexation D2,12C:1 Metrocentre improvement Oi st bonds used to - butld up area D6.lB:6 ~ttorae~s and iegal Services. Some City Directors rankled by size of law firm's bills A:1 2-- Ci t Board of 61 rectors. Governor Frank Whi te has asked 2 di rectors to wnslder appmt of J. GI. Benaf iel d to vacancy ~a5,h~:l J. W. Benefield apptd Ja6,30:2 Holds meeting in Los Angeles Dl,14A:I convention Center See Statehouse Convention Center Economic Conditions. Jobless rate qua1 ifies t R as a distressed city el Igible for Urban Development Actfon Grants to aid indus development Je18,1B:5 Designation as distressed ci ty upsets Chamber off lci a1 Je22, 5A:2 Frank Lyon Jr reviews progress D22,29A: 4 ~iectlons-city Board. Robert Mclntosh assai 1s Mayor Charles Bussev.. - files for his seat bn Bd ~24,6~:2 Results of election N3,llA: 1 ~4,9~:1 Finances - and ~ud~ets; $6.2 million aval lable for one-time projects 524, 10A:l Garbage fee reductdon affects budget more than expected 021,3A:1 Rul ing aff i rrned; tax on Water Works is illegal D7,5A:1 Ruling on Water Works tax causes budget problems D8, 4A:2 ACORN says City Directors broke promlse on use of tax D21,3A:4 Directors approve $39 mi 1 I ion budget D22,24A:4 ~overnment Employees - and Off icsals. Federal Jud~e Els i iane T rimble Rov to limit numbe; of witnesses in trial of case alleging racial bias in hiring and promotton in Police Dept Jal,6B:l Black officers tell court that race bias prevents their promtlons; racial jokes, slurs by whltes alleged Ja5,lB:S Black police assistant testifies; hits record of former Chief Gale F. Weeks, but supports Chief Walter E. Simpson Ja6,40:1 P. A. Holl ingsworth testifies that blacks still feel pol ice are racist ~a7,18:4 City Mgr Mahfon Martin testifies promotion system not biased as a total system Ja8,1B:2 White pol i cemen test i fy that b 1 ack plaintiffs used racial epf thets themselves Ja15,10:6 Psychologist testifies city's tests for pol ice not highly subjective or racially biased ~a16,1~:4 Data shows no police bias, statistican says Ja19,4~:4 Pol ice Chief Walter E. Stmpson testifies on method used for promotions Ja20,6B:l Testimony ends in bias suit against pol ice Ja21,5B:3 Overtlme pay for policemen seen as culprit in pension fund problems Ja28,10:6 Jealousy seen in complaint about pensions Ja29,10B:3 US Justice Dept asks city to show why action should not be

120 LITTLE ROCK 1982 LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE taken for possible civil rights violations in Police and Fire Depts Ap8, 1B:2 Justice Dept pledges confidentiality in rights probe Ap9,1B:6 Donna Adco*ck Miller flles sex bias suit against Dept S14,5C:3 Pol ice, fi remen reject salary offer D15,1A:2 Quorum Ct defeats repeal of parity pay ordinance D15,29A:1 City officials agree to start talks with pol ice, firefighters D16,5A: l Firemen vote to accept salary offer D29,4A:5 Firemen sign contract D30, 3A: 3 Historic Buildings -- and Sf tes. Arch Petti t purchases Stane Coach House ~a23,18':2 Historic Packet House to be restored, used as restaurant Ja31, 1F:2 Hlstaric houses in Quapaw Quarter described Ap15,1C:2 Packet House restoration under way Je24,1C:5 Foster-Robinson House for sale for offices 06,5C: 3 Terry-Jung House heavi l y damaged by fire 01 1,8A:6 Turner-Fulk house being restored by Dr and Mrs Roland Anderson Nl8,tB:3 Little Rock Central High School named a National Historic Landmark N26,3A:2 Arkansas Art Center requests $200,000 for renovation of Pi ke-fletcher-terry Mansion D5,33A:2 Terry family hopes plans real ized D9,11A:2 History. Pulaski Heights develop reviewed M22,2A:3 Sale of Palace Drug Store can tents recal l s another era D6,1B:2 Mayor. Some residents upset by change in way major and City Ed will be elected under new law My9,IA:Z Directors wi 11 not fight suf t challengfng new law My?3,1B:5 Debate over merits of electing LR mayor dominates hearing Jy15,1B:5 Law requi ring mayor election declared legal Ag12,1B:6 Ruling on election is appealed Ag14,1B:4 Law for popular vote struck down by state Supreme Ct Sll.lA:4 ~bnici~al - Court. Attorneys for Judge Wi I 1 iam R. Butler seek dismissal of theft charges Ja2,3t3:6 Second trial on theft charges against Traffic Judge W i l l iam R. Butler to be delayed about a year; Butler will be tried soon on charge of destroying tickets Ja21,2B:3 City Board names panel to work for better communications with Judge Butler F3,6B: 1 Judge Butler puzzled by actton of City Board F4,20:4 Cf ty officials, Judge W i l l!am R. Butler clash again FS, 1B :2 New theory disclosed in case alleging Traffic Judge William R. Butler destroyed tickets F23,1B:6 Defense attorneys fail to get 2 charges against Wt 11 lam R. Butler dismissed F27,4B:1 Judge Butler dismisses tickets, rules pol ice methods improper Mr3,lB:2 Judge Butler defends dismissal of tickets ~r4,2b:5 Lawyer for Judge Butler handled trafflc case before his court Mr9, 4~:5 Judge Butler reversed, ticketing procedure by police held valid Mr26,lB:S W i l l is V. Lewis dtsputes complaint by couple that he secretly recorded bribe conversation in Wf 11 iam R. Butler case Jy25,1B:5 Politics -- and Govt. Name of Thedford Call Ins, an adversary of Mayor Charles Bussey, stricken from 1 ist nominated by Board of Trustees of the Museum of Sclence and Hlstory ~20,6A:4 Charles Bussey says he took name of Thedford Col l ins off I ist N23,4A:5 Gazette calls Mayor Bussey's actions petty and outrageous ~26.26A: 1 ~o~ulation and Vital Statistics. Population is167m~el0.1~:2 Pub I! c property ; C i ty agrees to sell old Commonwealth Federal S&L property for $200,000 less than it paid 5 years ago My5,1A:5 Projected loss on Commonwealth property blamed on weak market My6,1B:2 City has 1 os t $300,000 on Comrnonwea 1 th property My7,13:2 Streets. Plan to narrow Markham is controversial Je13,1B:3 Suits and Claims Against Govt 7 Little Rock-Government Employees LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE Airplanes-Accidents

121 LITTLE ROCK AND WESTERN 1982 MARIONETTES LITTLE ROCK AND WESTERN RAILROAD Locomotive taken for joyrtde damages boxcars, rat 1 sw i tches at Little Rock Ja3,3B:2 LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT See Arkansas Democrat LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS GAZETTE See Arkansas Gazette LITTLE ROCK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Sheffield Nelson lists achievements Ja7,13A: 1 LITTLE ROCK METROPOLITAN AREA Webster Hubbell and S. R. Lyon discuss pros and cons of idea of merger of govts in Pulaski County Ja3,lH: 1 LITTLE ROCK NURSING CENTER Estate of Earl Lane f i 1 es damage suit against home alleging it allowed Lane to wander off and die D11,9C:2 L l VESTOCK Four charged with cattle rustling in Perry County S15,5A:1 LIZ, INC See Ward, Elizabeth LOANS, STUDENT See Scholarships LOCKE, GEORGE E. First Natl Bank of LR sues Lock for $3.4 m~ll~on past due notes D10, 7A: 1 LOCKHART, ART Ark-Corrections Dept Prisons-Arkansas State Prison LOG CAB IN DEMOCRAT (CONWAY) Weekly ed ends, leaving fond memories ~g30,1a:4 LOGAN COUNTY Voters approve sales tax N4,6A:l LONOKE COUNTY Tape recorder used by reporter spurs squabble at Lonoke County Quorum Ct meeting Ag19,12A:4 LORD'S DAY ALLIANCE OF ARKANSAS See Sunday Observance LOTTE Rl ES Ark-Finances LYON, FRANK JR Ark-Game and Fish Corn LYON, WILLIAM C. Ark-Elections--US House Dis trl ct 4 LYONS MACHINERY CO Pet i t ion f i led in bankruptcy court for debt reorganization Je3,60 :3 MACK, LESLIE Water MACKEN, STRELSA MORRIS Books MacMlLLAN BLOEDEL CONTAINERS, INC Racial bias complaint dismissed by Judge Thomas G. Eisele Ap1,9B:6 MAD f SON Federal cuts leave town looking for Reagan's safety net F28,l A:2 MAD1 SON BANK AND TRUST (KINGSTON) State Supreme Ct halts move to Huntsville Je29,14A:1 MADISON COUNTY Voters approve sales tax ~4,6A:1 MAGAZ I NES Crazy Horse (periodical) MAG I C SPRt NGS Michael 6. Miller named pres N28, 20:s MAHONEY, JOSPEH K. II Water MAIL See Postal Service MALPRACTICE See Phys ic ians and Surgeons MAMMOTH SPRING RIVER Fish die at hatchery after train spilled diesel fuel JylO,lB:5 MANNING, JAMES t. Bonanza Si rloin Restaurants MAPLES, LADELL!ran MAR I ANNA Education-Marianna MAR1 JUANA See Drug-Addi c t ion MARINE LIFE Note: Materials on fish and fishing are entered under the headinq Wildlife MARIONETTES Mascot Originals

122 MARLISS INDUSTRIES 1982 Mc l NTOSH, ROBERT MARLISS INDUSTRIES Jonesboro f i rm increases sales by 550 pct Ja17,161:1 MARLS GATE PLAN TAT l ON Sale of historlc plantation at Scott advertised by IRS; Btll Dorrch says not true 025,1A:5 Tax auction delayed 027,2A:3 Taxes paid on Marisgate N23,SA:h MARSHALS See US-Federal District Court MARTIN, RICK Olympic Games MASCOT ORIGINALS Russellvflle residents, Ann Shields and Janet Chamberlain, develop line of mascot puppets Je13,bF:l MATERNAL WELFARE See Pregnancy MATSON, CARL G. Inventions MATTHIS, BEVERLEY Hustle helps Arkansan get foot in door of CBS Sports Je21,l B:2 MAULDEN, JERRY See a 1 so University of Ark at Little Rock MAULDIN, 0. A. Sevier County MAUMELLE Town grew during 1981 Ja17,6F:1 David Kane attempting to finance purchase of Maumell e f rom Jess P. Odom Je9,36 :4 Mi d-south Mortgage Co offers to buy Jess P. Odom's interest; firm 1s owned by Tomy Goldsby Sll, 1A:3 Approval given by federal agency for sale S15,5A:1 Mid South pays off federal claims S13,SA:I Purchase completed; hlst of project reviewed S19,3A:2 MCARTHUR, ALICE M. Murders-McArthur McARTHUR, WILLIAM C. Murders-McArthur McCALEB, JOHN X, Pulaskl County- Elect Ions--Judge McCARTY, JOE K. Despite low profile, McCarty has often been in news Je12,6A:4 Ark-Elections--Governor McCASKILL Firemen-McCaskill McCLELLAN, JOHN L. Suit for $1 mf llion against the late Sen John L. McClellan and other federal offfcials nears trial after 13 years; suit filed by Alan and Margaret McSurley, who claim the! r civil rights were violated during investigation of the; r pol i tical acts N9,4A:2 Couple deprived of rtghts by actlons of McClellan, ct told M23, 2A:4 Alan McSurley says he lost belong ings N24,2A:6 Drew Pearson feared blackmail by McClel lan, jury told D8,8A:4 Testimony on raid D10, 26A:5 McCLELLAN MEMORiAL VETERANS ADMINIS- TRAT1 OM HOSPITAL (LITTLE ROCK) Federal Judge Wi 11 iam R. Overton rules Dr Premand V. Wagh not fired for racial reasons Je9,7B:3 Odd design of McClellan Memorial VA Waspftal inspi res criticism Jy18,1G:2 McCLENDON, LARRY DARNELL Murders-McArthur McC RARY S FARM SUPPLY Firm agrees to pay $19 million to creditors D15,21A:1 McCRORY Arrest warrants flying over video arcade Ag3,1A:5 McC RORY STORES Chain of stores purchased from Sterllng Stores Co, tnc; name to be changed to McC ro ry Ja30,3B : 4 McCUEN, W. J. Ark-El ections--land Cornmiss ioner McDONNELL DOUGLAS CORP Melbourne plant to expand 029,7C:6 McDOUGAL, JAMES B. Ark-Elections--US House District 3 McFADDIN, EDWARD F. Retired state Supreme Court Justice dies Jy19,7A:4 Mc l NTOSH, ROBERT Lf ttle Rock restaurant owner serves free breakfast to anyone, but they are especially for school children Ja21,1B:3 Donations come in to support breakfast program Ja22,5B:5

123 MclNTOSH, ROBERT 1982 MEDl CAI D Mc i n tos h asks P res i dent Reagan for aid in free meals F23,38:1 Mclntosh arrested for tryfng to attend appreciation dinner for Gov Frank White F27,AA:l Mclntosh files $2 mi 11 ion suit over his arrest Mr2,6B:6 Probe of fund-raistng for Gov Frank White requested by Mcfntash Mr3,36:2 Mclntosh asks for FBI probe of his arrest Mrl0,2B:6 Mclntosh found innocent In disorderly conduct case Ap2,16:2 Charge of disorderly conduct is dropped; Mclntosh angry Je30, 30:2 Mclntosh gives cash, lunch, to 74 youths to attend ct and see resutts of crime Jy2,4B:3 Takes 67 youths on tour of Cummins Prison Jy21,18:2 Mclntosh poses as a drunken bum on Pleasant Valley Drive to show that people don't care about pub l i c drunkenness Ag3,SA: 3 Posting notices that he is closing churches for failure to reach out to winos A94,1B:6 Dispute erupts as Mclntosh places leaflets on cars Ag9,7A: 1 Attends Frank Wh i te fund-raiser as protest for the poor Ag13,lB:b Court orders Mclntosh to pay $1,422 to Ad Craft Ag19,28A:1 Leads protest march at Sparkrnan SS, 16A: 1 Stages 'showdown' with Sheriff Tommy Robinson to raise funds for breakfast program S25,1A:4 S25,4~:4 Demonst ra ted outs i de ha1 l where Nancy Reagan was speaking S29,l A: 2 Leads protest against Hi 1 ton Hotel manager 02,4A:1 W i l l refuse service to whi tes ~6,4A: 3 Restaurant resumes service to whites N20,5A:4 Breakfasts for pupils ended Dl 7,9A:1 W i l l serve free Christmas dinner at Clinton D23, 12A:3 Breakfasts resume 031,9A:6 Blacks (In ~rk) Crime Little Rock-Elections--City Board Punishment (criminal Procedure) McKINN I S, JERRY Country -wes tern dance and western wear is new theme for McKinnis telecasts Mr27,l C:2 McLAUGHL I N, ROY Education-Curri cula McLAUGHL I N, ROY (Con't) Education-fieligious Practices Lebanon McMATH, SANDY S. Ark-Elections--US House District 2 McNULTY, GORDON M. Cornerstone Enterprl ses, Inc McRAE, THOMAS C. Ark-Economic Condl tlohs Water McSURLEY, ALAN McClellan, John L. MEAT Oppos i t ion of meatpackers to federal Inspection proved groundless F7,1B:3 Editorial on success of inspect ion program under federal govt F16,6A: 1 MED VAC AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC Owners Harold Wayne Roberts and his wife, Bobby, indicted on 235 counts of Medicaid or Medicare fraud My20,18:2 MEDICAID Marion Lee Teague, an amputee, lost will to Ilve when hls Medicaid benefit was halted, family says F14,1~:2 Fraud hard to catch, Fraud Division finds Ap5,11A:3 State overpaid nursing homes $1.4 million, US govt says; refund sought Ap17,1A:2 Gov Frank White says pharmacicists to have part in changes in program Je12, 10:4 Agency taking steps to force state to repay $1.4 mill ion ~e23,10:4 Rates paid to prlvate nursing homes rise by 6 pct Jy1,50:3 State asked to repay $4.5 million Ag31,4A:3 Governor-elect Bi 11 Clinton tells ALC he has learned that prescription drugs for Medicaid recipients were supposed to be free beginning Oct 1; aide to Gov Frank Whl te explains delay In program N24,1A:3 Ark-Elect ions--gove rnor Cres tpark Re t I remen t l nns Cumbe rl and Lodge Go1 den Years Manor Jewell, Jerry

124 MEDl CAI D 1982 METHODIST CHURCH See a l so (Con' t) Med Vac Ambulance Service, Inc Trinity Court Nursing Home (Little Rock) MEDICAL SOCIETY, ARKANSAS Pulaski County Medical Society wi thdraws from Arkansas Medical Society Je5,120:1 Pu1;ski County Society votes not to leave group Ag7, 6B:4 Midwives MEDICAL SOCIETY, PULASKI COUNTY Medical Society, Arkansas MED l CARE Home Health Services of America MEDICINE AND HEALTH bra tori urn on new home heal th care agencies proposed by state Health bard Ja29,llB: 1 Moratorium on new home heal th agencies endorsed F3,3B :2 Tennessee doctors stop staff lng Arkansas Heal th Dept maternity and family planning cl lnics In Crl ttenden County because they are not covered by malpractice ins F26,4B:5 State working to solve problem in Crittenden clinic Mr1,llA:I Health care for the poor decl i nes under Reagan budget cuts Mr3,1A:2 Some medlcal pmfessionals now use advertising My9, 1G:4 Family Clinic in Little Rock engaged in prevent; ve medicine My1 1, 1 B:3 Medical clinic in College Station funded Jy23,16:2 Jefferson Comprehens i ve Care Center opens Medical clinic in College Station 03, 3A: 1 Ambulances and Emergency Services Disease and I 11 ness Health Insurance Hospi rals Nursing and Nurses Physicians and Surgeons MEEK, HARRY E. Author of Ark buslness and banking laws dies 015,yA:l MENA Police-Mena MENTAL DEFICIENCY AND DEFECTIVES See Men ta 1 Heal th MENTAL HEALTH, DISORDERS AND DE- FlCIENCY Parents of Julius ProfIt allege state negligence In servfng of cleaning fluid to their son at Alexander Human Deve 1 opmen t Center f n 1980; claim filed seeks $155,000 Ja28, 8B:5 Legislative panel tells DDD how to spend part of windfall Hr18,6~:1 Unit of Mental Health Center at Jonesboro to reopen Mr19,8B : 4 Boonevi 1 le Center of UDS flnds famll ies for residents My8,l C:2 Adminlstration of $500,000 block grant funds changed el t,6b:4 State has 14,822 residents who meet def in it ion of developmentaliy disabled Je11,6B:6 Faulkner Co Day School assists mentally handicapped to adjust Agl, 1 G:2 Central Arkansas Mental Heal th Services hopes to start employee assistance program N6,7C:3 Crime MERCY HOSPITAL (BRINKLEY) Suit alleges black denied treatment because of race Mr31,2B : 1 MERIWETHER, JOHN T. Un i vers i ty of Arkansas METALS AND MINERALS Mlning increase reported F1,12A: 1 Pollutfon Control and Ecology Corn strips staff of authority to regulate exploration work My29,h:l Bar1 te mine at Magnet Cove closfng Jy7,36:1 State Commerce Dept seeks bl ds for lease to mine gems in Little Missourl Rfver Jy15,56:1 Records show firms interested in search for diamonds Jy19,1A:2 Silver ore found at construction site in Little Rock Ag25, 1A:3 More silver found at LR ~926, 2A:3 Panel rejects effort to mint bed of Little Missourf River for diamonds 06,2A:3 Alumlnum Company of America Reynolds Metals Ca METE ROLOGY See Weather METHODIST CHURCH Little Rock Conf session held at Hot Sprlngs Je1,7A:5 tittle Rock

125 METHODIST CHURCH 1982 M f SS ARKANSAS Conf act ion on bus lness proposals Je2,5B:3 Little Rock Conf reassigns 54 ministers Je3,4B:6 Merger study defeated by both conferences ; North Arkansas Conf is in session Je8,7A:6 Resolutions adopted by North Arkansas Conf; Pastoral changes in North Arkansas Conf Je9,7B: 1 North Arkansas Conf ends session Jet0,13:6 Program encourages joint efforts to improve missions and ministry Ag16, 8C:l Arkansas United Methodist to be published by Ark conferences S11,5A:5 Church observes 60th anniversary of Mount Sequoyah Assembly 018,8B: 1 Ark-History and Social Life Cap i tal Pun i shmen t Chemical Warfare Education-Curricula EducatTon-Religious Practices hom*osexual i ty Phi lander Smith Col 1 US-Armmen t METROPOL I TAN NAT l ONAL BANK ( LR) Branch robbed My18,6A:6 MID AMERICA MUSEUM Hot Springs faci 1 i ty offers many experiences My2,14f:4 MID ARKANSAS REGIONAL WATER DISTRI- BUTION DIST See Bull Creek Lake (Proposed) MID SOUTH MORTGAGE CO Maumelle MIDWIVES Caro 1 yn Vogl e r operates De 1 ta Maternity Center, a midwife clinic at Dermtt Jy28,1B:3 State Medical Bd seeks to shut down Delta Maternity Center Ag4,lOB:Z Gazette suggests state Medical Society send team to replace services of Carolyn Vogler at same cost to patients Ag17,8A:1 Dr Joe Verser says obstetrical care avai iable In Delta Ag31,8A:4 Carolyn Vogler delivers 2 babies S8,2A:3 Kathleen Conway letter on good record of home de1 iveries S14,8A:4 Letter from Carolyn Vogler S18,14A:4 Medical Bd to pursue suit Slg,YA:2 Dr Byron L. Hawks apologizes to Mrs Vogier S25,14A:4 Letter from Cynthia Pasman, a midwife 014,20A:3 MIGRATORY LABOR See Agricul ture-labor MILCHEM, IMC Barite faci 1 i ty at Norman closed before it opens S8,2A:3 MILITARY DRAFT AND RECRUITMENT See US- Armament MI L I TARY FORCES See US-Amament and Defenses MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS New dispute may send milk pricefixing case back to court Je10,30:3 State to mail checks to 647 claimants in milk suit Jell,8B:5 MILLER, JOHN D. Weight MILLER, JOHN E. See a 1 so Ark-Gave rnmen t Employees Education-Curricula US-Finances MILLER, NANCY Abortion MILLlONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES Forbes magazine lists Sam M. Walton and Winthrop Paul Rockefeller among nation's wealthiest Ag31,7A:4 MI LLS (DARRELL) FAM 1 LY Adoptions MILLS, HUGH University of Ark MILLS, MIKE Travel, Resorts and Tourism MILLS, WILBUR D. US-Finances M l LLWOOD LAKE Fishlng is major attraction My2, n: I MINES AND MINING See Metals and Minerals M l N l MUM WAGES See Labor-Min imum MlSS AMERICA BEAUTY CONTEST Ward, El izabeth MlSS ARKANSAS BEAUTY CONTEST List of contestants in state pageant ~y4,15~:1 Bob Wheeler commen ts on pageant ~y8,1 B : 3 Chaperones important part of pageant Jyg,IB:5 Pain of losing prompts harder effort next rime JylO,lB:2 Winners of

126 MISS ARKANSAS 1982 MUHAMMED, WAL l prel ims JylO, lb:4 Mary Stuart named Miss Arkansas Jyl I, lb:2 Stuart, Mary MlSS ARKAMSASlUSA BEAUTY CONTEST See at so Bat tz, Debra Derrybe rry, Leanne Utley, Terri Lea MlSS UNIVERSE BEAUTY CONTEST Utley, Terry Lea MlSS USA BEAUTY CONTEST Utley, Terry Lea MISSILES See US-Armamen t MlSS lng PERSONS Burney, John Ful let- Haynie, Michael Wayne Patterson, Gene MISSISSIPPI Editorial compares Miss with Ark in econ and politics Ag26,lbA:l MISSISSIPPI COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Solar power for cot1 threatened by cut in federal funds 026,5A:4 See a I so Co 11 eges- Fees MISSOURI PACIFIC LINES North Llttle Rock shop lays off 152 workers Ja27,3B:5 Layoff of 90 at NLR Je25,1f3:2 Desha County to arrest rail officials on charge of not clearing crossings Jy15,1A:2 Desha crossings to be cleared Jy16,lA:b Transportation Comm to hol d hearings on crossings in Desha and Phil1 ips Jy31,4B:3 MITCHELL (ELIZABETH) CHILDREN'S CENTER New bldg to open; servlces to troubled children offered D9,4A: 1 MOBILFONE COMMUNICATlONS Twin City Beepers, Inc MOLDS (BOTANY) New form of sl ime ma1 d found In Blanchard Springs Cavern Ag16,5A:5 MONCRIEF, SIDNEY Dinner at Little Rock honors basketball star Ag24,1C:5 MONROE COUNTY Prisons-PhiBl ips County MONTANA, PATSY Music MOORE, BESSIE Role in estab of Ozark Folk Center Ag15,lE:l MOORE, DON Baptist Church MOORE, H. CLAY Ark-Elections--Attorney Gen MOORE, JIMMY LEE See el so Searcy County MOORE, RUDY JR Northwood Corp MORAL MAJOR l TY Education-Curricula Education-Religious Practices MORAN, PAT See a 1 so Ark-E 1 ec t ions MO RR l LTON Second trial of Robyn Mas i ng i 11 ends in mistrial S3,14A:4 MORRI LTON DEMOCRAT Pol i tical crusader ceases pub1 i- cation Mr8,9A:4 MORTGAGES Housing MOTELS See Hotels MOTHERS See Pregnancy MOTION P l CTURES Scenery triumps over plot in 'Blue and the Gray' Nl4,lC:2 Arkansas seeks to attract movie makers N14, 1C:4 Jan Gosnell of Mountain Home, Is arttst who drew sketches used by reporter in "The Blue and the Gray" N16,2A:6 See a 1 so Po rnog raphy HOTT FOUNDAT l ON Funds adult educ project in Ark D3, 26A: 3 MOUNT ST MARYS ACADEMY Original bldg to be razed Ap7,1B:3 Furnishings and fixtures in old bldg to be sold Je13,lB:S Convent reconsiders fate of original bldg D5,10A:2 MOUNTAIN HOME Opening of bridges expected to boost econ of area Je20,lOB:l MUHAMMED, WALl Aide to Connie Voll charges she is

127 MUHAMMED, WAL l 1982 MU ROE RS being harassed by Muhammed because she would not help arrange a concert for benefit of Robert Mclntosh's breakfast program My1 1,l la: 1 MULBERRY R l VER Lease, canoeing fee maintain peace at Turner Bend Je27,IB:5 MULTIPLEX, I NC Firm files petition in Bankruptcy Court for protection so it can reorganize debts of The Shack restaurants Jell,5B:2 MUNICIPAL LEAGUE, ARKANSAS Proposed legislative package released N17,1A:4 Ark-Local Govt--Finance Roads MUMOS, LOUIS SYLVESTER Former Arkansas Gazette official dies Ja5,lB: 3 MUNSEY, GEORGE 3. Obituary N15,7A:4 MURDERS AND ATTEMPTED MURDERS Note: Here are entered articles on a1 l aspects of death at the hands of another person, including manslaughter, homicide, conspi racy to comi t murder and attempted murder... Police and Law Enforcement Prisons-Arkansas State Aldridge, Bill. Two bodies found shot in heads6.13~:5 Bodies of Bill Aldridge and icky Watson found in woods near Paragould; both were abducted by robbers of service station S7,lA:Z Warrant issued S14,6A:6 Warrant issued for Phi 11 ip Brooks st5,5~:4 Anderson, Robert - Lee. Custodian shot to death at Wynne; Ules Mayweather arrested Ag10,7A:3 Bachand, Mary K. Body found in auto at Magnolia 05,2~:4 Thomas A. Sullivan, a suspect, found dead 012, 5A:4 Bailey, - Glen. Governor Frank White sets July 30 execution date for Clay Anthony Ford Jy2,3B:3 Stay of execut Ion granted Clay Anthony Ford by Justice Harry Blackmun Jy23,20:4 US Supreme Ct refuses to hear appeal of death sentence for Clay Anthony Ford N16,6A:6 Frank White sets executlon date for Ford D9,18A:3 Stay for Ford rejected D21,15A:1 Ford appeals to federal ct D29.6A:6 Baker, Larry. charge-of 2nd degree murder brings 24-year term for Bil ly Frank Gross My26,86:5 Barnett, J. T. Garland County pol i ce charge-~eft le Mae Vaughn in shooting death of Barnett Je1,7A:3 Basnet, Randy. Governor Frank Whi te agrees to request of John Edward Swtndler that he be sent to South Carolina for trial Ap13,7A:5 State contends John Edward Swindler welshing on agreement on suit S23, 4A:5 Bishop, Shelia See Murders- Jones, Leonard Bradley, Terri. Jury finds Rwsevel t Abernathy guilty of capital murder in death of Bradley Je16,26:3 Abernathy gets 1 ife term Je17,38:4 Three jurors held out against death penalty Je27,lOB:l Brewer, Merilee - Rarer. Mrs Brewer dies of gunshot wounds during robbery of home by young man and woman; James W. Brewer also shot Ja8,2B:3 Victims described as perfect neighbors Jag, 10:4 Larry Miller arrested, charged with capital felony murder Ja28,lB:Z Larry Wayne Miller arrested Ja29,2B:1 James W. Brewer testifies about slaying of Mrs Brewer Jy22,6~:4 Larry Wayne Miller convicted of capital murder Jy23,I 20: 3 Jury sentences Larry Wayne Mi 1 ter to death ~y24,lb: 1 Brooks, Patricia - Ann. Ex-husband, Jerry Dale Brooks, charged in death of Mrs Brooks Je19,5A:1 Brown Leonard Earl. Gunfight at Jacksonville leaves Brown shot to death; 6 persons arrested Ja9.18:2 -' Brown Wineford - Jones. ~r~ument between Mrs Brawn and her sister, Thelma Harris, ends in death of Brown Je17,2B:1 No charges to be filed Je24,28:4 Buck 5 11 Joseph. Body found at -9

128 MURDERS 1982 MURDERS Buffalo River north of Marshall Mr3, 2B:3 Body of young man found shot to death in Buffalo River National Park near Marshal 1 Mr4,jB:l Body {dentif ied as that of a 17-year-old Missouri youth Mr5,3B: 1 Body identified as Bi 1 ly Joseph Buck ~r6,5~:3 Burton, A. M. Pol ice charge Allen Bailey ln ZeaTh of Burton Ja12.3B:l capie, Kathalene P. Police hold Cl i fford W. Caple in death of his wife F28,2B:1 Four year term given Caple in shooting death of his wife Jy22,7B:5 -' Carr - Pony - B. Five persons charged in death of Carr 02,14A:4 Carter, Catherine. State Supreme Ct stays execution of T. J. Hayes, who received death sentence for murder of Catherine Carter and J. W, Lunsford S18,6A:5 Carter, George. Jury convicts Janis Carter in death of her husband Jy2,lB:3 -- Conn, Carol. Jury finds Ernest Maxwell gui 1 ty in beating death of Mrs Conn Je24,28:2 Conners, christo~her. OeWi tt couple he1 d for investigation of chi 1 d abuse after the1 r 3-year-01 d son dies and a 2-year-old brother is hospitalized Ja2,33:1 Second-degree murder charges f i led against Mlchael Wayne Gent is t n death of his stepson, Chris topher Conners Ja5.66 :2 cris~ell, Arthur. ~&~ers for Rickey Ray Rector ask to be released from case Jy28,5~:2 Rector guilty in slaying of Robert W. Martin N10,gA:l Rickey Ray Rector gets death sentence for killing of Robert W. Martin NI1, 16A: 1 Danlels, - Eric. Sparkman youth stabbed to death: - playmate.. held Aq A:5 Suspect says he saw film with similar scenes Ag22,gA:l Eric Daniels and suspect were close friends Ag24,5A:5 Blacks keep children out of Sparkman schools to protest conditions they do not 1 ike; slaying of Erlc Daniels, a black, by a white youth triggered action S2, IA:2 Suit for $4 million filed against Dr and Mrs George Taylor by mother of Eric Lynn Daniels 027,10A:3 Taylor sent to Youth Services Dept for unspecified term D11,9A:3 Davis, Jerry. North ~ittle Rock PO-an Jerry Davls fatally shot while answering family disturbance call; Bobby Gean Brown, who shot Officer Davis, was also killed at scene Ja8,1A:2 North Little Rock officer was just 1eavJng scene of family disturbance when he was shot to death by Bobby Gean Brown, who was then fatally shot by officers Ja9, lb:5 DeWeese, - J. - D. Murder charge filed against Gracie DeWeese in shooting of her former husband Ag5, 28: 1 -' Dobbs - James Edward. Po1 ice charge Gayla Dobbs In shootlng death of her husband F21,4B:6 Dodson, charles Eugene. Taxi driver shot to death at Little Rock Duncan, Roosevel t. Pul as ki County man shot to death: James Harold Mosbv -, charged F21,2B: I Ellis, Henry S. z. Walnut Ridge restdent of nursing home fatal lv stabbed by fellow Fesident M~S,ZB:~ Emery, Lemlra. Guilty plea entered by Richard Terry Broyles to murder charge Ja19.6~:5 ~r&tcis, - Steve. Arkadelphta pol ice find bodies of Steve Francis and his wife, Diane, In car parked on street where they had been shot to death F1, 6A:4 Few clues found in slaylng F2,?B:2 Autopsies reveal killer held gun to heads of victims F3,60:4 Two teen-aged men arrested in slaying that is he1 ieved to have been drugrelated F4,1A:2 Teen-agers Jeff Brown and Mark Henderson charged wl th capital murder F5,1B:4 Jeff Andre Brown pl eads gu i 1 ty to reduced charge of first-degree murder Ap2,8~:6 Jeff Brown testifies he saw Mark Henderson shoot the Francis couple Myl4,36:4 Mark Christian Henderson gets term of life without parole My15,36:5 Jeff Brown gets life term My19,5B:3

129 MURDERS 1982 MURDERS Garner, Arthur. Third suspect held in slaying Ag21,12A:4 John Moss.found gut 1 ty of cap1 ral murder $1, 8A:6 Moss gets 1 ife without parole S2,16A:5 Garrett, -- Ola F. Gunman kills Miss Garrett, wounds her boy friend, Zeb R. Thompson, as they examine wedding rings in Osceola jewelery store My22, 2B:4 Jessie Robinson charged My25, 10A:6 Gatchell, 01 iver W. State Supreme C t upholds prison term of Christie Lynn Mctemore rn slaying of Gatchell Ja12.4B: 1 ~i bson, Hubert. Texas pol ice arrest Liz Farrell and Kathy York on Hot Springs murder charge in death of Gibson Je17.3B:I Gi lmore. James David Simpson gets term of 1 ife without parole for slaying of Larry Gilmore and Greal ing Lamont Gilmore ~y25.10~:4 Graham ( lnfan tj. -~urder conviction of L lsa Graham overturned N25,9A:4 Ha1 l Regina1 d Vanard. Pol ice -9 charge Wa 1 ter E 1 ton Henderson In death of Hal? Je30,28: 1 Hardage, Tony. Clark County teenager shot to death; murder charge filed against James Ross My17,11A:6 Harriman, Erskine. Ashley County farmer shot to death; 2 neighbors wounded ~y7,48 : 1 Glen Eugene Warren charged Jy8,lZB:h Head Morgan. Body of Mead found -9 in woods near Benton Je22,9A:6 Phi l l ip Raper charged Je23,2~:6 Honeycutt, Mildred Kay. Unidentified body of a rape and strangulation victim Is cremated on orders of Pulaski County Judge W i l l tam E. Beaumont Jr; Sheriff Tomy Robinson upset; trial of suspect Ronald Quinton Carden to be held next month Ja29,6B: 1 Trial of Ronald Q. Carden begins; Jim Johnson recants statement My27,SB:S Testimony continues in Carden trial ~y28,2b:5 Ronald Q. Carden found gull ty of murder of unknown woman My29,6B:1 Ronald Q. Carden gets 2 I ife terms, is freed on bond Je3,3B:4 Release of Ronald Q. Carden angers Perry County residents Je4,40:3 Body of woman found last year west of Maumelle identified as Honeycutt; conviction of Ronald Quinton Carden unaffected despite confession of Wllliam Walter Perry Ill that he is the kilter Je26,10:5 Attorneys seek to clear Carden Jy3,3B:4 Pol ice discount Perry's confession Jy14,1B:2 Perry retracts confessfon Jy3,16A:5 FBI to conduct hair test 015,14A:5 Analysis of hair clears Carden, attorney says N28,11A:3 Ronald Q. Carden wins new trial D21, 12A:l Charges dropped against Ronald Q. Carden D28,1A:5 James, Opal See Murders-Ri tchie Jenn ings, - Dan. Body of teenager found at Mountain Home 03,18A:6 Jones A W Malvern pol ice arrest? - *,,. Charles Moore in death of 105-yr-old mlnlster D18,4A:2 Jones, Leonard. Les 1 ie Edward Nichols found guilty In slaytng of Shelia Ann Bishop in ,5A:2 Slaying charges against Leslie Edward Nf chol s dropped N6,20A:4 -- Jones (0tis) Famf ly. Blythevi 1 le police say Jones apparently killed his son and himself'and wohded Mrs Jones D21,17A:l Kendle, Anthony Letrlce. Suspect souqht in death of Kendle A030.2B:b.- - ~ 7crease, 1 Heather. Murder charge filed against David Boze in death of his 2-year old stepdaughter My12,3B:4 ~irnkns, willlam. ~ort ~rnlth man kt1 led by intruder Jv21.40:6.. Lan le David Allen. Fort Smith youth collapses at school party, dies a few hours later; police probing incident F21,20:3 Little, Lester. Judge rules tape of James W. Curran talking to his wtfe cannot be used in trial of charge that Curran hindered apprehension of slayer of Mr and Mrs Lester Little Ja21,8!3:1 Felony charges against Curran wl thdrawn Ja23,20:6 120

130 MURDERS 1982 Malott, Cindy Denny. Murder charge against Earlon Scott Lee dropped after blood test Myl7,7A:5 Marshal 1, Herman. Pol Ice charge Dennis Roosevel t Thomas In death of Marshal 1 Ap2,3B : 1 Martin, Robert W. See Murders-Criswel 1 Mayer, Amy. Eight-month-old girl abducted at gun point at home near Hatf iel d by 2 men Dl 5,32A: 1 Ransom not be1 ieved motive D16,3A:4 Geneva Mayer leads pol ice to body of Amy Mayer In woods DJ7,lA:2 Mother charged with murder; child was a1 ive when left fn woods 018,4A:1 Geneva Mayer pleads innocent D2 1,4A:6 McArthur, -- A1 ice M. Bomb explodes under car driven by Mrs William C. McArthur, whose husband has connect ions wi th the Ron Ors in i and Robert Troutt cases My22,l A:2 Sheriff Tommy Robinson has lead in bombing ~y24,13a:5 Robert Troutt says he knows nothing about bombing My25,15A:I Robert Troutt says he passed polygraph test on bombtng My26,8B:3 A1 Ice M. McArthur found shot to death in home Jy3,1A:2 Prosecutor thinks kill ing was contract job Jy4,1A:2 Autopsy shows one shot ki 1 led Mrs McArthur Jy5,lA:Z No evidence found of organized crime family in Pulaski County Jy5,lA:b Mrs A1 l ce McArthur recently inherited large amount of money Jy5,1A:5 News blackout imposed in McArthur case Jy6,1A:2 Funeral service for Alice McArthur attended by pol ice officers Jy7,1A:2 Eugene James Hal 1 and Larry Darnel1 McClendon arrested in McArthur murder Jy7,1A:6 Mary Lee Orsini says tittle Rock police told her she was suspected of having conspfred with William C. McArthur to have his wife killed; Orsini takes pot ygraph test to prove her innocence ~y8,1~:3 Bond refused for Hal 1 and McClendon Jy9,I A:2 McArthur probe widens JylO,lA:2 Ballistics test is completed Jy11,l B:2 Attorney says Eugene Hall knows Mrs Orsini Jyll, 5B:2 BallIstlcs test case kept secret Jy13,1A:6 Champagne bottles, glasses left on McArthur grave; other developments Jy14,lA:S Eugene Hal 1 charged in bomb i ng of MeArthur car Jy15,1A:2 Judge Harlan Weber disqualifies hlmself in trial of suspects Jy16,2B:5 Mary tee Orsini charged with capltal felony murder in death of Mrs McArthur Jy17, A : Mrs Orsin1 has been in news since her husband was murdered Jy17, 1A:6 Police mum on evidence ~y18, 1A:2 Increased security to be used when Orsini appears in ct Jy19,7A:5 Innocent plea entered by Ors in i Jy20, 1~:4 Three shots were fired in McArthur home Jy20,lA:S William C. McArthur not a suspect Jy21,1B:2 Judge Lowber Hendricks disqual I f les himself; suspects appear in ct Jy21, 1B:6 Prosecutor to restrict case file Jy22,lB:Z River searched for gun Jy23,lA:2 Three suspects arraigned Jy23,1B:5 Search for weapon continues Jy23,1B:5 Sources say Mrs Orsini was arrested after she wrote script for telephone call naming slayer Jy24,1A:2 Search for gun continues Jy25,1A:2 Sheriff Tommy Robinson ordered to take files to office of Wilbur C. Bentley Jy25,1B:2 Tommy Robinson says he wi 11 arrest Mrs Orsini if she is freed on bail Jy26,7A:3 Sheriff Robinson gives files to Wilbur C. Bentley Jy27,5A:3 Bond denied Orsini; evidence presented to judge; suspect says things taken out of context Jy28,1A:4 Pistol, 5 unique butlets of the type used in slaying, are missing from home of Dr C. H. Wult, a friend of Orsini Jy28,3A:2 Death penalty to be sought against 3 suspects ~y29,9a:6 Prosecuting Atty f f Ies mot tons for psychiatric tests of all 3 suspects Jy31,10:5 Wilbur C. Bentley blasts Tommy Robinson handling of case, calls Sheriff a liar Agl,lB:5 Tommy Robinson says he secretly taped talks with Wilbur C. Bentley as proof that prosecutor botched murder probe ; 7Ibel suit against Bentley planned 121

131 MURDERS 1982 MURDERS Ag2,7A:5 Eugene James Hal 1 offered ta tell a1 1 in exchange for immunity Ag2,7A:6 Judge Floyd Lofton imposes gag order on Wilbur C. Bentley and Tommy Robinson; Bentley found in contempt of court; Larry Darnell Clendon to get separate trial Ag3,1A:4 Orsini attorney seeks statements f rom prosecutor Ag6,3B:4 Dr Charles H. Wulz resents publicity about his being charged and acquitted in murder of his wife 12 years ago Ag7,lB:l Police Chief Walter Simpson finds gag order helpful Ag7,lB:S Investigation spans events since March 1981 Ag8, 0 : Editorials on Judge Lofton's gag order Ag8,4H:1 Mary Lee Orsini asks that charge be dismissed; cites pub? ici ty; Tommy Robinson and Wilbur C. Bentley resolve their dffferences Agll,l~:6 Bentley and Robinson compare notes Ag12,10:3 Mike Willingham, a LR po- l Ice officer, reprimanded for dealfngs with Eugene James Hall Ag13, 38:s Ten motions filed seeking to block death penal ty for Larry Darnel 1 McClendon Ag19,28A:1 Judge Floyd Lofton disqual ifies himself Ag24,6A:5 Sheriff Robinson says there is a 4th suspect Ag25,3A:3 Robinson and Bentley confer Ag28,3A:4 Wi 11 iam C. McArthur charged with conspi racy to murder Mrs HcArthur Ag31,1A:6 Wi 1 1 lam C. McArthur released on bond; Prosecutor Wilbur C. Bentley disqua1 ifies himself Sl, la:2 Eugene James Hal 1 says part of plan called for firing shots into homes of James D. Nelson and Mary Orsini; Hall attributes plot to Orsini S2,1A:2 Judge Randall Williams to preside S2,1A:2 Ha1 1 says Mrs Orsini asked him to bomb car of NLR Police Chief W. D. Younts S2,8A:3 False rumor that William C. McArthur had killed himself S3,1A:2 Attorney seek to stop publ ici ty about case; Tommy Robinson points finger at prosecutor office S3,lA:Z Little Rock Pol ice get court order, take Eugene James Hall for question'lng; Sheriff Tommy Robinson accuses Police Chief Walter Simpson of coverup S4,1A:3 Tommy Robinson and Walter Simpson clash, call each other disgrace to profession S4,1A:4 Bickering hurts investigation S5,1A:4 Article on judges who disqualified themselves S5,116:1 No hearing set for McArthur S7,1A:4 Judge Davld Hale asks all parties to withhold comment; LR Police question reporters s8,1~:2 Deputy Larry D i l l says sources informed him that Jack Holt Jr, attorney for McArthur, called Judge Randall Williams to ask hlm to serve and that Williams said he could not convict McArthur S8,IA:S KARK-TV suit asks to film trial S8,5A:4 Judge Randal 1 Williams issues gag order; all files on case ordered turned over to Prosecuting Attorney S9,1A:2 Prosecutor Wilbur C. Bentley says he wilt prosecute McArthur i f facts support charge ~9,14A:4 Jack Holt Jr denies he called Judge Wllliams S9,14A:6 Gene Raff of Helena decl ines to prosecute case against McArthur; Sheriff Robinson turns f i 1es over to Bentley S10,1A:2 Judge Randall t. Wllliams runs no-nonsense ct S11,2A:3 W. H. Dillahunty asked to be prosecutor for trtal of McArthur S11,3A:1 Pub1 iclty may force move of trial to Perryville St2,9A:1 W. H. Dillahunty gives lr to Judge Hale S14,1A:6 W. H. Dillahunty accepts post $15, 1A:4 Newsmen and judges summoned to hearing on news leaks S16,1A:2 Eugene James Hal 1 pleads gu i l ty to 1st degree murder; sentenced to life term; testimony about publ f cf ty heard S17,1A:2 Death penalty will not be sought in case against Orsini S18, 3A:5 Name of Jim Guy Tucker added to witness list S21,3A:1 Judge Randall Wf 11 iams denies f Ove defense motions, rules paper does not have to reveal source of news S22,1A:3 Mary Lee Orsini partly to blame for media interest, prosecution says S23,3A:1 Change of venue denied for Orsini ~24,3A: 1 OrslnT attorneys seek trial

132 MURDERS 1982 MURDERS delay S28,5A:5 Witnesses list lengthy as trial for Mary Lee Orsini begins S30,SA:l Five jurors selected 01,lA:2 Full jury selected 02,1A:2 Spectators at door two hrs early for trial 05,1A:3 Eugene James Hall testifies against Mrs Orsini OS,lA:6 William C. McArthur testifies; denies charge he had affair with Orsini 06,IA:S McArthur testf f ies he was in bedroom, but did not see body of his wife 06, 1A:5 Mary Lee Orsini does not testffy; Dr C. fl. Wulz, 14 other defense witnesses heard; testimony ended 07, A : Mary Lee Orsini found guilty, gets life in prison without parole 08,1A:6 Jurors gave Orsinl benefit of doubt, foreman says 08,5A:1 Comments few after conviction 09,1A:2 Attorney Jack Lessenberry visits Mrs Orsini 010,3A:1 State's witness in Orsini trial shoats, kllls friend in accident with rifle 010,3A:l Judge Randal 1 WI 1 l iams credited with rapid pace of trial of Orsini 011,5A:1 Courtroom crowded 011,5A: 1 William C. McArthur interviewed by reporters 012,1A:2 Mary Lee Orsinl fires Jack L. Lessenberry; says she was confused by his defense tactics; Tom Donovan is new attorney 013,1A:5 Orsini to be asked to testify in trial of William C. McArthur 015,lSA:l Deputy Prosecutor Chris Piazza alleges Sheriff Tommy Rob inson said he would be better off with hung jury or acquittal Ol6,lA:5 Wi 11 iam C. McArthur contends his wife ran to closet to get pistol 017,1A:2 Attorney Tom Donovan fi les sealed envelope; safety of Mrs Orsini involved 019,SA:l Orsini attorney asks that prosecuting attorney's off ice be disqualffied from case 020,5A:1 Mrs McArthur left no wlll, but children will inherit oil land 021, 6 Dr C. H. Wutz called to prosecutor's office and advised of his rights in four areas 023,1A:2 lvan Duda, a private investigator, says he did not make calls to Orsini a few hours after Mrs McArthur was slaln 024,1A:2 Statement in purported phone ca l l between Duda and Mrs Orsini is contradictory 024,1A:3 Rev George W. Bynum says he saw Wi 11 Sam C. McArthur and three suspects in bank 024,7A:3 Prosecutor Wilbur C. Bentley clarifies reason for disqual lfylng himself in hearing for Wi 11 lam C. McArthur 025,7A:5 Credibility of threat to poison Mary Lee Orsini In prison questioned, but judge agrees to keep her In jail 026, 1A:2 Robert Troutt told State Police that a hlt man was after Mrs McArthur 026,1A:2 Judge Randal 1 W i l l iams orders I imi ted telephone use for Orslni after juror reported receiving call 026,1A:2 Wilbur C. Bentley studies calls made by Orsini from jai 1 027,8A:1 Sheriff Tommy Robinson, Prosecutor Wi lbur C. Bentley, feud over case 028,1A:2 Tape of talk between lvan Duda and Sheriff Tommy Robinson played; Intent is in dispute 028,gA:l Mary Lee Orsini taken to prison on orders of Judge Randall Williams; Eugene James Hall also transferred; feud between Prosecutor and Sheriff cited 029,1A:4 Judge David Hall places gag order on everyone connected with charge against W l l llam C. McArthur 030,1A:4 Tape of speech by Tommy Rob in son subpoenaed by prosecutor Bentley 030,6A:1 Mary Lee Orsini begins prison routlne 030, 6~:2 Wi 11 iam C. McArthur has known since 1975 that his wife's estate would go to their children N1,4A:6 Orsint's atty Issues 15 subpoenaes N5,20A:1 Death penalty for Mary Lee Orsini not sought because she had no previous record 1\56,1l A:l Prosecut ion offers Larry Darnell McClendon a life sentence In return for gut 1 ty plea N9,1A:2 State to say McClendon killed Mrs McArthur for pecunfary gain NIo,IIA:~ Oeadl lne for Orsini to appeal has passed, Deputy Prosecutor Chris Piazza contends Nll,lA:5 Sheriff Tommy Robinson told students

133 MURDERS 1582 MURDERS that the prosecution had no case against Mary Lee Orsini, and that court system stinks N12,1A:5 Mary Lee Orsini seeks retrial; told request too late, sentence is final; Arkansas Supreme Ct might grant a be- 1 a ted appea 1 ; con t rove rsy f 1 ares aver speech by Tommy Robinson N13,1A:2 Barry Haas, a juror in Orsini trial, asks Tommy Rob inson to apologize for remarks on fairness of trfal M14,1A:2 Barry Haas says Orsini did not complain when she called him N15,8A:2 Orstni request for new trial turned down; testimony about witness heard N16,lA:Z Tommy Robinson not apologizing to Barry Haas N16,6A:6 Judge Lowber Hendricks sees Robinson's talk as attack on judiciary N17,1A:5 Mary Lee Orsini has not paid lawyer's bill N20,3A:3 Twenty testify in probable cause hearing for Will lam C. McArthur N23,1A:2 Mary Lee Orsini testifies that she has personal knowledge that William C. McArthur had an agreement with Eugene Hall to have Alice McArthur ki 1 led; Orsini takes Fifth Amdt 32 tlmes N24,1A:3 Orslni testimony ruled inadmissible; ev i dence by McArthur attorneys contradicts pmsecution witnesses N25,1A:2 Mary Lee Orsini testlfies that Nil 1 iam C. McArthur was responsible for slaying of his wtfe M30,1A:2 Little Rock Pol ice offer tip and testimony that could be detrlmental to Sheriff Tommy Robinson's charge against McArthur Dl,lA:2 Judge David Hale threatens to jal l Pmsecut ing Atty Wilbur C. Bentley and his deputy, Chris Piazza, for consulting with defense for W i l l lam McArthur and for laughing during Orsini testimony Dl, 10A:I McArthur bound over to Circuit Ct 02,1A:2 Editorial comments D3, 16A:l Tommy Robinson asks that W. H. (sonny) Di 1 lahunty be kept as prosecutor D3,28A:1 Six jurors selected for trial of Larry McClendon D14,1A:2 Jurors selected for McClendon trial D15,1A:2 Surprise witness puts Larry McClendon at slaying scene 016,1A:2 Testimony in McClendon trial 01 7,1A:2 Larry Darnel 1 McCl endon convicted, gets 20-yr term D18,1A:2 Pmsecutors disappointed wi th McClendon sentence Dl9,JA:I Wi 11 lam C. McArthur attends Christmas Party given by Prosecutor Wilbur C. Bentley D22,12A:2 W i l l iam C. McArthur quest toned by Prosecutor Bentley D31,1A:3 Wilbur C. Bentley denounced by Tommy Robinson D31,10A:3 McCann, Sandra. Joseph Michael gets 1 ife without parole N4,SA:l - ' Mize Dana ~iane'. ~rkansas Sup p preme Ct upholds conviction of John Elliott Gruzen My25,13A:l ' Moore.Y Glad s - Anna. Police charge Jerry Don Owens in death of North Little Rock woman D18,4A:2 Moore, Jimmy tee See Searcv Coun tv Motehead, ~arris 0tls. Little Rock 7 rest dent found bludgeoned to death at home Ap10,28:1 ~ichael Wayne Robinson charged Ap11.2B:l.. Mueler, ~aui. Execution of Billy Gale ~enryfor murder of West Fork pot ice chlef delayed on order of Arkansas Supreme C t My1 1,18~:2 Noble, Wesley. Lawyers for Edward Charles Pickens seek new trfal on grounds that jury was not to1 d about chi ldhood of the! r cl ient Ap6,4B: 1 Federal ct rejects request for new trial for Charles Edward Plckens; Frank Whl te can set new execution data Jell,6B:S Obar, Jimmy R. Mayflower man shot to death by ~eyle Wi1 lie Sellers, his former father-in-1 aw Je24,14B :4 OkMeal, -- Willa Dean. ~ilburn Anthony Henderson gets death sentence F3,83:2 Orsini, Ron. Slaying remains a mystery; Mrs Orsin! st1 11 investigates leads, plans to write a book Mr16,16A:1 Mrs Orsini reports shot fired into her car Ap9,20:6 Mrs Orsin1 says she is ending probe of her husband's death Apl0,lB:l Test shows Mrs Orsini tell ing truth about shot Apl5,10:3 FBI enters case after pol ice arrest Clark Wilson Hurd Jr, who Mrs Orsini accused of fol lowlng her car My22,1A:2 Polygraph tndlcated

134 MURDERS 1982 MURDERS Mary Lee 0 rs in i gave deceptive answers about death of her husband Sl6,lA:3 Prosecutor Wilbur C. Bent ley says he has evidence to f i le charge D21,lA:Z Prosecutor questfons Wi 11 lam C. McArthur; Sheriff Robinson dubious D31,l A: 3 Murders-McArthur Owen, -- Sarah Jane McEn t 1 re. Woman ' s body found on highway near Emnet Ja8, 2B:l Pol ice charge Wayne Richards in death of Mrs Owen Ja9.5B :6 Parker, David. ~uarrei ends In d e m Parker at hand of his brother, Jim Parker Je19,5A:3 Parker, Kenneth. Pol ice charge Eugene Parker in death of h 1 s cousin - Patterson, Harrell Gene. Salesman disappears at Arkansas City S8,j'A:l Search con t I nues S9,12A:5 Body found in shed may be Patterson S17,6A:6 Suspect jailed S18,6A:6 Body identif ied as Patterson S21,4A:6 Cap; tal murder charge to be filed against Jerry Cesso r S22,5A: 1 Perry, Laura Lynn. Murder charge filed against William Walter Perry I11 On death of his wife Je12,20:5 Perry uses insanity plea despite finding by State Hospital Ag12,6B:4 Judge says Perry's statement to his pastor not automatically excluded 030,6A:4 Confession excluded because Sheriff's office gave beer to Perry N2,6A:1 Perry found guilty of murder N24,8A: 6 Pettus, -- Vera Sue. Family quarrel leads to shooting death of Mrs Pettus, whose son, ~al~h-~uin ton Pettus, has. been charged Ag4, IOB :2 Putnam, W i l l lam 6uddy See Murders-Schamp Renigar, Floyd. ~rkansas Supreme Ct overturns cap1 tal felony murder convi ctton of ~i 1 1 ie Lee penel ton because judge allowed exclusion of certaf n occupations f rom jury 026, 7A: 1 Riley, Sidney. State Supreme Court orders new trial for Harvey Wt 11 iams Jr 014,lZA:l Ritchie, Marvin. Paul Ruiz and Earl Van Denton get stay of execution in murder of Marvin Ri tchie and Opal James in 1977 Ja19,20:3 State Supreme Court refuses appeal by Paul Ruiz and Earl Van Denton ~r30,10b:4 Governor Frank White sets execution date for Ruiz and Denton Ap13,3~:4 Execution of Paul Ruiz and Earl Van Denton delayed by US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun My7,140:1 US Supreme Ct lets death sentence stand for Paul Ruiz and Earl Van Denton 05, 9A:2 Gov Frank White sets execution dates for Ruiz and Denton 021,9A:3 Execution stay granted Rui z and Denton ~16,5A:6 Rulz and Denton seek new trlal D16,18A:3 Robertson, Jean. Pol ice to bring Marion Albert Pruett from Colorado to face murder charge Je11,140:3 Pruett st Jpped into Fort Smith Je13,96:1 Pruett enters innocent plea Je15,7A:2 Crawford County jury convicts Pruett ; death sentence handed down $1 0,6A: 5 Pruett to be tried on murder charge in New Mexico S12,8A:5 Estate of Mrs Robertson seeks $4 mill ion from US govt O15,12A:5 Robertson, - Robert Larry. Pol ice charge Mary Louise Robertson in death of her husband, Robert Je11.28:5 Rowland, Kel ley Michele. -Oody of Miss Rowland, a student at Arkansas School for the Blind, found In Sal lne County F20,10:3 Identity made of man last seen with Miss Rowland; school offtcials explain policy on leaving campus F21,3B :5 Richard Wayne Wood Ill and his cousin, Jimmy Wayne Wood charged F23,3B:1 Medical Examiner's Office releases rept F24,10:2 Miss Rowland was ki 1 led shortly after she left campus F25,6B: 1 Cousins enter innocent pleas; officers say Richard Wood told them that both he and Jimmy Wayne Wood pratlcipated In slaying F26,1A:2 Rfchard W. Wood I l l charged with two counts of rape, two of burglary, one of kidnapping and one of terroristic threatening in other incidents F26,5A:3 Capital

135 MURDERS 1982 MURDERS murder charges filed Mr2,1B:2 Sources report a hit 1 ist was found in Wood's home and that Miss Rowland's name was I i sted My 13,lB: 3 Richard Wayne Wood 111 enters gullty plea, gets life term without parole My15,IB:6 Jimmy Wayne Wood escapes jai 1 ; remains free 15 hrs JelO,TB:3 Trial of Jimmy Wayne Wood delayed; death penalty not sought Je23,6B:2 Richard Wood testifies about slaying 020,5A;5 Jimmy Wayne Wood acqu i tted 02 1,4A:5 Schamp!, Donald E. Garland County Community Coll cl~ssroom is scene of shooting death of Donald E. Schamp, a student, and Instructor William Buddy Putnam by Kevin Love; gunman takes hostage, is captured after chase Ap6,1A:4 Col lege grieves for victims Ap7,6~:1 Mrs Love says she feared for sanity of her son Ap8,1B:2 Memorial services held on campus AP~o,~B:~ Kevin Love pleads innocent by reason of insanity Ap13,IB:b Love found guilty of capital murder S4, 7A:2 Love sentenced to life without parole S9,8A:1 Seward, Gerald. Hardy man found shot to death My6,96:1 Murder charges filed against Marvin Seward in death of his father, Gerald Seward Je2,2B:6 Court sentences Marvin Dale Seward to 20-year term for slaylng his father Jyl4,48:4 Sheshunoff, Victor. Guilty plea brings life terms for Ronnv Willlamson and Cindy Haltom In death of Sheshunoff Ja7,8B: 1 Article explores brutal slaying of Mr Sheshunoff at Magnolia last year by Cindy Haltom and Ronny WOll iamson F7,1A:2 Mr Sheshunof f 1 i ved a busy productive 1 ife in an area he loved F7,13A:1 Wendel 1 Sheshunoff comments on ki 1 lers of her husband F7,13A:2 Ska s Edith. Domestic dis- 9 _ 9 _ 9 - turbance at West Memphis ends in death of Ed1 th Skaggs and MI 1 ton Kemp; Steve Skaggs wounded; James Newton Skaggs Jr arrested Apl,gB:5 Small, George. Mena resident slafn in Howard Co S11,14A:6 Staton, Kenneth. State Supreme Ct turns down request for new trial for Eugene Wallace Perry, who is under death sentence N16,5A:1 Stover, Curtis E; Videotapes of Diana Gordon ~tovgr meeting with undercover state trooper to discuss getting rid of her estranged husband are shown to jury F9,3B:3 Psychologists among 12 defense witnesses in Stover trial F10,SB:l Mrs Stover convicted of plot to have her former husband killed; sentence is 5 years Fll.lB:3 ~a lor Fred Carl. Conviction of Y s - - Floyd Junior Cotton for slaylns. - of Taylor upheld by state Supreme Ct Je8,18A: 1 Teague, Dana1 d. State Supreme Court upholds death sentence of ~atrell-wa~ne Hi1 1 F9,40:4 Gov Frank Whf te sets execution date for Darrell Wayne Hill Mr30,10B:5 2nd stay of execution granted Darrel 1 Wayne Hi 1 1 In slaying of Teague My15,3B:4 US Supreme Ct lets death sentence of Darrell Hill stand O5,9A:2 Gov Frank White sets execution date as November 19 for Darrell Wayne Hill 021,9A:3 Thompson, -- Alvin T. Pol ice arrest James Harris in death of Thompson hornt ton, btty. Capital felony murder charge against Scotty Scott reduced to 1st degree My28,2~:4 Witness says Sootty Scott was In store Je29,7A:6 Scott testifies In his defense Je30,2B:4 Mistrial declared as jury deadlocks Jy1,20:4 Prosecut ion seeks retri a? Jv2.66: 1 Turhune, Edward. J& bennis Meek gets 8 yrs in death of his foster father Ja20,3B:5 Turpln, Audry. Body of Hot Sprtngs woman found in home: suspect arrested Vejrosta Vadimir. Willie Rae Mackey convicted of first deqree - murder My22,3B:1 Vinson, - Joe. US Court of Appeals rules lawyers for Johnny F. Harrfs were +- incompetent ~:6 Wa ner, kna. ~uii ty plea brings I f e term for John W i l l tam Mivelaz 126

136 MURDERS 1982 NAMES, GEOGRAPHICAL 1 Ward - Todd. Gina Lee Ward gets 5- year term in death of her son in 1981 ats son, Ricky See Murders-A1 dry dqe Watt Wi 11 iam. ~i ttie Rock man -? shot to death; suspect escapes in victim's car Ja7.86:3 Weber John will iam Jr. First- ' - degree murder charge fried against Dorothy Weber in death of her husband Je13,26:1 Mrs Weber acquitted D8, 24A:5 -- welch, John. Attorneys for Carl Albert Collins say they did all they could for ct ient at 1974 trial Ap15, 4B:6 Federal judge den les new trial for Collins My29,6B:6 Execution date for Collins set by Gov Frank White; appeal.. besf ns Je24,5B:2 Wheat, - Frank. ~shle~ County man shot to death by Raymond McGoy Agll, Wilburn, Bobby Jean. Llttle Rock pol ice charge Wesley Lee tong with murder of Wilburn Jy2,2B:1 Wfnnette, Ricky. Harold William Wood found guilty in killing of - York..y ~ a r -* LOU US Supreme C t lets death penalty stand for Charles ~avernk singleton Ap20,6A:3 Governor Frank White sets execution date for Charles L. Singleton ~y6,3~:4 Execution of Singleton delayed by federal judge, G. Thomas Eisele Je2,28:5 US Supreme Ct lets death sentence of Charles Singleton stand 05,9A:2 MUN I C I PAL GOVERNMENT See Ark-Local Govt MURPHY, CHARLES H. JR Ocean Drilling and Exploration Co MURPHY Oi L CO New headquarters to be bui 1 t in El Dorado Jy28,9B:3 MUSEUMS Farm Museum and Heri tage Center, Robinson Mld America Museum Oi 1 Museum PIoneer Museum, Maynard MUSEUMS (Con't) Saunders Memorl a 1 Museum Science and History, Museum of MUSHROOMS Seven persons hospitalized after eating mushrooms they picked near Fort Smlth N5,12A:2 MUS t C Article on songwriter Wood Newton Ja18,16:2 Little Rock songwrl ters Glenn Smith and Terry Rose promote their records Mr22,18:2 Choir of UCA wins national competition My30,28:1 Pulaskl County Folklore Society cancert features music, dancing; George Fisher and Jimmle Drfftwood promote group Je18,lC:b Sherrl. Baker of Sherwood 1s member of Roy Clark group Jy12,10:5 Little Rock native Linda Bailey develops charmisma as a club singer Ag13,1C:3 Patsy Montana still works country music ci rcu i t Ag22,l D :2 Jessieville Summer Music grows in popularity SIO,PB:6 Art Porter Jr to tour Europe S13,1B:2 Robert Henderson outlines plans for Arkansas Symphony 03,4C : 1 Art song festival to be held on Petit Jean Mountain 024,2C:1 Little Rack lacks place for performance of message music N7,1C:2 Jessie Ehlers's sheet muslc collection Is part of Americana D5,lC:l Music and photos in Charley Sandage album feature Ark ~ 1 2 C:4 ~ 1 Lester Warner sets hopes, dreams to music D20,1B:2 Copyrights NABHOLTZ, CHARLES Ark-Bui 1 ding Services NAMES, GEOGRAPHICAL Arkansas C i ty Ja31,8H : 1 Batesvllle Ap18,8H:3 Benton Je6,6H:4 Ben ton Coun ty Je6,4H : 4 Ben tonvi 1 le Je6,SH: 4 Baanevtl le My9,7~:4 Bradley Caun ty Ap4,7H : 5

137 NAMES, GEOGRAPH l CAL 1982 NAY LOR Buffalo River N7,4C:6 Buttermi 1 k Springs Jyl l,6h:5 Calamine Je27,6H:5 Campbellsville SS,IlC:3 Caul ksvi 1 le Ag1,9G: 1 Charleston Ag8,BH: 3 Check's Corner Jy11,6H:5 Chimes D26,5C:l Cotton Plant Ja24,6H:1 Cow Faced Hill Jyl1,6H:5 Danville Agl5,lOD:l Davidsonvi 1 le S12,2C:5 Debche F14,6H: 6 Devil Is Den F28,6H:5 Dona1 dson F14,6H:6 Harrisburg Mr14,6H:5 Health Je20,5H:4 Hookrum 031,3C:3 Japton Myl6,7H:f kkom Ja3,6H:5 Lake City F22,6H:5 Lake Vil lage Ja31,8H: 1 Little Rock Jy18,3G:l togoly Mr21,6H:6 Jyh,7H:l Lost Bridge D5,6C:6 Malvern F14,6H:5 Marhattianna M28,I 1C:3 McRae F7,6~: 5 Melbourne My30,7H:6 Montgomery's Point N28,11C:3 Noland N28,11C:3 Norwoodsvi I le N28,Il C: 3 Okolona ~28,11C:3 Ozark 03,6C:$ Pelsor ~28,l lc:3 Penter's Bluff N14,7C:1 Perla F14,6H:6 Perryvi lle Jy25,7H:1 Petit Jean N21,llC:l Pinevil le N28,IIC:S Poinsett County Mr14,bH:S Rison S19,8C:3 Rush S26,9C:6 Salem Je13,7H:5 Searcy ~r28,6h:6 Searcy County Mr28,6H :6 Spring Mi ,11 C: 1 Star City Ja31,8H: 1 Sulphur Springs Ja17,6H:4 Van Buren My2,7H:1 Waldron Apll,8H:l Warren Ap4,7H:5 West Point Mr7,6H:3 Wi throw Springs Ot7,llC:S Wi ttsburg Jal0,8H: 1 NAMES, PERSONAL Arkansas law a1 lows use of any name so long as fraud not involved Mr3,lB:4 NARCOT l CS See Drug Addiction NASH, BOB W i l l serve Gov Bill Clinton as asst for econ development D23,1A:2 NATIONAL BANK OF ARKANSAS (NORTH LITTLE ROCK) Bank has start1 ing growth during 1981 Ja17,63:1 NATIONAL GUARD, ARKANSAS Suit claims Guard negligent in explosion of shell from Camp Robinson that ki 1 led Roger Cole Ap28,2B:4 Col Wallace B. Shaw files suit to prevent his removal f tom Guard pas i t ion Je9, 70:s Bias claims by 3 blacks settled 06,4A: 1 Phys l cal f i tness standards increased D20,18:2 Jimmle Red Jones reapptd adjutant gen D23,1A:2 NATIONAL INVESTORS LIFE INSURANCE CO Arkansas tnsurance Dept blocks plan by Baldwin United Corp, parent firm of National, to purchase MGlC Investment Corp F10,3B:2 Woodyard agrees to let insurance firms help fund purchase F23,gD: 1 NATIONAL OLD LINE INSURANCE CO Ltttle Rock firm listed as among top six in consumer complaints S23, 9C:2 NATIONAL REJECTORS Hot Springs plant to close despite union offer to take pay cut; 350 to lose jobs Myll,90:3 NATURAL AREAS See Wilderness and Natural Areas NATURAL GAS PIPELINE CO See a 1 so Gas (~uel ) NATURE CONSERVANCY Opens office in Little Rack Je13, 98: 3 Kay Kel 1 y Arnol d heads Ark office Jy20,7A:2 NAV l GAT1 ON PROJECTS (WATERWAYS) See Waterways NAY LOR S to rms

138 NEARK LAKE 1982 NORTH LITTLE ROCK NEARK LAKE Game and Fish Corn seeks federal funds to build Lake Neark Mrl6,2D:1 Game and Fish Comr Hays Sul 1 ivan withdraws support of project Ap25, 56:6 Mississippi County voters approve $300,000 for take project Agll, 48:2 Sam D. Henry, a biologist, sees project as waste of G&FC funds 527, 8A:4 NEEDLEWORK Arkansas hi s tori c 1 andmarks created in needlework by A1 ice Lynn Overbey Je3,1C:2 NEGROES See Blacks NELSON, KNOX State Sen may have suffered slight heart attack S3,17A:1 Pushes for passage of water project bonds issue S27,1A:2 NEPOTl SM See Ark-Governmen t Employees NERVE GAS See Chemi ca 1 Warfare NEWARK See a 1 so Education (~ewark) NEWPORT Voters approve sales tax N24,6A: 1 Storms NEWS AND NEWS MEDIA Judge says First Amendment does not give newspapers right to throw free papers on private property Ja9,2B :5 Role of the press in formation of Ark public policy Ag8,1H:2 Chancellor David Bogard considers it technical trespass for Arkansas Democrat to throw free issue on 1 awn of Dr Robert Moore at LR S4,7A: 1 Judge rules carrier responsible for unwanted papers S14,bA: 6 Rare newspapers found at Goodwill Industries at LR ~1,3~:4 High1 lghts of 1982 news 031, 1B:2 Advertising Freedom of the Press Libel and Slander Log Cabin Democrat Morri 1 ton Democrat Nightflying NEWS?APE RS See News and News Media NELSON, SHEFFIELD UALR to confer honorary doctorate on Nelson My3,6B:4 Doris Lynn Nelson, 17, found dead in home; suicide ruled Ag1,38 : 1 Named to panel of New York Stock Exchange S 1,5C: 6 Ark- Econom i c Condi t ions Ark-Hlgher Education 0d Gas (~atural) Little Rock Chamber of Commerce Public Utilities Reynolds Metals Co NEWTON COUNTY Democratic runoff prlrnary brings out 815 more voters than In first primary el l,l4b: 1 History of waterwheel at Marble Falls Jy27,10:2 Recount in Sheriff's race gives victory to Jerry Jones, but Ray Watkins had already been certified N19,9A:1 Jerry Jones files suit to have Secretary of State disregard certification of Watkfns N24,8A:4 Ray Watkfns is winner of Sheriff's race, circuit ct rules 52,18~:1 Election materials, bat lots impounded Dl 1,9A:4 FBI check! ng ba1 lots ~15,28~:6 NIGHTFLYING Paper features night life In Ark Sll,lB:3 NL BAR01 D Barite mine at Magnet Cove to close Jy7,30:1 NOISE Airports NORFORK DAM See Dams-Norfork NORMAN, BOBBY J. Arkansas taw Enforcement T raining Academy NORTH ARKANSAS TELEPHONE CO See Te Iephones NORTH CENTRAL COMMUNITY HOSP l TAt See Hospi tats NORTH LITTLE ROCK Education-North Little Rock Hotels-North Lf ttle Rock Little Rock Metropolitan Area Pol ice-north Little Rock p*rnography and Obscen i ty

139 NORTH LITTLE ROCK 1982 NURSING AND NURSES - - Area Planning and Renewal. Annexation proposal defeated N3,7A:1 N4, 6A: 1 Government Employees - and Off tcials. Possible race and sex bias in employment and promotion being probed Ja27,6B:5 Clvil rights probe by US Justice Dept could cost city, mayor reports Ap6,lB:S US Justice Dept suit alleges bias against blacks and women in hiring and promotion Ap27, 1 la:6 Council to consider settl ing discrlrnination suit at wst of $244,700 Je24,70:1 Article on tie-in of salaries to those in Little Rock and at APEL N7,110:1 City agrees to hire more blacks and women D19,21A:4 Mayor Reed Thompson and Counci l get gifts from developers D22,25A:1 Politics - and Government. Alderman Bill Harris sponsors 25 proposals to send Clty council Is hot issks to voters Ja2 1,1 B : 3 Mayor Reed Thompson calls Pol ice Chief Bl11 Younts' lawsuit against him phony F25,4B:1 City Council asks Civil Service Comm to investigate complaints against Pol ice Chief Younts; Mayor Reed Thompson calls for fraud probe F26,28:5 Mayor Thompson orders Police Chlef Younts and assistant to submit daily reports of their activities Ap16,1B:2 Chief Younts will furnish reports Apl7,lB: I Attorney General Steve Clark says Mayor cannot fire Pollce Chief Ap20, 5A:2 Chancery Judge rules Mayor and City Council cannot fire police chief or tell him how to run dept Ap22,1B:2 A1 derman Olen B. Thomas accused of attempted theft of drainage pipe Ap22,18:4 Thomas supported by citizens, who note his care for play area My6,3B:6 Prosecution of Olen Thomas declined My6,13:3 Arrest of Olen B. Thomas not pol Itical, pol ice chlef says My8,6B:3 George E. Brown says Mayor Thompson asked him to wear microphone to see if private club pays Police Chief Younts Jy1,38:5 Mayor Thompson should resign, Pol ice Chief Younts says; alleged effort by Thompson to get in format ion on Youn ts by use of hidden microphone cited Jy2,33:2 Police Chlef Blll Younts arrests Mayor Reed Thompson on disorderly conduct charge 013,1A:4 Mayor Thompson pleads innocent, calls charges frtvolous 014,lA:Z Use of funds to pay for trip to World's Fair criticized by Alderman Olen 0. Thomas N9,8A: 3 Charges dropped, Judge Joel C. Cole lectures Mayor Reed Thompson and Police Chief Bill Younts N12,lA:Z fwa policemen flle suit over disciplining D18,5A:3 Chief Younts under attack for fake arrest D23,7A: 1 Fraternal Order of Pol Ice seeks dismissal of Chlef Younts 022, 1A:2 Younts claims conspiracy by FOP, Mayor Reed Thompson 024,5A: 1 Youn ts suspends 2 patrolmen who released tapes on fake arrest D25,1A:2 Civil Service Corn to study complaints against Younts D28,tA:2 Pol ice Dept probe voted by Civil Service panel D29,I A:2 NORT HWOOD CORP Major stockholder Rudy Moore Jr files for bankruptcy Ag12,5~:6 NUCLEAR WASTES See Waste Materials NUCLEAR WEAPONS See US-Armament NURSING AND NURSES Universl ty of Ark reduces years requi red for degree from 5 to 4 F20, 4B:3 Nursing Board suspects study by Higher Education Dept is aimed at removal of nursing educ from Nursing Board Mr17,SB: 1 Discipl inary action taken by Nursing Bd Mr19,7B:2 Board acts in license cases My12,12B:3 Statistics on applicants passing 1 icense exam Jell,8B:4 Report says approval of nursing programs should rest enti rely with state educ agencies S15,4A:1 State Attorney Gen rules graduates cannot keep temporary licenses if they fall exam S15,4A:1 Gov Frank White assures hospitals that he does not favor end to LPN programs; Kathye Blagg says her study has nothing to do w i th 1 icensure 022, 10A:l Nursing Bd suspends 4 nurses In drug cases Nll,ldA:5 Proposal to strip Nursing Bd of authority over

140 NURSING AND NURSES 1982 OPPORTUN IT1 ES nursing educ meets heavy opposi tlon D30,3A: 1 Baptist Medical Center Nursing Homes NURS l NG HOMES Moratori urn on construct ion 1 i fted Ag18,12A:2 Ark-Elections--Governor Arkansas Veterans Home Beverly Enterprises Crestpark Retirement Inns Cumber t and Lodge Golden Years Manor Hfllhaven Nursing Home Little Rock Nursing Center Medicaid Quality Care Nursing Home Russellville Nursing Home Trinity Court Nursing Home (~ittle Rock) NUTRITION, HUMAN See Food- Diet OAKLAWN JOCKEY CLUB See Horse Racing OAKLAWN PARK Property tax not paid because of dispute D17,IA:3 OBSCEN l TY See p*rnography OCEAN DRILLING AND EXPLORATION CO Alden J. Laborde and Charles H. Murphy Jr started highly successfuf firm in 1953 ~14,1F:3 OCTACO, INC Searcy f i rm produces prefabricated octagonal houses Ag15,1C:5 ODOM,.JESS P. Maumelle OFFICE BUILDINGS AND OTHER COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES Little - Rock. Attorney Office Manaqement. Inc, leases space at Two ~inancial ~ente; for uniq"e rental arrangement Ja2,lC:Z OFFICIALS, LOCAL See Ark-Local Covt OIL MUSEUM Governor Frank Whi te appts Herbert Hen ry to 0 i 1 and Brine Museum Advisory Comt ttea Mr3,3B:1 0 I1 (PETROLEUM) AND GASOt l NE Chance for oi 1 bonanza spurs rise in wildcatting F7,1F:4 Explosion of gasoline tank at Oppelo destroys station, and 3 vehicles and wounds owner ~r14,1a:3 State ha1 ts sale of gasoline that does not meet standards Je8,12A:G Increase in federal tax on gasoline would hit Ark hard N25,1A:5 Ark drivers to pay $63 mi 11 Ion if US gas01 ine tax passes, get back $33 million D2,1A:4 Ernest Dumas dtscusses effect of gas tax on Ark Dj, 17A:l Senator Dale Bumpers says he voted agalnst gas tax because it Is unfair to Ark 022,24A:4 Davld Pryor voted against tax D24,6A:5 inventions and Inventors OKOtONA Education (~kolana) OLD AGE See Aged OLIVER, JAMES COLUMBUS College president dies S29,11A:4 OLYMPIC GAMES Marsden Furlow, Rick Martin and Becky Smith of Little Rack, trafn for pentathlon Ag30,1B:2 OLYMPICS OF THE MiND See Education-Gt fted OMAHA Education (Omaha) ONE FINANCIAL CENTER BUlLDlNG (LITTLE ROCK) John Hanco*ck Life Insurance Co buys property Apl8,l F:6 OPERATIONS, SURGICAL See Surgery OPPORTUNITIES INDUSTRlALlZATlON CENTER Private Little Rock job training program is being probed for possible lease fraud amd problems with program; Ken Coon, ESD admr, says he is responsible for Gov Frank White's insistence on fundtng Ja26,1A:3 Governor Frank White defends 01 C record, accepts resignatfons of 2 of his aides who have been working for

141 OPPORTUN IT I ES 1982 ORS I N I + MARY LEE OIC; role of governor's staff and adm figures discussed Ja27,1A:2 Dog house built by OIC tralnees was taken to home of Dean Isbell, OIC finance di rector Ja27,18:2 Report shows OlC Director Herbert Coleman gave Frank Whtte a $1,000 carnpalgn contribution Ja27,IA:Z Little Rock School Dist apparently has no written lease agreement with Sunbelt, Inc, a sister orgn of OIC; Dr Benjamin Williams, a school official, serves on OIC board Ja28,1A:2 State Senator Stanley Russ was thwarted by Governor's Off ice when he tried to keep Faul kner County students in vo-tech school rather than sending them to 0 IC Ja28,lA:Z Governor Frank White incensed by art1 cle reveal ing that Herb Coleman gave money to his campaign Ja28,1A:4 Editorial comments on White's responsibility Ja28,8A:l Cartoon shows Bul tdog White putting Ken Coon in a coon house marked Son of SAWER ~a28, 8A:3 Lease of building from Little Rock School Dist Is part of probe; confl ictlng leases involve Sunbel t, Inc Ja29,lA:Z Central Arkansas Planning and Development Dist at Lonoke notifles OIC that it is cancel ing contract for services Ja29, 1A:2 Governor Frank Whi re arranges for FBI probe of allegations of wrongdoing in 01C Ja30,1A:4 Little Rock School Bd members say they never heard of Sunbel t lease Ja30,5A: 1 Board of OtC receives documents to answer allegations, turns them over to FBI Ja31,1A:4 Editors comment on handling of OIC issue by Frank White Ja31,4H:1 Federal investigator cleared OIC in 1981 probe; report found confl ict of interest, but no criminal i ty. F2,lA:Z Report on feud between ESD and OIC turned over to FBI F2,18:2 Ken Coon delays release of report F3,1B:2 Ken Coon orders Economic Opportunity Agency of Pulaski County to cancel $323,000 contract with OIC for job training in 2 counties F5,1A:3 OIC Bd votes to appeal state's cancellateon of training contract F6,10:5 Editorials comnent F7,4H:1 Ken Coon tried to pressure specla? investigator into rewriting her report, OIC bd charges; Coon denies accusation F9,10:5 Carolyn Winston says she never colluded with OIC or put pressure on ESD F10,1A:2 OIC gets vans to carry students to center in effort to keep training contract F11,1B:5 Little Rock City Director A. M. (Sandy) Keith calls 01C 'tainted," urges city cut tles F11,1B:6 OfC promtses to make some corrections, but is silent on Herbert J. Coleman and Sunbelt, Inc F12,1B:4 Central Arkansas Plannlng and Development Dist votes to disassociate itself as quickly as possible from OIC F24,lB:4 OIC told to reveal how it will reimburse the federal govt I f audits conf i rrn charges F25,1A:2 OIC refuses to bow to state's conditlons for keeping contract Mr2,18:5 OIC plan accepted; funds to be dlsbursed by state Mr4,1B:5 Grand Jury returns Indictment in case MrlS,IA:6 James Carrol Evans, 01C bookkeeper, named in indictment Mr20,1B:6 Carolyn Winston's job with 01C whf le she was an aide to Gov Frank Wh i te Is ruled canfllct of interest Mr23, 10:6 Federal probe ends with two minor indtctments Ag18,9A:1 Audit shows OIC owes $17,156 to state 015, 1A:2 OPT1 Cl ANS See Eyes ORBIT VALVE CO Little Rock plant lays off 150 workers Sl5,6C:2 Seeks jobs for former employees S23,9C:4 Fi n shows concern for laid-off workers Nf, 1B:Z ORCHESTRA, ARKANSAS SYMPHONY See Music ORGANIZED CRIME, REGIONAL INFORMATION CENTER See Pol 1 ce-pul ask1 ORSINI, MARY LEE Last house sold at auction D11,gA:l

142 ORS I N I, MARY LEE 1982 PARKS, PLAYGROUNDS... Murders-McArthur Murders-Orsini OUACHITA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY Basketball Col 1 eges-g 1 f ts FOO tba 11 OUACH I TA COUNTY Mai 1 fraud conviction of former County Judge John T. Marlar upheld by federal appeals ct Ja19,18:5 John Marlar granted change ' of venue to Columbia County F12,8B:1 John Marlar pleads guilty to 10 theft counts F17, 3B:3 State Pol ice to guard poll trig places during Dem primary vote My25, 10A: 1 Four attorneys say Gov Frank White exerts pressure for parole of John Marlar Jy16,5B:4 Aide denies White role in parole efforts Jy18, 1B:4 Parole granted John Marlar Jy31,12B:2 John Marlar released from prison on parole S11,5A:1 OUACHITA LAKE Recreation facilities My2,121:3 My2,131:1 OUACHITA MEMORlAL HOSPITAL Garland County may sell faci l ity Ag27,17A:1 Faci 1 i ty sold D23,6A:2 OUACHITA RIVER Army Engineers cut back plans to straighten rlver Ag24,4A:3 Dams - Ca 11 on OVERTON, W ILL1 AM R, Education-Curricula OZARK Opening of Great Lakes Carbon plant sparked 1981 growth Ja17,6F: 1 OZARK FOLK CENTER Features of exhibits and programs My2,16$:1 Dr Bessie Moore helped organize support group Ag15,l E: 1 Parks and Tour1 srn Dept reaches agreement with Mountain View on 50- year lease of Center N24,2A:3 OZARK LAKE Recreation facil i ties My2,BI: 1 OZARK SOC l ETY Ill inois Bayou - P - PACE, JIM Athletics PAINTS AND OTHER FINISHES Lead Poisoning PALEST IANIANS IN ARK Raouf J. Halaby expresses pride in being an Arab-American Je15,ISA:l PALEST1 NE Oman Manas rem, a Palest i n 1 an student at the University of Ark writes on Palestlne and the PtO Ag17, 9A:4 PALNICK, ELIJAH Christians and Jews PARDON See Prisons PARENTHOOD, PLANNED See Birth Control PARK RYAN, INC New York firm purchased by Ark group, headquarters moving to Li ttle Rock My2,1F:2 Investment banking firm moves to tittle Rock D12,10:4 PARKS, PLAYGROUNDS AND OTHER RECREATION AREAS Note: lndivtdual state and national parks are listed alphabetically by name following this general section, Municipal and county parks are listed by geog heads and are interfiled in this section... Arkansas parks do not close for winter Ja10,6D:4 Economy not hurting use of state park system Ap18,6~:2 Special section on parks and other recreation areas of Ark My2,lJ: 1 Volunteers help in parks My2,4f:l Playgrounds designed by Don Chambers are popular N20,1B:2 Lakes Rec rea t I on Trai Is Buffalo National River Park. Master plan for trails to be prepared Mr7,6D:2 Buffalo Point has faci 11 - ties for all ages Je13,6D:1 Canoe concessionaires upset by plan to close camps i tes for repa l rs S2,7C :2 US Appeals Ct rules $110,000 to be paid

143 PARKS, PLAYGROUNDS, PETER, LILY for Beauty Cave S4,10A:3 Funds approved to repair flood damages D18, 7A:4 Crater of Di amonds. James Archer hunts diamands on a full time basis D7,lB:Z Greeson - Lake. Closing of recreation area on Lake Greeson protested by Pike County residents Jel6.6B:l. Hot S rtn s- National. parkw ranks 2n~nMiisitors Je18,ltr:s Little - Rock. Riverfront Park bids exceed budget - for new park Ja20,15:6 Riverfest, Inc donates $25,000 toward foun tain for Riverfront Park 020.2A: ~ebo State Park Gas (Fuel) North Little Rock Trails -- Ozark Folk Center See Oza rk Fo 1 k Center St Francis National Forest. Variety ofyecreation offered In forest Mr15, 60: Whf te Oak State Park. Argument arises between Parks, Recreation and Travel Cornm and the state Forestry Comm over control of 133 acres in Poison Springs State Forest ~a22,3~:4 Road graded through land at White Oak Lake in Poison Springs State Forest angers parks officials My22,1B:4 No agreement reached Ap10,bB: 5 Parks agency to sue for 700 acres Jel8,6B: 1 Parks agency sues for land Jy2,7B:6 Parks Div studies land transfer D21, 6C:5 Wilhelmina. Fishing, scenery featured Mr28,6D: 1 PAROLE See Prison PARSONS, FLOYD W. Floyd and Christiana Parsons celebrate 50th weddtng anniversy D25,3~:4 PARTI ES (SOCIAL) Little - Rock. Excelsior ball was grand party N21,l D: 1 PATRONAGE See Ark-Governmen t Employees PATTERSON, J. C. US-Federal District Court-Western PATTERSON, RALPH W. Arkansas Gazette PCBs See Air Pollution Chemistry and Chemicals PEACE See International Relations PEACE ALLIANCE, NOVEMBER SECOND Ark-Elections-US House Drst rict 2 PEACE DAY, NATIONAL See International Relat ions PEACE Ll NKS I NTERMATI ONAL See International Relat ions PEACE UNDER THE SUN DAY See US-Armamen t PEN ITENTI ARl ES See Prlsons PENMANSHIP See Handwriting PENNY, J C COMPANY, INC Store on Little Rock's Main St to be closed Mr31,1!3:2 PEOPLES SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION (LITTLE ROCK) Fi rst Federal Savings and Loan Assn PERIODICALS See Magazines News and News Media PERJURY Flosste Lorene Bewley gets 30 months in federal prison Ag12,SB:l PERRY, ALMOW CHARLES Former mayor of NLR dies Ag16,6A:5 PERRYVILLE Su i t can tends Beth Gl adden Coul son ineligible to serve as muntc judge D31,13A:1 PERWOLF, KURT Foreigners In Ark PESTICIDES Ag ri cul ture PETER, LILY State poet laureate to be honored for support of the arts; Lily Peter Day proclaimed F28,3B:1 Miss Peter receives award for support of educ of gifted students Mr13,38:4 Biography of Miss Peter written by Annie Laura Jaggers 010,lOC:S

144 PETROLEUM 1982 POINSETT COUNTY PETROLEUM See Oil (Petroleum) PETTIT, ARCH Financial woes resolved, debts pal d off, Petti t says; historic Stage Coach House at Li t tl e Rock to be purchased Ja23,1B:2 Credi tors unhappy that Petti t is purchasing property while they are unpaid Ja28, 1B:4 Investigator checkfng to see if Pettl t concealed assets from bankruptcy court Mr5,1B:2 PHARMACY AND PHARf4AC I STS See Drugs PHILANDER SMITH COLLEGE Unfted Methodtst Bishop Kenneth W. Hicks urges pub1 lc to view coll as an asset Ja5,36:3 School to benef it from Telethon S17,12A:3 School has turned corner, Dr Shockley says 015, 18A: 1 Col leges-teachers PH l LANTHROPY Article on charitable giving by Arkansans My2.1 B:2 Chari table foundations in Ark total 127, grant $6 million annually My2,1B:3 Suit by ACORN tests Pine Bluff policy on solicittng funds from motorists at stop signs Je23,4B:3 Alexander Trwbrl dge to speak at conf on business and fdn giving S1,5C:2 Gifts by f t rms in Ark total $93 million Nt6,BC:I Colleges-Gifts We1 fare PHILLIPS, CHRISTY GAYLE Wins imperial Miss America Princess title Ag9,28:2 PHILLIPS COUNTY Prisons-Philltps County PHILLIPS, JOHN L. Shorter College PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Malpractice suit against O r R. E. Harrison of Little Rock, for $1.5 million by estate of Richard Edward Wrlght a1 leges nel igence Ja2lS2B:3 Medical Bd acts on several lfcense suspensions My1,26:4 Medical ethics, moral Tty f s new course at UAMS ~4, 1 B:2 PHYS l C IANS AND SURGEONS (con' t) Hudson, William A. Scholarships, Fellawshlps and Student Loans Wall is, Charles D. P l CGOTT Picnic brings over 20,000 to town Jy4,1G:2 PIKE COUNTY Voters approve sales tax N4,6A:I PILGRIM INDUSTRIES Foreigners tn Ark PINE BLUFF Extra petitions filed by group seeking to block recent Increase in hotel and restaurant tax for support of Convent Ion Center Ja2,46 : 3 Voters approve tax for Pine Bluff Convention Center F24,36:6 Education (Pine Bluff) Fund Drives PINE BLUFF ARSENAL Chemlcal Warfare PIONEER MUSEUM, MAYNARD Randolph County town of Maynard builds Its own museum Ja17,41:3 P l PEL l NES See Coa 1 Gas (Fuel ) PLANNED PARENTHOOD See Birth Control PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT, CENTRAL ARKANSAS See Opportunittes lndustrlal i- tat ion Center PLANN I NG, AREA See Area Planning PLANTS, INDUSTRIAL See Factories PLAYGROUNDS See Parks POD1 ATRY See Chiropody POETRY Mary Ready produces rhymes for a1 1 occasions Ag23,10A:3 POINSETT COUNTY US Court of Appeals reinstates 38 felony canvlctfons against former County Judge Frank Dean who was

145 POINSETT COUNTY 1982 POL l CE -Little Rock convicted of bribery and kickbacks in county purchasing Ja7,3B:2 US Supreme Ct rejects appeal by Frank Dean of 38 felony racketeering convtctfons Jel1,3B:2 Former County Judge Frank Dean still fights bribery conviction Ag7,bB:l Frank Dean enters federal prison Ag15,7A:5 Frank Dean seeks reduction of prison term S23,12A: 1 Frank Dean to be granted early release from prison D21,lIA:h POISONING AND POISONS Arkansans respond to alert on cyanide In pain killer 02,lA:Z Tylenol from recalled lot found in little Rock 03,1A:3 See a 1 so Mush rooms POL1 CE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Deaths of 5 officers in 1981 give testimony to increase in danger Ja8, 12B:l List of 21 officers killed In 1 lne of duty since 1975 Ja8,12B:6 Article on work of police artist Jim Tindall, of North Little Rock Ja24, 1G:2 Trying drugs does not disqua1 i fy appl ican ts for pol ice work Ap14,1B:2 State Police arrest 60 during saturation check near Forrest City My4,1A:2 Roadblock at Forrest Clty produces exactly what offictals expected; 412 persons arrested or given warnings Ny5,1B:3 Col Tommy Goodwin and John Wesley Hall Jr discuss road blocks as law enforcement tool My23,IH:l State Pol Ice roadblock in S t Francis county vlolared rights of motorists, ACLU contends in lawsuit; violation of Fourth Amdt prohlbi ting unreasonable searches charged My28,4B : 1 Fortes t Ci ty Municipal Judge John Bridgforth rules saturatlon roadblock was legal Je3,lB:l Four found guilty, 3 cleared of charges from roadblock Je4,40:1 Editorial calls roadblock a massive infringement upon civil 1 iberties Je6,2H: 1 MUSIC promoter f iles suit against White County Sheriff over search of cars entering show area Jy30,128:1 Settlement discussed in suit over roadblock near Forrest City N11,llA:I George W. Proctor works for coordinated law enforcement effort N14,22A:1 Judge orders transcripts released in talks in suit on roadblock in St Francis Co N16,2A:6 Steve Clark reneging on roadblock suit settlement, brief says N19,4A: 1 Steve Clark says there was no agreement to settle case N23,3A:1 Roadblock sul t settled; state agrees it was wrong; ACLU to seek $50,000 in legal fees D18,3A:4 EdTtorfal credits ACLU w1 th pub1 ic service D21, 18A:l Bald Knob. Bill OIBr?en sues po- 1lxf;ftcers and city for alleaed - beating F26,36:3 Benton. Jim D. Harris is new chief Ja2,lB:S Acting Pol ice Chief James Smyth Indicted on charge of beating a prisoner S22,9A:4 Actlng Pol Ice Chief James Smyth indicted on charge of beating a prisoner S22,9A:4 Bentonville. Jury exonerates James Crabtree in 1980 death of Jerry Mulanax Ja30,4B:3 61ythev? 1 le. 5 officers suspended Jy21,3B:2 Brinkley. Four officers, city, ~ ~ ~ 7 5 0, 0by 0four 0 Little Rock men who say they were beaten Ap24, 5~:6 Keith Mann fi les suit a1 leging city and state police violated his civil rights S15,4A:6 Carroll County. Sheriff, deputies buy automatic rifles Ap24,lB:l DeQueen. Police Chief Bill Jones charged wl th lying to Grand Jury D14, 3A:6 Hackett. Only officer in town res i-er panel rules him uncertifled Ja15,8B: 1 Independence County. Court rules Batesville City Council has authority to abol rsh ct ty pol ice dept, merge with county pol ice Ja1.3B:S ~acksonvi 1 ie. rank- eel^, only black on force, chosen police chlef Ag4,l B:2 Little - Rock. Pol Ice cadets answer emergency call s as part of training Jab, 1A:2 Suit a1 leging pol Ice brutaltty and denial of due process to blacks has been in court 10 years 136

146 POL t CE -Little Rock 1982 POL l CE -Pulaski Co without decision Ja8,1B:2 Suits over 1975 shooting of Gene Edward Shavers and George Ralph Shavers by Little Rock pol ice settled Mr18,4B: 1 Lawyer quotes Grand Jury testimony of Civil Service Comr Lynn Davis on Police Chief Walter E. Simpson Ap23,10:2 Spencer Campbell dies after fight with offlcers Ap23,1B:3 Civil Service Comm hears appeal of demotion of off lcer Horace Wal ters Ap23,lB:S Four black legislators to probe death of Spencer Campbe1 1 ; other agencies also study case Ap24,lB:s Hearing by black legislators produces no surprises Ap25,6B:4 8lack legislators call for suspension of officers Ap28, 1 : Force probably was excessive, black legislators say Ap3O,lB:6 Evidence conflicts on drugs Spencer Campbell was taking My1,lB:l Police Dept plans no action against officers in death of Campbell Myl,IB:2 Autopsy shows over 8 times norma 1 drug level in Spencer Campbell's blood My5,3B:4 Grover Richardson upset by decision of Prosecuting Atty not to file charges My8,1B:6 Police union votes no confidence In leadership of Chief Walter E. Simpson My22,lB:l Chief Simpson responds to union vote, says members upset because he objected to showing hard-core p*rnography films at lodge My25,9A:6 Grover Ri chardson 1 l s ts quest ions about death of Spencer Campbell My29, 1B:2 Norman F. Wllliams Jr critical of Chief Simpson My31,18A:6 Suit prompted by 1977 incident in which officers Arthur Nugent and Gary Evans are accused of shooting suspect has been quietly ignored Je25,1B:6 Department ruled not biased against blacks in promotions Ag14,1A:2 Computerized communication system in use S23,lA:Z Municlpal Judge A1 Ian Dlshongh agrees to Issue warrants on 5,500 unpaid parking tickets S25,1A:2 Computer i zed commun i cat ion sys tern I n use S23,1A:2 Municipal Judge A1 lan Dishongh agrees to issue warrants on 5,500 unpald parking tickets S25,lA:2 Tomy Robinson says LR pol ice not doing enough to fight crime; vows pressure to change attitude Nl, la:4 Wilbur C. Bentley denies he asked Sheriff Tommy Roblnson to raid toga party at Sam Peck Hotel N1,5A: 3 Firm rates Dept as good, but urges changes D14,1A:2 Crime Little Rock-Government Employees... - Mena. Police Chief Dbnald W. Allen certified 2 years after taking job F13,38:3 Traff ic tickets, arrests made by uncert l fled chief ruled illegal Je25,36:1 Morrilton. Chief Robyn Masing111 arrested on charge of threatening Leo Denton Jy2 1,3B:4 Judge orders Den ton and Masingill fami lies not to talk to each other pending hearing Jy27,6A:5 Robyn Masingill hired, fired In Texas; resignation 08,24A:4 El ton Hawkins files race bias complaint D23,12A:1 Masfnglll files slander suit against John Davidson D29,4A:4 --- North Little Rock. Woman alleges she was beaten by.. patrolmen Ap21,2B:4 Murders-Davi s, Jerry North Li ttle Rock-Government Emp 1 oyees North Ll ttle Rock-Pol i tics -- Plne Bluff Shootings-Anderson Pulaski County. TWO deputies fired bysherfff Tommy Robinson after reinstatement ~a9,6b:2 Article revlews changes Sheriff Tommy Robinson made during first year In office JalO,lB:2 Appraisals of Sheriff Robinson inct ude both pralse and cri ticism JalO, 1B:6 Deputy Sheriff Dan Briley protests his dismissal by Sheriff Robinson Ja16,36:2 Suspect David Love shot twice by Pulaski County narcotics off lcer Ja22,1A:2 Sheriff Tommy Robinson confronts Quorum Court budget panel wi th pay ralse demand for his employees F9,26:5 Deputy Sheriff Assn calls for resi gnat ion of Judge Beaumont Mr7,30 :3

147 POL ICE 1982 POL l CE Sheriff Robinson urges longer hours for Jai 1 Master Kenneth Dwayne Basinger Mrl8,lOB: 1 Sherl ff Roblnson orders Basinger off premises Mr19, 1A:5 FBI asked to probe Robinson's conduct; Sheriff refuses to cooperate Mr20,lA:b Sheriff Robinson took polygraph test and made perfect score; urges Judge George Howard Jr W? 1 1 lam E. Beaumont Jr and Kenneth Dwayne Basinger to do the same Mr20, 1A:S Black civic leaders accuse Sheriff Robinson of racism for attack on Judge George Howard Jr Mr21,16:6 Sherf ff Tommy Robfnson tells US Senators Pryor and Bumpers that Judge George Howard Jr is incompetent, urges curb of his powers Mr22,13A:1 Judge George Howard J r tell s Sheriff Robinson he can be released from jail when he obeys court order Mr23,1A:3 Sherf ff Tommy Robinson arrests County Judge W i l l tam E. Beaumont Jr and County Camptrol ler Jo Grwco*ck; bblnson summoned to court by Judge George Howard Jr, where he was held in contempt of court and sent to a Memphls jail Mr23, 1A:6 Feud between Robinson and Beaumont 1s long-running Mr23,4A: 1 Arrests prompt jokes, dismay at courthouse Mr23,4A:4 Ed! torial supports action of Judge Howard Mr23, 8A: 1 Cartoon shows Orval E. Faubus congratulating Robinson Mr23,8A:4 County Judge Beaumont avoids arrest by Sheriff's deputies Mr24,lA:Z Off icials, radlo shows receive barrage of calls; nearly all support Sheriff Robinson Mr24,lA:3 Robfnson vows to comply wiith court order, but remains in Memphis jail Mr24,1A:6 Text of Tommy Robinson's statement Mr24,4A:5 Sheriff Robinson says he thought about awes ting Judge George Howard Jr ~r24,4a:5 Legal crl ticism leveled at charges Sheriff filed agalnst county officials Mr24,6A:l Three officers run dept in Robinson's absence Mr24,6A:3 Sheriff Tomny Roblnson gets hero welcome; comments on several prlncipals In case Mr25,1A:3 Sheriff freed after hearing, posting of $20,000 bond to assure future obedience to court order Mr25,1A:6 Robinson says he was treated like a criminal In Memphfs Mr25,5A:2 Gazette calls Roblnson actions a disgrace Mr25,12A:1 Sheriff's fight with courts just part of big picture, publishers of Justice Times assert Mr25,3B:5 State Senator Kfm Hendren critical of jailing of Sheriff Mr25,3B:6 Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor say 1 i ttle on issue Mr26,1A:2 Charges against Robinson will not be pressed, US Attorney says Mr26,lA:Z Judge George Howard Jr was arrested 2 tlmes in the 19605, spent 4 hours in jail an contempt citation Mr26, ta:2 Robtnsan plans to continue to speak out Mr27,bB:S Survey shows support for Sherlff Robinson Mr27, 48:5 Judge Beaumont criticizes Robinson's conduct Elr28,1B:5 Editorials on Sherlff Mr28,kH: 1 Judges must prevail over sheriffs, says law professor A. M. Whtte Mr31,17A:l Sheriff Tomnry Robinson plans to put prisoners on road gang when federal judge ends control Ap2,7B:1 Gov Frank White sympathetic to Robinson In dispute with federal court Ap3, 56:4 Bill Clinton compl~ments Judge Haward Ap4,1B:2 Editorials on action of Sheriff Robinson Ap4,4A:1 Jail Master Dwayne Basinger discusses his role Apll,lA:2 Sherlff Robinson wants hearing on his request to remove hayne Baslnger; Sherlff also wants full trial of suit filed over jail conditions before he took office Ap15,1A:2 Judge Howard dismisses $2 million suit filed against Tommy Robinson and 3 deputies by W l l l tam Winfred Galiano Ap15,3B:5 Willlam E. Beaumont Jr and Jo Growco*ck acqui tted of charges filed by Tommy Robinson Ap17,1A:4 Willtam E. Beaumnt to file damage suit against Tommy Robinson Ap20,1A:5 Resol ut Ion by John T. Lavey asks Arkansas Bar Assn to condemn Sheriff Robinson Ap22.40: 1 Jim Lendall

148 POL l CE -Pulaski Co 1982 POL l CE -State Pol ice letter critical of Sheriff Robinson My7,15A: 1 Judge Wi 11 tam R. Overton lectures Tommy Robinson on need to cooperate My7,lB : 2 C red f tors hound hls off Ice, Roblnson says My10,gA:b Judge Beaumont and Jo Growco*ck file $2.5 million sult against Sheriff Robinson My? 1,7A:5 Bentley refuses to file sult by Robtnson seeking to force Judge Beaumont to pay overdue bills of Sheriff My12,SB:Z Attorneys seek to have Beaumont's false arrest case against Fbbinson thrown out My1 2,6B:2 Dressing down given Robinson by Judge Beaumont My14, 8B:3 Three lawyers demand that Robinson apologize to state Supreme Court or produce proof of crfminal connections Hy15,lB:5 Larry C. Wal lace and Sheff iel d Nelson enumerate positive side of Tommy Robinson My21,15A:2 Raid on party at Little Rock hotel stirs rurnbl ings in city because Little flock police not notified My21,lB:5 Robinson calls petitlon by 133 lawyers a joke My22, 4B:6 Robert S. McCord responds to support of Sheriff Robinson by Chamber of Commerce leaders My28, 17A:l Marlyss Hulsman files $10,000 suit charging Sheriff Tommy Robinson and deputies searched her house illegally My29,3B:6 Sheriff Tommy Robinson asks court to hold state Correction Dept responsible for any judgment against him for chaining pri soners to fence Je8,8A:2 Sheriff Robinson sued by Loretta Porchla; searches cfted Je6, 8A:3 Tommy Robinson responds to criticism by Arkansas Bar Je13,7B:1 Cartoon of Monopoly-1 i ke game called Keyhole bps Je22,14A:4 Quorum Ct panel rejects request by Sheriff for $298,000 Je23,4B:4 Robinson says Court shorted his office Je24,5B: 1 Cartoon of Keyhole bps Je29,12A:4 Libel lawsuit by ROClC against Tommy Robinson settled Jy3,3B:l Sheriff Tommy Robinson asked to provide addi tlonal documents for $2,584 trip to Honduras Ag11,23:5 liabi 1! ty Insurance for Sheri ff Is Dept to be cancel led Ag26,25A:2 Sheriff Tommy Robinson's car struck by bullet; Sherlff has received death threats S3,1A:4 Sheriff Robinson and Wal ter E. Sf mpson exchange barbs S20,2A:1 Charges against James G. Whitten, son-in-law of Prosecutor Wilbur C. Bentley, dropped at request of Sherlff Tommy Robinson S25,bA:I Sheriff's Oept says Bentley proposed dropping charges against Whitten 526, 3A:6 Sherl ff bb tnson accuses Prosecutor Bentley of holdlng back evldence In murder trial in effort to embarras sheriff 019,4A:5 Sheriff Tommy Robinson reports two shots fired at hls car 021,3A:3 Friction between county and Llttle Rock depts continues 023,3A:5 Fraternal Order of Pol ice respond to Roblnson, say attack was made because FOP endorsed GOV Frank White for re-election M2,1A:2 Barbara Ctain, personal secretary to Tomny Robinson, arrested by Little Rock Pol Ice on drunk drtvfng charge N2,8A:1 Little Rock officer says busfnessmen overheard deputies plan to arrest police for DWI N3,18A:1 Letters on expenses of Tommy Robinson disappear from comptroller's office N6,9A:3 Sheriff Tommy Robinson, Pol ice Chief Welter E. Simpson sign peace pact N10,1A:2 Tommy Roblnson confronts Wllbur C. Bentley outside courtroom MI 3,1A:6 Tommy bblnson explains threat to pick up Wllbur C. Bentley NI 7,12A:4 Sherl ff Robinson decl lnes to pick up Bentley; meeting held N20, 3A: 1 Board game by George Fisher satirizes antlcs of Tommy Robinson N21,26A: 1 Fl red deputy wins case against Sheriff Roblnson D4,9A: 1 Crime and Criminals Drug Addiction Pu 1 as ki County- Government Employees State Pol ice. Flossie Loraine ~ e w i t m e In s federal court that stare Trooper Doug Wi 11 Iams set

149 POL I CE 1982 POTTERY -State Police up two men charged in bank robberies Ap6,tA:h Officer bug W i l l iams denies he set up men accused of robbery Ap7,1A:6 Two brothers accused of bank robbery are acquitted; case invol ved test imny about Trooper Wi 11 iams Ap9,1A:2 Jury members just not sure, foreman says of bank robbery case AplO,lB:6 Doug Williams cleared of role in robberies Ap15, 10:6 Budget cut to amid deficit Jy2,lB:B Federal jury rules state trooper did not violate civil rights of J. F. Cooley Jy16,7B:6 Trooper Keith Ferguson poses for NRA ad D29, 1 B:2 Crime Liquor... Texarkana. Fire fighting is part of duties of police Mr15,26:5 POLLUT l ON Air Pollution POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENALS See Chemistry and Chemical s POOR See Poverty POPE COUNTY Opponents of sales tax organize My2,70:3 Sales tax defeated My19, 7B: 5 POPULATION AND VITAL STATISTICS Study of census shows Ark has more elderly, smaller percentage of blacks; other statistics My8,120:1 Impact of immigration noted Je20,7B:1 Small towns near bigger cities growing fastest ~~26,7A:4 Census data on residents who are 18 or older Ag3,3A:2 Also see names of cities and counties p*rnOGRAPHY AND OBSCENITY Adult movie house on Avalon in North Llttle Rock brings protest from neighbors Ja26,7A:2 North Little Rock adopts new ban on showing sexual ly expl ici t movies ~r15,8b: 1 Twenty-four persons arrested at Hotel Sam Peck on obscen i ty cha rges ; Sheriff Tomny Robinson called group known as Central Arkansas Socials a wife-swapper club My17,1A:2 Charges of promoting obscenity filed against 6 LR firms in alleged sales of sexually explicit films My18,2A:5 Twenty-three persons arms ted at Hotel Sam Peck to appear in court My18,7A:2 Sherlff wants to charge offfcers of Central Arkansas Socials My19,1B:2 FBI to probe Central Arkansas Socials ~y20,80:1 FBI bows out of probe of Central Arkansas Socf als My21,1B:6 Hearing set on adult club My28,95:1 Couple flles suit to retrieve casette seized in raid at Hotel Sam Peck Je4,30:4 Texas couple seeks dismissal of suit over casette Je8,gA:l Deputy says he saw 18 at Hotel Sam Peck engaged In sexual activities Je23,1B:5 Pol ice offlcer tells of evenlng at party in Sam Peck Hotel Je25,lB:Z Gilbert Leroy Lemons convlcted In incident at Sam Peck Hotel ~e25,10:6 Adult Arcade at Hot Springs raided Jy9,36:3 Five marijuana cases resulting from raid on toga party di missed because Sheri ffts Dept lost evidence S16,1A:3 Poor video tape quality halts hearing on toga party S25,4~:4 Test lmony heard in raid on toga parry S30,12A:5 Poor video tape qua1 l ty ha1 ts hearing on toga party S25,4A:4 Test i mny heard In raid on toga party S30,12A:5 Magazines seized at Hot Springs 016, 2A:4 Pulaski Co Sheriff Tommy Robinson and deputies sued for $1.3 mi 11 ion by 13 arrested in toga party raid ~4,7A:5 Probable cause found for 3 arrests during toga party; some placed on probation N6,4A:5 Pol ice-lf ttle Rock PORTER, ART JR Music POSTAL SERV l CE Ralph Treadwell has carried mai 1 In Marshall area 45 years ~~24,16~:4 Bad image untrue, officials contend Jelg, 1 B: 1 $535,000 race bias case settled Je29,7A:5 POTLATCH CORPORATION Market condf tions hurt firm during 1981 ~a17,8r: 1 PBTTE RY See Ceramics and Pottery 1 40

150 POUGHKEEPS l E 1982 PRl SONS AND PRISONERS -Arkansas State POUGHKEEPS l E Education (Poughkeepsie) POULTRY Arkansas is top producer N14,lOB:h POVERTY First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock provides a free noon meal each weekday for the needy Ja3,l B:3 Salvation Army, Presbyterian Church feed hungry at Little Rock Ja3,1B:3 Federal surplus cheese belng given to the needy; some boxes moldy Jall, 1tA:l Wflliarn (Sonny) Walker now fights poverty from side of big bust ness F3,4B: 1 Church group distributes rice to the needy Ag23, 6A:3 Percentage drops in Ark over ten yr period Olb,lA:2 Little. Rock woman make clothing for school children to assure thei r comfort and success 018,1B:2 Salvation Army hard pressed to meet needs 019,2A:3 Distribution of federal block grant funds for anti-poverty programs creates dispute D30,l B:6 Board i ng Homes Educatf on-equal Electric Power Legal Atd For the Poor POWELL, JAMES 0. Pul i trer Prizes POWELL, JODY Comnts on Bill Cltneon and the Cuban refugees Ap14,1A:3 PRAYER BREAKFAST, GOVERNOR'S 1,000 businessmen attend first prayer breakfast Ap22,3B:5 PREGNANCY, OBSTETRICS AND MATERNAL WELFARE Pregnant teen-agers at tend classes at Little Rock on prenatal care and parenting Ja3,1G:2 PREMIUMS, COUPONS AND TRADING STAMPS Four accused of fraud in redeeming discount coupons Ag20,SA: 1 Government Bonds PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Little - Rock. First Presbyterian provides free noon meal for the needy each weekday Ja3,1B:3 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 1984 Democratic. Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor to host reception for Reuben 0. Askew who Ts quietly considering making a bid for the Dem nomination for President F19,1B:6 ReubTn 0. Askew tells Democrats at Little Rock meetlng he would not run against govt F20,30:3 Giving thought to Presidential race, Dale Bumpers says S17,4A:5 Dale Bumpers as a prospect (ed) 02,16A:1 Dale Bumpers assessing risks of race N21,IlB:l Senator Bumpers not dtscauragfng support N28,13A:2 Ed1 torial on prospects for Dale Bumpers N30,8A:1 Diane Blair sees Bumpers as strongest candidate D9,17A:l Petit Jean Country Head1 igh t disagrees on bid by Bumpers D19,14A:3 Senator Bumpers asking Dems the1 r thoughts on race D24,lA:S PRICE FIXING See P r i ce Ma in tenance PRf CE MA1 NTENANCE Mflk and Milk Products PRICES See Drugs Foods PRISONERS See Prlsons PRl SONS AND PRl SONERS Criminal Detention Faci 11 ties Bd handicapped by delays created by lawsut t ~a1,6b:4 Crlmlnal Detention Faclllttes Review Bd votes not to give information to comm named by Gov Frank White to study jai 1 standards My1,48:2 Study panel suggests regional jail s, change in standards Je17,3B:2 Gov Frank WhTte favors system of reglonal ja1 Is Jy23,l B:2 Tax necessary for regional jail plan, Sen Knox Nelson says Jy27,6A:6 ACLU files suit seeking reforms In jails D4,gA: 1 BiState Criminal Justice Center - Arkansas State Prison. Despi te record crop, officials expect prison farms to skw deficit ~al;h~:l' Inmate who fa! led to return to Wrightsville Unit from work release job is recaptured Ja4,lZA:l Coupon reuse at

151 PRISONS AND PRISONERS 1982 PRISONS AND PRISONERS -Arkansas State -Arkansas State canteen blamed for $120,281 loss ~a8, 10B:6 Governor Frank White apologizes to family of slaylng victim, Pamela Ann King, after he commuted sentence of Jackie Lee Wood Ja12,10:6 Family of Pamela Ann King remains upset by comnutat ion of sentence by Gov WhTte Ja13,1B:6 Jim Guy Tucker criticizes Bill Clinton for commuting 67 terms when he was gov Ja13,4B:5 Governor Frank White takes credit for prison reforms Ja19,60: 1 Gov Frank White Ja21,5B: 1 Inmate Keith Tucker stabbed to death in scuffle Ja21,1B:2 Use of Veterans Adm Hospital on Roasevelt Road in Lt ttle Rock suggested by state Sen box Nelson Ja21,4B:4 Correction Board told of rising defictts Ja22, 48:s Robert L. Grlffith, who was fired as chief of Hot Springs Pol ice detectives after he was accused of extortion, has been hired by Cummins Unit Ja23,lB:I Pros and wns of allowing inmates to build facil i ties Ja24,lH:l Anonymous caller's tip about Jackie Lee Wood brings denial from Correction Dept Ja27,60:2 Governor Frank White asks that parole of Jackle Lee Wood be delayed for testing Ja29,1B:8 Prisons add 44 officers to staffs Ja29,110:2 State Claims Comm denies $800,000 claim filed by former Inmate B i 1 l y R. Meacham, who accused of - ficials of beatlng him Ja30,38:2 Parole of Jackie Lee Woad delayed Ja31, 8B: I Panel apptd by Gov Frank Whi te urges changes to Improve prison fan F13,1B:4 Judge G. Thomas Eisele sets timetable for dismissal of suit on prison system, but warns that more progress must be made F20,1A:3 Governor Frank White ignored plea of Correction Bd members that Dr Thomas Wortham not be replaced as member; decision may delay end to court suit F21,hB:l Policemen at Little Rack oppose parole of Eddie Arnold Hernandez, who shot a pol iceman F23,28:1 Parole Board to revfew case of Jackie Lee Wood; petitions In Van Buren seek to halt release of Guy Laverne Kuehn F24,lB :2 Former Board Chairman Marshall Rush recommended hi rlng of Robert Grtffi th F25, 1B:7 Parole denied Eddie Arnold Hernandez ~ 2 6 ~ 1 ~ ~ 2 Parole denied for Jackie Lee Wood and Guy L. Kuehn F27,lB:l Robert Gri ff i th res igns post F27,l B: 1 Integration in prison wing not required if inmates put In danger, Judge G. Thomas Eisile says Mr4,1B:2 Cummins has 300 racial ly segregated inmates Mr4,1B:3 Governor Frank White 1 ists his efforts to help prisons MrlO,lB:2 No re1 iglous bias found in refusal to hi re Johnny Ha ran, a Mus 1 im, as chaplain Mr11,2B:5 Senator Nick Wilson urges Frank White to utllize existing space rather than bul ld more prisons Mr11,38:1 Governor Frank Wh f te says the people are wi 11 ing to pay more taxes for bigger prisons Mr12,1B:6 Despite warnlng, prison officials say they can avoid racial clash Mr12,7B:1 Emergency meet on prison crowding called for by Correction Bd Mr13,1A:3 Murder charges f i led against inmates Raymond Coble and David Williams in death of Keith Tucker, also an inmate Mr17,106:6 Fort Roots land sought as possible sf te for psychiatric testing unit Mr30,lB:b Doug Brandon urges sale of 14,000 acres of prfson land Mr31,36:3 Security at Cummlns improved Ap2,7B:4 Robert Sarver speaks out on penal system and rehabtlitarion ~p4,1g:4 Prison ministries play vi tat role in 1 i fe of inmates Ap5,10:5 CI ty Counci 1 of NLR opposes uni t there Ap15,86:2 Professor Gordon Morgan speaks against more prison bldg Ap18,2H:4 J. F. Cooley sues for $1.3 mill ion for alleged slander and deprivation of civil rlghts Ap22, 36 : 1 Cost 1 y improvements needed despite reforms, Rlchard Earl Griffin says Ap25,gB:l Meeting on crisls in houslng delayedap25,gb:l A. L. Lockhart warns that number of prfsoners could force backup Into county jai 1s Ap30,2B:3 US Ci rcul t Court of 142

152 PRISONS AND PRISONERS 1982 PRISONS AND PRI SONERS -Arkansas State -Arkansas State Appeals orders end to discipl ine of James Dean Walker, who says he refuses to work because he fears for his 1 ife My5,16:6 Correction Dept sends Judge Eisele 17 repts on compl fance effort My8,10:5 Tucker inmate John Arthur Bowden drowns Myll, 7A:6 Violence prevented full desegreof wing at Cummins, state tel Is judge My18,6A:3 Federal appeals ct orders protection for James Dean Walker My20,1B:6 Staff wants 3 unused state bl dgs used to house prisoners My22, 1B:5 Prison told to cut spending $414,946 by June 30, some units may be forced to close by next year My28, 30:4 Phil lp E. Kaplan authorized to inspect prison units Js8,8A: 1 Inmate James Mitchell shot by Billy Wayne McBryde, Cumins guard JelO,55:4 Prisons near capacity, Legislative Council told JelT,lB:4 Loss of blood plasma program at Cumins would create serious problems Je13,IOB:Z lsiah Solomon Dumas escaped and allegedly abducted and raped wife of secur i ty guard before being captured Jel7,lA:S Legislators and Gov White discuss prlson space Je17,18:5 Lloyd George has plan to reduce crowding by releasing inmates to faml ly Je17,18:6 Budget reduction by Gov Frank White placed prison in present condition; Gov now seeks deficit spending Je18, 16A:l Frank White lists possible solution to crowding Je18,18:3 Legislative Council approves plan to study use of vacant bl dgs around state to house prisoners Je19,16:5 Governor Frank Whi te wants jai 1s used temporarlly Jel9,lB:B Bill Cl lnton concerned about security if prisoners housed in vacant bl dgs Je20,4~:6 Budget of $21.5 mi 11 ion approved by Correction Bd Je26,3B:5 Reports raise questions, Philip E. Kapl an says Je29,4A:4 Inmates clean up area back of State Cap! to1 Jy2, 3B:6 lsiah Solomon Dumas Jr fears repriasals if sent back to Cummins after alleged rape of wife of guard Jy3,2B:5 Inmate Wi ll ie Stevens stabbed to death at Cummins Jy4,3B:4 Casts of care for I11 inmates rising Jy4,180:2 Ruling sends Henry L. Jones Jr back to Cummlns Jy10,56:5 Facilities full Jy13,6A:4 Legislative Counci 1 endorses plan for prisoners to be in work release p rag rams around state under supervision of sherlff Jy17,16:5 Two flee Wrightsvf I le Jy20,7A:3 Two at work release center escape, surrender Jy20,7A:4 About 24 inmates at Pine Bluff hospitalized with hepatitis Jy22,50:1 Pulaski County Sherlff Tommy Fbbinson agrees to take prisoners for a fee from state Jy23,18:2 Corrections Bd interested In Sheriff Rabtnsonts plan Jy24,1B:4 Cumins Unit full Jy28,1~:2 Prisons full ; appeal made to help reduce number Ag6,l B : 5 Sys tern ruled constitutional; suit was filed in 1969 AglO,lA:2 Milestone at prisons (ed) Ag12,16A:l Inmate complaints led to changes in system Agl5,lA:2 Prison specter gone after 13 yrs in ct Ag15,1A:3 Editorials on end to court case Ag15,lZC:l Editorial critical of pol icy of Frank White to talk tough about prison Ag15,12C:3 Donald Wayne Pilkerton, a convicted murderer, missing ~g18,12~:5 Convicted killer Donald Wayne PI 1 kerton surrenders after escape from Cummins, sslzure of 3 hostages Ag19,1A:2 List of 16 inmates who have escaped this year Ag19,ZIA:l State Trooper Mike Fletcher bui I t trust of Donald Wayne Ptlkerton during ordeal Ag20,1A:6 Frank Whl te takes cred i t for reforms Ag20,16A: 1 Department finds 75 pub1 f c bl dgs suitable to house inmates Ag22,7A: 1 Prison suit dismissed with great satisfaction, Judge G. Thomas Eisele says Ag22,14A: 1 Parole hearlng for Arthur G. Li ttell upsets parents of vfctim Ag25,12A:5 Role of Gov Frank White in camp1 lance praised Ag29, 10C:4 Petitions ask denial of parole of Arthur G. Llttell Ag31,4A:2 James Dean Walker argues that he did not recelve fair trial in 1965 ~16,7A:2

153 PRl SONS AND PRl SONERS 1982 PRISONS AND PRISONERS -Arkansas State Legislative Counctl endorses proposal to a1 low GOV to reduce sentences by 90 days to re1 ieve crowding S18,5~:2 Desegregation of maximum security needed, Correction Bd told 01,14A:5 Dennis Patrick Gl ick overpowers guard, abducts woman; Gl f ck captured at Little Rock 07,1A:3 Transfer officer f l red after Gl t ck escape 08, 6 : Food at Women's Unit is deliciousoll,lb:4 GovFrankWhlte vows no clemency for James Wi 11 i ams 012,9A:2 Phil lp E. Kaplan cites positive role of Bill Clinton In helping meet court cornpl iance; rule on working Inmates In extreme heat discussed 020,12A:3 Two inmates escape from Cumins 025,5A: 1 Escapees captured 026,10A:6 Arguments heard on clatm for $100,000 in stabbing death of Roy Wi 11 iam Long 028,4A:1 Correction Bd approves plan to add 67 beds 030,8A:2 Officials say unless $8.8 million is available by January, two units will be closed, 200 employees laid off and 800 prisoners released; Bill Clinton sits in on budget discussion N13,1A:5 Overspending of budget I rks some legislators ~16,bA:S Correction Dept still within budget, but could be broke by Apri I; spending was speeded up to meet court order M18,1A:3 Huge budget requested N19,1A:2 Frank White says he would be glad to share advice on prisons with 0111 Clinton ~19,lA:h Bill Cl inton wants some prisoners housed temporar! ly in jai 1s; Cl inton advocates work for inmates N23,1A:2 Analysts of proposals of Bill Clinton N24,llA: 1 Edf torial on di lemma facing Bt 11 CI inton N27,12A:1 Plan by Bill Clinton will not solve problems, Philip Kaplan says ~28,3A:5 Bill Cl in ton asks prosecutors to support hts prison plans, says prisons could take all of new state funds ~4, 12A:4 Guard critical after stabbing by inmate ~7,14A:4 Claims Comm asked to award damages to inmates who claim prison officials walted to shoot them as they escaped D10,14A:1 Probation cheaper than prison, Legis panel told D15,25A:4 Bill Clinton says prisons need more money than is left in budget D23,1A:2 Doug Wood files bill to send prlsoners to Washington to serve terms D30,4A:2 Ark-Elect ions--governor Capital Punishment C 1 ark County. ~~6,4B:5 Three inmates escape Garland County. Quorum C t agrees to start on new iail ~a29,8~:5 Federal court tororder nkw jai 1 bui 1 t F9,6B:1 Legal Services contends county officials in contempt on jai 1 order ~29,14A:5 phi1 1 i- s county. Regional jail to serve _r;e P ~llips, Lee and Monroe Counties urged- by study panel F2.60: 5 Pulaski ~6unt~; sheriff Tommy7 Rob inson plans to reduce jail staff Ja7,6B: 1 Special master reports jail short of standards in 2 areas Mr9, 10:2 Term of Dwayne Basinger ends; final rept says jail basically in camp1 iance Ap30,1A:4 Two prisoners left in lobby by tittle Rock pol fce after jail refused to take them My28, 18:5 Tactics used by Sheriff Tommy Robinson alarm AAUW; panel to check on jaf 1 asked; Robinson says critlcism shows ignorance Je23,2B:4 Prisoner escapes Ag2,2A:5 Sheriff Tommy Robinson broke law If he secretly taped telephone calls Ag3, la:2 James Norwood st11 1 at large Ag3,5A:2 Off Iclal s ordered to accept prisoners ~18,11~:2 Robinson ordered to accept prisoners S21,1A:3 Federal Judge George Howard halts transfer of city prisoners S22,lA:b Mare prisoners received from city jaf 1, released S23,1A:2 More city prlsoners accepted after 19 released S24,8A:3 Plan studied to jail inmates in two shifts S25,4A:3 Officials ordered to accept prisoners S18,11A:2 Rob inson ordered to accept prisoners S2 1,l A: 3 Federal Judge George Howard

154 PRISONS AND PRISONERS 1982 PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL -Pulaski Co ha1 ts transfer of city prisoners S22, 1A:4 More prisoners received from city jail, released S23,1A:2 More city prlsoners accepted after 19 released S24,8A:3 Plan studied to jail Inmates In two shifts S25,4A:3 Defense- motions claim Sheriff's Dept knew about escape plan 013,5A:1 Police-Pulaskl County Sal ine County. Three inmates e;- cape, are recaptured JelO, lb:3 St Francis County. Inmates control upper floor of jai I, rept says Ag28, 9A:5 Sheriff says prisoners do not run jail Ag31,5A:6 PRITCHETT, BILL Pulaski Coun ty-elections- Shertff PROBST, M. J. Federal indictment charges Probst with conspi ring with Floyd E. Brown, Robert Loren Kendig and James Perry Wil liams in arson at Monticetlo restaurant; Probst has been active in po 1 i tics Ag26,l A: 5 Arson suspects agree to testify in consptracy trial of Pmbst Ag28,9A:1 Pleads not guilty Sl,lA:5 Probst called to testify in Washington before federal Grand Jury probing stolen diamonds S2,3A: 1 Sources say Probs t became enmeshed in probe of H. Edward Tickel, an old friend, when Probst came to Washington to attempt to secretly tape statement by Tickel S5, 1A:5 Robert Loren Kendig and James Perry Williams plead guilty to bank robberjes S8,12A:3 Bank robber says Probst helped get explasives used in bank robberies S9,1A:2 Probst testifies about lifestyle of Tickel S11, 10A:3 Probst not subject of probe in Washington S12,7A:4 lndfcted on 3 counts in Missourf S16,gA:l Cash bond of $100,000 set far Probst $17, 5A:l Probst charged with attempt to destroy evidence S22,llA:3 Innocent plea followed by another arrest S24, 8A:3 Free on bond S25,6A:6 Suppression of evl dence, change of venue requested S30,lZA: 1 Floyd E. Brown tells court that Probst was behind scheme to burn restaurant 01,6A:2 Brief claims Probst was induced to incriminate himself 03,ldA:l Defendant pleads guilty to plan of arson, fraud; 14 counts dropped; Probst agrees to help invest tgators 07,tA:2 Sigma Chi fraternity brothers write letters, appeal to judge not to imprison Probst N10,3A:5 Attorney for Probst explains letter campaign N11,3A:6 License to practice law turned in N16,5A:1 Floyd E. Brown gets 3 year term in arson, l nsurance fraud scheme; Judge Henry Woods says letter writing campaigns do not influence judges N17,6A: 1 Edi torial on letter campaign led by Howard J. Wiechern Jr N21,14B:3 Sentenced to 8 yrs in prison N24,1A:2 PROCESS TECHNOLOGY CORP Vending Machines PROCTOR AND GAMBLE CO Septic Shock PROCTOR, GEORGE W. Pol ice and Law Enforcement PROFITT, GENE H. Bonanza Sirlofn Restaurants PROPERTY, TAXATION OF See Taxat ion-real Estate PROSTITUTION A1 lan Dlshongh discusses equal i ty under the law in prostitution cases ~a15,7a:4 Little Rock Pol Ice Chief Walter E. Slmpson and Pulaski County Sheriff Tommy Robinson feel Municipal Judge A1 lan Dishongh too lenient on pmstltutes Je17,2B:5 Little Rock Municipal Judge Allan Dishongh demands probe of prostitution Je19,ZB: 1 Three Pulaski County judges refuse to act Je22,2A:5 Judge Dishongh gives stiff sentences to 3 women, invites Gazette to observe his handling of cases Jy I,6B: 1 Seven women agree to leave Pulaski County by sundown Jy30, 2B:5 Four women enter gut1 ty pleas, agree to leave Pulaski County by sundown Ag14,53:4 PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH Three churches In Ark plan memarla1

155 PROTESTANT EP l SCOPAL 1982 PUBLIC UTILITIES gardens at church where cremated remains of members can be housed Jag, 1 C :5 Little - Rock. Trinity Cathedral's Great Hal 1 dedicated F22,llA:S PROVIDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO Attorney for state Senator James L. Holsted outlines defense against charge that Holsted stole more than $2,500 from f i rm; defense says HolstedJs acts were approved by firm Ja8,llB:l James L. Holsted enters negotiated plea of guilty to felony charge of fll lng a misleading or false statement on co; part of agreement required resignation of Holsted from state Senate Ja16,1A:2 P RYOR, DAV l D HAMPTON Senator quips, fields questions from students at Little Rock hfgh school F17,1B:3 Comments on his recent trip to People's Republ i c of China 029,18A:6 Role of Don Harrell + admr asst, discussed N8,1A:2 Addresses Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation D2,8C:4 Appotnted to Senate Finance Comml ttee D3,20A:5 Crt tfclzes col leagues in Sen for budget abdication DT9,1A:5 Upset by deletion of funds for the poor D21,1A:6 Agriculture Ark-Elections--Governor Birth Control Chemical Warfare Congress (US) Education-Equal Educ Education-Religious Practices El Salvador Elect ions Engineers, Army Corps of International Relations Lebanon US- Armament US-Economic Conditions US-Finances PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGISTS Use of learning technique that utilizes both sides of brain F15,lB:S PUBLIC ACCOUNTING See Account i ng PUBLIC OPINION Davld Martin comments on polling methods D30,9A: 1 PUBLIC PROPERTY See Ark-Local Government PUBLIC SCHOOLS See Education and Schools PUBLIC UTILITIES Article discusses proposal to elect Pub1 ic Servlce Comm members Ja24,4H:5 Scott Trotter heads campaign to provide for election of PSC members as proposed by a coalition of labor and consumer groups; Bobby Glover heads another group with a different proposal Fg,lB:3 Arkansas Sun warns that reform must be fair to util ittes as we1 l as to ratepayers F14,4H: 3 Bobby L. Glover starts push for election of PSC members F18,120:2 Arkansas Renewable Resources Councl I endorses election of PSC F19,3B:t Demagoguery called a threat to election of PSC F22,lOA:S Editorial on reform efforts F28, 4H: 3 Gov Frank Whi te opposes election of PSC members Mrl0,lB:Z Gazette says utility regulation has no business in the Constt tutton Mr14, 2H:l Frank White explains his view on rates, PSC elections Mr17,68:6 Bill Clinton signs petition for election of PSC members Mr20,1B:6 Scott Trotter responds to Gazette crtticism of proposed amdt Mr21,2~:4 Review of uri 1 i ty cost reports hampered by small staff at PSC ~r28, 1A:2 Joe Pu reel 1 does not support election of PSC Ap3,12B:l Kim Hendren signs petition, not endorsing plan on PSC Ap6,66: 1 Joe Purcell opposes election of PSC Ap7,lOA:I Util ities would become involved in politics if PSC elected, Sheffield Nelson says Ap21,lB:2 John Clayton opposes PSC election Ap21,6B: 1 Bobby L. Glover says his group needs 31,393 more names an PSC election Ap23,4~:2 Ed1 tori a? discusses dangers of proposed amdt on PSC Ap29,12A:1 Rates lower in states that elect PSC, backers of amdt say

156 PUBLlC UTILITIES 1982 PULASKI ACADEMY Ap29,lB:2 Nathan M. Norton calls rate study on elected officials a dlstortton Myt,38:3 Editorials on election of PSC My2,4H:2 Elected vs. appointed officials My6,15A:4 Editorial says election of PSC would introduce back- room pol i t 9 cs My9,4H : 3 Editorial on use of statistics in plea for elected PSC Myl2,lbA:l Bobby Glover abandons his effort to get PSC election on ballot, but Ratepayers Fight Back nears its goal Jell, 1 B:5 Kel th French discusses how regu 1 a tory process works Je l6,1 SA: 1 Carl Whi 1 lock accused of mis representing amdt on utility regulation Je24,llB:Z AECC will not print reply to Whil lock ed! torial Je25,6B:5 Flaws in proposed amdt pointed out Je30,8A:l Utility reform petitions filed; opposition group formed Jy3, 1B:2 List of members of group opposed to amdt Jy4,30:1 Petitions to be challenged In ct If they are certified Jy7,1B:3 Mac Morton on politics and the PSC Jyll,lH:l Names may fall short on petition for PSC election 3y17,38:3 ACORN members refused entry to strategy meeting of opponents of amdt Jy22,5B:2 Petitions on amdt fall 4,159 names short Jy23,1B:2 Suit seeks to keep amdt off ballot Jy27,5A:3 Suit chal lenges amdt Jy28,10:5 APtL advertising cost versus cost of proposed Ratepayers Uti 1 i ty Bd Ag1,4H:4 Scott C. Trotter defends Amdt; discusses interests of opposition leaders Ag4,7A:4 John F. We1 1s seeks to prevent Paul Riviere from spending funds to publlsh amdt Ag6,6B:3 State enters lnto $35,000 contract for printing proposed amdt Ag10,5A:3 Craig Berry calls amdt a Trojan Horse Ag12,16A:3 Group sues to halt printing of amdt Ag12,6B:3 Amendment backers file 10,761 more signatures Ag17,6A:4 Petitions valid; Paul Riviere to certify Akndment 63 to ballot Ag20,1A:2 Walter W. Nfxon I I I letter on bypassing weak officials Ag21,10A:4 Opponents of Amdt 63 say they have found dl screpancies in pet! tions Ag2?, 12A:5 Proposed amdt certified for ballot Ag24,6A:4 Dr Grant M. Davis says appointed PSC works best Ag24, 9A: 1 Opponents say Amdt 63 lacks enough signatures Ag25,3A:1 Bill Clinton sees no problem with elected PSC Ag29,gA:l Amendment suit heard by state Supreme Ct Ag31,4A:5 Editorial warns about dangers of locking uti 1 i ty regulation into constitution S1,12A:1 State Supreme C t strikes proposed Pmdt 63 from ballot; proposal called misleading S3,1A:5 Celeb rat ion beg ins at APEL offices S3,6A:4 Sponsors of Pmdt 63 call ct rul ing outrageous; group angered by celebration at APEL offices; Frank White, who opposed amdt, calls for studies, and Bill Clinton sees need for strong governor S4,1A:2 State Supreme C t would have been affected by passage of amdt S4,1A:4 Amendment 63's downfall (ed) S6,106:1 Gazette says Supreme C t used good judgment in Amdt case S8,IOA:l Edltorial response to court decision on Amdt 63 S12,145:1 Supreme Ct refuses reheartng on Amdt 63 ~28,4A:6 Legislative panel rankled by request of Frank White that 1 t look lnto util 1- ties reform 01,4A:2 Decision by Ark Supreme C t means customer complaints must be taken to circuit court, not to the PSC; rul lng came in dispute between Ozarks Electric Co-op and Lawrence Turner 021,8C:4 Four bills on reform filed in Legts N16,2A:4 Heads of 3 utilities say voters would not approve elected PSC N20,5A: I Ark+ 1 ect ions--gove no r Ark-Public Service Comm Electric Power and Light Telephones and Telephone Companies PUBLIC WELFARE See We1 fare PUtASKl ACADEHY Classical language taught N21, 1 C:3

157 PULASKI COUNTY 1982 PULASKl COUNTY PULASKI COUNTY Crime Pol i ce-pul aski County Pri sons-pulaski County... Area Planning and Renewal. Guard 7 7 posted, access 1 fmi ted to meetlng of Board of Commissioners of C1 inton Road improvement Dist; high assessments protested Jell,lA:2 Three comrs of Cllnton Road Water Dist charged with violation of FOI Act Je15,7A:3 Water Dist comrs admit closed meeting held Je16,3B:6 Proposed subdivision rules have support ~g8,5~: 1 Elections. Complete returns in Dern primary My27,148:1 Returns N4,18A:1 ~tections--cot lector. Kenneth L. Taylor defeats Ken Best Je9,6B:1 ~lectlons--~ud~e. Dr ale Cowl ing seeks Dern nomination Ja15,48:3 Don R. Venhaus is candidate F13,40:3 Evelyn Enderl in seeks Dem nomination F26,8B:5 County Judge William E. Beaumn t J r f i res Rebecca Cowl ing for allegedly giving list of firms who do business with county to her father, Dr Dale Cowling, a candidate for County Judge F27,10:3 Rebecca Cowl ing says Beaumont had her use same llst to raise funds for him Mr3, 128 : 1 Grievance Board recommends reinstatement of Rebecca Cowl S ng ; Judge Beaumont ref uses Mr12,I B : 2 Luke A. Moorman Jr files Mr20,33:5 John H. McCaleb files as Republican Mr31,14A: 1 Four Dern candidates seek support of Southern Christ tan teadership Conf Ap4,?~:3 Candidates discuss possible merger of services My2, 1 H: 1 Gazette endorses Don Venhaus My1 9,14A: 1 Summary of race by 5 candidates My23,1B:2 Don Venhaus and Evelyn Enderl in leadtng in returns My28,1A:3 Sheriff Tommy Robinson wins bid for reelection My26,15:4 Evelyn Enderl in and Don Venhaus prepare for runoff My27,16:4 Dr Dale Cowling says he will vote for Don R. Venhaus; Evelyn Enderl in charges deal was made Jel,6A:l Don R. Venhaus defeats Mrs Evelyn Enderl in fur Dern nomination Je9,1A:2 Don Venhaus easily wins N3,5A:2 ~lections--~"orum - Court. Revfew of races 029,22A: 1 Elect ions--sheri ff. Bi 11 Pri tchett, a former deputy, to seek Dem nomination ~a3,130:2 Carrol l Gravett enters race Ja8,4~:2 Tommy Robinson seeks reelection ~a24,lb: 5 Candidate Lewis Biggs critical of some of Sheriff Tommy Robinson's expenditures F2,48:5 Prosecutor Wi 1 bur C. Bent ley finds nothtng illegal in Robinson's expenditures that were quest laned by Lewis Biggs F4,86:6 Tommy Robinson formally opens campaign My3,1A:2.Gazette endorses Carrol l Gravett My1 3, 10A:l Summary of race My23,1B:2 Tommy Roblnson wins easily My27,146: I Gazette comments on Robinson vlctory My28,lbA:I FInance - and Budgets. AFL-C I0 to remain neutral in sales tax vote Ja8. 78:4 Priorities set for use of proposed sales tax Ja21,1A:3 Little Rock Board of Directors votes to cut garbage collection fee in return for support of sales tax Ja21,13:5 Pulaski County Property Owners Assn to campaign against sales tax Ja26,jB:l Article reviews sales tax campaign Ja31,lA:Z Edi torlal on tax vote Ja31, 2H: 1 Opponents stress effect of sales tax F1,12A:4 Sales tax issue brfngs spurt of absentee voting FZ, 10: Radio editorial favoring tax draws protests F2,1B:6 Sales tax approved by 2,900-vote margin F3,1A:3 Special incentives led to tax passage F4,1B:4 State audit for turns up wide range of discrepancies; report sent to prosecutor's off ice N13,lOA: 1 Sheriff Tommy Robinson to seek repeal of sales tax Dl 9,28A: I Government Employees - and Off iclals. Don Venhaus to attempt to raise pay.. of deputy sheriffs by 20 pct D17, 19A: 1 Po1 ice-pul aski County History. Portraits.of former

158 PULASKI COUNTY 1982 RAPE County Judges presented by Pulaski County Historical Society Mr11,50:2 Pub1 ic Buildings. Disposition of county jail discussed 012,133: 1 Future of old jail is source of worry D13,lB:I -- suits and Claims Against Government John Wesley Hall Jr sues county for $26,071 in legal fees Ja15,1B:2 Attorneys seek $56,000 fee for legal work for inmates challenging legal i ty of jail conditions; fees cal led excessive F3,3B:1 John Wesley Hal? Jr amends sui t to seek more than $24,896 in fees for representing Circuit Clerk Jacque Alexander in sul t seeking to increase budget F5,30:3 - Tax Collector. Roy Keith dies F15, 3B:2 Eugena Atha apptd to complete Keith's term F17,1B:2 See a 1 so Pulaskl County-Area Planning PULASKI COUNTY SCHOOL D I ST Rl CT See Education-Pulaski County Dist PULITZER PRIZES James 0. Powel 1, Arkansas Gazette editor, named to Pulitzer Prize nominating panel Ja6,4B:5 PUN1 SHMENT (CRIMINAL PROCEDURE) Article on effects of a1 ternative to jai 1 program for minor crimes Mr21,6B:l Robert Mclntosh dl rects program that puts offenders to work on pub1 ic projects Je13,8B:2 Mclntosh upset because women to1 d not to work for him Je24,2B:5 See Capita 1 Pun i s hmen t Crime Victims (Compensation of) Drug Addiction P r f sons and P r 1 sone rs Prostitution PUPPETS See Marionettes PURCELL, JOE Ark-Elect i ons--governor Public Uti 1 i ties PURTLE, JOHN 1. Ark-Elections--Supreme Court Crime - Q - QUAKERS See Friends, Society of QUALITY CARE NURSING HOME Seven teen cases of TB found at Hot Springs faci 1 i ty D23,4A:5 QU l K PRODUCTS Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co QUILTS AND QUILTING Quilts made by Hope Shoaf are sold international ly Mrl,I B:2 Betty McAdams Is a qui 1 ting expert Ap27, 1B:4 RABBtNICAL ALLIANCE OF AMERICA Education-Curricula RA l L ROADS Two men killed in coll tsion of two frelght trains near Newport 04,1A:3 Little Rock and Western Rat l road Missouri Pacific Lines Rock Island Line Taxation-Real Estate and Other Property RAIN AND RAINFALL See Wea the r RAiNEY, ROBERT Juries and Jury Duty RAMSAY, LOUIS Ark-Elect ions--governor RANEY (T.J.) AND SONS Investment banklng fi rm wil l move to All led Telephone B1dg Ag17,50:2 State Securities Dept files complaint against firm alleging its agents engage in fraudulent practices; David L. Coates among those named S30,1A:4 David R. Coates calls complaint political Ol,l4A:I Firm censured by SecurO tfes Dept D31,6A:1 RAPE Governor Frank Wh 1 te names Leona Troxel 1 to Governor's Task Farce on Rape Mr3,30 : 1 Judge Ha rl an Webe r says many rape charges are false Mr3, 12B:l More concern for victims urged Mr22,1A:2 Self-image 1s problem for

159 RAPE 1982 RECREATI ON VEH l CLES rape victims S21,10:2 Sex Crimes RAPE, GOVERNOR'S TASK FORCE ON See Rape RAPPEPORT, DOROTHY K. Welfare RAZORBACK READY MIX CONCRETE CO Foreclosure suit filed against firm Je10,118:5 Firm files for reorganization in federal Bankruptcy Court Jell,SB:l RAZORBACKS Dr Helmar H. A. Dollwet plans to have razorbacks from Germany sh i pped to Ark as gift to state Jy27,2A:5 German wl 1 d boars cannot be brought to Ark 03,15A:1 READY, MARY Poetry REAGAN, NANCY First Lady to visit Ark S23,3A:5 ACORN to protest visit S26,14A:3 Visit protested S28,1A:2 Central High student sues, wins right to hand out leaflets prior to arrival of Nancy Reagan S28,1A:2 Mrs Reagan greeted at af rport by Gov and Mrs Frank White S28,1A:5 Visits schools in Little Rock and Jonesboro, brings drug abuse message S29,1A:2 Protesters outside ha1 1 included students, ACORN and Robert Mclntosh S29,1A:2 Key to city of Little Rock g t ven Mrs Reagan by manager of hotel S29,10A:5 Goodwill Industries REAL ESTATE Trend of blacks losing land seen as crisis Ag6,96:2 Blacks in Ark faced with loss of land; decline of black owned acres in East Ark charted Ag29, 1A:3 Colt ier-cain group acquires large fan holdings Ag29,1C:2 Senate adopts amdt by Dale Bumpers requiring federal agencies to notify Cong when public land is to be sold S30,8C:2 Housing market revlved 016,lA:Z Five farmers from Whl te and Jackson Counties ask federal court to prevent Farmers Home Adm foreclosure on defaulted loans 027,5C:2 Cemeteries REAL ESTATE (Can't) Ltttle Plantation Marlsgate Plantation REAL ESTATE TAXES See Taxat ion-rea 1 Estate REAL Ll FE RANCH Balcony col lapse at youth home near Rogers injuries 28 children and adults My26,5A:6 Recent high winds may have weakened deck ~y27,40 : 1 REAPER (JACK) FAM l LY Ag rf cul ture REAPPORTlONMENT See Ark-Elections--Legislature RECREATION Luxury, back-country mix in Northwest Ark My2,ZX: 1 Forest, lakes and parks of Northwest Ark My2.S: I Speclal attractions of Eureka Springs My2,51: 3 Western Ark attractions includes lakes, forests and parks My2, 6X:t Fort Smith's historic sttes attract tourists My2,6I: 4 Southwest Ark areas My2,71:1 Areas in Southeast Ark ~y2,81: 1 Fe 1 sen thal National Wi 1 dl l fe Refuge creates new recreation area in South Ark My2,8T:3 Southeast Ark has histortc sites, other features ~y2,8z:5 HlstorTc structures, river activities attract touri sts to Southeast Ark My2,9J: 1 Hot Springs attractions My2,lOL:l Lakes attract mf 11 ions to Southwest Ark ~y2,121:1 List of facilities In Southwest Ark My2,131: 1 Central Ark recreation fact1!ties My2,151:1 Southwest Ark features history, fishing and watermelons My2,191:4 Recreation areas fn South-Cent ral Ark My2,20$: 1 Arkansas River Val ley area offers parks, peaks and lakes My2, 212:1 Mountains, water are top attract ions in Ozarks region My2,221: 1 Ozark Gateway area attractions My2, 23J:l Greers Ferry attracts mi 11 ions ~~2,241: 1 Delta area faci l i ties My2, 272:l Northeast Ark offers attractions My5,27X:4 Parks RECREATION VEHICLES A1 1 -Terrain Vehtcles pose real threat to young operators Ag14,lC:2

160 RED RIVER RESERVO l RS RED RIVER Lynn Lowe apptd by Gov Frank White to Red River Compact Corn Ap1,3B:2 Apportionment of water gets top prlority from compact Ap28,4A:1 REDFIELD TELEPHONE CO See Telephones REESE, W 1 LL l AM GEORGE Doctor continues receiving honors, awards My16,IG:Z REEVES, LOREN Searcy Caunty REFORMATORI ES See Prisons REFUGEES AND EXPATRIATES Cuba-Ref ugees t ndo Ch i nese Refugee Set t 1 emen t REFUSE See Waste Materials REGULATORY AGENC t ES See geog heads, with subdivislon Departments and Agencies--Regul a tory Agencies; also see subject of regulation REHABILITATION (HUMAN) See Arkansas Sports Rehabi 1 I tat ion Institute Handicapped RELlGtON AND CHURCHES John Workman comments on danger of a state-approved natlvi ty scene at the State Capitol Ja2,3C:1 Mrs Norman Wright lr on religion and state Ja3,2H:4 Report on Richard Roberts and his faith-healing service at Little Rock Jal6,tB:l Maumelle Co-Operative Mtntstry harmonizes different denoms Mr8,10:4 Scripture Study Serles developed by Tammy and Fred Woe11 of tr is now used in 37 states Jy3,1C:2 Recent rol ing may affect ACLU plans to sue to ha1 t nativity scene at State Capitol Jy30, 3B:6 Bobby Kinder of Walnut Ridge, charged w I th fraud by deception for taking funds from churches Ag17,5A:4 Student's declining interest in re- 1 igion called mirror of society Ag31, 1B:2 Little Rock Sign Bd of Review gives First Pentecostal Church one year to stop rotating sign, which pastor says Is part of ministry 01, 3A: 1 Agape Church Atheism Bapti s t Church Christians and Jews Churches, Arkansas Councf 1 of C i rcl e H Youth Ranch Day Care Centers for Children Educat ion-curricula Foundation of Ublqui ty Friends, Soclety of Full Gospel Church Her! tags Christian School Jeohvah 's Witnesses Legal Society, Christian Methodist Church Presbyterian Church Prisons-Arkansas State Protestant Episcopal Church Salvatfon Army Sunday Observance Unification Church Zarephath Horeb Church RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS See Education-Curr icula Education (~ecatur) REL t G lous FORUM, GREATER LITTLE ROCK Education ( ~i ttle Rock)-Equal REPUBLICAN PARTY Congress (US) -Reapportionment REPUB L I CAN PARTY, ARKANSAS Suit challenges GOP placement of names on ballot for party posts My17, 7A:5 Ballot changes ordered In Sharp County GOP dispute My22,lB:l Delia Combs resigns as di rector of party Jel0,2B:k June Grayson is new executive secy Je13,16:6 Republican National Committee pumping large sums of money to Ark candidates Agl, l6:3 Jobs, economy issues lead GOP concerns at state conv S12,3A:1 Top officeholders want Morris S. Arnold for chmn 03,21A:1 Morris Arnold elected chmn of Republican State Committee; other offlcers named D5, 3A: 1 RESERVO 1 RS See takes and Reservoirs

161 RESPIRATORY DISEASES 1982 Rl CELAND FOODS RESPIRATORY DISEASES dismissed Mr8,10:3 Future layoffs Study at Veterans Adm Medical Center at NLR helps fight Legionnaires Disease Je3,lB:l RESTAURANTS, BARS AND N l GHT CLUBS hinge on price for power My16,13:5 Cable plant shutdown means loss of jobs for 160 at Malvern Je22,5A:3 SPA rejects APEL figures on cost of Owners of successful Wendy's out- power Jy25,19:2 Gov Frank Whits may lets to open 13th soon Ja17,82:4 file suit if SPA cuts power to Article on good eating places Reynolds S11,7C:2 Bill Clinton urges throughout Ark Je13,1G:2 Catfish Gov Frank Wh i te to ask Pres Reagan label law Jy4,18:2 for help in getting power for Reynolds S12,4A:3 Rate for power de- Bonanza Sirloin Restaurants creased by APGL S16,7C:6 State loses... bid to keep share of SPA power; Gov Jonesboro. Le Banque Is fine Frank White vows to sue S24,IA:S restaurant housed in old bank Myg, Frank White appeals for overrule of 1G:2 SPA decision O6,SA:l 5111 C? tnton Little - Rock. Vineyard in the Park offers suggestions on power 08,8A:4 Restaurant at Arkansas Arts Center aids Center funding; Yellow Daisy SPA asked to correct mu1 ti-mi 11 ton do1 lar error in furnishing power 026, aids Youth Homes, Inc Apl8,lG:5 1A:4 SPA says it sent notlce of Japanese chefs at Fu Ji Japanese power cut to Congressmen, but not to Steak House make a production out of Governor 026,5A:5 Firm praises Frank a meal Jell,lC:3 Packet House to White and his staff for pointlng out feature fine food N1,1B:2 LaBelle error in power a1 location 027,5C:5 France is newest restaurant N14,1B:2 Arkansas to sue SPA for low cost RETAIL STORES AND TRADE power N6,1A:2 Loss of payroll to be Park Plaza led move of stores from serious blow to Benton area N18,1A:2 downtown LR Ag8,1F:2 Bennett's has Hurricane Plant to close in August; been in business in Little Rock over 709 workers will Iose jobs N18,1A:6 100 years 02,15:2 Regional shopping Sheffield Nelson says Reynolds gas center to be built at 1-30 and in western Little Rock N10,3A:1 rate is among lowest N19,1A:2 Closing of plant will place heavy funds loss on Bauxite schools N19, Di 1 lard's Department Stores 1A:2 Closing no surprise to Gov Haverty Furniture Co Frank White ~19,14A:5 Depressed Kempner' s industry helped bring on closing N21, Kent's Store 1A:2 Quebec offers low-cost power to McCrory Stores induce expansion of plant there N23, Penny, J C Company, Inc 4C:2 Officers tell Bill Clinton firm Sunday Observance RETARDED (MENTAL RETARDATION) does not plan to pull out of state D9,15A:1 See Mental Health RETI REMENT SYSTEM, JUD l C l AL (ARK) Af r Pol 1 ut ion See Ark-Courts Electric Power RET l REMENT SYSTEM, TEACHER (ARK) R! CE See Education -Teache rs See Grain REYNOLDS METALS CO RICELAND FOODS Reynol ds Co and A1 uminum Company of Pol icies of Richard Be1 1 bring both America study future of Ark plants as respect and crl ticism N22, fa:2 Coprofits decl ine Ja31,10:2 Firm to operative lays off 100 workers D15, lay off 123 workers at Hurricane 6D:6 Stuttgart mill lays off 120 Creek F25,18:4 Racial bfas sult,workers D22,50:4

162 RIDDLE, ALMEDA 1982 ROBBER1 ES AND THEFTS R I DDLE, ALMEDA See a 1 so US -Armament RIFLE ASSOCIATION, NATIONAL Ark-Elect ions--governor Ark-Elections--US House District 1 Police-State Police RILEY, PAT M. Article traces career of LR businessman Je20,3F:l RIVENDELL OF ARKANSAS Maumel le not sure it wants hasp for mental and drug abuse problems 022, 25A: 5 RIVERS Natural and Scenic Rivers Corn to ask Legis to require Legis approval of any rivers added to National Wi Id and Scenic Rivers System Jy1,146:1 Parts of 23 Ark rivers 1 f sted for possible inclusion in natl wild and scenic rivers system Ag12,50:5 Arkansas River Cad& River Lakes and Reservol rs Mu1 berry Rl ver Waterways Whlte River RIVERSIDE CABLE CO See Television RIVIERE, PAUL Article reviews public career of Secretary of State Paul Riviere Je20, 10:2 See a 1 so Ark-Elections Secretary of State Ark-Legislature Ark-Pub1 ic Buildings ROADS AND TRAFFIC Snow, Ice cost AHTD $1 mill ion Ja29,118:5 Llst of contracts awarded F19,5B:s Reagan plan would cut aid to Ark by 50 pct Mrl5,IA:T State Highway Comrn Chairman James A. Branyan says time may have mme for state to take over a1 1 caun ty roads Ap1,5A:4 List of contracts let Apl, 78 : 1 W Tn te r damage repa i rs to cost $26.1 mi 11 ion Ap24,76: 3 Contracts awarded My6,8B: 1 Arkansas drivers obey speed 1 imlt except on interstates My24,13A:l Roy Reed article opposes Hi ghway 71 expressway through the Ozarks ~y28,17~:1 Study shows poor roads cost Arkansas motorists $186 per year Je18,7B:S Governor Frank White to seek tax package Je23, lb:5 list of contracts awarded Je24, 8B:4 Money troubles becoming critlcal ~~4,146: 1 Ed1 torials on problems and issues Jy4,hH:l Little Rock. circled by freeway loop Jy25,1A:2 Tempers flare as Frank Gilbert of Alma meets with Henry C. Gray on slowness in improving US 71 Ag13,4B:4 No money avai 1 able for contracts Ag26, 7A:l North Bet t Freeway Route In north Pulaski County approved Ag26, 7A:l Arkansas Municipal League opposes Amdt 62 Sl6,lA:4 Arkansas Municipal League st 111 refuses support of Amdt 62 to allow Quorum Cts to vote 3 mill road tax S25,10A:5 League of Women Voters opposes Amdt ,gA:l Henry C. Gray says AHTD needs $100 million 021,3A:5 Pros and cons of hdt ,98:1 Voters approve proposed Amdt 62 which transfers authority for levying road taxes to the quorum court N3,5A:4 Amendment 62 approved by 53 pct of voters ~4,7A: 1 Con tracts awarded N18,10A:5 Certified election returns on Amdt 62 N21,2A:3 Cost to repair roads and bridges would be $6.18 billion, TRIP says D11,5A:1 State to get $111.6 mllllon in highway aid D31,YA: 1 Acc i dents Trucks and Trucking lndus try ROBB, THOM ARTHUR Ku Kl ux KIan ROBBER1 ES AND THEFTS Four more men arrested in probe of crime ring operating in Ark Ja2,26:1 Conway school offlcial convicted of theft by receiving Mr7,lOB: 1 James Wi 11 iam Curran faces burglary, theft counts My5,6f3:6 Audit: of Youth Services Dtv shows possible funds theft, questionable expenditures ~yt0,4b:l W i l l lam J. James develops securi ty booth cal led Th tef Stopper S21,1B:5

163 ROBBER1 ES AND THEFTS 1982 ROGERS, DOYLE See al so Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co Arkansas Power and Light Co Banks and Banklng Crime and Criminals Y--7 Fa ettevi 1 Fe. Three gunmen take Robert Perry amily hostage, rob his ~ayettevil le jewel & store Mr4,4~:3 -- Fort mi th.- sting operation-brings 34 arrests Jy22,1 3:6 Lawrence County. Lawrence County school supervisor Sloan G. Turnbow charged with theft of school 1 unch commodities Je26,lB:G Little - Rock. Police confirm call was received about beating of 3 boys Jal,lB:6 Fifteen motoris;s at- ti tile Rock ignore robbery victim hobbl ing along Arch Street Pike still tied to chair ~r12,1~:4 Pharmacist fatally shoots gunman demanding drugs Mr18, 1A:S Residents instal 1 ing home burglar alarms JetO,lC:2 Gunmen tie up fami l y, ransack house Jel6,2B: 1 Eric Branscornb seized, accused of robberies by use of grenades D30, I A:2 Bond for Eric Branscomb increased D31,7A:4 See a 1 so Little Rock and Western Rail road Mu rders -B rewe r Pol ice-little Rock Paragoul d Arkansas Method i st Hosp -- Pine Bluff. Stolen goods worth $392,000 recove red in Pine Bluff sting My21,2B:4 Russel lvi l le Arkansas Tech Un iv ROBBINS, BOB Crime ROBE, ELNA SMITH ~hal lenge of wi 11 of Mrs Robe dismissed Myl4,bB:S ROBERTS, DON Ark-Education Dept Educa ti on-teache rs ROBERTS, JOAN Major role in election of Gov Bil T C1 in ton N7,1A:3 Wi 11 be press secy for Gov Bill Cl inton D23,1A:2 ROBERTS, RICHARD ReligioH and Churches ROBINSON, G. ALLEN Farm Museum and Heritage Center ROBERTSON, M, G. (PAT) Clark, Steve ROBINSON, TOMMY Campaign schedule Is busy; Robinson may seek hi ghe r office 023,3~: 4 Ark-Elect ions --Govern0 r Crime and Criminals Job Corps Mu rde rs -McAr th u r Police-Pulaski County p*rnography and Obscen i ty Prisons-Pulaski County Putaskt County-ElectSons- Sheriff Prostitution US-Drug Enforcement Adm ROCK ISLAND LINE Governor Frank Whi te be1 ieves Santa Fe Ra i 1 road w t 1 1 purchase Rock ls 1 and Ja19,1A:2 Santa Fe wlll not buy Rock Island Line Mr2,6~:4 Removal of unused track in Ark proposed Ap2,4B : 1 Removal of track to be delayed ~ ~ 2 8, 60:l ROCKEFELLER, W l NTHROP Estate sues for $230,136 in taxes pasd under protest S3,16A:6 Gave about $750,000 to Arkansas Arts Center S17,1B:4 Court rules trs must repay $358,233 D18,9A:3 ROCKEFELLER (W I MTHROP) FOUNDAT! ON Sponsors adul t educ project D3, 25A: 3 Ark-Economic Conditions Colleges-Gifts ROCKEFELLER, Wl NTHROP PAUL Millionaires RODHAM, H l LLARY Ark-Elections--Governor ROGERS Residents approve sales tax My5, 36:2 Education (Rogers) ROGERS, DOYLE Success has marked 1 lfe of

164 ROGERS, DOYLE 1982 SANDAGE, CHARLEY businessman Ap18,1G:4 See at so Statehouse Convention Cen te r ROMAN CATHOL l C CHURCH Rev Joseph H, Bi 1 tz is veteran of battles for social justice Ja26,1C:2 See a 1 so Counsel ing ROSE, OSCAR B. SR Retires as Llttle Rock postman Dl, 2A:3 ROSEBUD Storms ROSES Prize hybrtds to be grown on state Cap i to1 grounds S8,3A:4 ROSS FOUNDATION Colleges-Gifts ROSS, G. ROBERT University of Arkansas at Little Rock ROTENBURY, BURL C. JR Workers Compensation l nsurance RUI 2, PAUL Murders-Ri tchie RUNN l NG Arkansas wi 11 have several reprs in Boston Marathon Ap18,5~:2 Bill Rodgers to run Tn Pepsi Challenge at Little Rock Ap22,1D:2 Bill Rodgers sets record In Pepsi race at Little Rock My2,1D:2 Kim Bums wins women's div of Pepsl race My2,1D:2 Mike Clark wins men's div of Big Apple Classic at LR; Diane Rogers wins women's div S7,1C:4 RUSH, MARSHALL Prisons-Arkansas State Prison RUSS, JOHN See a 1 so Co 1 l eges-teache rs RUSS, STANLEY Opportun i ties lndustrfaf ization Center RUSSELL, BETTY DORTCH Art RUSSELL, DAVID Getty Oil Co RUSSELL, HEWER1 Ark-Elections--US House District 4 RUSSELLVI LLE Water RUSSELLVILLE NURSING HOME Falsified medication data found F25,2B: 1 Physicians say medication not a factor in deaths F26,5B:1 Doctor unsure if death tied to missed drug ~r5,6b:h Three accused of mfsconduct on medicatlon Ap3,4%:6 License of Phylls Van Every and Darta Watts suspended Ap22,IB:Z Court order stays suspension of l icenses Ap24,1B:4 State Nurs fng Bd suspends license of Phylis Van Every, gives her a verbal reprimand, then restores license My13,38:4 License of Linda Eof f revoked Je19,20:4 RUSS l A See Union of Soviet Socialist Republtcs RYBURN, BENNY SR Ark-Elactions--US House District 4 RYE, SAMUEL Juries and Jury Duty SAOLER, GUY M. Journal ist dies Jy6,llA:l SA l NT Note: Entries beglnnlng with the ward, Saint, are entered as St SALES TAX See Taxation-Sales Tax SALINE COUNTY Vote set on proposed sales tax Ja6, 2B:l Voters approve sales tax for jail construction F24,9~:6 Prisons-Sal lne County SALT l LLO See a 1 so Storms SALTZMAN, BEN Ark-Heal th Dept SALVATION ARMY Three couples assigned in Pulaski County S13,13A:1 Little Rock facil i- ties increase in number seeking aid 019,2A:3 Poverty SANDAGE, CHARLEY Mus i c

165 SANDFORD, JUANITA 1982 SCHOLARSH I PS SANDFORD, JUAN l TA Books SANYO MANUFACTURI NG CORP Forrest City plant lays off 380 workers Ja7,88:2 Forrest City plant recall s 270 employees Mr20,7B :2 SA RVE R, ROBERT See a 1 so Prisons-Arkansas State Prison SAUDI ARABIA Arkansas State UnIv Foreigners in Ark SAUNDERS MEMORIAL MUSEUM Museum at Be rryv i 1 1 e has guns linked to history S5,6E:1 SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS See Banks and Banking SAWER, JIM MACK Athletics SAXON, KURT Books SAXTOM, JOHN P. Water and Water Po1 1 ution SCAN See Children SCEW l C Rl VERS See Rivers SCHOLARSHIPS, FELLOWSHiPS AND STUDENT LOANS Eight schools in Ark could lose federal aid if Reagan adm requi res colts to collect 75 pct of overdue federal student loans Ja27,3B: 1 University of Ark for Medical Sciences concerned by del inquent loans to students Ja29,12B:1 Rural Medical Practice Student Loan and Scholarship Prag ram encourages phys 1 ci ans to practice in rural areas in lieu of repayment Ja29,12B : 1 Reagan adm budget threatens loan program at UAMS Ja29,12B : 5 Reagan adm proposed cuts in grants and loans wout d be devastating to Ark colts, Dr James E. Mart in says F3,l A: 6 News-Advoca te comments on large number of students on govt aid ~14,4~:4 Reagan adm pmposals mean a 46 pct cut in aid to Ark students within 2 yrs, state Higher Education Dept says F16,16:3 Many students face loss of student loans under Reagan adm proposal F19, 30:3 Senator Dale Bumpers begins effort to convlnce Pres {dent Reagan to reconsider his proposed cuts F23,5A:3 Planned aid cuts would limit higher educ to the rich, student leaders contend F27,48:4 About 300 coll students rally to protest aid cuts Mr2,1A:4 Ed Bethune suggests -11s find ways to curb abuse of aid programs Mr2,6A:4 Bill Alexander told of effect cuts would have on students in his dlst Mr9,2B:5 Robert S. McCord discusses abuses in federal programs Mr? 7,17A: 1 Federal grants for Ark students would drop from 30,915 to 18,549 under Reagan plan Mr22,2A:5 Proposed aid cuts would affect 1,300 at UALR, Ed Bethune told Ap9,9A:4 52 pct of student loans at Garland County are in default Ap9, 5B:5 Students at UALR discuss aid with Ed Bethune Ap10,4B:2 Student Loan AuthorTty to borrow $20 mi 11 ion to make loans Ap27,10A:3 45 state high school seniors win National Merit scholarships Ap29,6~:1 Proposed cuts in student loan program may be delayed; parents i n Ark to be able to get federally guaranteed loans Je9,3B:3 US Attorney George W. Proctor orders 44 persons who are delinquent on student loans to appear before federal Magistrate Jel0,3B:l Student aid level to be about same next year as this year Je15,4A:6 US Attorney Asa Hutchinson steps up effort to col lcct student loans Je19,3B:1 Garland County, Miss lss 1 ppi County and North Arkansas Community Colleges lose loan funds because of high default rates Jy30,56:2 UCA designs plan to curb at d to students who are not serious Ag16,6A:6 Higher Education Bd to ask Legislature to fund program to keep top high school graduates in Ark Ag21,7A:2 Linda Green apptd by Gov Frank White to Student Loan Authori ty S6,10A:5 Student nursing loan default rate at Westark is 90 pct

166 SCHOLARSH l PS 1982 SEV l E R COUNTY 028,2A:3 Student Guidance Service helps students find source of funds Nl,lB:2 Athletics SCHOLASTIC APPlTUDE TEST See Education-Grading SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION, ARKANSAS Proposed legislation for 1983 ~ 8, 11C: 1 See a 1 so Education-Finances Educa t ion-teache rs SCHOONOVER, WEAR KJBLER First All-American from Univ of Ark md the Southwest Conf, dies in Vi rginia Myl6,3D:I SCHULTZ, GLENN R. Brings Park Ryan, Inc to Little Rock D12,l B:4 SCHWARZLOSE, MONROE Ark-Elections--Governor SCIENCE, AMERICAN ASSOClATlON FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF Education-Curricula SCIENCE AND HISTORY, MUSEUM OF Permanent exhibit pays tribute to Ark Ja17,1G:4 Doll display D2,1B:2 Director interested in using site of Tennenbaum Bldg site ~24,4~:1 SCOTT, THOMAS W. Conway County SEARCH AND SEIZURE Pol ice and Law Enforcement SEARCY COUNTY Searcy County Sheriff's office being probed by the FBI and State Police on its hand1 ing of death of Jimmy Lee Moore, 18, in a flaming car last year F6,lB:l Fumes, smoke ki 1 led Maore, state Medical Examiner rules F7,5B:3 Evidence found that Jimmy Lee Moore's death was a homicide, State Pol ice say ~17,10:6 Fire in Moorels car was deliberately set, FBI reports ~18,26:4 Courthouse heavi 1 y damaged by f i re S9,12A: 5 Sheriff Loren Reeves and Deputy Branscomb arrested on drug charges S18,1A:2 Sheriff allegedly sold marijuana to undercover agent SI9, 3A:6 Sheriff, deputy free on bond S21,6A: 1 Reeves case bound over 529, 4A:Z Sheri ff Loren Reeves defeated by Kent Griggs ~4,16A:4 SEARCY, JIM Ark-Elections--US House Dlstrict 4 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO Customer at Little Rock store files $225,000 suit a1 leging she was illegally detained when clerk failed to remove device that set off theft detector F5,55: 1 SEAY, CHARLES H l MTON See Ark-Hi story and Socl a1 Li fe Col leges-libraries SEBASTIAN COUNTY Candidacy of Mlke Bock for County Judge chat lenged because documents filed late Ap16,70:4 Court orders name of Mike Bock, Dem candidate for county judge, taken off ballot because he failed to file pol itical practices pledge on time Ag20,gA:l SECOND CHAPTER (ORGN) Drug Addiction SECONDHAND TRADE LlNC provides business clients with lists of used fndus Items for sale Je20,1F:2 SEDGWtCK PEOPLES GIN AND ELEVATOR CO Grain storage flrm files for bankruptcy Je30,76:6 SENIOR CITIZENS See Aged SENIOR CITIZENS, NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF Aged Ark-Elections--US House Olstrtct 3 SENIOR CITIZENS, NATIONAL COUNCIL OF Aged SEPTIC SHOCK Suit filed at Little Rack against Proctor and Gamble, maker of Rely tampon Ja22,ZB:b SEVtER COUNTY Sales tax rejected by voters ~r24, 28:4 Former County Judge Berry A. Mauldin faces 5 fraud counts Ap27, lla:5 Former County Judge Berry A. Mauldin convicted of mail fraud Je25, 1~:4 Mauldin to run as Dem nominee

167 SEVIER COUNTY 1982 SHIPS AND SHIPPING for County Judge despi te convict ion Je26,10B:4 Former County Judge 8. A. Mauldin sentenced for fraud Ag24, 10A: 1 Ballots chal lenged In race between W i l l iam F. Pogue and B. A. Mauldin for judge N10,9A:6 Pogue wins race for judge N11,20A:4 SEWAGE AND INDUSTRIAL WASTES See Waste Materf a1 s SEX CRIMES Judge Lowber Hendr i cks rules voice identification by victim can be used in trial of John Kellensworth Jr Ja15,2B:5 Dr Robert Thompson, a psychiatrist, and Lynn R. Wilmoth charged with 21 counts of carnal abuse of young boy Mr2,2B:6 William K. Eubanks, Mark Williams and Charles Austin Maupins a1 so charged for molesting 13-year-old boy ~r4,2~:4 James Carter Summe rl in convicted of sexual abuse of a 10-year-old boy at Little Rock Mr4,2B:6 One rape convictlon of John Herbert Kel lensworth Jr reversed because his former wife testified he beat her Mr9,68:1 Dr Robert M. Thompson requests trial Mr16,50:2 Richard Purifoy charged in case of youth Mr18,3B:2 Woman says she i dentif fed John Herbert Kel lensworth Jr as her attacker Ap15,38:1 Charm bracelet admitted in Kel lensworth trial Apl6,ZB:6 John Herbert Kel lensworth found guilty of 1978 rape in southwest LR Ap17,1B:3 Lawyers probe re1 iabi 1 i ty of informant in charges against Dr Rabert Thompson Je9,2B : 4 Sei rure of photos at Thompson home ruled legal Je25, 3B:3 Youth testifies his father took him to home of Or Robert M. Thompson, where he was hom*osexual ly assaulted ~28,4~:4 Thompson found gui 1 ty, gets 10-yr prison term, $10,000 fine on each of 20 counts S29,gA: 1 Dr Robert M. Thompson gets 200-year sentence, $200,000 fine; judge rules fine must be paid In cash and $100,000 bail posted before Thompson i s released for appeal 09,2~:4 James Kirk Campbel I sentenced to two consecut i ve prtson terms for rape, robbery 022, 24A : 6 SEX CRIMES (Con't) Crime Murders -Honeycu t t SEX EDUCATION Dr Sol Gordon says teen-agers need strafght sex talk S15,2A:3 Education (Pulaskf County Dist) -Curricula SEXUAL HARASSMENT See Women SHACK (RESTAURANTS) Multiplex SHAMHOUSE AND SON Magnolia clothing plant to close; 110 to lose jobs Ag28,5C:3 SHANNON H l LLS Petitions seek ouster of 4 aldermen Ja8,4B:4 SHANNON, ROBERT FUDGE Ark-Men tat Heal th Services Div SHARP COUNTY Quorum Court and Judge Frank1 in Arnold ordered to pay 1975 debt to f i rm Ap20,SA: 5 Rul Tng to be appealed Ap21,10:3 Quorum Ct votes to defy Arkansas Supreme Ct rul i ng on payment of 1975 debt My6,1A:2 Officials refuse to pay debt as ordered by Ci rcul t CE My7,10:6 Sheriff T. J. Powell says JPs not In jail because contempt order is defective My20,1A:5 Sheriff writes judge that he 1s uncertain what to do My21,1B:2 Four JPs placed in jar1 cell furnished with sofas. and TV My27,1A:2 Federal Judge George Howard Jr orders JPs freed My28,1B:4 Arkansas Judicial Council says Federal Judge George Howard Jr overstepped authority My30, 36:s Voters reject sales tax N4,6A:1 SHELTON, WILLIAM T. Rece i ves journa 1 ism award from University of Ark Ap9,lB:2 SHERWOOD Growth of city explained Jy26,7A:5 Mayor 6. E. Henson leaving office after 18 years 031,lgA:l Jack Evans elected mayor N3,SA: 1 SHIPS AND SHIPPING Archeology

168 SHIPS AND SHIPPING 1982 SMITH, BARRY (Con't) Arkansas Ri ver Wa te mays SH l RLEY Education (Shi rley) SHOOT l NGS Foundation of Ubiquity Pol ice-little Rock Robberies-Li ttle Rock... Anderson, -- Lee D. Pine Bluff Police shoot, ki l 1 Anderson after incf dent at house S4.5A:l Herndon, /lolly. Suspects in shooting of Holly Herndon say they offered to help in TV re-enactment Ja21,38:3 Steve Brown found guilty in shooting and robbery Ja22,lB:5 Steve Brown sentenced to 42 yrs in prison Ja27,1B:2 Herrinnton, Daniel Jr. Youth shot by Marion Co officials was disturbed Dt7,llA:l Lee James Timothy. James T. Lee, -9 - a mental patient, holds off police at.fort Smith motel room Ag13,lA:Z Lee shot to death as he exited burning motel; arms found in room Aq14,lB:l - - LO& Davld -9 - See Pol ice-north Lf ttle Rock Low my, Edd le. Pocahontas youth wounds pal i cemn, then ki 11 s himself F25,2B:5 Pocahontas policeman James Hand wounded by Eddie Lowrey, who shot himself to death F26,40:1 Mu1 ley, Mickey. Study shows officer Steve Watson not threatened before he shot Mulley Ap8,26:4 Pres tridqe, Charles Jr. 12-yearold shot to death by youths who say they were just trying to scare him ~24,5~:4 No charges to be filed F25, 4 ~ 1 : Steelman Family. Bullets rip into h o w & Mrs Billy Steelman at Little Rock; motive unknown Je24,18:2 SHORTER COLLEGE School continues effort to gain respectability; President John L. Phil 1 Ips leads effort Ja3,1A:2 Teacher says article on col 1 was laden with assumptlons Ja23,6A:6 Subletting of old Central Junior High School to Economic Opportunity Agency is apparent violation of lease F17, 10:3 President John L. Phillips denies breach of contract F19,18:2 Reconstructed records stud led; col 1 still owes federal govt $458,000 Jyl, 6B:2 Financial condition worsens; coll goes into aloe Vera business to raise funds; staff reduced, salarles not paid Dl,lA:5 Colleges-Teachers S l CKLEPOD See Weeds SIEMEN'S ALLIS, INC tittle Rock plant lays off 30 employees D15,6D:2 S l LVER See Metals and Minerals SIMMONS Fl RST NATl ONAL BANK (PINE BLUFF) Attempt to rob Sherri 1 I b ranch fails; two shots fired inside bank Ja21,5B:6 SIMON, ANDRE Libel and Slander S I MPSON, WALTER E. Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy Murders-McArthur Police-Little Rock Prosti tutlon S l NGER COMPANY Trumann pl ant to cease product ion ; 600 will lose jobs F10,lB:S Closing of Trumann plant shocks 600 workers, creates hardships 03,1A:2 Job Carps SKEETS, BILLY ALLEN US-Federal District Court--Western SLANDER See Libel and Slander SMACKEYS Chicken and doughnuts featured by new firm in LR S19,3B:2 SMITH, ALFRED EDGAR Blacks (ln Ark) SMITH, BARRY Libel and Slander

169 SMITH, BECKY 1982 SPRl NGDALE SMITH, BECKY Olympic Games SMITH (ELNA M.) FOUNDATION Poland Lee Morgan drops suit on mgmt of Fdn N17,gA:l Great Passion Play SMITH, EUGENE B. JR Obituary Ap8,3B:3 SMITH (JOHN S.) FAMILY Smiths donate $20,000 to UA Library fund 03,14A:4 SMITH, MAURICE Major role in election of Gov Bill Cl lnton N7,1A:3 Wi 1 l serve as executive secy to Gov Bill Clinton D23, 1 A:2 SMITH, W. R. Citizens Bank of Tillar SMITH, WILLIAM Supports Frank Whlte for Gov 029, 18A:I SMOKING AND SMOKERS See Tobacco SNOW AND SNOWSTORMS See Wea t he r SOCIAL SECURI TY (US) Nearly 3,000 Arkansans have lost disabil ity benefits Mr2,4A:2 Gov Frank White wants Social Security rules changed so no penal ty is assessed for accepting atd from AP&L1s Pro ject Deserve S15,5A:4 Conference at Little Rock hears experts say system wi 11 not collapse 016,1A:2 Senator Dale Bumpers warns that hard decisions must be made N5,1A:5 SOFT DRINKS Ark-Finances SOLAR ENERGY Heat i ng Mi sslss ippi County Commun i ty Col 1 SOUTH ARKANSAS TELEPHONE CO See Te 1 e phones SOUTHALL, JARRELL E. Water and Water Pol lution SOUTHERN ARKANSAS UNIVERSITY Bob L. Burns named to Board of Trustees by Gov Frank Wh i te Ja2 1,5B : 1 Col leges-teachers SOUTHERN ARKANSAS UNIVERSITY. SOUTHWEST TECHNICAL BRANCH Kenneth Craln named to advisory Bd by Gov Frank White F2,40:4 SOUTHERN BAPTIST COLLEGE School receives federal grant of over $750,000 to help it become a byear col 1 Jy21,3B: 1 Arkansas Baptist State Conv defeats plan for 4-year status N18,4A: 1 Colleges-Gifts SOUTHERN REGIONAL BANKING COMM See Banks SOUTHERN INVESTMENT CO Article describes how Hosie W i l l ls family of College Station lost their home for non-paymen t of improvement dist taxes My30,1A:2 Fin's offtcsals also del inquent on taxes My30,SA: 3 Southern Investment, water dist, intertwined in College Station My31,1A:2 Case of Fred Cooley shows how property owner can be unaware he is losing his property My31,1A:3 History of 5 districts shows close I inks to Southern My31,11A:2 Articles in paper prompt numerous checks by property owners to see 1 f taxes paid Je2,IB:l Firm pressed for response to ACORN complaints Je6,8%:1 SOUTHWEST COUNTRY CLUB (I. ~TTLE ROCK) Fire destroys building Je9, IS:? SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO See Telephones SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY CO Gas (Fuel) SOUTHWESTERN POWER ADM I M I STRAT I ON Credit SOYBEANS Taiwan to purchase $31 millfon In soybeans from Ark S 1 1,7C:2 SPARMN See a 1 so Education ( Sparkman) SPINAL CORD Statistics on injuries Ag24,1B:2 SPOCK, BENJAMIN Speaks at ' Reagan Ranch ' at L l t t 1 e Rock 027,l A:5 SPORTS See Athletics and Sports SPRINGDALE Education (Springdale)

170 SPRl NGDALE 1982 STORMS AND TORNADOES See a 1 so ( Con ' t) Floods ST FRANCIS COUNTY Btlly Shanks, a Madison policeman, threatened voters In Sheri ff s race, Charles Coleman charges Je30,3B: 5 ST FRANC1 S NATl ONAL FOREST See Parks-St Francis National Forest ST MARY'S ACADEMY (LITTLE ROCK) See Mount St Mary's Academy ST V l NCENT l MF l RMARY Jump in cost of proposed project expected Mr30,4B:l STAD l UMS War Memorial Stadium STANDARD BRAKE SHOE AND FOUNDRY CO Layoffs at Pine Bluff plant announced Ag20,6C:3 STATEHOUSE CONVENTION CENTER Trade show, ball and tours to open Statehouse Convention Center Agll, 1B:2 Sire of hall to be shown at grand opening S26,1B:3 State Finance Bd sets amt of state funds center may receive 07,16A:5 New center will cost ci ty mi 11 ions before b reak-even Nl3,13A:l Feature article M14,lG:l Exhibition ha1 1 holds grand opening N20,lOA:I Doyle Rogers Sr has broken promi se to pay $3 mi 11 ion toward project, suit by John Norman Harkey con tends ~27,3A: 6 Doyle Rogers says he is ready to pay N28,15A: 1 Rogers makes f i rst payment of $675,000 on hotel 016,15A: 1 STEAL l NG See Robberies and Thefts STEINKAMP, RUM CHRISTIE Noted nutritionist dies Mr24,1B:3 STEENBURGEN, MARY Actors STEPHENS, JACKSON T. Contributes to John Paul Hammerschmidt election fund Ap23,36:2 Honored by Fulbright Cotlege of University of Ark D12,17A:1 Ark-Elections--Governor Ark-Elections--US House District 3 STEPHENS, KEN Football STEPHENS, W. R. (WITT) Donates $1,000 to Cong campaign of Republican Chuck Banks 022,12A:3 STERLING STORES COMPANY, INC See McCrory Stores STEWART, CHARLES Golden Years Manor STODOLA, MARK A. Democratic Party STORMS AND TORNADOES Lee and Phil1 ips Counties suffer tornado damage Ja4,9A:6 Hot Springs hit by tornado; damage not extensive Ja23,1A:2 Hot Springs clean-up begins Ja24,2B:2 State hit by 19 tornadoes in 4-hour period ki 1 l ing 13, injuring 68 Ap3,1A:4 Damages 1 lsted at $12 mi 11 ion f ram 20 tornadoes that struck state Ap4,IA:S Governor Frank Whl te tours areas, seeks federal af d Ap4, ta:6 Description of destruct Ion Ap4,3B:1 Governor Frank White releases $200,000 for victims Ap6,1B:3 Tornado warntngs on TV keep viewers in touch Apll,lG:2 DeWltt hit by tornado Ap17,2B :4 Tornadoes seen aloft over Central Ark Ap20,6A:3 Tornadoes strike Pulaski and Hot Spring Counties ~p26,1~:3 Tornado hit 26 houses in Red Oak area south of Little Rack Ap27,llA:j Tornado strikes near Hughes My23,3B:3 Storm creates damage to Texarkana and Southwest Ark My28,iOB: 1 Small tornado k i 11 s one person in Conway County My29,IB:l Foreman area damaged Jel,lOA:5 Severe storms hlt Fayettevi 1 le area Jel6,lA:S Winds damage 1 arge area of state Jy23,40: 1 Pinnacle Valley Road area NW of Little Rock recovering from Force 6 winds of 1980 storm Ag9,lB:k Twisters rake state; damage heavy at Rosebud, Naylor, Alma, Timbo, Friendship, Hopewell, Greers Ferry, Saltillo and Newport; several persons hurt D3,1A:2 yew i tness descr 1 bes tornado at Crystal HI 11 near NLR D3,1A:3 Tornadoes strike Alexander and Little Rock; damage heavy; three persons killed, 48 injured D3,1A:6 Downed trees, power 1 lnes leave Pulaski

171 STORMS AND TORNADOES 1982 STYRON, WILLIAM Heights area traffic snarled D3,3A:1 Alma area hard hit ~3,6A:2 Agencies offer aid D3,8A:6 Tornadoes touch down in eastern Pulaski Co and at LRAFB DC,IA:2 Tornado causes heavy damage in East Camden ; four weatherrelated deaths recorded D4,1A:5 State had 24 tornadoes in 2-day period D4,2A: I Gov Frank White declares state of emergency D4,3A:2 Little Rock area damage described D4, 8A:l Parkview High School at LR suffers $400,000 damage D4,15A: 1 Meteorologist comments D4,15A: 1 Cleanup efforts slowed by rain D5, 1A:2 List of tornadoes that killed 10 or rmre since 1879 D5,16A:1 Agencies request donations D5,17A:1 Survey of damage In Pulaski Co; Red Cross aids victims D6,1A:2 Rains subside; floods continue; 5 known dead D6,1A:5 Gov Frank White tours damaged areas D7,1A:3 Cleanup begins D7,1A:3 Death to1 1 reaches six D7, 1A:6 Damage put at $343 mill ton, with total climbing D8,IA:S Map shows tornado path through LR D8,lD:Z Many trees uprooted in Little Rock D8,lD:Z Ham radio operators respond to aid comunicatlon D8,1D:4 Gov White requests natl disaster designation for state D9,1A:2 Re1 ief agencies offer assistance D9,3A:4 Damage est!mates rise to $500 mi 11 ion DI0,lIA:I Rosebud to rebuild D10, 24A:2 Total loss per county D10, 24A:4 Troubles continue; damage est i- mate revlsed D11,4A:2 Little Rock has 598 damaged bldgs D12,14A:2 Pres Reagan declares 14 counties disaster areas D14,1A:4 Bi 11 Cl tnton surveys damage; wants disaster assistance centers open longer D14,4A: 1 Meteorologist explains warning system D15, 1B:4 Gov White seeks disaster aid for 14 more counties D17,lOA:l Cl lnton aided by residents of Clinton, Mass D17,lOA:h Twelve counties added to disaster list D18, 7A:3 Review of damage from storms and flood D19,lA:Z Volunteers aid victims D19,1A:3 Some flood victims may be barred from federal aid D19, 5A:2 Federal aid approved for use in repair of public facilities 021,IlA:l Six more counties qua1 ify for aid 023,12A:4 New wave of tornadoes strike at 14 sites; 22 hurt, property damage high D24,1A:2 Map shows path of tornadoes D24,3A:2 Pul aski County hi t again, tornado touches down in NLR 025,1A:3 Twisters rake state again; kilts one near McCrory; damage heavy at several towns D25,1A:6 Twisters strike state 3rd day D26, 1A:3 Two areas of Pulaski Co damaged D26,6A:2 Four more counties join disaster 1 lst; December storm damage in Ark is $358 mill ion D29,lOA:l Pu- 1 aski County suffered $527,300 damage last week D29,10A:6 Floods Wea the r STRAWBERRI ES See Frul t and Vegetables STRAWN' S DECORATOR WAREHOUSE Daring move to low-rent dist In LR works well S5,1B:2 STREET RAl LROADS Mule-drawn streetcar used at Sulphur Rock may be used on postage stamp 030,6A:4 STRESS (PHYS I OLOGY) Arkansas Chi 1 dren's Hosp STUART, MARY Named Miss Arkansas Jyl 1, lb:2 Miss Arkansas greets cmd (photo) Jy12, 1A:2 Miss Stuart holds flrst press conf Jy12,gA:l Wardrobe selected for Miss America Pageant S5,lD:l Eventng gown evokes gasps among fel law contes tan ts S9,5A: 1 Mi ss Arkansas among top 10, gets $3,000 prize S12,1A:2 Miss Arkansas Beauty Contest STUDENT LOANS See Schol a rs h i ps STUTTGA RT Neighborhood watch program started at Stuttgart In effort to curb vandal ism Ja5,38: 1 STYRON, WILLIAM Writer speaks at Llttle Rock Ap2, 3e :4

172 SUB IACO ABBEY 1982 TABLE ROCK LAKE SUBIACO ABBEY Demara, Ferdinand Waldo Jr SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME Arkansans help in effort to halt SlDS Je14,10:2 SUGAR LOAF MOUNTAIN Greers Ferry take SUICIDES AND SUICIDE ATTEMPTS Article on teen-age suicide Jy4, 1G:2 Crowd at Wrightsville encouraged young gi rl to jump from tower Ag31,6A:6 SULLIVAN, GORDON L. Employers Equl table Life f nsurance Company SULPHUR ROCK Street Railroads SULTANA (SH IPS) Archeology SUMMA T. MORTGAGE CO David R. Kane asks right to run his troubled firm Sll,l!A:l SUNBELT, INC See Opportunities Industrialization SUNDAY OBSERVANCE Conley 8yrd article on violation of state blue laws by Little Rock merchants Ja8,lgA: 1 Fort Smith cl ub owner says he wi 11 defy ban on Sunday dancing Ja17,38:2 Two Fort Smf th night clubs cited by pol ice for a1 lowing dancing on Sunday Ja18,gA:l Municipal judge strikes down Fort Smith dance ban Ja3 1,3B: 1 Bl ue 1 aws upheld by US Court of Appeals Mr16, 5B : 1 Handy Dan store he1 d in contempt for sell ing on Sunday Ap2,68:4 Blue law injunction is appealed to Ark Supreme Court Apl3,76:2 Arkansas blue law struck down by state Supreme Court Je2,lA:P Reaction to ruling Je2,lA:Z Editorial on end to blue laws Je3,lZA:l Cartoon of blue laws being carried to Good RIddance Cemetery Je3,12A:4 Judge 1 ifts injunctton after Supreme C t rul lng Je3, 18:s Dr John S. Workman discusses blue laws Je5,lOC:l Lord's Day Alliance of Arkansas wi 11 support legislation to mandate a day of rest on humanitarian rather than re1 iglous grounds Je11,5B:5 Merchants propose law bannlng sales except necessities Je15,7A:5 Frank White has no plans for new law Je15,7A:6 Drafting law to 1 imit Sunday sales called difficult Je16,3B: 3 Crossett merchants want a local blue law Je16,38:3 Retail chalns undectded on Sunday opening Je18,1B:6 Attorney Gen Steve Clark w! 11 not appeal voiding of blue law Je19,10:3 Edltorlals on blue law decision Je20,bH:l Chain stores to open on Sunday Je23, llb:2 Reaction of shoppers mtxed Js28,gA:S Fort Smith residents to vote on blue law Ag12,1B:6 Voters defeat blue law proposals In Paragould, Blythevi 1 le and Fort Smith N4, 8A:4 Supporters explain defeat of blue laws N5,13A:2 Sales good In Little Rock D18,1~:5 SUPERIOR FORWARD! NG CO, INC Bankruptcy petition flled Dl,6C:5 SURGEONS See Phys l ci ans and Surgeons SURGERY Bloodless heart surgery now available In Ark for Jehovah's Witnesses Jel,3B:l Emergency surgery saves youth with heart wound Ag27,2A:3 Impotence SURV l VAL1 STS Zarephath Horeb Church SUTHERLAND, CYRUS ' Historic Bldgs and Sltes SUTTON, EDDIE Arkla Industries, Inc SWIMMING Henderson State wins AIC swimming and divlng championship F21,2D:6 SYSTEMATICS, INC Earnings set record Jy13,9A:4 Income surges S23,gC:Z TABLE ROCK LAKE Facllitles at lake My2,3f:2

173 TABOR, JOEL KEITH I982 TEAGUE, JAMES R. TABOR, JOEL KE lth Fi rs t National Bank (~arri son) TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION Haeng Ung tee operates natl headquarters from LR office D14,lB:Z TALBOT, BENJAMIN PAUL JR Ark-Electtons-"Lieutenant Gov TARGET STORES Chain now stocking stores Je27,l F: 1 New stores open In Little Rock Jy29, 80:l Distribution center at Maumelle is fully automated Jy29,lB:l TAXAT I ON Tax rates in Ark are high despite what mast people think 019,SC:l Millages levied by cities and counties may jump back to prereassessment levels 027,4A:5 Ark-Fi nances Unemploymen t Insurance a* Real Estate and Other Property. A1 1 but 3 counties meet assessment ratio Ja2,48:4 Rural property owners will pay higher taxes A~~,~SA:S Railroads flle suit over tax rate Ap20,9A:2 Error in assessment in Garland County to cost schools $100,000 Jel6, IB:5 State, 12 railroads settle lawsuit over tax assessments S4,7A: 1 Ernest Dumas says Amendment 59, the property tax measure approved 2 yrs ago, is not having effect promised Dl,17A: 1 -- Sales Tax. Federal govt forced sales tax on Ark during 1930s depression Ja24,1A:2 ~riic~le explains how sales tax works Ja25,lA:Z State Supreme Court upholds 1981 laws allowing cities to impose sales tax Je22,16A: 1 Ark-Loca 1 Government Benton County Brinkley Camden Carroll County Cotter Dal las County Forrest City TAXATION-Sales Tax (Contt) Gassvi 1 le Hot Spring County Independence County lrard County Jackson County Logan County Madison County Newpo rt Oi 1 (Petroleum) Pi ke County Pul ask i County-Finances Rogers Sal ine County Sharp County Washington County - - Tax Evasion and Disputed Returns Note: Articles entered here include all aspects of disputed tax matters Bonanza Sirloin Restaurants Jones, Theodore Kuperman, Irving Rockefeller, Winthrop - Tax Exemption. Legislators study possible end to some exemptions, which total $384.8 mil 1 Ion Mr19,18:3 Governor Frank Whl te does not react favorably to idea of repeal tng tax exemptions Mr20,l B:2 Exemptions discussed Mr28,1H:6 legislative panel to study $384 mi 11 ion in state tax exemptions Jyl6,6B:l Farm Bureau opposes removal of sales tax exemptions for agr D2,8C:4 Ark-Elect ions--governor Alcohol As Fuel TAXICABS AND TAXICAB DRIVERS Fight 1 ikely over permits of cab firms going out of buslness at Little Rock Jal,lB:2 TAYLOR, HUGH (BONES) Athletics TEACHERS, PUBLIC SCHOOL See Educa t ion-teache rs TEAGUE, JAMES R. State senator faces DW I charge Jylb, 50:2 State Senator James R. Teague,

174 TEAGUE, JAMES R TELEVI SlON AND RADIO who faces DWl charge, offers support for drunk driving panel Ag21112A:1 Pleads guilty, gets fine S16,7A:1 TEETH AND DENTISTRY See Dentistry TELEPHONES AND TELEPHONE COMPANIES Effect of ATET accord on Southwestern Bell not clear Ja17,31:3 Milestones reached by All fed Telephone Co during 1981 Ja17,5$:1 Southwestern Be1 1 Telephone asks $25.2 mi 11 Ion rate Increase Ja29,/B:1 A1 1 led Telephone cuts work week, asks salaried employees to work longer without additional pay; recession blamed Ja30,5B :5 Attorney Gen Steve Clark seeks to intervene in PSC hearing on SW Bell rate request F5, 3B:2 Atnl trust settlement between American Telephone and Telegraph Co and the federal Justice Dept will be opposed by the state Public Servlce Comm; higher charges by SW Be1 1 cl ted F6,3B:3 Three plans offered for area allocated to Redf ield Telephone Co F12,1B:6 PSC hearing on service for Redfield area is told by former bookkeeper for South Arkansas Telephone Go that state Repr David L. Wells, the firm's manager, told her to falsify report to PSC F13,10:5 South Arkansas Co defends pol icy F16,1B:6 South Arkansas Telephone Co supervisor testifies about falsified records F17,4B:1 Nathan M. Norton Jr writes on effect of ATST ruling F18, 13A:2 David L. Wells testifies he did not know false reports were submitted F19,10:3 Accounting procedures of South Arkansas Telephone Co studied F19,6B:1 Southwestern Be1 1 builds optic fiber laser system between Lf ttle Rock and Pine Bluff Mr16,98:4 David Wells drops bid for franchise to operate Redfield firm My19,28:3 Pub1 ic Service Comm staff urges $16,1 mi 11 Ion rate increase for Southwestern Bell My29,60:3 Bid by David L. We1 1 s to take over Redf ield firm is dismissed by PSC Je8,8A:2 Hearing begins on Be1 1 request for $25.2 million rate hike Je30,1~:6 Pay of Bell mgmt dominates hearing Jyl,3B:l Bell explains rate plan Jy2, 20:5 State objects to Be1 1 increase Jy3,4B:5 Joe Ford leads A1 1 ied Telephone in push for expansfon 03,1B:6 Redfield Telephone Co franchise awarded to No rth Arkansas Telephone Co 015,13A: 1 Deregulation of telephone indus will brlng hlgher rates for residential customers N30,1A:2 Southwestern Be1 1 granted $1 8.7 million rate increase by PSC N30,lA:S TELESCOPES Computer-contra1 led 16-Inch telescope, first in US, being built at University of Ark by Dr Claud Lacy N19,32A:2 Dr C. H. Lacy says Clay Sherod dead wrong about UA project D10,30A:4 TELETYPE CORP Little Rock plant lays off 125 workers F7,5B:6 Firm to pay fees, back salary, but has no job for black former employee Ap8.148: 1 No evidence of race bias, Judge G. Thomas Elsele says S1,8A:4 Little Rock plant is highly successful 024,lB:Z TELEVISION AND RADIO Asa Hutchlnson seeks llcense for radio station at Bentonvtlle Ja3, 120: 1 State Sen Kim D. Hendren seeks 1 Icense for powerful radfo station at Fayetteville Ja3,12B:1 New radio station KAUL at North Little Rock aims at 'over 30' 1 lsteners with old hit records Jall,lB:5 Boycott of televislon sponsors urged by Coal ltton for Better Television F1,10:2 AETN fails to meet goal of $300,000 in gifts My2,58:3 Little Rock could have pay TV station If ABC gets video casette market Je15,7A:3 FCC Review Bd approves UHF station for Little Rock Je22,5A:6 Permlt granted for UHF station at Little Rock Jy2,90:6 Riverside's bad image not fair; LR cable gets tongue-lashtng from Little Rock Clty Council Ag12,1~:4 KARK-TV may be sold Ag27,6~:5 Cinesport, Inc, based at LR, is top producer of fishing shows S5,1B:5 Group of inves to rs offer $25 mi 1 1 Ion for KARK-TV

175 TELEVlStON AND RADIO 1982 TOXIC SHOCK S8,6C:4 KLRA radio denied damages in sale of station S16,7C:2 William Cole heads special project for AETN S26,gA: 1 KARK-TV purchased by 1 oca 1 investors 013,6C:3 Fayettevi 1 le may cancel Warner Cable's franchise in dlspute over use of sate1 1 ite dishes by two motels 021,12C:1 KATV may be sold to A1 lbritton Communications N5, 8C:4 Full FCC to decide case of Russel 1 vil le radio station N28,10A:4 See a 1 so Athletics Libel and Slander TENNENBAUM BU l LD I NG (LITTLE ROCK) FI re hi ts bl dg Jal8,1A:2 TENN l S Razorbacks in natl tourn 4th year My 1 1, 1 C :6 Clemson defeats Arkansas My16,1D:3 Peter Daohan and Pat Serret win NCAA doubles championship for UAF My24,1C:2 Gus and Olga Palafox and Pat Riley inducted into Arkansas Tennis Hall of Fame 030,1C:2 TERESA (MOTHER) Mother Teresa to visit Little Rock Ap29,lB:Z Crowd of 400 greet nun at airport Je3,1A:3 Visit to Little Rock draws large crowd Je4,1A:2 TEXARKANA Pol i ce-fexarkana TEXAS OIL AND GAS CORP Gas (Fuel) MACH, JOHN SMITH New frigate named for Thach Dl 5, 218: 1 THEFTS See Robberies and Thefts THIEF STOPPER See Robberies and Thefts THIS CAN'T BE YOGURT Chain of stores developed by Frank Hfckinbotham is success s6,1~:2 THOMAS, HERBERT L. SR Businessman, founder of First Pyramid Life, dles Mr12,IA:h THOMAS, ROY EDWIN Ark-Hlstory and Social Life THOMPSON, CHARLES Historic Buildings and Sites THOMPSON, DWAl N Crime THOMPSON, HORACE EUGENE Former president of ASU, UAM dles Ag12,1B:2 THOMPSON, REED W. North Little Rock THOMPSON, ROBERT Sex Crimes THO RMTON, RAY Museum of Science and History honors Thornton as a Fellow S26,4C:2 Richard Nixon's opinions carry 1 i t tle weight with Thornton N12,7A:1 Ark-Elections--US House District 4 Basketball THREATS Bombs and Bomb Plots THREE RIVERS MEDICAL CENTER (ARKADELPH I A) Local effort raises $50,000 for Center FI I, 18~: I TICKEL, H. EDWARD Probst, M. J. MBO Education (Timbo) St0 rms ME AND L l FE MANAGEMENT Firm helps indivfcuals meet thefr oals Ag22,1C:5 TI TAN MI ss I LES See Missiles TOBACCO, TOBACCO PRODUCTS AND SMOKERS Nicotine chewing gum experiment at VA Hospital at LR Ag20,6A:1 TORNADOES See Storms and Tornadoes TOSCO CORPORATI ON Firm growing, giving El Dorado a boost ~ai7,131:1 El Dorado plant to lay off 200 workers My15,7B:2 TOUR l SM See Travel and Resorts TOWER BU l LD l NG (LITTLE ROCK) Metrocentre Comm to issue up to $7 mi 11 ion in bonds to he1 p Graham Catlett purchase bldg Mr27,lB:l TOXIC SHOCK See Septic Shock

176 TOXICOLOGICAL 1982 TREES AND SHRUBS TOXICOLOGICAL RESEARCH, NATIONAL CENTER FOR Task Force to study use of NCTR in educ 016,llA:l Arkansas,, mankind to benef i t from NCTR, Di rector Ronal d Haft says N15,llA:l Dr Hart believes future of Ark indus 1 ies In high technology fields N15,11A:3 Development of NCTR urged N16,lOA:l TRACK AND FIELD Razorbacks eas i 1 y win SWC Indoor Championship F21,1D:2 University of Ark takes 2nd In NCAA Indoor Championship, Randy Stephens wins 1,000-yrd run Mr15,l D:2 Razorbacks win SW Conf championship My16,1D:5 Greg Culp of UAM captures NAtA decathlon title My22,1D:2 TRACOR MBA East Camden plant gets $10.4 mi 1 1 ion contract to make f 1 are decoys for the Army 05,5C:2 TRAFFl C See Roads TRAFF I C ACC I DENTS See Accidents-Traffic and Roads TRA l LS Journal is t George Bartsch hi king 200-mile length of Ouachita Trail Ja16,3C:1 Return to frontier days provided by trails in state Ja31,6D:2 Master plan for Buffalo River to be developed Mr7,6D:2 Article on 50- mi le marathon on Ouachita Trail AplO, 1C:2 Burns Park to have first trail in state for visually Impaired persons; Southern Baptist boys o rgn to build trail Jy2,3~:4 TRAl N STATION BUllDl NG (LITTLE ROCK) Court hearing continues in attempt of partners to end control by DavOd Kane F6,5B:5 Kane attys fail to disqua1 ify special master F12,3B:3 Kane's lawyers defend leases F16,l~:l Testimony ends Fl8,12D: 1 Special ct mas te r re wmnds removal of Davi d Kane, and that he pay $900,000 In damages Je19,4~:2 Bid by Kane to reorganize debts ha1 ted by judge Jyl, 11B:2 Bankruptcy filing by David R. Kane and 14 companies halts ct hearing on Train Station Jy16,1B:4 Rul lng to a1 low suit judgment against Kane Jyl7,1B:6 David R. Kane removed as mgr, $1.2 mill ion assessed against him Jy20,5A: 3 Bankruptcy judge may drop petition of David Kane Jy31,1B:6 David Kane runs whlte flag up pole near Traln Station Ag5,IA:lt Judgment against Kane cites plain, simple fraud Ag13,6B:1 Union Square Associates seeks bankruptcy aid S14, 6A:5 David Kane loses protection of bankruptcy ct S25,6A: 1 Internal Revenue Service files $6.1 mil 1 ion claim for back taxes against David R. Kane and 14 of his companies 021,8C:3 David R. Kane sued by William M. Alston for $12 million 028,7C:3 Kane assets placed under receiver N3,2A:!+ Petltfon filed for liquidation D7, 6c:2 TRANSPORTATION See a 1 so Waterways TRANSPORTATION UNION, UNITED Ark-Elections--Governor TRAVEL, RESORTS, AND TOURISM Tourism up In Ark Ja22,56:1 State tourism was encouraged in early days Ja26,lD:l Efforts being made to help overseas visitors find Ark as a vacation spot Ja31,1G:3 Governor Frank Whlte promises to push for more money for tourism Ap2,146:5 Orval E. Faubus addresses Governor's Conference on Tourism Ap4,6C:l Statistics on travel in Ark and econ benefits My2,1F:5 Profile of typlcal tourist in Ark ~y2,1f:6 Impact of travel and tourlsm on Ark econ My2,2F:2 Estimates of travel expenditures, by county My2,2F:5 Special section on tourism fn Ark ~y2,13:1 Joe Mosby praises scenic Highway 7 between Russel lvt 1 le and Harrison Je29,2C:4 Mlke Mil Is named state director of tourlsm Jy9,3B:1 TRAVENOL LABORATORI ES, I NC Ash Flat plant sold D22,50:6 TREES AND SHRUBS Sawtooth acorn promoted by Morris Byrd as one of most useful trees Ja15,1B:4 Forests and Forestry

177 TREES AND SHRUBS 1982 TRUCKS (~on't) Wood and Wood Products TRESPASS Forests and Forestry News and News Media TRI N I TY COURT NURS l NG HOME (LI TTLE ROCK) Received $70,569 overpayment from Medicaid, rept says S29,11C:2 Social Servf ces Dept aff i ns overpayment 01,17A:1 TROTTER, SCOTT Public Utilities TROUTT, ROBERT Court battle going on between Robert Troutt and Holly Tmutt Kenward for custody of the1 r chi ld Jy31,1~:4 Custody heating in Troutt case ends Jy31,2B:5 Troutt loses fight for custody of daughter S17, 12A:5 Two men plead guilty to beating disc jockey Bob Robbins 021, A : 1 Robert Tmutt granted trial separate from that of Lavonia T. Gray; some charges w i thdrawn 022,l A: 3 Dismissal of charges against Lavonia T. Gray sought because KARK-TV copied and broadcast part of taped confession 030,2A:3 Lavonia Gray gets IO-year term for beating disc jockey N17,3A:1 Lavonia T. Gray pleads guilty in arson at night club; implicates Robert Trautt ~24,3A:5 Lavonia T. Gray withdraws gull ty plea 028, 6A:5 Crime Murders-McArthur TRUCKS AND TRUCK1 NG l NDUSTRY Editorial dlscusses return to Legis of issue of increasing load limits to 80,000 lbs Ja3,4H:1 State Highway Director Henry C. Gray warns legislators who voted against increase In truck wt 1 imi ts they have been placed on hit list of Forward Arkansas Committee; Bob Wimberley denies charge Jal O,lB:3 Forward Arkansas Comml ttee sends letters to 41 legislators denying they are on a hit list Ja16, 40:6 Harry Erwin, Chairman of Forward Arkansas, rep1 les to statements of James A. Branyan Ja24, 2H:4 organization called Develop Arkansas set up to f inanclally support candidates for the Legislature; Develop Arkansas has goal of raislng truck wetghts F3,4B:6 Highway Comm Chat rman James A. Branyan calls for joint meeting with Arkansas Industrla1 Development Comm to work out compromrse on truck welghts; Gov Frank White angrily rejects idea Apl, 1A:3 Governor Frank White and the Hlghway Corn continue feud; Jim Guy Tucker joins fray, attacks White leadership Ap2,1A:5 Governor Frank White sends wrltten 1 ist of,cornplaints to James A. Branyan Ap3,1B:5 James A. Branyan says AHC not at fault in failure to pass welght bill Aph,lB:5 Gazette comments on Whlte- Branyan feud Ap4,2H:1 Defeat of truck weight increase in Missouri pub1 ic vote brings flurry of statements in Ark Ap8,l B:5 Gazette warns that Missouri's message must not be lost on Ark Agll,2H:l Don Tyson says Gov Frank White supported truck revenue increases Ap11,2H: 4 Editorial dlscusses White's flip flops on measures Ap11,4H:4 H. L. Hembree says Hlghway Comm is grandstanding Ap13,8A:5 AIDC Chairman Henry Anthony would like meeting with AIDC Apl6,lB:S James A. Branyan responds to lr from Dan Tyson and H. L. Hembree ~p20,14a:4 Frank White to push for federal law to force Ark to raise weights My20,8B:6 Editorial on truck weight 1!mi t My23,bH: 1 Highway officials blame Frank White for failure to raise truck weights ~e24,ib: 3 Forward Arkansas dl sag rees wi th James A. Branyan Je25,6B:5 Frank White asks AHC to extend higher weights for trucks Je30,1B:3 Gazette says only Frank Whlre has power to act to change truck law Jyl, 12A:I Henry Gray says request by Gov White is i 1 legal Jy12,9A:5 Federal study shows trucks should pay larger part of road costs Jy24,1B:5 AHC

178 TRUCKS 1982 UNITED STATES -Armament stands firm for ton-mi le tax or weight-di stance fee in exchange for Increased truck weights N18,1A:2 US hike in gas tax may require rise in truck weight D2,1A:4 Fight over weight of loads far from over D8,8A:4 Study made for truckers shows cost of higher 1 imit as only $8.4 million D17,3A:6 Factories TUBERCULOSIS Seventeen cases found at nursing home D23,4A:5 TUCKER (H.T.) INDUSTRI ES Furniture fin at Fort Smith files for debt reorgani tat ion Je29,4A:3 TUCKER, JIM GUY Ark-Elections--Governor Trucks and Trucking TUCKER, WILLIE MAUDE Businesswoman dies Jy11,38:2 TURKEY TROT FESTIVAL See Festfvals TWIN CITY BANK (NORTH LITTLE ROCK) Active loan policy benefits area businesses Ja17,n:l TWIN CITY BEEPERS, INC Mobilfone Comnunications files $2.2 million suit alleging Twin City stole Its clients Je12,3B:2 TYSON FOODS Union says strike called at North Ll ttle Rock and Nashville; Tyson dlsagrees 07,lOC:l UNEMPLOYMENT See Labo r-unempl oymen t UNEMPLOYMENT l NSURANCE AND COMPEN- SAT I ON J. Bill Becker, president of Ark AFL-CIO critical of Board of Review handling of unemployment compensation claims F7,5B:1 Employers to be charged $18 per employee to raise money so state Emp 1 oymen t Secu r i ty Div can repay $64 mf 11 ion loan from federal trust fund F12,lB:Z J. Bill Becker accuses Board of Review Chmn Jane Mlller of being antilabor, asks that she be moved to another agency Ap9,18:4 Cecil L. Malone discusses unemployment bene- fits Jy25,lH:l Tax for unemployment compensation must be raised, Gov Frank White says S7,4A:6 About 12,000 Arkansans to benefit from benefit extension S18,2A:4 UNIFICATION CHURCH Leaders plan to return to Ark Apll, 5B:4 Rtchard Buessing, director of church in Ark, pal red by Sun Myung Moon for mass marriage Je26,3C:5 UNION LIFE INSURANCE CO Fi rrn has $2 bt 11 Ion in insurance In force Je13,l F:2 UNION NATl OMAL BANK (LITTLE ROCK) Firm achieves financial grawth, introduces new services Ja17,41:2 Branch bank robbed; money dropped when package exploded Mr27,1B:2 New investor account approved Je27,1F:3 Bank discriminates against black employees, US Court of Appeals rules S11,8A:4 John W. Walker vtews bias ruling as signal to all whlte collar employers S26,7A: 1 Loses bid for rehearing on bias charge 030,lOA:S UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS Senator Dale Bumpers warns that sanctions against Russia may hurt Pol and Ja? 1,14A:4 UNITED STATES Agriculture Dept. David Pryor fights plan to move office of inspector- gen to Dal 1 as Ap17,4A: 1 Senator Pryor told agency still Intends to move My8,4B:l Armament and Defenses. Frank WhI tbeck arzle supports strons - defense as nation's top priority, comments on vote of Sen Dale Bumpers against Reagan defense budget Jal, 26A:5 MX missile will not be de- ployed in Ark Jal,lB:4 James Franklin McClellan I I I of Pine Bluff, burns draft card as protest against mi 1 i tary registration Ja10,3B:3 Rally at Little Rock protests draft Ja24,10:4 Three Titan I I sirens fall

179 UNITED STATES 1982 UNITED STATES -Economic Conditions in tests F2,66:3 James Richard Sauder plans 2nd protest at Titan silo despite warning by judge F7,3B:3 Selective Service Boards are on standby for draft F9,1 B : 2 James Richard Sauder protests by wal king around missile site; Faulkner County Sheriff Charles Castleberry says Air Force asked him for assistbnce then failed to send any men F15,llA:l Senator Dale Bumpers fears nuclear weapons to lead to war Mr28,IB:Z Article on preparation for nuclear attack Ap5,lOB:l Doctors say nuclear weapons buildup is madness Ap25,lH:l Senator Dale Bumpers discusses need for strong mll i tary Je1,6A:4 North Arkansas Conf of the Method is t Church supports freeze on nuclear weapons Je9,73:1 Check shows 5,606 fn Ark fail to register for draft Je9,8B:4 Air Force drops plans for 5 safety changes for Titan II missiles Je9, 86:4 Peace under the Sun to protest nuclear arms race Jell,lC:6 SANE organizer urges Arkansans to force Dale Bumpers and David Pryor to commi t themselves on nuclear freeze Je12,lB:Z Almeda Riddle sings at peace rally at Little Rock Je13,3B:3 Air Force officer admlts being drunk while on duty at Titan site at Plumervil le Je15,7A:6 Reprs Beryl Anthony and Bfll Alexander vote for nuclear arms freeze; Ed Bethune and John Paul Hammerschmldt vote against Ag6,lA:Z Arms race putting man on endangered list, David Pryor says Ag8,7B:3 Senator Dale Bumpers calls arms buildup insane S2,12A:5 Air Force boasts of improved safety of Ti tan l I missiles S19,15A:l Airmen in civi 1 ian clothes attend Ti tan I I safety discussion by critics S21,2A:3 Paul Jacob of NLR, indicted in draft case S29,4A:3 Pary protests action agatnst Paul Jacob 01,19A:2 Arkansas to lose $37 mi 11 ion annually when Titans gone 02,1A:5 Alr Force rept to Sen David Pryor says Titans harder to repair, mre risky because of age 03,lA:Z March in.little Rock supports Paul Jacob 017,9A: 1 Beryl Anthony explains vote against MX missile D19,llB:J Catholic Blshop Leroy T. Matthleson speaks on antlnuclear weapons pol icy D29,lB :5 See a 1 so Fort Chaffee National Guard, Arkansas Pine Bl uff Arsenal Aviation Agency, Federal Helms. J. Lynn 8 udge t See US-Finances and Budgets Central Intel l igence Agency See US-Intel 1 igence - Service Congress See Congress (US) -- Court of A eals Judge J. Smith Henley to retire -T ram full-time work Mr18,1B:3 John Paul Hammerschmfdt and Ed Bethune urge appmt of G. Thomas Eisele to vacancy Ap25,105:4 Judge 6. Thomas Eisele may get appmt to Circuit Ct Jy31,lB:Z Judge Eisele loses contest for post on court 029, 8~:2 Reagan choice surprises both Senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor 030,8A:4 Departments - and Agencies. Senator Dale Bumpers attempts to curb the resul ators My1 6.3H: ~ r Enforcement u ~ ~dm. Michael T. Hurley reassigned to New York in midst of row with Pulaski Co Sheriff Tommy Robinson S17.14A:l ~c&tomic Condl t tans. Dr Frank Troutrnan says deffclts are not cause of Inflation F3,13A:2 Depression survivor Sam G. Harris sees familiar signs F12,13A:3 David Pryor says country's economy is like a jet about to crash F19,38:4 Reagan adm perplexes bus tness, Beryl Anthony says F19,4B: 1 Economy facing disaster, Sen Dale Bumpers says in TV debate 020,1A:5 'Reagan Ranch' set up near Ark State Capitol by ACORN to protest ecan pal icy of President Reagan 027, 1~:4 Teachers gather at ' Reagan Ranch to protest education pol i cy

180 UN l TED STATES 1982 UNITED STATES -EwnomIc Conditions -Finances and Budgets 028,llA:l 'Reagan Ranch' protestors march in Little Rock 030.4A:l Engineers, Army corps &f See Engineers, Army Corps of Federal Note: Agencies beginning with the word Federal not listed below appear under key word ~ederaj District - Court. New judgeships recommended Jy31,3B:2 Federal District - Court--Western. John Paul Hammerschmidt withdraws name of Billy Allen Skeets from consideration as US Marshal after Gazette inquired about dismissal of Skeets from State Pol t ce; J. C. Patterson defends Skeets Ap20,1A:3 Hammerschmidt says he tacked details of a1 legations about Skeets Ap21,lA:Z John Paul Hamrnerschmi dt cons i der ing J. C. (~ake) Patterson for US marshal for western dist Je2,10:2 J. C. Patterson is choice of John Paul Hammerschm!dt for US Marshal S11, 11A: 1 Finances - and Budgets. Senator Dale Bumpers says def lci t to run $250 bill ion a year, cites tax cut as cause Ja3,l B:4 Mary Frost discusses effects of budget cuts and tax law changes on human needs in Ark Ja5, 7A:2 Senator David Pryor sees no a1 ternative to tax increase Ja10,38:2 Reaction of political leaders in Ark to Pres Reagan's plan to turn over to states 40 programs; Ark woul d need $81.8 mi 11 ton more in revenue Ja27, 6A:5 Senator Dale Bumpers critical of Reagan plan to swl tch 40 programs to states Ja27,6A:5 Governor Frank White qua1 if ies his support for Reagan's new federal ism 3a28,1A:4 Democrats ask Sen David Pryor to head study on Reagan's new federatlon Ja28,38:4 New federal ism attacked by Arkansas Education Assn Ja28,6B:6 Senator David Pryor will not criticize new federalism until details known ; says concept sound Ja29,2A:4 State Senator Max Howell and Repr John Miller discuss effects of new federalism on Ark F7,IH:I State Senator Blll Walmsley discusses new federal ism F8,11A:2 New federal Ism discussed by state Repr John E. Miller F10,15A:l Linda Garner, top fiscal aide to Gov Frank White, says new federal ism would not cost Ark until 1987 F10,38:4 Reagan's economic moves irresponsible, Sen Dale Bumpers says ~14,8B:4 Cal Ledbetter Jr writes that Reagan's tax plan Is similar to Davld Pryor's Arkansas Plan F15,13A:4 New federalism is chance to doctor an ail ing system, Dr Margaret E. Scranton says F17, 1 la:3 Senator Davld Pryor says corrections needed in Reagan budget F17, 1B:3 Arkansas would lose at least $67 mi 11 ion under Reagan's proposed budget, aide to Gov Frank White says F19,5A: 1 Federal budget cuts leave town of Madison, Ark, looking for Reagan safety net F28,lA:Z Analysis of effects on Ark of Reagan 's proposed New Federal ism F28,1A:2 Mrl, 1A:2 Mr2,1A:2 Mr3,1A:2 Mr4,1A:2 Mr5, 1A:2 Wilbur D. Mil 1s applauds Reagan econ policy, faults way program carried out Mrl4,1A:4 Reagan plans for defense spending not justified, J. William Fulbrlght says Mr16, la:3 Balanced budget support grows in Ark Congressional Delegation Mr28, 3H: 5 Wrenching transition necessary, Ed Bethune says Ap9,9A:4 Wilbur 0. Mills backs amdt to US Constitution to requi re a bal anced budget Apl 0, 1A:2 Arkansas Legislative Council opposes New Federal ism Ap17,3A: 1 Ed Bethune says technocrats 1 ead attack on Reagan econ policy with claim that poor are hurt ~p21,4~:2 Senator David Pryor warns of catastrophe without budget compromise Myl,lB:4 Ed Bethune urges Reagan to cut federal lending My5,35:3 Ed Bethune commen ts on budget impasse My30,10:2 Arkansas Del egat ton comnen ts on House-passed budget Jell,8A: 5 B i 11 Alexander is only Ark House member to vote agalnst GO? budget Je23,5A:2

181 UNIVERSITY OF ARK 1982 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT FAYETTEVILLE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS Note: Under this heading are entered art fcles about activities having system-wide application. Other material is under nams of the individual unit and related subjects... Study cornittee on future of Graduate lnsti tute of Technology to invl te comments from Arkansas Industrial Development Corn and others Ja16,18:5 Four black legislators from Pul ask i County oppose move of GIT Ja19,40:5 Committee hears Dr James E. Halligan report that demand for degrees from GI1 is small F23, 1B:5 Dr James Mart in says he wants GfT administered f rom Fayettevf 1 Ie, but servtces would remain in Little Rock Mr20,1B:4 Panel begins study of future of GIT Ap20,5A:3 UALR makes bid to control Graduate Institute of Technology My25,9A:3 Or Morris A. Jackson apptd by Gov Frank Whl te to Board of Trustees Je18,4B: 1 UAMS says some functions of GlT necessary for Its operation Jy10,50: 5 Administrator at Universtty of Ark probed in alleged fraud involving consulting firms Ag21,5A:1 John T. Meriwether named vice pres for univ relatlons and pub1 ic service S1,jA:l Enrollment increases at GIT ~3,12~:4 Move of G IT strong1 y opposed in Central Ark Sl8,3A:l Bill Clinton opposes move of GIT to Fayettevllle; also agalnst move of UA headquarters to Ll ttle Rock S20,2A:6 Panel agrees that Graduate lnsti tute of Technology should remain in Llttle Rock Ol,lA:2 Dr Hugh Mills reassigned; Dr Donnie Dutton is interim dean of continuing educ 012,7A:5 Merger of GIT with UALR favored by J. L. OIMarra 014, 21A:l Study panel urges that GIT remain in Little bck, with dl rector reporting to President of the Unfversity of Arkansas 020,lA:Z Place GIT under control of UA System President, Board of Visitors at UALR urges NlI,ZOA:S GIT to report to UA Pres, remain in Little Rock Dl1,lA:6 Ful bright College honors Mr and Mrs Jackson f. Stephens and Mr and Mrs Sam Walton; Fulbrfght lnstltute of International RelatTons planned 012, 17A: 1 Co11 eges-budgets Colleges-Buildings Col 1 eges-en ro 1 lmen t Col leges-gifts UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. AGRICULTURAL EXPERlMENT STATIONS Stations lack funds for staff at 4 centers, but funds sought for a 5th Jy25,l F:2 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT FAYETTEVILLE High1 ights of 1981 activf ties Ja17, 10I:l New York Tlmes gutde to colleges terms UA an intellectual desert; Lou Hol tz cal led most cultured man on campus Mr5,bB:I Dr Bill Nugent discusses needs, plans for UAF Mr15,10:2 John Kenneth Galbraith to speak at dedication of Fulbright Col lege ~e4,48:4 Fulbright College is herald of progress; nationallyknown teachers join faculty Je13,1A:2 Harold J. Shamberger named vtce chancel lor for f lnance and adm Je23, 146:2 G. David Gearhart named director of development Jy9,3B : 5 College of Arts and Sciences named for Sen J. Wf lliam Fulbrlght JylO, 1A:Z Fulbright College dedicated Jyll,lA:2 Ed1 torial on Fulbright Coll Jy13,12A:1 Article in Philadelphia paper on Fulbrtght Coll Jy14, 9A:4 Fate of G IT discussed by panel S22,5C:2 Alcohol as Fuel Baseball Basketball Co 11 eges -Admt ss ions Colleges-Bulldings Col leges-curricula Col leges-federal At d Col teges-gifts Col leges-fraterni ties Col leges-libraries Col 1 eges -Teachers

182 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT 1982 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARK (Con't) Football Te 1 es copes Tenn I s Track UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK Center for Arkansas Studies to probe state history and Institutions JalO,lG:4 Panel to search for new chancellor to be mostly from UALR Ja12,35:5 Dr James E. Martin names 21 at UALR to join search for new chancel lor Ja27,l B:5 Files do not show that Dr G. Robert Ross has tenure, Dr James E. Martin says; search for new chancel 1 or discussed F25,l B:2 Board of Visitors urge Dr James Martin to expedite request on computer Mr3,1B:5 New members of Board of Visitors are Jerry Maulden, Herschel H. Friday and Larry C. Wallace Mr3,1B:6 Dr James H. Frlbourgh named lnterfm chancel lor Jy1,86:4 Four f inal lsts named for chancel lor Jy11,3B: 3 Dr James H. Young is new chancel lor Ag7,15:4 Chancel lor Young says UALR can be community leader Ag8,1~:6 Industrial Research and 'Extens ion Center ( I REC) merges with UALR College of Business Adm, moves to campus Ag17,5B : 6 Un 1 - versi ty of Ark Trustees reject reappointment of W. Frank Lambright to UALR Board of Vlsi tors 07,1A:2 Gaze t te b rands Lamb r l gh t removal an act of arrogance 06,lOA:l E. Harley Cox elected chairman of Board of Visitors 014,4A:2 Chancellor James H. Young seeks distinction for UALR 028,lA:Z See a 1 so Baske tba 11 Col leges-admi ss ions Col leges-budgets Col leges-budgets Colleges-Buildings Col leges-curricula Colleges-Equal Educ Go1 leges-gifts Colleges-Graduation Acttvities Col leges-libraries Colleges-Student Housing Co 1 leges-teache rs and Admi n i - s trators UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK (Can't) Crazy Horse (Periodical) Education-Gifted Students Games Scholarships, Fellowships and Student Loans Un i vers! ty of Arkansas UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT MONTICELLO Colleges-Curricula Colleges-Federal Aid Colleges-Gifts Track UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT PINE BLUFF Frank White appts Ann 0. Sullivant to Board of Visitors Jy7,SB:l Chancellor Lloyd \I. Hackley says UAPB lacks state support S17,lA:Z Chancellor Floyd V. Hackley foresees crltlcism over changes at UAPB S18,3A:3 Colleges-Budgets and Finance Colleges-Buildings Col leges-federal Aid Col 1 eges -Teache rs UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS FOR MEDICAL SC l ENCES Col lege of Heal th Related Pmfessions plays vital role 05,1B:6 Scholarships, Fel lowships and Student Loans UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY University of Ark UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH AND EXTENSION CENTER See University of Ark at Little Rock UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS PRESS Third book published by press is financial success F7,5H: 1 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS Un i vers i ty experienced growth during 1981 Ja17,llI:l American Journal ism Basketball Colleges-Admissions Colleges-Budgets Colleges-Gifts Co1 leges-fraternities Col leges-gradtng

183 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARK 1982 V I ETNAM WAR (Con't) Colt eges-teachers Football Mus i c Scholarshl ps UNIVERSITY WOMEN, AMERICAN ASSOCI- ATION OF Prisons-Pulaski County UNWED MOTHERS See lllegitmacy URBAN AREAS Note: Articles on individual cities are under the name of the cf ty USURY See Credit UTILITIES See Public Util lttes UTLEY, TERRl LEA Cabot beauty wins Mfss USA title My14,lA:6 Photographs My15,?A:2 Miss Utley to receive $170,000 in cash and prizes My19,3B:1 Parade at Cabot to honor Mfss Utley My31,16A:6 Miss USA welcomed home by large crowd; Gov Frank White does not attend Je2,lB:b Governor Frank White attended reception Je5,45: 3 Signs Celebrity Sidewalk at Little Rock Jel2,lB:l Takes part in parade In Peru Jy20,5A:2 Mrss Utley is 4th runnerup in Miss Universe contest Jy27,lA:b Miss Utley to tour Midwest Jy28,1B:2 Meets Pres Reagan at Wh i te House ~22,3A: 4 VACCINATION AND VACCINES Chi 1 d suffers brain damage caused by DTP shot N21,12A:2 Safety of vaccine, compensation for Injury remain issues ~22,6A: 1 VALMAC INDUSTRIES, INC Tyson Foods, Inc, may purchase Valmac N2,5C:3 Stock bought by Archer, Daniels, Midland Co 011,5C:6 Tyson Foods seeks to buy f i rm D22, 5D:4 Sea also Lane, Clift C. VAN BUREN Increased business credited to use of down town area to f i I rn movt e N25, 38A:S VAN BUREN COUNTY Voters defeated road tax, but most pard It voluntarily Ja26,1~:4 VAN DALSEM, WILLIAM PAUL JR Charged with theft of funds collected for insurance premiums Je30, lb:5 VAN HEUSEN CORP Race bias sult flled against firm Je3,38:5 320 lose jobs Ag12,9B:2 VANDAL l SM Stuttgart VASECTOMY Brinkley plant closing; See Birth Control VEGETABLE GARDEN ING Martha Lott and Betty Rlchards are master gardeners Jy3,1C:2 VENDING MACHINES Process Technology Carp of Springdale, produces vending machines for deep fried food ~28,10:2 VENHAUS, DON R. See at so Pulaski County-Electtons--Judge VENUS, CHARLES E. Ark-Economic Condttions Electrf c Power VETERANS Gov Frank Whi te to seek sys tern of state cemeteries for veterans Mr13, 10:s Arkansas Veterans Home Vietnam War. Donald Grtgg seeks to - help veterans adjust ~27,1~:4 World War I. Last Man Club meets at- mfr N12,1A:3 VETERANS HOSP I TALS Fort Roots VA Hosp McClellan Memorial VA Hosp VICTIMS OF CRIME See Crime Victims VIDEO GAMES Not highly profttable D29,10:2 VIETNAM WAR Arkansas veterans visit Vietnam

184 V I ETNAM WAR 1982 WASHBURNE, ALEX War memorial in Washington Nll,lA:2 VlLONlA Education (Vi Ionla) VINEYARD IN THE PARK RESTAURANT See Restaurants-Li ttle Rock VOCATIONAL TRAINING Education-Vocational VOLl, CONNIE Ark-Election--Governor VOLUNTEERS ( IN COMMUN l TY SERVICES) Volunteer Consultants Service works we1 1 Jy14,2B:5 VOTING RIGHTS ACT (1965) See Elections VOUGHT CORPORATION Army gets first production model of the Mu1 tiple Launch Rocket System made at Carnden Ag21,l A: 2 Camden prospers as result of defense indus Ag22,lA:Z Contract hits snag in Sen as Louisiana Senator seeks part of fund for plant In his state; Senator Dale Bumpers outraged S28,1A:3 Army to delay taking action on rocket contract S30,8C:3 Contract for $168 mi 11 ion awarded to Camden pl ant N6, 4A:3 Vote in House panel sidetracks effort to split MLRS project N17,1A:2 Pork barrel1 shwtout between Ark and La D8,23A: 1 Senate panel approves full funding of MLRS for Camden plant; Sen Bumpers pleased D16,3A:6 WAGES AND HOURS See Labo r-wages WALDRON Economic progress noted ~al7,6f:l WALKER, JOHN W. Attorneys for Walker tell court he was denied due process in hearing on his conduct as an attorney Ja5,3B:2 Little Rock civil rights lawyer wins sex bias suit in Atlanta against blg black-owned firm JalO,lA:2 State Supreme Court rejects one of hnk) charges of unprofessional conduct against Walker F17,60: 1 Education-Equal WALKER, JOHN W. (Conat) Educat ion-teachers Union National Bank WALKER, WILL I AM (SONNY) Poverty WALK1 NG Trails WALLACE, LARRY C. See a 1 so University of Ark at Little Rack WALLtS, CHARLES D. Reti red pediatric physician loved his work 025,1B:2 WAL-MART STORES, INC Stock split declared; sales up Je8, 12A: 3 One of five best managed f i ms In US D7,6C:1 One of 5 best managed compan i es 030,s D : 2 WALMSLEY, BILL US-Finances WALNUT Rl DGE Education (walnut Ridge) WALTERS (DAVID) AND ASSOCIATES Black real estate firm off to a good start Je13,5F:I WALTON, JIM Rivers WALTON, SAM M. Pledges large sum for proposed center for performing arts at Uni- vers i ty of Ark Dl 1,14A:5 Honored by Fulbright Col lege of Universi ty of Ark D12,17A:l Mill lonaires WAR MEMORIAL PARK AMUsem*nT PARK Hazards reported at amusem*nt park S9,12A:T Clty Bd of Directors agrees to sale of amusem*nt park S16,7C:2 WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM Tax donat lon for expans ion goes slowly Mr21,3H:6 WARD, EL l ZABETH Article on Miss America's fastpaced schedule Ja12,1C:5 Crowns her successor at Atlantic City S12,lA:Z Sets up company called Liz, Inc, to handle business N2,10:2 WARREN Economy was slow in 1981 Jal7,5F:6 Seealso Water WASHBURNE, ALEX Tribute to 83-year-old editor of

185 WASHBURNE, ALEX 1982 WATE R Hope Star Ag22,12C:2 WASHINGTON Old Hempstead Co Jail converted to elegant Inn D10,10:2 WASHINGTON COUNTY Auto dealers say county sales tax costs them sales; 1 imit of $25 sought Ja24,1A:3 Three former employees of tax collector's office file suft alleging they were f l red wf thout cause Ja24,38:1 WASTE MATERIALS AND SEWAGE State could become site of lowlevel radioactive waste disposal site Ja17,6B:1 Gazette comments on disposal of radioactive wastes Ja19,hA: 1 Landf i 11 sought for tract adjacent to Beaver Lake near Springdale Ja21,8B: 1 Arkansas not 1 Tkely site of radioactive wastes, offtcial says Ja22, 12B:l Fort Smlth to use sludge to fertil ize 7,000 acres of grassland Ja23,4B:5 Test on clay at Emmett site sets stage for fight Ja27,6B:1 Prior1 ty for Hot Springs sewer system to be re-evaluated Mr14,1B:6 Jim Guy Tucker promi ses to try to ha1 t Hope dump site If he Is elected Gov Mr18, 26 : 6 Lawsu i t seeks to cance 1 deed for landfill site near Hope Mr30, 100:3 Fayettevi 1 lets new wastewater plan brings new opponents Apll,7B:l Oklahoma opposes Faye t tevi 11 e pl an to dump wastewater Into ltltnois River Ap15,8A:5 Utility fin cool on plan for Fayettevi 1 le to pipe wastes to Its cooling lake near Gentry Ap23,13B:2 Fayettevllle urged to study possible use of treated sewage to fe rt i 11 ze pastures and forests My21,38:1 Oklahoma seeks ha1 t to dumping wastes in I1 1 inois River My25,14A:2 Opponents of discharge plan threaten suits, boycott of Fayetteville goods and services My26,100:1 Groundwater tests at Hope landfill site ordered My31,2A:5 Fayetteville sewage plant to cost city $11 million more because of federal funds cuts Je9,78:4 Otter Creek subdivis ion res ldents oppose proposed 1 andf i 11 In southwest Little Rock Je11,8B:3 Oklahoma suit on I1 1 lnois River dismays Ark officials Jell,llB:2 Used radioactive fuel creates problems for Nuclear One Je20,1B:2 Handling of radioactive wastes at Nuclear One Je20,1B:4 Alleged comments by J. 3. Romers, Delta Speclal ties pres, referred to FBI ~y3,38:4 Estimated cost of proposed split flow waste water system too low, Fayettevi 1 le told Jy14,4~: 3 Fayetteville studles use of sewage to treat ffelds Jy31,5B:2 Delta Specialty, Inc vows compl iance at Hope waste site Ag21,3A:1 Delta Specialty, inc, trying to sell site near Hope to a chemical waste firm S16,3A:I Gov Frank White says no facility to be butlt at Hope S17,IA:3 Jim Brooks attacks statement by Bi 11 Cl in ton on hazardous wastes 1 andf i 11, says Gov coerced Pollutfon Control Comm members to oppose project S26, 3A:l Delta Specialty to seek permit for landfill near Hope 02,2A:6 Hope Star reporter has given wide coverage to landfill Issues 04,2A:3 Bill to be drafted allowing Ark to join 9 states in creating disposal center for radioactive wastes 014,7A:4 Proposed bill would put Ark In compact for atomic waste disposal 010,lgA: 1 EPA 1 is ts 7 dangerous s i tes in Ark ~21,7~: I Arkansas River Chemistry and Chemicals Water and Water Pol 1 ut Ion WATER AND WATER POLLUTION State needs law allowing mgmt of surface, ground water, says Richard Peralto Ja8,lOB:l Cities should be forced to sell water outside city, John P. Saxton says; remarks aimed at Conway's refusal to serve Vi lonia Ja21,8B:2 Pollution Control Comm names panel to study how Beaver Reservoi r watershed can be managed to prevent pallutfon Ja23,4B:4 Jarrell E. Southall says no subs tan t ial changes made In water qua1 i ty standards Ja24,88 : 2 Severance tax on

186 WATER 1982 WATER water exported to other states sought by Arkansas Rural Water Assn; funds wul d be used for water systems Ja29, 18: 5 State Repr Joseph K. Mahoney I l tell s Water Code Study Corn that Ark should not wait to begin to control and use surplus water F5,48:1 Idea of exportlng water to High Plains loses appeal for panel F7,1B:3 Travis Acklin named by Gov Frank White to Commission on Water Well Construction F9,6D:6 Report backs DeGray as source of water for Central Ark F13,1B:2 Export of water from Mississippi River sys tem endangers Louts iana coast F14,lB:Z Gazette says Ark should not relax just because pressure to export water to High Plains is lessening F17,IOA:l Governors of High Plains states say price of imported water Is too high Mr3, 68:6 Debate continues on revtsed water qual ity standards Mr3,lOB:l Oxygen standard change causes dissension Mr4,8B:l ConservatIonlsts won one clear victory In new water standards Mr5,8B : 1 Sewage from Fayet tevi 11 e i s not only factor in decl ine in qual i ty of Beaver Lake Mr13,6B: 1 Editorial discusses Texas yen for Ark water Mr16, 14A: 1 Congress orders Army Engineers study of Arkansas River water for various uses Mr16,1B:5 Soil and Water Conservation Comm yields to pressure from Gov Frank White, grants loan to Bryant; other grants approved Mr25,l B:6 Water Code Study Corn stalls on issue of condemnation of property to reach water ~p9.4~: 1 Water panel votes to recommend that individuals be allowed to cross another's land for access to water My7, 1B:6 Hearing on allocations during shortages ends in turmoi 1 My12,1B:6 Lesl ie E. Mack, Director of Water Resources Center, di scusses debate about water in state My14,15A:4 Cities to get priority when stream water shortages occur My20,3B: 3 Water Code Study Comm to decf de what agency should administer new water taws Je4,6B:2 Water Code Study Comm wants power to administer code to be kept in local hands Je5,16:5 Russellvi lle given permission by PSC to use Lake Dardanel l e water for emergency supply Je9,7B:3 Texas Gov William Clements says Ark would be crazy not to sell surplus water to Texas Jell, 1 B:6 Competence, courage dl spl ayed by Water Code Study Comm Jell,6B:l Texas Gov William Clements insists he and Frank White have worked out plan for Ark water to go to Texas Je13, 26: 3 Frank Wh i te says he has no agreement with Texas Je16,36:2 Bill Clinton says Ark should not sell surplus water Je16,3B:2 Wi 11 tam Clements misquoted on water Je20,2B: 3 Mockingbird Hi 11 (~ewton County) town water turns black, foul -smell lng Je23,18:2 Editorial on politics and water Je27,bH:l Texas firm called Coastal Envi ronmental Servf ces I1 - legally dumps abut 6,000 barrels of fuel tank sludge into rock and soil 1andfItl; take Conway may be contamlnated; oil spills reported in other areas of state Jyl,llB:2 Oil tank sludge at Conway contained Jy2,38:6 Water Code Study Comm reverses 1 tsel f, votes to place adm of water laws under a state agency Jy13,5A:6 Dr Lesl ie Mack says Ark should avoid water law used in West Jy31,1A:2 Water Code Study Comm ousts Dr Leslie Mack from key panel, accuse him of not working and with crltlcisrn of panel Ag6,lA:Z Thomas C. McRae chides Water Code Study Corn Ag7,lB:l National Wildlife Federation asks US House panel to review bldg of DeGray Lake and its under-ut i 1 f zat ton Ag8,gB: 1 White Rfver Basin Corn, Inc, seeks role for countles in water law Ag13,128:5 Warren officials seek easing of water standards to curb sewer costs Agl9,26A:2 Editorial on water issues in Ark Ag26,16A:l Rule dropped from proposal to a1 lot water Ag26,12C:l Gazette urges that raid on state's water be headed off

187 WATE R 1982 WEATHER S6,llt~:l Study Commission hears criticism of permit plan; panel learns other states can take Ark water un 1 ess pl an shows water needed in state S9,tlC:4 Study Commission may cancel proposal to give broad powers to Soi 1 and Water Conservation Comm SIO, IOC: 1 Voters to declde on plan to issue water project bonds S27,1A:2 Soil and Water Conservation Comm says it should administer water program 01, 1OC:l Study Corn revises draft in effort to please Farm Bureau 08,gC:l Water bond proposal leading by slim rnarg in ~3,7A:4 Water bonds approved N4,5A:3 Vote on water bonds (by county) N4,6A:2 Water bonds approved by 53 pct of voters N4,7A:1 Impact statements will not be required for new sources of pollutlon If state takes over adm of federal clean water law N16,5A:2 Legal opinion sought on several points of bond issue N18, 15A:l Dr William E. Cox says a permit system is needed f f Ark wants to protect its water from other states N19,5A:1 Certified vote returns on water bonds N21,2A:3 More problems forecast unless phosphorous in Beaver Lake is cut D4,lOC:I Environmentalists fear retreat in water standards D17,18A:1 Study panel to propose bill to Legis D18,7A:1 See a 1 so Arkansas River But 1 Creek Lake (Proposed) Fou rche Creek Hami 1 ton Lake 11 linois Bayou l rrigation Lakes and Reservoirs Mamnoth Spring River Waste Materials and Sewage White River WATER POLLUTION See Water WATERMELONS See Fruit and Vegetables WATE RWAY S John Eldridge apptd to state Waterways Comm by Gov Frank Whi te Ja21,5B :I Host i 11 ty from Reagan Adm, f ndi f ference or ignorance from Frank White adm shock state Waterways Comm; budget cuts could force closing of state waterways Ja22,l A: 3 Governor Frank White to express his concerns to federal govt Ja26,35:1 Article explains work of state Waterways I Comm Ja28,8B:1 Beryl Anthony asks David Stockman for verification that projects face major cuts F3,3B:3 Beryl Anthony says Reagan uses blackmail to get waterway tax Mr26,8~:1 WEATHER Temperature of 5 below, chill factor of 45 below recorded at Harrison as bitter cold grips state; power 1 ines snap in NW Ark Jall, la:2 Subzero cold plagues state Ja12,?A:3 Winter storm hits Ark; 3 to 7 inches of snow and ice blanket area; schools and businesses closed Ja13,l A:6 More snow falls in Southern Ark Ja14, IB:2 Record snowfalls in the past 1 isted Ja14,lB:5 Severe cold eases Ja15, 1B:4 Map shows snowfall depths across state this week Ja16,2B:4 Arctic cold invades state, sends temperature drop to near zero Ja17, 1B:2 Glaze of ice turns Central Ark into nightmare; hundreds of wrecks and falls reptd Ja19,18:5 Heavy rains followed by snow; 7 inches reported in North F1,9A:4 Mammoth Spring gets 9 inches of snow; map shows pattern F4,1B:2 Sleet, f reezlng rain make roads hazardous F6,lB:I Storm leaves Ice and snow across state FlO,66:2 Snow hits north third of state F13,3B:5 Winter storm hits state F27,1B:3 Western Ark had a foot of snow F28,2B:3 State gets snow, sleet, rain ~r7,2b:4 Record highs set across state Mr17, 1B:3 Storm causes power loss in LR Je28,2A:5 Temperatures reach 100 degrees Jy21,1B:3 Record lows reported 523,17A:2 Farm interests are key to agency enforcing water code N6,8A: 1 Storms and Tornadoes

188 WEAVER, PAUL 1982 WEST MEMPHIS WEAVER, PAUL Oil (Petroleum) WEAVER, VERNON Supports Frank White for Gov 029, 18~: 1 WEEDS Sicklepod has become real problem for Ark farmers Agl0,lB:S WE l GHT Biotech Industries and Staco Laboratories ordered to halt sale of starch blocker pills Jy3,1B:2 FDA order is death knell for starch blockers Jy4,1B:2 Dr John Miller markets eyeglasses for use in weight control Jy26,lB:Z Pros and cons of Cambridge Diet Plan S11,18:4 Ruby Thompson loses 165 Ibs S14,18:2 Dieter Vision glasses invented by Dr John D. Mf ller are seized by federal govt D22,23A:3 WELFARE Work lncenttve Program to be cut to 2 counties Ja9,30: 1 State Human Services Dept trying to cope with federal budget cuts Jal7,lH: I Project Success seeks to get more cl lents into work force Ja20,1B:5 Arkansas enforcing strict ltmits on assets of we1 fare fami l fes F12,30:5 State to restore portion of reductions in Medicaid and Aid to Families With Dependent Ch i 1 dren (AFDC), GOV Frank White says F18,1A:3 Re1 ief agencies find donations falling behind needs Mr5,lA:2 Adell Henry and Max I tzkowi tz arrested on food stamp fraud charges ~e24.86 : 5 Arkansas programs in state of uncertainty Jy11,3H:2 Workfare program for food stamp recipients ends; similar program for AFDC set Ag29,9C:6 Max ltzkowitz gets $5,000 fine, week in jail in food stamp fraud Ag31,7A:5 WIC program seeks to improve health of disadvantaged mothers and thei r chi 1 dren through improved nutritton Ag31,lB:Z Finding help for troubled people t s career of Barbara Duncan, an aide to Gov Frank White 04,18:2 Gov Frank White overruled increase in AFDC pay, Dorothy K. Rappeport says 02,1A:2 AFDC rolls reduced D2,4A:4 Gov Frank White did not increase AFDC benefits because funding uncertain, aide says D3,19A: 1 Ark-Economic Condftions Ark-Elect Ions--Governor Medicaid Salvation Army WELLS, DAVID L. Former bookkeeper for South Arkansas Telephone Co says that state Repr David L. Wells, the firm's manager told her to falsify repts to PSC F13, 18:s Telephones WELLS, JOHN F. Ark-Elections- leg is ature Public Utilities WENDY ' S RESTAURANTS See Restaurants WEST BEND CO Sheridan plant closing ends jobs for 121 workers Ag18,1A:2 WEST HELENA At-large voting for aldermen is ruled unfair to blacks Apl4,lB:6 Rul lng may ha1 t boycott of white busfness Ap15,2B:4 US Supreme C t agrees at-large election of a1 dermen is biased 05,7A:5 Plalntiffs in bras suit to seek delay in clty election 019,1A:2 Election for Clty Council delayed; ward plan ordered 026,4A:1 Supporters of Mayor Joyce Ferguson seek runoff because Leo Chi tman did not receive majority vote ~6,3A:6 Ag reemen t reached on ward bounda r les D9,15A: 3 See a 1 so Education (tie 1 ena) WEST MEMPHIS Suit alleges bias against blacks in Fire Dept Myl2,tB:S Rand Corporation study lists city as troubled suburb Sl0,lOC:l Election suit dismissed; Leo Chi tman to be first black mayor Ng, la:6 Leo Ch t tman seeks to unify city N15,1A:2 Mayor Joyce Ferguson contests elect ion MI 7,9A:4 Joyce Ferguson suit fl led too late D16,t 0A:3 Leo Chi tman plans to be sworn in D31,6A:4

189 WESTARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE 1982 WHITE, FRANK WESTARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE Bas ke tba l 1 Scholarships, Fel lowships and Student Loans WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP Little Rock lamp plant sold to American Phil1 ips Electronics Ltd S18,4A:1 WESTPAIR SOUTH, INC Light planes to be built at Ozark plant S17,6C:2 WESTON, JOSEPH H. Jackie Hall wins $275,000 libel suit against Joseph Weston F5,2B:4 Lawsuit by Joseph H. Weston retd to lower ct Jyl4,lOB:I WETLANDS Fau 1 kne r take Fou rche Creek WEYERHAEUSER CORP Murfreesboro plant closing to affect 150 workers Ap13,70:2 Union rejects contract Jy2,9B:3 Forests and Forestry WHEATLEY, HILLARY A. Hot Springs WHETSTONE, BERNARD Trust fund set up for Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind D3Is6A:4 WH t LLOCK, CARL Pub1 ic Util l ties WH l SKEY See Liquor WHITBECK, FRANK US-Armament WHITE, FRANK Governor gi ves his adm an "A" for work 1 as t y r Ja3,15B :6 Reagan Adm pol icies praised Ja23,3B:5 Governor praises plan of Reagan adm to sw i tch 40 programs to states Ja27,6A:5 Governor may refuse to allow telecast of his state-of -the-state address because reporters will analyze the speech on the a1 r Ja30,1A:5 Governor i rate because reporters analyzed h is state-of- the-s tate speech on the a i r Ja31,l B :6 State-of - the-state speech 1 auds performance during f i rst year Ja31,1B:6 Governor invited to offer prayer at National Prayer Breakfast in Washington F2,3B:1 KARK-TV defends its handling of speech, says it will not allow Gov to dictate to it F3,10:3 Governor offers to help Trumann get an industrial park; no state program offers such ald F4,6~:6 Governor says voters should not blame him for high unemployment rate in Ark F6,1A:6 Governor White wlll not support Reagan adrn budget in i ts present form because it would force a state tax increase F13,lA:4 Governor says showing hls priorities is 1 imited by low fundfng F13,38:3 Democrats chide Frank White for shift in support of Reagan budget F14,l B:5 Writer compares White adm with a roller coaster F14,3H:2 Editorial on Gov White's shift from support of Reagan budget F18,12A: 1 Governor Frank Whi te says he does support what Pres Reagan seeks to do with new federal ism, but he worries about high Interest rates Ft8,2B:6 Remarks about Reagan budget tempered F21,3H: 1 Wh i te says he and Reagan do1 ng what is needed F28,1B:6 Democrats respond to Gov Frank Whi te's state-of-thestate address Mr7,26:2 Flu sends White to hosp Jy27,5A:2 Governor rema ins hospl tal ired Jy28,l B:6 Governor back In office Jy31,56:5 Attends ceremony announcing industri a1 park for Helena Ag19,1A:2 Attends ceremony at Vought Corp plant Ag2l,lA:2 Press aides have task of explaining Whi te's statements Ag22,lOC:l Whi te and his staff made 2,010 longdistance calls during March; some were personal S5,lOA: 1 Aide repays state for personal call S8,4~:8 Greets Taiwan trade delegation Sll, 7C:2 Bill Clinton has not sought advice on prisons ~19,1~:4 Reynolds Metals Co closing no surprise to Gov N19,14A:5 Declares state of emergency after storms, floods 04,3A:2 Addresses state GOP meeting D5,3A:1 Tours storm area D7,1A:3 Vacation planned Dl 7,3A:5 Accidents-Traffic

190 WHITE, FRANK 1982 WILDERNESS (Cont't) WHITE, FRANK (Conat) Aged -- Aides and Employees. Don Johnson, Agrlcul ture top-ranki ng black aide, reslgns Ja6, Appointments - Ark-Ci rcuit Court District 6 3B:l Pat McNeTll resigns Ja15,3B:l Ark-Elections--Governor and Executive Changes. Ark-Flnances Note : Appo in tmen ts not entered Ark-Government Depts here are under entries for agencies Ark-Governmen t Emp 1 oyees and depts Ark-Leg l sl atu re cartoons. Fidel Castro congratu- Ark-Pub1 ic Service Comm lates White because they both know Arkansas Law Enforcement Training how to get rid of unwanted Cubans Academy Co 1 l eqes Co 1 leges-~ud~ets Congress (US) -Reapportionment Cuba-Refugees Day Care Centers for Chi 1 dren Economic Opportunity Agency of Pulaski County Education-Curricul a Education-Finances Fort Chaffee Helena Sportswear James Brothers Go Labor-Unemployment Libraries Li qwr Little Rock-City Board o f Directors Medicaid Murders-Bat ley Murders-Basnet Murders-Ri tchie Nursing and Nurses Opportunities Industrial lzation Center Ouachl ta County Pol ice-pulaski County Prisons Pri sons-arkansas State Pub1 ic Utilities Rock Island Line Sacla1 Security (US) Taxat ion-tax Exempt ions Travel, Resorts and Tourism Trucks and Trucking Unemployment l ns u rance US-Finances Veterans Waste Materials and Sewage CJa te r tla te ways Wet fare Ja27,10:2 Bulldog Whlte puts Ken Coon in a coon house marked Son of SAWER ~a28,8a:3 White runs campalgn. - 1 ike a 'bi&esst Mr12,14A:4 ice. overn nor's Ethics in Off ethics fok 1 ists no outside business F7,1B:5 Expense Accounts. State Auditor Jul ia Hughes Jones again refuses to pay bill on credit card Ja6,4B:4 Governor Whl te uses money raised at fund-raising dinner to pay for tapes of his state-of-the-state message Fla 1B:l Taxpayers pick up tab for Whlte's trip to game in Texas Ap9, 20:4 WHITE HALL Education (White all) WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE... Note: Entries beginning with the words, White House Conference, are under key word of subject of confe rence WHITE MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Fi res-tittle Rock WHITE RIVER last-ditch effort fai 1s; pub1 lc hearing to be held on proposed creation of a dist to supply Grand Prairie with water from White River Mrl7,lOB:l Hearing held on Grand Prairie plan ~r18,6~:2 Bridge at St Charles dedicated Ap24,2B:4 WhIte River-Grand Prai rie l rrigat Ion 01s t created to use water from Whlte River S12,20A: 1 WILDERNESS AND NATURAL AREAS Senator Dale Bumpers to fntroduce bill namlng more wilderness areas in Ark; 1 ist may follow US Forest

191 W l LDERNESS 1982 WILDLIFE Service recommendat ions Ja3,6B: 3 Editorial supports drive for mre wi 1 derness land Ja8,18A: 1 Dr Arthur F. Evans supports expanded wi 1 de rness areas Ja29,8A:4 Natural Herr tage Comm ag rees to pay $1 15,000 for Warren Prairle in Bradley County F5, 7B:2 Wilderness is no threat to hunting Mr15,6D:6 US Forest Service opposes designation of Be1 le Star Cave and Dry Creek as wilderness Ap18,8B: 5 Gazette favors more w i 1 de rness a reas Ap26,12A: 1 Be ry1 Anthony to sponsor legislation for 5 more wilderness sites in Ark Je16, 7B:6 Acreage to be Included in wt lderness bil l is corrected Je17, 28: 1 Un ique compromise reached on Be1 le Starr Area Je27,120:1 Ban on oi 1 and gas leases In Ark wi 1 derness may be 1 ifted S13,6A:1 Forest Service agrees to request of Ed Bethune that development be del ayed in Flatside Pinnacle area 03,24A:5 Purchase of Warren Prairie approved by Natural Heritage bmm; sites added to Natural Areas Registry 026,4~:5 Rivers WILDLIFE Undercover operation by GEFC brtngs arrests In illegal game marketing My9,6D:4 Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation formed as auxi 11 iary of the Arkansas Game and Fish Comm to raise funds for GGFC My12,5D:l Hunter safety test to be required for l Scense ~yl8,1~:4 Hunting and fishlng 1 icense fee Increase to be sought Jylf, ld:6 Statistics gathered in survey picture the successful Ark deer hunter Ja3,6D:1 Deer tag fee may be instituted if GEFC does not receive increase in 1 icense fees 021, 6C:5 Bill in Legis would lower 1 icense fees for certaln groups N17, 10C:3 Two types of hunting 1 icenses proposed to G&FC N20,2C:4 Summary of pub1 lc comments at GSFC meet D21, 1C:l Basics of becoming a wild1 ife officer 026,1~:2 Typical day in life of wild1 ife officer D26,1~:5 Ark-Game and Fish Comm WlLDtl FE (Con't) Wi 1 derness and Natu ral Areas WI ldt ife Sanctuaries... Animals. Hunter safety course may be made mandatory for first-time purchasers of hunting l lcenses F21, 6D:l Spot1 ighttng denounced Ap25, 6D:3 Spotlighting brings jail term for hunter Je10,6B:2 Coyotes are problem in Ark; farmers taught: how to trap them Je12,lC:Z Report on elk released In Newton County Ag8,6D:1 Animals taken i 1 legally durlng f load D9,1C:3 Some doe hunting vital to good deer mgmt D26,6E:1 Carrylng capacity of forage important in deer mgmt D19,6E:1 - Birds. Reward offered for arrest of person who shot bald eagle Ja27, 58 : 1 Duck stamp to be done by Maynard Reece; stamp and stamp art col lecting grows rapidly Ja31,6~:1 Ruffled grouse doing well after return to Ark Mrl4,BD:l Eagles hatch at White River Refuge Je23,lD:b Arkansas plan for geese shows good signs ~e27,6d:1 Arkansas got sick pheasants from Texas, will not send them turkeys Ag22,6B:1 Arkansas duck stamp program is highly successful S12,8E:? Artist David A. Maass to design duck stamp 019,2C:4 B In1 0 bird watchers group is serious D12, 1 C:2 Reward offered for arrest of killer of bald eagle D23,12A:3 Fish and Other Marine Life. Fish hatcheries a t m m p q and Corning are on list of facil Ities Interior Dept proposes to close F12, 1D:l Flathead catflsh weighing 135 lbs taken from Arkansas River near Little Rock on snag line Je18,1~:5 Recent changes In regulations by GsFC cut smal lmouth bass limit to 6 per day Je22,l t : 1 Restaurants obey catfish labellng law Jy4,1~:2 Research at U of A wt 11 he1 p small producers of catfish S5,BB:l Trout hatchery at Norfork may be closed M25,1C:2 Plan to close Norfork hatchery opposed by tourf sm group

192 WILDLIFE 1982 WORKFARE N27,4A:5 John Paul Hammerschm~dt may be ab 1 e to save No rfork hatchery Dl, 15A:l Norfork hatchery funded by House panel D3,1~:6 Motives for attempt to ctose Norfork hatchery D7, 1C:l WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Ark-Game and Fish Comm WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES Land purchased along Cache Rlver by Game and Fish Comm Ap30,123:1 Game id at Fish Comm under attack for refusal to a1 low oi 1 and gas drilling on property My6,6B:5 WILDLIFE SOCIETY, ARKANSAS Ark-Game and Fish Corn WILKINS, HENRY Ill Ark-Elections WILLAMETTE INDUSTRIES, INC Fiberboard plant to open in Malvern in 1983 Ap30,70:5 WILLIAMS, AUSTINE Beauty Shops WILLIAMS (JOHN L.) FAMILY Last of 11 children receives coll degree My1 7,lA:2 WILLIAMS, LEROY Appllcatlon for Army induction to be reviewed to see if hom*osexual past was admitted Jy13,1A:5 Army releases Williams from enlistment S11,8A:3 Congress (US) WILLIAMS, MILLER Books WILLIAMS, RANDALL t. Ci rcui t judge noted for runn 1 ng smooth court operation S11,2A:3 WILLS AND ESTATES Wills serve a variety of functions D20,lB: 1 Hastings, Harry L. Sr Robe, Elena Sml th WILSON, STEVE Ark-Game and Fish Corn W IMBERLEY, BOB Trucks and Trucking Industry WINDER (RAY) FIELD Field at Little Rock is 50'years old, stilf going strong Ag27,7B:l WINDSOR, J. GAYLE JR Former state repr recalls h1s days in House Mr26,17A:5 WINROCK FARMS Steve Barnes describes visit to Rockefel ler home N23,9A:4 WINSTON, CAROLYN Opportunities industrial frat ion Center WOLFE, TOWNSEND Arkansas Arts Center WOMACK, FARRIS W. Ark-Finance and Adm Dept WOMEN L. T. Blevins exonerated in sexual harassment charge Fl3,28:3 US Supreme Ct to get appeal of state ruling that law giving dower rights to Helen Hall is void F28,38:5 See al so Ark-Politics and Govt Discr iminarion WOMEN ACCEPTED FOR VOLUNTEER EMERGENCY SERVICE See World War, WOMEN, NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR Kathy Webb of Ll ttle Rock Is secretary of Natlonal Organtzatfon for Women 024,l C : 3 WOMEN VOTERS, LEAGUE OF Roads WOMEN1'S POLlTlCAL CAUCUS, ARKANSAS Discrimination WOOD AND WOOD PRODUCTS Erwin Sutton family grew up with timber indus Ag28,1~:5 WORK l NCENT I VE PROGRAM See We1 fare WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE State ranks low in maximum benefits F2,8D:4 Disabil i ty case of Carl Parker drags on into 4th year Mr15, 36:s Backlog of cases before Workers Compensation Camm may became political issue; Chai rman Burl C. Rotenberry Jr was apptd by Bill Clfnton Mr28,18:2 Mental health clalm to be settled by state Jyl8,16:5 WORKFARE See Welfare

193 WORLD WAR 1982 ZOO OF ARKANSAS WORLD WAR, Article on WAVES in World War I I Jy8,9A:2 Elizabeth Bartlett and Ralph W. Troutt recall bombin$ of Darmstadt 019,1B:2 WORTHEN BANK AND TRUST CO (LITTLE RO c K) Clerk testlfies that Wayne L. Coates Jr to1 d her to make fa1 se entries F11,60:1 Testimony in Coates trial ends F12,6B:5 Coates acquitted F13,55:1 Wayne L. Coates files $11 mi 11 ion sui t against bank S14,gC:l Bank raises $30 mil 1 ion to make direct consumer loans; passage of usury cei 1 ing rise credl ted N5,1A:6 Home banktng by computer being tested 09, 7C:2 First Nattonal Bank (~ittle ~ock) W RAPE FOREST I NDUSTR I ES, I NC Wood products f Irm files for bankruptcy protection while it reorganizes debt F27,1B:3 Firm to close; 300 employees at Little Rock to lose jobs Jy22,iB:3 WRIGHT, ALBERT R. Ark-Elections--Governor WRIGHT, BETSY Major role in election of Gov Bill Clinton N7,1A:3 W i l l serve as dlrector of mgmt for Gov Bill Clinton D2j,lA:2 WR l GHTSV l LLE Tafton merges with Wrlghtsvil le as town incorporates 018,6A: 1 WRITING AND WRITERS See Books, Literature and Writing WRITING (PENMANSHIP) See Handwriting WULZ, C. H. Leonard Spinelli sues Dr Wulz in death of pet dog 01,17A:1 Murders-McArthur YARBOROUGH, ANNA NASH Books YATES, BARBARA Accounting and Accountants YELLOW DAISY RESTAURANT See Restauran ts-li ttle Rock YERSlNlA Outbreak in Pulaskf County may have come from milk Sll,lA:3 Memphis dal ry is source of outbreak ~24,2A:3 YOGURT See Food This Can't Be Yogurt YORK-HANOVER SEAMLESS TUBE, INC Steel mill to locate at Little Rock 031,lA:2 Firm explains decf s ion to move to Little Rock N2,1A:6 Impact of steel mill N7,1A:2 Firm wants to prove competitiveness 018,6~:2 North Little Rock wants plant there D22, 3A: 1 YOUNG, JAMES H. See a 1 so University of Arkansas at Little Rock YOUTH HOME, INC Ye1 low Daisy Restaurant aids Youth Home ~p18,1g:5 G i f t from Darrell H. Cooper funds special program for troubled youth D25,lB:l ZAREPHATH HOREB CHURCH Survivalist group fn Marion County seeks $1.3 million In media suit D7, 14A:5 Columbia Broadcasting System and KMOX-TV respond ~28,12~:1 ZON l NG See Area Pl ann i ng ZOO OF ARKANSAS Big cats freed from cages to live in new area Je24,18:4

194 CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS TO PREVIOUS VOLUMES Users of the Arkansas Gazette Index are invited to call to our attention errors found in the Indexes so corrections can be listed in the next volume. Page 40 Page 201 Page 248 ARKANSAS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVES, INC Je7 Change improperi ty to impropriety MUS l C 021 Change condul ting to consul t lng Left column heading should be ROBBERIES AND THEFTS Page 17 Page 30 ARKANSAS-ELECTIONS--AUDITOR Delete entry for Je28 ARKANSAS-ELECTIONS--TREASURER Add Mrs Fisher raises $66,493, spends $58,556 ~e28,10~: 1 Page 133 HARRASSMENT shoul d be HARASSMENT

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