Valle Verde Animal Hospital Dr Chrissie Cooper (2024)

1. About Valle Verde Animal Hospital –

  • Dr. Christina Cooper is a native New Mexican originally from Las Cruces. She received 3 bachelors degrees from NMSU in Animal Science, History, and Foreign ...

  • Valle Verde Animal Hospital is a locally owned and operated veterinary clinic in Albuquerque, NM and specializes in medical care for dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles and birds. Se habla español.

2. Valle Verde Animal Hospital Staff –

  • Veterinarian. Dr. Christina Cooper, a proud native of New Mexico hailing from Las Cruces, holds three bachelor's degrees from NMSU in Animal Science ...

  • Dr. Christina CooperVeterinarian

3. VALLE VERDE ANIMAL HOSPITAL - Updated May 2024 - 10 Reviews

  • ... Dr. Cooper while she was at Northview a while back, we thought we'd give her clinic a shot and I'm so glad that we did. The waiting room is spacious with ...

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4. Valle Verde Animal Hospital Near Albuquerque, NM 87107

5. ANIMAL CLINIC SUBURBAN - 14203 Pacific St, Omaha, Nebraska - Yelp

  • Recommended Reviews - Animal Clinic Suburban · Map · 14203 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68154. West Omaha. Directions · (402) 334-1660. Call Now · More Info. Hours · From ...

  • Specialties: Welcome to Animal Clinic Suburban! We look forward to treating your pet! Animal Clinic Suburban, P.C. is an animal hospital located in Omaha, NE for the medical and surgical care of dogs and cats. We are a two doctor practice that takes pride in the special treatment of your pet. We offer professional services including: routine wellness exams and vaccinations, advanced diagnostics and special interests in orthopedics, internal medicine, and dermatology. Established in 1980. Dr. Lemon opened Animal Clinic Suburban in 1974, after having practiced in the Omaha area. Dr. Nelson joined the practice in 1996 after practicing in South Dakota for several years. The clinic was renovated and expanded in 2004.

6. Veterinarians - Small Animal Serving Texas

  • VCA Jones Road Animal Hospital - Doctor of Veterinary ... South Cooper Animal Hospital - Arlington, TX. Jana ... Val Verde Veterinary Hospital - Del Rio, TX. Laura ...

  • Veterinarians - Small Animal Serving Texas

7. [PDF] Wonderful as always At this practice our dog received the most thorough ...

  • 24 jul 2016 · by Adele Verde on 2014-11-06. We brought my ... Village Park Animal Hospital and Dr. ... by Leon Cooper on 2013-04-25. My last appointment on April ...

8. Rat Vets - Rat Fan Club

  • (2016—Roger T.) Nebraska. Dr. Michael Hord Val Verde Animal Hospital ... Dr. William Cooper. St. Francis Animal Hospital ... Christine Eckermann-Ross. Dr. Carol ...

  • Listed Alphabetically by State and City.  The original list was compiled as a cooperative effort of the Rat & Mouse Club of America, The Rat Fan Club, and Brian Lee. (A date after a referral is when the referral was made, and a name after a referral is the person who made the referral.)

9. Our Funds - Arizona Community Foundation

  • Dr. Burt Webb Legacy Fund for Integrative ... Ann and Vic Imel Friends for Life Animal Rescue Fund ... Valle Del Sol-Rosa Carrillo Torres Memorial Fund. The Verma ...

  • Existing Funds The following funds were established at the Arizona Community Foundation prior to last year. Advised Funds A&J Family Foundation Addolorata Di Re’ Foundation AF Anonymous Fund II Alice Catherine – A Halyard Robinson Family Foundation Alissa Kincaid Memorial Fund All for Love Charities Allare Family Fund American Association of University Women-East Mesa Branch…

10. [PDF] In Memory and Honor of Contributor Tribute Date

  • 3 apr 2023 · Dr. Gaughan. Hillside Veterinary Clinic PA ... Animal Hospital of Lawrence. Lawrence, KS. 04 ... "Mesa Verde". Wilke Family. Lawrence, KS. Drs ...

11. AI in Luxembourg - OECD AI Policy Observatory

  • ... Hospital, Edendale Hospital, Edenspace Systems ... Verde), Electric Ant Lab (Netherlands), Electric ... Dr. José Timóteo Montalvão Machado, Escola Superior de ...

  • AI Risk & Accountability

12. [XLS] Veterinary Clinics - Zymox

  • Veterinary Clinics. A, B, C, D, E, F. 1, ALASKA PET CARE ANIMAL HOSPITAL ... DR, PALMER, AK, 99645, 9077467297. 3, GOLDEN HEART ... VERDE RD STE 221, TUCSON, AZ ...

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13. Mt. Diablo Adult Education - Mt. Diablo Unified School District

  • ... Dr. Adam Clark, student Zhuri Sharick, Principal ... Valle Verde, and Wren Avenue. Next year, it will ... hospital via a REACH helicopter. The coroner arrives ...

  • Home - Adult Education

Valle Verde Animal Hospital Dr Chrissie Cooper (2024)


What happened at Totowa Animal Hospital? ›

Abdel-Fatah and Gamarra, who join Muslih in the indictment, allegedly continued to perform illegal surgeries and other medical procedures through August 2021, prosecutors claim. Authorities opened an investigation into the clinic a month earlier when a resident told borough police her dog died after a routine spaying.

Who owns Fen Vet? ›

Fen Vet is wholly owned by local veterinarian Dr. Cody Creelman. We are a small business trying to focus on exceptional customer experience and building great veterinary teams.

Who owns Princeton Animal Hospital? ›

Dr. Miele is certified in Canine Rehabilitation and Acupuncture. He and his wife, Dr. Terry Miele, co-own the hospital, which they purchased in 1988.

Who was the vet who took his own life? ›

In 2021, 33-year-old Australian vet Sophie Putland died by suicide in Melbourne. Another Melbourne-based vet, Flynn Hargreaves, was just 27 when he took his life in 2018. In 2014, a Bronx, New York, veterinarian named Shirley Koshi died of an apparent suicide after months of being harassed and bullied by a pet owner.

What happened to dog after euthanasia? ›

What happens after euthanasia? After your dog has passed away, you'll be asked what you would like to do with their body. You can often choose: cremation – usually, this is communal cremation with other dogs, but you can arrange for individual ashes to be returned, although this may be more expensive.

Who owns most vet clinics? ›

Mars, while not a private equity firm, is the biggest consolidator of pet care companies in the United States, owning pet food companies, pet pharmacies and veterinary care clinic chains such as Banfield Pet Hospitals and BluePearl.

Who owns Lambert Vet Supply? ›

President and CEO of Lambert Vet Supply Doug Lambert sets a fantastic example for our employees to follow with activities and honors of his own. At the national level, Doug was awarded the 2014 Businessman of the Year Award at the National FBLA Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who bought vet partners? ›

EQT is pleased to announce that BPEA Private Equity Fund VIII (“EQT”) has agreed to acquire VetPartners (the “Company”), from National Veterinary Associates, Inc. (“NVA”).

Who owns VCA animal hospitals? ›

Who owns Beaumont vets? ›

Beaumont Veterinary Centre was first established in Exeter in the late 1970s by Dr. Chris Chesney and later moved to Broadclyst. Due to a change in professional direction to specialist dermatology by Dr. Chesney, the practice was taken over by Clive Lloyd in 1994 and moved to its present site in 1995.

Who owns Rialto Animal Hospital? ›

Lisa Norkunas, RVT, Owner and Hospital Director.


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