Why Is Dr Lauren Leaving Tampa Zoo (2024)

1. Dr. Lauren Smith - Visit Tampa Bay

  • Smith returned to Tampa Bay and joined the staff of ZooTampa as an associate veterinarian in 2015 and became the zoo's lead manatee vet. By visiting ZooTampa, ...

  • As the lead veterinarian for ZooTampa's David A Straz Jr. Manatee Critical Care Center, Dr. Lauren Smith's day-to-day routine includes working with wild animals as big as refrigerators (or bigger). Manatees are gentle creatures, but they're still a

2. ZooTampa cleared to treat manatees, but controversial vet still banned ...

  • 12 mrt 2019 · Instead of Ball, the manatees will be treated by the zoo's other staff veterinarian, Lauren Smith, with backup by vets from SeaWorld and the ...

  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to let ZooTampa begin treating injured and ill manatees again, so long as controversial senior veterinarian Ray Ball doesn't touch them.

3. Explore the Zoo | ZooTampa at Lowry Park

4. ZooTampa internal investigation finds vet did not mistreat manatees

  • 10 dec 2018 · Zoo CEO and president Joe Couceiro said Dr. Ray Ball did not cause any manatees to die, did not amputate the flipper of an injured manatee ...

  • Officials at ZooTampa at Lowry Park say they’ve submitted a 16-page report to U.S. wildlife officials in the wake of questions concerning the treatment of manatees by its veterinarian.

5. Meet the Animal Care Staff of Tampa's ZooQuarium - Orlando Attractions

  • 2 okt 2020 · Lauren returned briefly to private practice and spent time in Alaska before joining the veterinary team in ZooTampa in 2015. Dr. Lauren has a ...

  • Meet the Animal Care Staff of Tampa's ZooQuarium when you come for your next visit! They are the behind the scenes heroes!

6. 'Rogue veterinarian,' Eckerd professor responds to veterinary malpractice ...

  • 1 dec 2020 · With 45 complaints from ZooTampa staff members, accusations included that Ball was responsible for the deaths of manatees and giraffes due to ...

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Ray Ball, an Eckerd faculty member since 2017, has worked with manatees for about 10 years. Beginning in 2018, The Tampa Bay Times published a

7. Controversial 'rogue veterinarian' quits ZooTampa - Tampa Bay Times

  • 24 mei 2019 · "After nearly nine years as senior veterinarian, Ray Ball, D.V.M., is leaving ... Instead, the statement says, "Dr. Ball's work at the Zoo ...

  • TAMPA — Ray Ball, the self-proclaimed "rogue veterinarian" whose unorthodox treatment of injured and sick manatees led to his suspension from ZooTampa's federal license to care for them, has quit...

8. A Letter from the CEO - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

  • 21 mrt 2019 · Under the guidance of lead manatee veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Smith ... Leave your questions or commemoration details below and a member ...

  • Dear Zoo friends, After extensive renovations to the David A. Straz, Jr. Manatee Critical Care Center, ZooTampa at Lowry Park is proud to again support the rescue and rehabilitation of […]

9. Vet for Tampa zoo accused of killing manatees through malpractice

  • 4 nov 2018 · "Because of the nature of the questions posed, Dr. Ball will be on paid administrative leave while we review veterinary care procedures and ...

  • Federal officials are investigating reports that the head veterinarian at ZooTampa accidentally killed at least two manatees with shoddy medical care.

10. Ray Ball, the veterinarian charged with using experimental drugs on ...

  • 24 mei 2019 · Controversial veterinarian accused of killing two manatees is now leaving ZooTampa. Dr. Ray Ball will leave the organization to pursue academic ...

  • Dr. Ray Ball will leave the organization to pursue academic opportunities.

11. [PDF] Lowry Park Zoological Society of Tampa - Townnews

  • activities of the Zoo's lead veterinarian, Dr. Ray Ball, and whether those ... leave and return to caring for zoo animals, with the exception of manatees.

12. Dr. Lauren Smith - Hart Road Animal Hospital

  • The new owner of Hart Road Animal Hospital as of July 2014, Dr. Lauren M. Smith comes to us with 3 decades of valuable experience. With clinic ownership she ...

  • The new owner of Hart Road Animal Hospital as of July 2014, Dr. Lauren M. Smith comes to us with 3 decades of valuable experience. With clinic ownership she...

Why Is Dr Lauren Leaving Tampa Zoo (2024)


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