Where to place your mushroom grow kit (2024)

In nature, mushrooms grow in the cool, moist areas of the forest where they are sheltered from the weather and wind, so it's best to find a place like this in your house or backyard.

Many people say to grow your mushrooms in the bathroom as it's an area that often has humidity from showers. While this can be good, airflow is also important and small enclosed spaces can cause your mushrooms to suffer from lack of oxygen.

We recommend placing yourgrow kit on your kitchen bench, out of direct sunlight. This will allow you to check on them daily and serve as a reminder to spray your grow kit regularly to keep humidity high.

Keep it out of wind or away from heaters which can cause it to dry out. Air conditioning can also dry out your mushrooms so you may need to mist your kit more regularly if it's going to sit in an air conditioned room.

It's also a good idea not to place your grow kit next to potted plants or soil as these harbour other fungi, moulds and fungus gnats which can contaminate your kit.

Where to place your mushroom grow kit (2024)


Where to place your mushroom grow kit? ›

The best location will be a room where the temperature stays between 60 to 74 degrees F. The ideal fruiting temperature range for Portabella and White Button mushrooms is between 63 to 68 degrees F. Dense White and Almond prefer a warmer 68 to 72 degrees F. Short periods of plus or minus 4 degrees are usually OK.

Where should I put my mushroom kit? ›

Place your block in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, in a spot that gets indirect sunlight. Mushrooms do need light, so don't think about putting your kit in that dark closet! What are the best temperatures for my mushrooms to grow in? Most mushroom kits will grow at room temperature (65-75 °F).

Where should I keep my mushroom grow bag? ›

All you need to do is keep your bag in a warm place inside your house. Between 20 to 24 C is an ideal temperature range. Luckily for most people, that's also around the ambient temperature inside your home.

Do mushroom grow kits need to be refrigerated? ›

Most mushroom kits will store for 3-6 months in the fridge if necessary. To store your kit, keep it in the fridge. This puts the mycelium into hibernation and will prevent it escaping the box early.

Should mushroom kits be kept in dark? ›

Contrary to popular belief, these mushrooms don't need to be kept in the dark and actually thrive in low light! But please make sure to keep your Grow Kit out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources and strong air currents. They grow well indoors but are sensitive to drying out.

How often should I water my mushroom kit? ›

Humidity is a key factor for successful mushroom growth. Spray the area around your kit with a few pumps of water whenever you have a chance, at least 2-3 times a day.

How to encourage mushroom growth? ›

Placing the bale in the shade, using shade cloth, or inoculating with sawdust spawn can keep your mushroom bale growing well as temperatures rise.

Do mushroom grow bags need air? ›

As the mycelium colonizes and reaches the edge of the substrate it senses a lower CO2 concentration which helps trigger the fruiting process. Sufficient fresh air exchange is essential as the mycelium must sense this lower CO2 concentration (and therefore higher oxygen concentration) to trigger the mushrooms' growth.

How often do you water a mushroom bed? ›

Those logs turned out pretty well considering that this little water doesn't really penetrate into the logs. What you need in the first six months of mycelium growth – what we call “spawn run” – is a weekly or biweekly watering of about an hour of continuous watering.

How many times will a mushroom kit grow? ›

How long do mushroom growing kits last? Each grow kit usually lasts for about 2-3 harvests, but this will vary depending on the variety of grow kit you choose.

How clean does a mushroom grow room need to be? ›

Cleanliness is essential to prevent contamination and ensure the success of your mushroom crop. Thoroughly clean the space, removing any dust, dirt, or debris. Sterilize the room by wiping surfaces with a mild bleach or disinfectant spray.

Where should I put my mushroom log? ›

A shady spot – at least 80% shade. Somewhat protected from wind, but with a little room around it. Stand it up with a log end down. If the ground is often wet, place brick underneath.

Can I put my mushroom grow kit outside? ›

Give your block some fresh air. The simplest way to encourage more fruitings is to move your kit outdoors. A change in environment or temperature shift can sometimes be a cue for fungi to produce more mushrooms. Take the mushroom block out of the box (and recycle the box!)

Where should I put my Monotub? ›

Keep the monotub someplace warm, but not hot, and out of direct sunlight but with some ambient light present.


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